The Art of Verbal Chess

Montana legislator David Howard R-Park City at a Texas Chick fil AAs Montanans across the state prepared to celebrate Martin Luther King Day weekend, Fox News Latino was reporting on Rep. David Howard’s latest bill to the Montana legislature.

Howard (R-Park City) is bringing back his bill from last session which outlaws “immigration sanctuaries” in Montana. An immigration sanctuary, as best I can tell, is a state of affairs in which a local government refuses to order its policemen to go hunt for dark-skinned people and ask to see their passports.   This bill was vetoed last session and will be no doubt vetoed again as is it is utterly ridiculous.  Rep. Howard told the House Judiciary committee that his HB 50  would “send a message a message to undocumented immigrants that they are not welcome in Montana.”

“It creates a defense in wonderful Montana where they won’t come here … all this does is to protect Montanans,” he told the committee.

Fox reported that Howard did not return “various attempts for comment” on this bill, which is surprising.

Howard you see, is a “known speaker and authority on communication.” He advertises his communications seminars on his website, The Art of Verbal Chess.  In case you’ve yet to take his seminar, Howard explains the concept thusly:


Verbal Chess is a strategic win-win process where we become inflow enablers, strategic outflow experts and never bow to verbal overflow.

Howard says his training is “needed at every level of every organization in the world,” yet it seems in this instance Howard has failed to take his own advice.  A master of verbal chess should not be afraid to talke to the media about his own bill.  And before bringing this bill back, Howard should have refreshed his memory about the purpose of Verbal Chess, a key component of which which supposedly is, as Howard’s website explains:

our power to impartially step into another’s life, seeing the world through their eyes, selflessly giving mercy, and compassion to gain understanding, and at the same time being able to step back and see reality, then acting on the information in a positive and edifying way.

His bill does just the opposite, which is one more reason that not a single other state has passed such a bill.

In addition to his seminars how to become a master communicator, Rep. Howard’s site also notes that he is available to teach classes on  “discrimination prevention.”


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  1. the glorious teabaggers – in their hypocrisy – do NOT want state and federal authorities working together to enforce the law, and put forth legislation that required federal authorities to consult the sheriff first before proceeding. Oh they joy….

  2. There are dozens of “sheriffs first” and “County Commissioners first” bills this session because the Repubs looked at those offices and saw more Republicans there than in statewide offices. They are just trying to get more power into the hands of Republicans, disguising it as “local coordination.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 22, 2013 7:18 AM at 7:18 AM |

    Poor, Davey. He’s guilty of political masturbation. He’s intent upon making a name for himself, and he has. “DUMBASS!” As a kid, we used to tell a moron like Davey to go play with his gun to see how many times it shoots! But MOST people don’t do it in public!

  4. Interesting that Howard’s Verbal Chess contrasts “compassion” and “reality.” As though the two are incompatable. He’s such a gas-bag, though, it’s hard to know exactly what he’s talking about.

  5. This is what the people of District 60 want, Really?

  6. Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist. Would you provide them with sanctuary too?

  7. How does Howard propose that we tell the difference? Skin color? These bill serve to intimidate those who are here legally. Montana doesn’t have a problem.

  8. David has a new take on “discrimination prevention.” He prevents the discrimination by driving out those against whom he would discriminate.

  9. Probably his workshops on discrimination and sexual harassment consist of how to offboard anyone who makes a complaint of such in the workplace.

  10. Let the little man have his fantasies. He can’t have much else.

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