Livingstone Resurfaces

A small crowd of gun rights advocates came to the Capitol this weekend to protest Obama’s plans to crack down on gun violence in America.

And wouldn’t you know it, one of the speakers at the rally was Neil Livingstone, as you can see from this AP photo.  The GOP gubernatorial candidate lost in the primary in 2012 when it was revealed that he had once authored an instructional book for world business travelers which included a chapter on how to solicit a prostitute. Protect Yourself in an Uncertain World: A Comprehensive Handbook for your Personal and Business Security is available for $4.98 at Amazon.

The Cowgirl Blog broke the story.

After seeing seeing him at the gun rally, it’s worth a look at Livingstone’s book to learn more about his views of firearms.  (Read the entire relevant chapter here.)  Indeed, the views expressed in this book would appear to be at odds with his current positions.  Look how he summarizes his views at the beginning of the chapter:

“shops that cater to the would-be James Bond generally are selling fantasies, not real protection. Gadegtry and firearms play, at best, a small role in defending yourself.”

At the gun rally, Livingstone declared that Hollywood is to blame for gun violence.  This is a favorite talking point of the NRA.  And while it might be partially true, I am sorry to point out to Mr. Livingstone that he was once a part of Hollywood, the very Hollywood that glorifies gun violence.  In fact, he helped create episodes for a TV show called The Equalizer, as you will note from this biography from his book.  The show consisted of little more than people shooting each other.  Here is a montage of some scenes from the show.  Enjoy.


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  1. Does anybody other than me appreciate the irony of Dave Lewis chairing the committee to find a fix for the state pension? Didn’t Lewis give us the current mess?

  2. I somewhat have to agree with Livingstone on this one, cause I do think we have to do something about violent movies and violent video games. And Im not in love with gun control. And he is also right that guns and gagetry only plays a small role in keeping one safe, you have to know how to use the guns and the gagetry, that is where trainning comes in.

  3. The show consisted of little more than people shooting each other.

    Alright. Now you’ve just gone too far! Say what you want about that poncy git, Livingstone, but you leave The Equalizer alone! That was a great show, and terrific platform for Edward Woodward to show his esteemed talents. How can you diss a show whose theme was written by Stewart Copeland of the Police. That’s Stewart Copeland, I tell you! And what great guest appearances. Did you see that death scene from Adam Ant? Classic. And notice he got killed with a knife, not a gun. (Okay so it was knife that could shoot it’s blade, but work with me here.) The overwhelming majority of the shooting in that show was from the hero, and he was well trained, and almost never missed his target. That’s good gun control. And consider this, there were fewer gunshots or people getting fatally shot in the 4 year run of that show than in 2 or 3 episodes of 24.

    ~mutter~ ‘little more than people shooting each other ~mutter~

    Some people just don’t appreciate good art! ~wink~

    Seriously, I was a big fan of that show, in part because it went out of it’s way *NOT* to glorify violence, and offensive to those who do.

  4. Dave Lewis is the great ‘un-equalizer’ as he got his as a public employee – pension and all – while
    he and his allies want current and future public servants to get ‘a beggin’ and trust Wall Street
    with a 401K for ’em, and if you saw FRONTLINE on PBS, the Banksters STILL have not ever been
    indicted. However, fleeced shareholders of the too big to fail banks are bring agressive civil
    suits to the fore,while the FBI and SEC ‘whines’ it’s too hard, wah, wah.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 23, 2013 6:50 PM at 6:50 PM |
  6. In all seriousness, what is Livingstone wearing in that AP photo. Looks like a costume of some sort. It’s like he looked up “gun rally” in some bizarro beltway style guide. So funny.

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