Flathead Climate Change Events Coincide with National March Tomorrow

by Cowgirl

Flathead Valley citizens are invited to rally for climate action on Sunday, Feb. 17 in Kalispell, Whitefish and Bigfork to call upon state and national leaders to reduce the fossil fuel emissions and secure a healthy climate future. The Flathead rallies, along with rallies in Bozeman and Missoula, will coincide with a national march on Washington, DC, that is expected to draw tens of thousands of people. 

Whitefish location: Corner of 2nd Street and Spokane Avenue, Noon

Kalispell location: Depot Park at the corner of Center Street and Main, Noon

Bigfork location: Harvest Foods roadside along Hwy 35, Noon

One new event that has just been added is a 10AM photo session at the Summit of Whitefish Mountain Resort for a photo to send to the nationwide rally in D.C. Banner provided.  Folks are encouraged to just show up.

Dr. Jerry Elwood, retired director of the Climate Change Research Division in the U.S. Department of Energy, will be the featured speaker in Whitefish. There will also be live music and refreshments at the event.

Todd Tanner, a nationally-recognized outdoor writer and the chairman of Conservation Hawks, will be the featured speaker in Bigfork. Conservation Hawks is a group focused on educating hunters & anglers about the threat of climate change.


6 Comments on "Flathead Climate Change Events Coincide with National March Tomorrow"

  1. Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 16, 2013 11:26 AM at 11:26 AM |

    Speaking of Climate change there will be a winter advisory tomorrow afternoon folks in Beaverhead and Madison counties lasting till monday. Those going from these areas really need to be prepared before you go….. just saying!


    Have fun folks, help us spread the word to DC but be careful!

  2. Gonna wave signs? And drive to the locations using dead dinos? Ooooo.
    Can’t wait for the “news” coverage.

    • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 17, 2013 7:56 AM at 7:56 AM |

      Dead Dinos, Just like your party uses to drive an outhouse all around the state with racists signs about our president. Or all the Dead Dinos Tea baggers do with there Busloads of paid off, low information voters for fake outrage.

      Could be also that transportation would be better in the state, except for all those “No” votes you Republicans keep making for the American Jobs Act, and Infrastructure Bills in Washington

      Yep[ we have to keep using Dead Dinos! Because of the likes of you!

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