Wacky GOP Bills of the 2013 Session

Back by popular demand after the big hit in 2011, here is the current list of actual Republican bills in the 2013 Montana Legislature.  Enjoy.


1. Amend the U.S. Constitution to prevent President from entering into any arms treaties that infringe on gun rights. HJ 5

2. Allow corporal punishment in lieu of incarceration for misdemeanor crimes and felonies, punishment to be imposed be commensurate with the severity, nature, and degree of the harm caused by the offender. Punishment must be administered publicly.  LC1452

3. Authorize alkaline hydrolysis as a means of dissolving human remains in lieu of cremation, as is done with animal carcasses. LC226

4. Authorize trapping of mountain lions by Montana residents.  HB 29

5. Allow special interest groups to donate unlimited money to candidates. HB 229 

6. Allow legislators to carry weapons in the Capitol. HB 358

7. Legalize hunting with silencers. HB 205

8. Allow guns in schools. LC 1672

9. Withdraw the United States of America from the United Nations. SJ 7

10. Prohibit enforcement of federal ban on assault weapons and large magazines.  HB 302

11. Require the teaching of creationism in schools. HB 183

12. Declare the Winchester rifle “The gun that won the west.” HB 215

13. Give sheriffs authority over the federal government in terror investigations. HB 303

14. Legalize roadkill as food. HB 247

15. Require anomymously funded campaign ads to carry disclaimer that reads: “this ad was paid for by anonymous money.” HB 254


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  1. I think you need to reconsider your definition of “wacky” here. It shouldn’t include bills whose only fault is that they may trigger someone’s gag reflex, like bills 3 and 14. Both seek to achieve a clear public good and are backed by a wide coalition of liberal and conservative groups. They may sound gross, especially when described as above, but they are not wacky.

    • Eating roadkill is a clear public good?

      • Think deer or elk. A few years ago I came across a deer dying by the side of the road after having been hit. I called 911 and was hooked up with the sheriff’s department which passed the call to FPW who switched me back to the sheriff’s dept…..

        The animal eventually died. It was illegal for me to dispatch it. It was also illegal to salvage the meat. No official agency would help or salvage for a food bank. Coyotes eventually tore it apart.

        • Would you rather gut the animal right away and leave the guts in the ditch for the scavengers, Craig or would you load it whole into the trunk of your Pinto?

          • Bone it out in 10 minutes.

            • I’m certainly not accusing, Craig, but doesn’t that sound one helluva lot like a license to poach? I’m just pointing out that once you bone out the good meat, then cause of death becomes a bit more difficult to ascertain, now doesn’t it?

              • If allowed I would have boned out the animal. It was not, so I passed. I did not have a proper vehicle to transport a carcass as would usually be the case when not hunting and encountering a road kill animal. As you may or may not know boning out an animal can be done with a pocket knife and the slabs put in plastic bags for easy transport. When taking an animal in the back country, boning out is the only way to go when transporting by backpack.

                • Craig, I do agree with you. Unfortunately, you point out the only fault I can find HB 247. If (and that’s a big if) FWP authorizes pretty universally for salvage, it could be used for poaching with little or no trouble.

              • As your poaching crack, can’t think of any sane person who would use their vehicle to kill deer at 40-60 mph.

                • Touchy much? If one has a method to poach where the evidence of kill is inconsequential, I think they’re likely gonna do it. No one will hunt with their truck. But hey, if you just happen to find an animal with a surprisingly fresh bullet hole next to the road …

                  • Whatever, I leave it to you to hide how you harvest your animals. Now perhaps your were referring to someone like Tomato Guy. Doesn’t interest me at all. However, recovering “road kill” where the animal was killed by a motor vehicle is something that I support.

                    • You really do need to pay attention to unintended consequences, Craig. After all, isn’t that you go out of your way to accuse ‘libruls’ of failing to do? I wasn’t “referring” to anybody, save those who have a will to game the system. You might want to unpucker your ass a little and acknowledge that those folk exist, and not always on the left side.

                    • Curious whether survivors of a bison strike would be included.

    • Amazingly, I find myself somewhat in agreement with Eric.
      HB 247 does not really legalize roadkill as food. It does give the Montana department of FWP the ability to set rules under which roadkill can be salvaged and the appropriate use of any salvaged foodstuffs. The wacky part of the bill is that it gives power to issue permits for salvage beyond the purview of FWP. This would have to be fixed.

      There is a great deal to recommend LC226. It would not facilitate getting rid of evidence except in the interest of cold cases, and then cremation does the same. It would probably help the growing problem of human ashes being scattered in public areas. (Mine still better go on the velvet terrace, Godammit.) Disposing of human remains should not be a political issue if it can be done in an environmentally friendly manner.

    • Thanks Eric. Everybody likes the “roadkill bill”. It’s not about taking old rotten meat! It’s about good things, including feeding low income Montanan’s. Please contact me about the intent and idea of this bill if you have any questions. Thanks- Rep. Steve Lavin.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 5, 2013 4:41 AM at 4:41 AM |

        Well, I have a question. Just who are these “low income” people that will be fed? And just what is the procedure you forsee for the meat to get to them in a timely fashion? Hard to believe that this bill would make much of a dent in hunger in Montana. Hence, portraying it as a bill to aleviate hunger seems a wee bit farfetched.

        • http://chronicleoutdoors.com/2011/10/27/sportsmen-against-hunger-program-seeks-game-meat-donations-for-local-food-banks/

          For the past six years the Sportsmen Against Hunger program sponsored by Safari Club International has been helping the area’s hungry by providing nutritious wild game meat free of charge.

          The program has distributed as much as 10,000 pounds of game meat per season to families in Belgrade, Bozeman, Livingston and Big Timber.

          “This program fills a need,” said Sam Gesko, president of the Southwest Montana chapter of SCI. “I dare say a need that is more obvious now during the recession we have had.”

          The Sportsmen Against Hunger program helps needy individuals and families by seeking donations of game meat from hunters and distributing that meat through local food banks.

          Michael McCormick, executive director of Livingston Food Pantry of Park County, said the donations are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of families.

          “We are providing emergency food services for an average of 340 families per month,” McCormick said Friday. “That’s about 5 percent of the total households in Park County.”

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 5, 2013 12:49 PM at 12:49 PM |

            Is hunting REALLY the same as roadkill? And really is roadkill meat nutritious? Very doubtful.

            • Larry, a road kill deer is just as dead and nutritious provided the meat hasn’t spoiled.

              • Hasn’t spoiled? That’s kind of the rub, isn’t it?

                HB 247 does not specify anything about quality control, who can harvest the meat, how it will be harvested or even who gets that flesh. It allows the Department of FWP to set those rules, but goes beyond that dept. as to can issue permit for harvest. In other words, you folks are having an argument about what hasn’t even been established yet. HB 247, even if passed, could have absolutely nothing to do with helping the poor.

                • Never said that HB 247 was limited to supplying food banks. Just tried to answer questions as to how it may happen. I’m surprised that you don’t know this but in the hunting world, in Montana no one can make a direct contribution of wild game to a food bank. The meat must pass through and be processed by a professional butcher who puts his stamp on it. The butcher makes the call if the meat is fit for human consumption as a gift to a food bank.

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 5, 2013 3:51 PM at 3:51 PM |

                    And a butcher will put his stamp on a roadkill? End of story I think, don’t you? Stoopid, stoopid stuff. Is THIS really why we sent a bunch-o-buffoons to Helena? For this shit? Jus’ wonderin’.

                    • Larry, the butcher doesn’t care how the animal was dispatched. He makes the call on whether, what is presented, is fit for processing.

                  • You’re still being way too damned defensive, Craig, and not actually paying attention to the bill itself, or its flaws.

                    • Craig you. Seem to forget that most butchers of worth don’t process wild meat because of the expenses and noneregulations associated with it. When a cow is slaughtered the animals organs are examined for disease. Mobile slaughter in the field makes the meat unusable in a regulatory market,and susceptible to lawsuits should anything make a person sick. This law would invite the state to suit. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

                    • There is no USDA wild meat regulations.

            • So what you’re saying is that I could be served roadkill in a Montana restaurant?

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 6, 2013 7:37 PM at 7:37 PM |

            Craig, what sort of moron DONATES his meat to feed the hungry? No one I know. ONLY outta state horn hunters maybe. Please make a list of the folks that YOU know who donate meat:


            ONLY a freakin’ rich outta state horn hunting moron donates meat!

        • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 5, 2013 11:37 AM at 11:37 AM |

          I agree with you Larry. I only see a bunch of requests from GOP Legislators to allow their friends Poaching rights by asking the FWP to allow certain people to cut up supposed road kill.

          For transparency I would want the names of all Licenses Monitored and their names set up on a Online list. If a request comes in from a legislator. to be Ignored, over qualified others. Seconldly, the equipment used to bone the dead carcasses. Cant be used in any form to slaughter ie: a deer then, some ranch animal for consumption. This just seems like a weak Poaching bill to me, and I Agree with Mr. Kailely, that it could be mismanaged pretty easily. Very easy to shoot an animal then drag it to a road side, is my thoughts.

    • Fed up with BULLSHIT | February 5, 2013 10:35 AM at 10:35 AM |

      They are all wacky and a waste of time to place before the legislature for consideration.

  2. Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 4, 2013 3:36 PM at 3:36 PM |

    My Comments to the above List:

    1.  HJ 5 :What were they smoking when they came up with this one??? This is all part of the delusional, 21 right-wing conspiracy agenda. What these nutty theorists say in truth is the UN is bad because they believe in Brown People.
    Unenforceable, and a waste of the Taxpayers Money!
    2.  LC1452 Caning: The Chinese version of torture onto its Healthy Male prison population. Thats right if we were to follow chinese law, Women, Men sentenced to death, Men aged 50 and above, and Men certified medically unfit for caning would be exempt….But beatings male prisoners is Okay. Other forms of caning or whipping, our stoning, are liked in more religious countries as well, and the prefered method by Religious nut jobs like Bin Laden. So has the Right wing in our country gone radical? It would seem so. But the most popular caning in China is in schools, Primary and secondary schools who have been known carry the student out in front of an assembly of the whole school population, to serve as a warning to potential offenders as well as to shame the student. Wow, How American is that!
    The problem is in our country it would be unconstitutional, and considered, torture, in a court of Law. Another waste of the Taxpayers money, and totally un American. Someone take the crack pipe from ONeil, and Thigpen
    3. LC226 Getting rid of Bodies of evidence far easier so a person can’t be tested for toxins and causes of death. Gee that will help the Mining, Oil, and Fracking Co. so much they might add that as a paid benefit. You can even test cremated ashes for toxins, but not so with this goo. And how would we regulate the waste of this slime with gram-pa interned inside. Love to see that regulation on the EPA list!

    4. HB 29 The secret message behind trappin wolves is this: Because the traps Idiots are putting out for wolves are catching more other animals than wolves in their traps. The second most accidentally animal being caught in Wolf traps is big cats, Bears, endangered Wolverines and Lynx, we need to do whatever we can to protect the trapping we have. Do you wolf opponents think the rest of Montana’s Population is so Naive?

    Trapping is already proving it doesn’t work well enough for wolves, and hunters are to lazy to march around hillsides, or read data reports to be a real Hunter. And add lazy and cheap to the number of large cattle operations who just dump their cattle on Public land each spring and only check weekly on them. Ranchers in other states share liability burdens by watching their cattle daily, and paying for broken fences and stray cattle damage. That makes them Idiots in my book. Our family cattle operations in California and Wisconsin, sent people out to count heads, medicate and keep the cows safe. I have yet to see this in my Montana County over the last 20 years. Pitiful! The money you save by hiring on one more cowboy is worth keeping your herd safe.

    5. HB 229  Here is the quickest way to make Montana a fascist state. Allow only the rich legislator to win, because he is backed by a certain Corporation. Orson Wells Lives in the republican Party. And Scott Reichner, and Ginger Aldrich are his Biggest fans of Big Brother!6.  HB 358 Really, the reason these guys want to carry guns in the capital is because they don’t trust government…. at all. Why was Kerns even re-elected?? If you don’t trust the government why do you even have a job at the State Capital? Just doesn’t make sense. His constituents must hide under their beds with shotguns at night! Just Saying!

    7.HB 205 All GOP legislators want is a better way to pilfer deer and elk at their leisure. How many Past GOP have been caught out of Hunting season again?? I know it was a pretty substantial number. Hunting regulations are there to protect and prosper healthy herds. If you can’t shoot a rifle without a silencer on Mandated hunting days…maybe you should give up the sport for those who still can. I find this bill’s real reasoning to be for shooting other people, and animals and masking the sound to get away with it.

    8. LC 1672 Allow Guns in school. We have already seen what that would do at HARRISON HIGH SCHOOL in Bozeman. The boy was considering “shooting up the school” for “political reasons” and was carrying two handguns in his backpack all day. We are just enabling kids with a troubled mind, like his to do damage to another innocent child. Pretty stupid!
    9. SJ 7 this is another RW fantasy we have talked about on this Blog, Ad-Nauseam. Democrats created the UN for peaceful resolution of conflicts and trade. The Uber right have never forgotten it, and consider it treasonous to RW Americans lust to kill enemies in war. Sorry I think most American’s prefer to try to work out differences with ink and pen instead of Bullets. Especially our kids who dont want to be on the front lines of battle.

    I get to the rest Later have to get some work done.!

  3. I would like to see the list of bills that will be most harmful to Montana citizens- while a couple of these might be on that last, such as legalizing buying elections and teaching creationism, I bet many of the bills will be different. Still, the “most harmful” bills list would come on handy for citizens.

  4. Old Line, Democrat | February 4, 2013 6:38 PM at 6:38 PM |

    Why not focus on the first attempt at making Montana Wisconsin. A bill as been drafted to prevent union dues from being used for political purposes without individual written permission. The first step in eliminating public sector unions and for right to work.

    Most of this stuff listed is just put out to distract.

    • Agreed. The other prong in this anti-union assault is the bill that would strip public funds to support charter and religious schools, thereby starving public schools of yet more resources. People need to realize that this a well-coordinated attack and its ultimate aim is the dissolution of public services and their replacement with for-profit organizations.

      • Not so. It’s about providing quality education so that children come out literate, capable, intellectually competent, and socially functional after 12 years. http://www.gallup.com/poll/156974/private-schools-top-marks-educating-children.aspx

        • Yes. If a public opinion poll says its true, it must be true.

          Just like Wikipedia.

        • Fed up with BULLSHIT | February 5, 2013 10:48 AM at 10:48 AM |

          Maybe, just maybe, if parents that sired kids showed some interest in them after they were born we would have a greatly educated group of kids instead of what I see now hanging out on the street corners around the high schools smoking and having a great lunch of Doritos and coke. It is time to stop blaming the school systems for poor education opportunities and start laying the blame where it belongs-it is the parents stupid! That and underfunded schools that our “fine” legislators have provided us. Get real dumb shit! You got kids in school? Do you belong to the PTA where you live? Do you participate in all of the parent/school activities? I believe all of the bullshit from you people when you start a charter school on the Indian Reservations instead of in the kingdoms of the rich and famous.

          • Dear Fed Up, you should change your diet to knowledge.

            My kids went through public schools and are now adults. I wish charter schools would be started on reservations as such schools have shown great success in minority communities.

            • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 5, 2013 11:42 AM at 11:42 AM |

              Charter schools have shown no differences from Publics schools , and in most cases are worse than Public schools. Sorry Craig your wrong! Charter schools are a waste of the Taxpayers money and a waste to the teachable kid! Lests spend more money in public schools, who are better equipped and have more standards to meet for better education.

            • Fed up with Bullshit | February 5, 2013 12:34 PM at 12:34 PM |

              I read and I have knowledge. Great that your kids are adults.
              Evidently you forgot to read the whole thing….parents are the problem-most care but there are those that just don’t give a shit about education. Are you one of them? And where did you get you infromation on charter schools….from ALEC?

              • From many sources included the latest Stanford study. http://credo.stanford.edu/pdfs/CGAR%20Growth%20Executive%20Summary.pdf

                The average student in an Education Management Organizations (EMOs) posted significantly more positive learning gains than either CMOs, independent charter schools or the traditional public schools comparisons. Their results were also relatively more positive for black and Hispanic students and English Language Learners.

                Charter schools can be set up under the EMO framwork.

              • I’m so glad I never had kids, I can’t imagine working many of the job’s I’ve had with Children. Jobs that change your schedule every week, require a month’s notice for time off for a dr’s appt or a school meeting…….

        • Public perception and reality, as we all unfortunately learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom, are two different things. Of course the American public is going to look on a private school education as superior: these are lavishly-funded, exclusive institutions that rigorously screen the teachers they hire as well as the students they admit. Public education has the onerous task of educating everyone fairly and equally, and has done a damn good job when you look at the results with an unbiased eye. And yes, Craig, there is a concerted effort on the part of right-wing groups in this country to destroy the public service unions; they usually masquerade under the guise of providing private alternatives, like funneling public funding to charter and private schools, as a solution to our “hopelessly broken” public schools.

          • johnny, it comes down to vary simple motivations for parents. It gets down to protective instincts. They don’t want their children used as pawns for all sorts of experiments or causes. The want their children to come out literate, capable, intellectually competent, and socially functional. When parents receive messages that their is a “better way” they want it for their children. That’s what the poll shows.

            • typo. s/b “very” not vary.

            • Craig, I most whole-heartedly agree that we all want what’s best for our kids, and it is your right as a citizen to pursue other options if you feel the public route doesn’t stack up. Let me explain myself a different way: we all wish we could have a private security firm to keep our families safe, but most people simply can’t afford it. Instead, they put their faith and tax dollars in their local police and sheriffs to enforce the law and keep them safe. Are all police departments fulfilling their role perfectly in this country? Of course not. But most do. Are there some policeman that abuse public trust or just simply do a bad job? Of course there are. But most don’t. You don’t throw out an entire, functioning system, that works well over-all, simply because there are isolated cases where it doesn’t. That is what most of these right-wing funded pieces of legislation are all about: starving public schools for tax dollars and breaking their employee unions with the end result being the elimination of public education all together. In its place will be a wholly privatized system where only the wealthy and well-connected will get what you described: literacy, intellectual competence, and social functionality.

              • Johnny, some of this ground has been plowed here. http://intelligentdiscontent.com/2013/01/27/charter-school-law-would-hurt-montanas-students/

                What works can be broken down this way. The educational system must be agile and nimble to make needed changes and not put those on hold during arduous and painful contract negotiations that produce suboptimized results. Parents play a crucial part in making their demands known, monitoring progress, providing feedback, and working with the administration to implement changes. Nothing sucks the life out of involved parents more than being told we support your goals but we can’t because of a host of immovable systemic reasons.

                • :) I think the frustration you’re describing, Craig, is something we are all familiar with. It seems to come part and parcel when you deal with any large agency, be it public or private. While I empathize with your personal frustration, I have to reiterate the fact that, in the big picture, our public schools work very well. I’m not sure if you’re referring to any specific incidents where contract negotiations hurt the educational process, but I can think of one: the teacher’s strike we had in Billings a few years ago. While that particular moment had a negative impact in the short term, the overall long-term education of our kids wasn’t harmed in the slightest. It was a bump in the road (albeit an annoying one), but we got past it, and our kids are still getting a fair and quality education. I don’t want to see that harmed by radical, reactionary legislation that was produced by groups who have clearly stated their opposition to public education.

    • Wait which bill is this? Sounds awful.

  5. LC1452 deserves serious and singular attention as supporters signal their apparent belief that incarceration is about punishment alone, not rehabilitation. Those sent to prison are not supposed to rejoin us at some point, possibly using a new, healthy approach to life. Are there incorrigible and detestable inmates? Sure. But if redemption is your deepest and predominate value, then you have to maintain that elevated charity; there could be one justified resident of the prison at Deer Lodge. Like most of our Legislators, I am Christian, so I can’t support these beatings.

  6. janis aimee, Olympia WA | February 5, 2013 11:42 AM at 11:42 AM |

    Your capital has an aluminum foil hat!?! That is hilarious! Best laugh of the day! Thanks.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 5, 2013 7:30 PM at 7:30 PM |

    Yes, these bills are wacky, but where are the truly wacky, the goofy wacky, the scary wacky, the RELIGEEOwacky bills! You know, the ones that the fundiwackmentalist morons simply can’t stop introducing! Every session! Without cessation! In CESSantly! Where are they?

    In other words, where are the abortion bills?! Where is Hoo Ha man, keith reiger? Has Hoo Ha man given UP on his lady parts? Where is Pastord Harris Slimes? Is he bonding in jail now with his new best buddy and cellmate, Bubba? Where is Pope Wendy Wharpedburpin’ and the Bible thumpin’ lumpen brigade? Where? Where? Where are the religeoonuts? It seems so quite without them. I miss’em!

    SOOOOOO, I have decided to help them out. You see, the religeeonuts alREADY have Hoo Ha man and his lady parts, so why not a female equivalent to Hoo Ha man? Stop and think about if for a moment. Why NOT? Yes, that’s right, a WOMAN who is constantly worried about MANLY parts! A woman who is CONSUMED by the dangling participle of the male, and must introduce some legislation to keep it in line with Biblical teaching? Where IS such a woman?

    The men have Hoo Ha man as their champion, so why not WINGding Woman for the ladies? Yes, that’s right! WINGding Woman! A woman who FIGHTS LIKE HELL to get men to keep their wingdings in line with Buybull teachings! For you see, if Hoo Ha man can be SO concerned about his lady parts, why can’t Wingding Woman be worried ’bout Hoo Ha man’s MANLY parts? SHE SHOULD BE! For I hate to say it, folks, but God is PISSED!

    And bein’ the Buybull scholar that I am, I’ll be glad to help Wingding Woman OUT! Here’s the problem. The Buybull says NOTHING, NADA, ZIPPO, ZILCH about abortion. Think I’m lying? Well check it out. ONLY the most contrived, missinterpreted scripture can be tortured into referencing abortion. Sorry, it just ain’t there.

    But manly parts. MANLY parts. MANLY PARTS! Yikes! Thas a different story! You see, God was very, very specific in what can be done with wingdings. AND, God Hisself prescribed some pretty specific punishments for violating wingding law, GOD’S wingding law!

    And so, I think that it’s time that we put G-O-D back into our laws!

    I encourage Wingding Woman (whomever she might be) to introduce a law making it a FELONY to spill one’s seed on the ground, or ANYwhere’s, in Onanism! Yes, onanism, spanking the monkey, flogging the mule, choking one’s chicken. For GOD Hisself thought that this crime was SO horrific that He specified SPECIFICALLY a punishment to fit the crime! DEATH for monkey spankers, mule floggers, and chicken chokers! It should be at LEAST a felony under Montana Code Annotated if God thought it so awful that it deserved the death penalty!

    So, where IS our Wingding Woman to introduce such a bill? Every time a guy like Hoo Ha man wanks off, he’s MURDERING untold MILLIONS of them little squirmy dudes swimmin’ like hell TRYING to get inside the hoo ha! An’ God don’ LIKE that one little bit! For you see, them little squirmy dudes are little dudes, just like BABIES! An’ killin’em is MURDER! Jus’ like Hitler did! So we MUST make it a crime! God wants that! Just THINK of all them babies Hoo Ha man, keith reiger, is slaughterin’ every time he ononates himself!

    So, how do we stop it? Well, first, a bill that says that ANY man, boy, teen, who gets caught wankin’ off must WATCH under a microscope all them little squirmy dudes a’swimmin’ around! Similar to the vaginal camera for women. Once Hoo Ha man and the others see that they’re murderin’ all the little squirmy dudes, they will realize that it’s a sin, and now, a CRIME! THEM SQUIRMY LITTLE DUDES WANT’A LIVE TOO, YA KNOW!

    If they’re caught tossin’ one off again, well then, it’s time for stricter measures, like an ankle bracelet, except not an ankle bracelet, but a wingding ring! Yes, that’s right, a ring that goes aROUND the wingding and straight to the PD. And the PD can monitor the wingding ring. If the perp’s significant other is NOT around and the wingding ring enlgarges, THEN the POHleece will respond immediately!

    Sure, this bill may seem harsh and goofy. But really, is it any goofier that Hoo Ha man’s bizarre fascination with his lady parts? And ‘sides, God is on Wingding Woman’s side!

    I rest my case!

    p.s. Oh and for a second offense, I borrowed an idea from jerkoff jerry o’neil’s idea for coproral punishment. For second offenders, instead of jail time, they will get TEN wacks on the pee pee with Sister Dolores Dolorosa’s ruler! THAT otter make a fella think twice ’bout wankin’ off!

    Do it for GOD!

  8. just a question. do the silenced hunting rifles go along with the lighted nocks on bows and arrows?

    i thought it was called hunting – man against the beast and all.

    seriously, what’s the point of silencing a deer rifle? i do not understand the point.

    • KIm, there are many reasons, none of which are particularly threatening. First, the sound is suppressed, not silenced. Reducing the loud noise, especially from magnum calibers, is welcome by other hunters, farm animals, and people in the area. Also, sound suppression is welcome at shooting ranges near other neighbors. It helps to protect the hearing of the shooter who might otherwise use earplugs, which can be dangerous in the field when the shooter can’t hear other things going on.

      • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 6, 2013 10:26 AM at 10:26 AM |

        Yeah using a silencer is basically so you can shoot and kill more then one animal, when bad shooting GOP cant deliver a clean shot the first time, so shoot two and the poor first victim can slink off to escape only to die later. The waste is palpable.

        You dumb GOP are making bullets and guns so expensive a liberal cant go to the gun range anymore and practice dropping an animal in one clean shot a hundred yards away. My Last buy of a Box of 30- 30 shells are now 18.00 dollars a box. 4 years ago it was 7-10 a box. This whole gun thing is beginning to remind me of wall street raising prices on trades just before the crash.

        So dumb is the GOP that soon only the rich will be able to afford guns with this artificial price hike of Pandemic proportions. A few will make millions because of the GOP scared Base. the poor GOP wont be able to go plunking any more. and I’m gonna have to learn to reload my shell casings at this rate because I not that poor anymore, but do also like to drink a good liquor occasionally, while strumming my American Made Guitar.

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 6, 2013 8:03 AM at 8:03 AM |

    Well of COURSE it is! But like the Holy Buybull says, “spare the creationism and spoil the child”!


    Can someone from craig’s side point OUT the corresponding wacky bills from the Dem side? I just KNOW that there’s gotta be an equivalent for each of the above! How bout gutting and eating rich dudes killed in roadkill?


    Now THAT’S some compassionate conservatism, AND a modest proposal! And let’s face it. MOST rich dudes are fat pigs! Put an apple in their mouths and END hunger in Montana!

  10. Corey Stumblebum’s campaign manager is a serial loser from South Dakota. Apparently there no earth hater Montanans stupid enough to do it.

  11. Let me see here, I dont have a problem limiting the President from entering into arms treaties, but I dont think the Montana State Legislature is the place to do that. I dont see a problem with trapping Mountain Lions, That Winchester bill, while Im a fan of Winchester its a waste of time same as the whole wheat huckleberry panckae bill a few sessions ago. and the rest or idiot bills.

  12. Withdraw America from the United Nations I might agree with that, but again this is the Montana State Legislature, not the U.S. Congress, Hunting with a silencer, come on we already went throught this once before.

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