Stapleton Jumps In

The Most Inspirational Wrestler Corey Negro Caucus Joke" Stapleton is Running for Governor.


by Cowgirl

Corey Stapleton, former state senator from Billings, has thrown his hat into the ring for US Senate, for the right to challenge Max Baucus in the race.  Stapleton turned in a fair effort for Governor in 2012, but ran out of steam in the end.   In his gubernatorial campaign, Stapleton informed us that he served in the Navy and once was a wrestler.  The question is what, specifically, he will propose as a candidate or will criticize Baucus for.  His first day on the hustings produced bland, empty charges of “big deficits in Washington” and the like.  Generally speaking, the GOP field is shaping up to be seven dwarfs with no Snow White.  Champ Edmunds, Scott Reichner, Stapleton–all are state legislators with little to recommend them beyond their service in the legislature.   And as usual with Republican primaries in Montana, the field will likely consist of all, or nearly all, men.

The big name on the GOP side will be Steve Daines, if he takes the plunge.  If Daines takes a pass and does not run, it will be many years before he has another chance at moving up to The Big House.

Other names that have been knocked about are Ryan Zinke, Neil Livingstone, Dennis Rehberg, and all the other usual suspects.  On paper, Zinke–an occasional Cowgirl Blog commenter–has the strongest hand, for having run statewide and also for his compelling story of having once commanded a Seal Team in the Navy (take that, Stapleton).  Needless to say, the wildcard in all of this, the 8,000 pound elephant in the room, is Schweitzer.



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  1. I don’t think Stapleton will be challenging Baucus in the primary as you said…unless he has switched parties.

  2. Yep. All male. I can already hear the mansplaining. Is it really too much to ask for a smart, fiscally conservative woman who can understand the world and isn’t afraid of science or God?? Or a man who isn’t threatened by competent women?

  3. Why would it be a surprise to anyone that there are no women running for U.S. Senate on the Republican ticket? What does being a Senator have anything to do with birthing babies and cooking your husband a fresh hot meal? Sheesh.

  4. Hey, if North Dakota can have a woman for US Senate, what’s wrong with our state??

  5. Remember, Brian fist ran against Conrad Burns in 2000, and although unsuccessful, I think Brian might have an ‘itch he has to scratch’ in that regard as he KNOWS he’d win even if he had
    to battle for it, but a battle he’d enjoy. He can’t stay a political ‘hermit’ that long on his new spread tinkering with
    the backhoe making another pond.

  6. First question, will Max Baucus run for re election, or will he take a Presidental appointment or a retirement? Next I dont see Schwietzer running for Senate this early after his term is up, I think he wants more time. I dont see Rehberg running again anytime soon, and if he does he will face a primary test unlike last time, and I dont see Daines jumping in unless Baucus is out and its an open seat. So there are too many questions for this one.

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