Dick Leaves Party

Ted Dick left his post Tuesday as director of the Montana Democratic Party. He either resigned or was fired, depending on who’s telling the story. Jim Elliott, the MDP chair, sent a note around saying that Dick had chosen to depart after several years of good service. Later in the day, board member Jim Larson sent an e-mail disputing Elliott’s account.

Either way, Dick deserves some credit for presiding over turbulent times, including big wins for Jon Tester and Steve Bullock in 2012 with also some tough losses in other races. In the 2004 election he helped pull the Montana House to a 50-50 draw, something we might not see again for a while.

The good comes with the bad. Timing is everything in politics. We wish Ted well.

Posted: January 15, 2013 at 8:33 pm

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53 thoughts on “Dick Leaves Party

    1. Ben Tully

      I’m not so sure. If Dick is Cowgirl, this is exactly the kind of thing he would do to make you think he isn’t.

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Wait, what?! Oh my god. I’m sorry. I’ve just been informed that Fart Fetish is NOT bald, but only lacks hair from repeatedly and incessantly sticking his HEAD up his ass! He WORE it off!

      My apologies to Mr. Fart Fetish. How could I have known??? Well, actually, after reading the article, how could I have NOT known???

  1. Ben Tully

    Here’s what we learn from these leaked emails, some of which Adams didn’t report.

    1-Essmann and the right wingers love Judy Martz and pine for her policies.

    2-Priest bought the legislative races.

    3-Lewis is no moderate. Anyone with any doubts on that points should just go home.

    4-The GOP has “kill committees” to send bills they want to pass or die. These are: Finance and Claims, Public Health, Tax, Education, and State Admin.

    4-They plan to use referenda again to force ridiculous garbage down our throats and to change the face of the supreme court so that their unconstitutional bills will be upheld.

      1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

        Well, I refer to keith reiger as Hoo Ha Man! For you see, he sees the world through a hoo ha! His entire world view consists of viewing the world through a lady’s hoo ha!

        HEY, I like hoo ha as much as the next dude, but ferchrissakes, Hoo Ha Man, there’s MORE to life than hoo ha!

        Come up for AIR once in a while, Hoo Ha Man, and give it a rest! Stop with all the nonsensical abortion bills! We get it. You don’t like legal abortion. Tuff noogies!

        Geez. You must be competing with Assman and Fart Fetish for the biggest dumbass of the session award again!

    1. J.P.

      Note that these are the Committees with the weakest demos in the senate, aka Windy Boy, Caferro, and Wanzenried.

  2. Havre Voter

    Rest assured someone will be dropping the competing MDP emails in John Adams lap so he can “report” this whole story.

  3. R.R.

    Moderates in the Senate (aka the sane and rational caucus)

    Alan Olsen
    Bob Lake
    Bruce Tutvedt
    Taylor Brown
    Jim Peterson
    Chas Vincent
    Llew Jones

    1. dashbored

      Oops, meant to post my comment about the hardliners referring to Dee Brown and “zinke’s rat” here. Cowgirl you may delete my other comment.

  4. Jan Thomas

    What do these emails reveal, really–anyone who didn’t already know that Essmann is a idiot and that the GOP leadership has no real intention of working with Bullock is an imbecile or very naive.

  5. fatso

    Never understood why T-Dick left SEIU for the Dem Party. He was a union playboy, throwing other people’s money around like the big fat clown throws candy to the kids at the parade. Now he’s just a has been wannabe never was.

  6. gee i dunno

    The question we should be asking is what did. E find out that somebody wants to bury–somebody up for election in 2014-somebody with the initials MB

  7. not a chicken

    Col. Sanders obviously has been waiting and or planning for the day he could use so-called “evidence” against the chairman. And the fella sure has some insider info. Wonder what other individuals the Col. has made book on. Pots should not talk about the condition of kettles, especially when young ones in Billings and Helena titter about a certain swapping circle.

  8. Jan Thomas

    I think its important to remember that there are lots of possible reasons people are asked to leave a job – and that businesses are prohibited from making those reasons public. We don’t know what Dick may have done, if he did anything. We won’t ever know. But we can’t just assume that the democrats have done wrong by changing directors.

  9. Drunks for Denny

    Lots of closets to clean in the Democrat camp. Caferro gets eighty-sixed from several bars in Helena, and her (now dead) dog bit mailmen, a charge she vigorusly denied.

    Whose next?

  10. Grandma Jeanie

    Decisions like this are made not by Jim Elliott but by the entire Executive Board of the Montana Democratic Party. That many people aren’t going to do something like this for no reason. That’s my two cents.

  11. Gumbo

    I must say that I haven’t ever seen much in the way of “personal character attacks” on this blog except for what Kralj writes about other commenters, and the occasional nasty comment like the one that was left here yesterday regarding members of the Democratic party hierarchy. Kralj should be banned from this blog, and should have been a long time ago. Larry’s invective against other commenters, who make points or arguments about public issues are then attacked personally for having made them, is unacceptable. He needs to go, Cowgirl, or he needs to radically shape up his act in a hurry. Perhaps a one week banishment, and probation after that, would teach him a lesson. I’m sure Kralj has other things in his life to which he could devote his attention for a week.

  12. Craig Moore

    Pete, I applaud your call for people to use their real names when they assassinate someone’s character. I look to see you repeat your request for blog owners and anonymous writers at such blogs do the same when they also strike from behind the bush. So far, I can’t find such requests here or at B-birds.

  13. Pete Talbot

    Most responsible bloggers I know use their real names if they possibly can. There are folks, however, who post anonymously because they have to (job security, positions on boards or in government, family situations, status in the community, etc.) — others write anonymously because they are cowards. The Col. Sanders’ comment, which borders on libelous, comes from the latter, I’m guessing.

  14. Rob Kailey

    Just pointing to unintended consequence, but at LitW, such a policy was met with a vast increase in personal attack against those who did use their ‘real’ names. So what exactly is your motivation for such, Craig?

  15. Craig Moore

    Pete, I respect that you have always stood behind your name. Not so for others who blog or comment when they attack the character of others. IMHO, you and James are one of the honorable good guys that uphold that standard. The only thing I ask that you hold everyone to that same standard.

  16. Craig Moore

    As Monty Python might have said, “No chance, English bed-wetting types. I burst my pimples at you and call your door-opening request a silly thing, you tiny-brained wipers of other people’s bottoms!”

  17. Craig Moore

    Kurtz, God has much reason to be upset with me, but skiing at Big Mountain is not one of them. He promises forgiveness ever for the likes of you. Just ask.

  18. Craig Moore

    I’m old school. I prefer a bota bag of rosé wine. I’ve adapted a strap around my waist to keep it from flopping around during skiing.

  19. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    “If ya see me comin’ better step aside,
    Many men didn’t and many men died.
    I’ve got one fist of iron and the other of steel…
    If the right don’t get ya then the left one will”!

  20. Craig Moore

    Well said. Perhaps we can let the past stay there and still enjoy a union brew together when I get to GF again. I’ll buy!

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