The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to…

Roger Koopman…Roger Koopman. The honor is well-deserved.

While running for a seat on the Public Service Commission, Koopman demanded that fellow Republicans be “sanctioned” for calling him “ineffective and divisive”.  He then used the first PSC meeting to vote against the PSC’s own legislative proposals–bills his fellow Republicans unanimously supported.

As the Bozeman Chronicle reported:

After one day on the job, Public Service Commissioner Roger Koopman cast the lone unfavorable votes on two PSC-sponsored bills headed to the Montana Legislature.

Koopman voted against a bill that his fellow GOP commissioners believed would fix flaws in an existing program–flaws that would force utility companies to waste money.  He said he’s against fixing the problems because to do so would imply support for clean energy, which he called “anti-market, anti-consumer and anti-freedom.”

But the hypocrisy didn’t end there.

Koopman had campaigned on what he called a “no show, no dough” platform, saying if you don’t show up you don’t get paid. (His opponent had attended some PSC meetings by phone so he could care for his wife, who has MS.)   While the other commissioners agreed to talk about their legislation at the next meeting, Koopman told them he wouldn’t be showing up.  Seems he can’t even make it to the second meeting.


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  1. I guess he ‘flew the koop’ one might say? I suppose he’d go back to muskets and bayonets for military weapons the way he thinks about his hatred for 21st Century energy opportunities. If he’s against subsidies, then he should propose legislation to END the obscene
    oil and gas tax holiday conceived in 1999, when oil was $20 a barrel. Montana oil’s about $60 a barrel at least (factoring shipping costs), but that’s still a LOT higher than the holiday’s threshold. So, if he don’t
    show, can we the people demand he
    not get paid?

  2. I wonder where this particular nut case would be if we decided to drop a nuke plant right next to his backyard. It is amazing that two people could have sex and produce such dismal example of a human being.

  3. At some point we need to blame the voters. Why did they put this guy in office? They had a chance to vote for a sane, responsible guy (Vincent)but chose not to. There are a lot of people in this state who like nutjobs in office.

  4. Why on earth do the folks in southwestern MT like Loopy Koopman. He was crazy when I lived in Belgrade 15 years ago and he hasn’t improved with age.

  5. Amorette's Big Brother | January 11, 2013 9:42 AM at 9:42 AM |

    Hey, now. I am still in Belgrade, and we know Roger is a nut. I could not believe it when I heard he won. Why did the rest of Montana vote for him?

  6. There are so many people who only know what they are told. My in-laws were staunch republicans for years. Every time a letter came from the RNC they sent back another $20 out of their social security. When age finally overcame them we had them in assisted living. We took care of their bills, etc. You would not believe ( or maybe you would ) how offensive the RNC was when they weren’t getting their money from these old people. And all the while, whatever they were told in these mailings, that is what they did. Never read a book…never read a paper…never got in a discussion about politics with anyone other than another republican. I came to understand that there are thousands of these people out there and there is no hope for them. It will require that they all die out for change to happen. So thoroughly depressing!!

  7. Voting against your own interests is depressing- its akin to ceding your opportunity to vote. This crop of state Republicans just demonstrates that we in Montana just don’t really care anymore and let the devil take the hindmost.

  8. Roger Koopman’s so crazy that even Rep. Jesse O’Hara (MODERATE REPUBLICAN-Great Falls) actively campaigned on his opponent’s behalf!

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 12, 2013 5:50 PM at 5:50 PM |


    This guy sounds like me! Yes, as hard as it is, it’s time for some TRVTH. To acknowledge the TRVTH. To accept the TRVTH. Any boomer who isn’t a complete loser asshole knows this, for we have the historical perspective! Just because St. Ronnie was alzheimeric, WE don’t have to be! This is good, very good!

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 13, 2013 7:48 AM at 7:48 AM |

    Home movies, family values style!

    WWJF, or Whom Would Jesus Film??

    Wonder if Kookman has any hidden home movies of himself and sheep in congress?? I’d lay you money he does!

  11. I knew it was a mistake for the voters of SouthWestern Montana to elect Roger Koopman to the PSC, but they made their bed now they have to sleep in it for about four years. Only thing is the rest of the state has to live with it as well.

  12. Boy, we haven’t heard anything out of Boy Wonder Travis Kavulla’s pie hole lately….

  13. I think the PSC is setting itself up for major embarrassment. And Travis Kavulla doesn’t want to be anywhere near anyone who could be mistaken for a spokesperson of the PSC, as is wise. One does not want to put oneself at the head of a body of imbeciles, unless one’s name is Jeff Essmann.

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