Baucus Speaks with Montana Press

Here is a rare live video interview with Sen. Max Baucus, recorded by John Adams of the Great Falls Tribune when the Senator was in town to speak to the Montana Legislature.   Adams has the video up at The Lowdown. You don’t often see Baucus answer questions at length from reporters, so this video is worth watching.


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  1. That was like water torture. Out with it, Max. If reporters put in every um and ah like they do when they try to beat up on hillbillies or conservatives, the story in the paper would be twice as long, and closer to the truth.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 14, 2013 7:17 PM at 7:17 PM |

      I just have one more question for Max. DID YOU BRING ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE CLASS?


      Sorry. That was the teacher in me coming out. For you see, poor Mini Barfus just HAS to be on sumthin’, sumthin’ good!

      But as I have written about many times in the past, this is the same Max I encountered before the start of the Iraq war. I confronted Max here in GF at a pep rally for the candidates. I was all prepared to chew his ass about the coming Iraq war vote. But when I talked to him, I discovered that he was simply a shell of the man he used to be. A very sad, pathetic man. I couldn’t chew his ass for there was no point.

      You see, Max sold his soul long ago, and what you see is simply what’s left. The devil took his cut. Too much nookie. Too many groupies. Too much corporate cash. Too muc high living. And not enough ethics will DO that to a man! Max is living proof.

  2. I think Max is worried about a challenge from Brian, no matter how remote. Schweitzer ran in 2000 against Conrad Burns, and might still have the interest, and if that were true, Max is toast.

  3. You people need more coffee: Gov. Schweitzer doesn’t want to live in DC. There is no Republican in the state of Montana with any charisma at all let alone one that could stand up to Baucus. Expect Max to announce his reelection bid later this year.

    Gov. Schweitzer is on the short list for Secretary of Interior: he’d be foolish not to at least entertain a position with the Obama Administration.

    Have to admit it would surely be a blast to watch him in a Senate confirmation hearing.

  4. I think it’s ridiculous that no one is talking about how this “fiscal cliff deal” is really a tax increase for everyone who earns a wage, because the payroll tax will be going up. So much for looking out for the middle class.

  5. Well we just lost $50 off our first paychecks of the year, FICA going back up to 6.2% from 4.2%, so that’s $2600 we won’t be putting back in the Helena economy. Would it really have killed Congress to increase the taxes on capital gains from 15% to 35% which the rest of us pay (which capiital gains taxes are born by people who have enough money to invest in the market) than screw those of us actually working for a living.

  6. These are nonsensical ramblings of a lunatic mind. This guy clearly is ready to call it a day. I’ve never seen anybody go on for ten minutes and not put together a single coherent sentence. How in God’s name could this man debate an opponent?

  7. Dear Cowgirl,
    Watching the video reaffirms what I saw when Baucus walked out early at Elouise Cobell’s memorial service in October 2011, that being, he was either on some kind of medication or he has a neurological disorder his staff tries to help cover up by keeping him from speaking in public. I could have touched him on the nose he walked so close to me that day in Browning. He did not look or act like he was all there.
    As to right and proud, he hasn’t debated an opponent in public since 2002. He refused to debate in ’08, and the people and the media in MT gave him a free pass. Why do we have people like him in office be they D’s or R’s, because we elect them.

    John Marshall

  8. Can’t believe I am standing up for TAX BAUCUS but HELLO????

    Have any you lived here for the last FORTY YEARS???

    Max hasn’t been able to speak a coherent sentence in the whole time I’ve ever watched him speak, and that includes him talking to a school assembly when I was in high school back in the 1970s. The guy justs babbles on.

    But that only makes him an object of ridicule in today’s media-driven society, where the electorate is looking for the next Ronald Reagan…who can read their lines the best????

    Max obviously still has a lot going on upstairs.

    • If only that were true-and he used it for the benefit of Montanans instead of those he wants to get political contributions from–or jobs for his former staffers.

  9. I did get a Christmas card from Max, and that’s good enough for moi.

  10. No coverage of this at Mtstreetfighter. Strange.

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