Rebranding Gone Wrong

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called on GOPers to “stop being the stupid party” at a national Republican Party last week.  He said some Republicans have damaged the brand with “offensive and bizarre comments” and an “obsession” with the federal budget and government bookkeeping instead of connecting with voters.

Jindal’s tough love didn’t go over well with some – including the American Family Association.  Montanans know this group as the folks who helped Denny Rehberg gin up a fake campaign to “save” a cement Big Mountain Jesus statue that the Forrest Service had already committed leave in place.

AFA’s leader Bryan Fischer was none to happy about Jindal’s “stupid party” comments.  So he used his regular internet radio broadcast called “Focal Point” to declaim them. The religious right leader said Jindal’s comments only helped confirm the “stupid party” label that Republicans have been branded with.  (Oddly, in the same broadcast he declared that he is proud to called “Rush Limbaugh on bath salts.”)

Fischer said the GOP is most definitely not the “stupid party”:

“conservative ideas are not stupid; they are wise, they work, they are strategic, every one of them; conservatism works every single solitary time it is tried, we don’t have to apologize for a single solitary conservative idea.”

Fischer specifically defended Todd Akin’s infamous “legitimate rape” remark saying Akin was “completely accurate about that,” thus demonstrating that “our ideas are not stupid and the people who advocate them are not stupid.”  Here’s the video, courtesy of People for the American Way:


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 31, 2013 9:29 AM at 9:29 AM |

    MY FAVORIGHT CHANNEL, THE Murcan Family Values Channel! What a bunch of horse’s ASSES! I listen to it all the time! 91.5 here in GF. You think Stephen KING novels are scary, you should hear the inbred assholes who call IN to THIS channel! It’ll make your pooper pucker! The south really IS different, STOOPID different!

    But CEEment Jaysus made ol’ Bryan a Fischer of men, STOOPID men! And women! For there are ONLY two types of RePubes, rich dudes and suckers! And LOTS of suckers listen to ol’ Bryan Fischer of stoopid men! For you see, Bryan offers the inbreds a heapin’ helpin’ of JAYsus, while all the while stealing their money for the rich! WHAT A SCAM! ONLY in Murca! What a country!

    I suggest people give the AFV channel a listen. THEN, you might begin to understand just how these stupid bastards end up in our legislature. Scary, scary stuff the christofascists are. But oh what funny victims! The secularists are out to GET them and god too! And they’re gonna fight back with the likes of Jihad Joe Bullalot, who happens to have a bizarre editorial in today’s GF Spitoon. Seems that Jihad Joe won’t be happy unTILL all the kids in Montana have the opportunity to go to school in one of his christian madrassas!

  2. Norma Duffy @Ilikewoods | January 31, 2013 10:51 AM at 10:51 AM |

    Jews Have guys like this also, but we disavow them pretty quickly. they seem really well liked though by the conservative Christian right though!

    Sorry but it doesn’t matter what religion they are, right wing Conservatives are just nuts!

    Let me give you a list of our faith to watch out for:

    20) Jeff Jacoby: Columnist
    19) Jennifer Rubin: Columnist and blogger for the Washington Post
    18) Lucianne Goldberg:
    17) Ben Shapiro: Columnist, radio host.
    16) Pamela Geller: Blogger, activist, Executive Director of Stop Islamization of America.
    15) Ari Fleischer: Former White House Press Secretary, CNN Contributor
    14) Ben Stein: American Spectator columnist, actor
    13) Ken Mehlman: Former Bush campaign manager, Former RNC Chairman
    12) Michael Medved: 3.75 million radio listeners, columnist
    11) John Podhoretz: Editor of Commentary, New York Post columnist
    10) David Horowitz: FrontPageMagzine, David Horowitz Freedom Center, & Students for Academic Freedom.
    9) Dennis Prager: 1.5 radio listeners, columnist
    8) Jonah Goldberg: Columnist
    7) Michael Savage: 9 million radio listeners
    6) William Kristol: Founder and Editor of the Weekly Standard
    5) Charles Krauthammer: Columnist, frequent TV appearances
    4) Eric Cantor: House Majority Leader
    3) Andrew Breitbart:, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, Big Peace.
    2) Mark Levin: 8.5 million radio listeners
    1) Matt Drudge: Founder of the Drudge Report

    Have fun, and remember there writing is only their to support goofy, bascially non American Principles of prosperity!

  3. As indicated by the Montana Street Fighter, there are those Republicants who really do put the “stupid” in Stupid Party. When even the conservative blog Red State says you’re stupid, you really are.
    Sad indeed, when the stupid are from Montana.

  4. Wow. Do these clowns just have zero self-awareness?

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 1, 2013 7:10 AM at 7:10 AM |

    JUMPIN’ CEEMENT JAYSUS! She’s right! If the Virgin Mary just would’a had an ASSUALT rifle, why maybe Jaysus wouldn’a lived long enough to become a rightwing fundi preacher! I know, I know. SOME folks like to think that the christofascist inbreds are crazy, but not me! They’re rigtheeous!

    American woman/motherhood on full display! The she wolf gonna protect her babies!

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