They Keep Saying They Aren’t Racist, but…

by Cowgirl

One of Montana’s leading Tea Party figures has posted a photo for a device she says can lure the President.  Here it is–a Tea Party animal trap for a black person.

Here’s Olsen’s post, courtesy of the Montanafesto blog.

Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee

Jennifer Olsen is the leader of Montana’s largest TEA Party faction, the Yellowstone County Republican party in Billings.  She also leads the Yellowstone County Montana Shrugged TEA Party.


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  1. Of course she’s a racist. The Tea Party is historically an extension of the old Confederacy. When a black man was elected president, then re-elected, they went nucking futs.

    • Learn your history | February 16, 2013 2:12 PM at 2:12 PM |

      Maybe she wants to be a real democrat? Historically democrats were the driving force of the Confederacy as well as founders of the KKK.

      p.s. Obama is half white.

      • Apparently Jennifer was only hoping to trap his black side? I see no relevancy to your comment. We aren’t discussing the historical basis for racism. We are discussing racism today, in 2013, in Montana, in a leadership position within a political party. Republicans didn’t support slavery then, why should we support bigotry now?

      • Learn YOUR history, LYH. I suggest you start with Googling the “Southern Strategy”.

      • Democrats were partly racist until the Lyndon Johnson pushed the Civil Rights Act through in 1964 which is when the Southern Democrats switched party and became Republicans. So the racists went to whomever would accept them and it’s the Republicans who accept them now.

        • Way to put history of the racists into two succinct sentences! The only thing I’d change, Democrats were predominantly racists until LBJ and the Civil Rights movement. Today’s Republicans try to pride themselves of being the party of Lincoln, but the Republican party which Lincoln led has much more in common with the Democratic party of today, and vice versa.

      • Yes, we know that the racists used to be the Democrats. Lincoln was a Republican. Democrats started the KKK. But that all changed about 95 years ago, and now it’s the teabilly Repubs who proudly carry the banner of racism, the glue that binds together all types of “conservatives.” Thanks for the history lesson, though.

        • War Blur don’t waste your time with facts the GOP aka Greedy Old Pricks can’t comprehend or understand basic facts in general math or science. So therefore the choose to ignore and hype the more lies against the POTUS. This councilwoman is a the lowest kind of racist and should not be in Washington on any level. She should be removed from office this is Un American highly dysfunctional and rude

        • Yes, the last person you’d want to give you a U.S. history lesson would be a conservative Republican. Let’s not forget that they are also increasingly becoming the party of flat-out Revisionist History. A 21st century development that considers Swift Boating to be pertinent history, the rehabilitation of the Viet Nam conflict, a totally warped inflation of Reagan’s abilities, textbooks in southern charter schools published by Bob Jones Univ. Press, the parallel universe of non-factual ‘news’ fomented by Fox Corp., ad nauseum.
          See this month’s “The Revisionists” on PBS’s “Frontline” series, on the 2003 Texas School Board.

      • Apparently Olsen is hiding SOMETHING. Suddenly the Yellowstone County Republicans are a “secret” Facebook group.

        • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 21, 2013 2:32 AM at 2:32 AM |

          A women with a rare spectral appendage usually only reserved for males, also known as a putdown for Jerks like her…. AKA Dick!

      • I was unaware the Confederacy was about racism, I thought it was about slavery. More than half of all northern folks were racists too, they were just antislavery racists.

        • Americans always try to escape responsibility with false equivalencies, part of the national character, I guess. From a Canadian perspective, your racism is nasty and is against the Judeo-Christian teaching that humankind was made in God’s image. And, unlike the more pleasant Canadians, you have found a way to fetishize whiteness and see life through racial categories.

          Slavery forms a strong basis for racism and certainly the Southerners, if not most Americans, are filthy racists. The USA slave states formed human history’s largest slave society – a disgusting phenomenon right near the good people of Canada who disapproved of the Americans who did not value human life as highly as they did. Do you think that history has no impact on present-day America? A history of slavery worse than Brazil, more widespread than any other New World colony, more people enslaved than in ancient Rome, and more evil and vicious than what the Arabs practiced. To this day the USA cannot face the truth of its past as evidenced in the stupid comment Sean made above. Your neighbors of many centuries quietly bear witness to American (including Southern US) history, despite how hard you try to fool yourselves. Should a people who cannot face their own history be trusted?

      • Fuck you you idiot racist freak.

        • Was that for me or Sean or many of the posters on this board? Great addition to the discussion. Is that a quote? They say even the private schools in the US aren’t so hot.

          • Canadians can take pride in having built their country with free labor. Americans cannot say that and hold their heads as high.

              • Craig,

                Yes, I know. Yet another attempt at false equivalency – the great American pastime oh exceptional one. But you see I know more than you do about Canadian and North American history. There was slavery in Canada to a very limited extent. However, Canadians did not organize their economy around slavery and we are talking about very few people from hundreds to a few thousand at its peak due to American immigration after the anti-colonial rebellion of 1776 (some say the 1st North American civil war).

                In all of Canadian history never more than 3,000 individuals were slaves (except perhaps for the First Nations in pre-European Canadian history – or First Nation women on the frontier, who still suffer as a group in Canada). French Canadians did not organize themselves around a slave economy like the southerners and even Dutch New Yorkers did, but there were a few “house slaves” who were either black or First Nation and owned by high clergy or absentee landlords living in Montreal or Quebec City. They were seen as a curiosity by most people in French Canada and we are talking about 100-300 people who were enslaved up to the early 1800’s in the French colonies of North America (not including Louisiana – something totally different from French Canada). Then, some American Loyalists brought slaves to what is now Ontario – not more than about 1000 – 1200 people. In fact, many more free Blacks came to Canada as Loyalists who trusted the British far more than the ‘Americans’ and so enslaved “house slaves” interacted with free blacks in Canada, creating social standards of appropriate behavior for slave owners. People with rotting flesh from being tortured stinking up plantation mansions was unheard of in Canada. Conditions were not as evil and horrendous as in the United States where many white people were too lazy to work according to their own effort. In the early 1820’s the governor of Ontario (Upper Canada) outlawed slavery making it the 1st British colony to do so, and others then followed suit. But not the USA, as the Southern economy depended on about 4 million slaves. Canada then became a place of freedom at the end of the Underground Railway. The US a place of bondage and untold cruelty.

                Compare 4 million to 1200 – not the same and the numbers reflect different social attitudes to the institution which was abolished in Canada prior to any other jurisdiction. New York, with 20,000 – 30,000 slaves from Dutch plantations along the Hudson just 200 miles from Montreal outlawed slavery earlier, but still honored the property rights of other US slave owners up to 1865. Canada was the place of freedom in North America.

                No, there is no equivalency – not nearly. You still have your fantasy of “exceptionalism” to pretend you do not have to take responsibility for the uniqueness of your history, and you can pretend your history has no consequences. You must be a right-winger as you cannot accept responsibility for your actions and need to deflect onto others to avoid responsibility. We know your type, we live next door.

                Next you’re going to say Canada exists but for American generosity – forgetting that Great Britain was the superpower and the US never did anything it did not get compensated for – ever. Taking advantage of Canada’s small size to pretend an unfounded and unjustifiable paternalism. In any event, the country has grown and the US now sleeps with a wolverine, not a mouse. So, be careful asswipe.

                • David, Canada was British and French and the British and French used slaves for plantation crops through out the America’s where plantation crops were feasible. mining too. So did the Dutch, The Portuguese, and the Spanish.

                  Then slowly, slavery was outlawed starting with the Spanish and the Portuguese in the 1600’s.

                  99.9% of the people of African decent in the Americas (That’s North, central, and South America and the Caribbean) are descendents of the slave trade that was run by the Europeans who colonized the Americas including Canada. Montreal had a public slave market.

                  The plantation states in the Southern US just hung on a little longer than other areas.

                  You sound pretty dumb for a Canadian. Are you sure you aren’t a Yellowstone Co. Republican pretending to be a Canadian to attempt to divert the discussion away from current day racism? Hmmm?

                  • Give me a break! So, Canada’s 1200 or so slaves at any point from 1590 to 1820 mitigates all of the crimes of the Americans. All the racism, the fetishization of whiteness, the 4 million slaves terrorized and tortured on US soil, Jim Crow laws, the creation of a caste society in the south post-Civil War, mass incarceration, disenfranchising US citizens, forming a truncated democracy with an undemocratic slave society, endemic paranoia = all that is nothing compared to Canada’s 1200 slaves and let’s you off the hook. I guess that’s American Exceptionalism for ya. I don’t buy it and most people on Planet Earth do not buy it either.

                    I am sorry to tell you but Americans do not control North American history whether you like it or not. The historical record speaks for itself and we are left with 2 countries. Today, one has the respect of all people on the planet (Canada) the other does not (the USA). Is that by chance or design? Is that a function of the national temperaments forged from historical experience? Grow up already and stop whining you unexceptional American.

                    If you think I am a Republican you are truly out of your mind. However, you prove that even so called Democrats can have a tough time accepting US history and as such are not to be trusted as they may tend to self-delusion. You just don’t like being watched and criticized, but you do have well educated neighbors that have been subject to your BS for centuries and know their history and can compare it to yours. Or, should Canadians keep quiet about their history so the Americans can feel better about themselves?

                    • Norma Duffy @Ilikewoods | February 26, 2013 1:14 PM at 1:14 PM |

                      So is this youse Guys Idea of Black history month, as told by a bunch of white Guys????? Charming?

                      Better these stories be left to the Blacks, and Historians to tell the tales of human suffering.

                      Just Saying!

                    • And this

                      1777 Canadian slaves escape to Vermont where slavery has been abolished.
                      1790 Underground Railroad begins operating.
                      1788- 1792 Black people living in the Maritimes flee slavery and racism in Canada for the Northern U.S. via a south-bound ‘underground railroad’. As many as 60% of Black people in Ontario return to the U.S. after the civil war and 1200 free Blacks leave for Sierra Leone, Africa.

                    • Norma Duffy @Ilikewoods | February 26, 2013 4:49 PM at 4:49 PM |

                      I see Craig didn’t get the Memo, about white guys talking about black History yet…..Must be the cataract story, he falls back on……

                    • Norma,
                      I can’t figure out why you feel the need to tell people what they can or can’t talk about. What’s with that?

                    • Norma Duffy @Ilikewoods | February 26, 2013 6:47 PM at 6:47 PM |

                      Are you not on a commenter page? Was this some sort of secret meeting or conversation? Did I for any reason make some Iron clad rule, about what you can or cant talk about?

                      Carry on, if you wish! Seems pretty obvious to me though, that this one upmanship of conversation regarding how many slaves it takes for a country to be horrific in its past policy…. is as simple as the Number of slaves. the Number it only takes = 1 slave guys.

                      Thank goodness to any country that finally realized it and took measures against it ever happening again. The progress now must be for equality’s sake.

                    • Steve W: you’re spawn of said Toke, right?

                    • Steve W, If you post BS, it’s gonna get called BS.

                    • Norma, Thanks for your blessings to speak freely about history, black and otherwise.

                      Larry K, Nope, I’m no relation to Mark. Never met him. We spoke by phone years ago when I was organizing for a single payer health care system, as we are both supporters.

                      Lyn, what do you mean. What was bs in your opinion? Asking Norma why she objected to other people speaking about history? Or my saying that Europeans used slaves in the plantation system all over the Americas?

                    • Norma Duffy @Ilikewoods | February 27, 2013 2:26 PM at 2:26 PM |

                      Zing…. right over his head….

                  • Norma, Canadian history has it’s less than pristine side. David is either ignorant or just hopeful that no one notices. Last I checked anyone can comment on anything here or are you Cowgirl’s gatekeeper? As to my eyes, in a couple of weeks I’ll know what’s wrong.

      • Try reading – you may learn something. And turn off Fox News. You’re tiny brain has been dazzled by flashing lights and appears to have shrunk considerably. That’s all the response you get. If you can’t be bothered to research how wrong you are then you deserve a life of ignorance.

      • “Historically democrats were the driving force of the Confederacy as well as founders of the KKK.”

        Well yeah, but more to the real point, they were conservatives.

        • Norma Duffy @Ilikewoods | February 28, 2013 11:20 PM at 11:20 PM |

          It was never all the Democrats, it was the Dixiecrats, and they were pushed out of the democratic party in the 1940’s after a failed coup attempt to take over the party.

          The republicans, saw a chance to swell there numbers… and the Dixiecrats, former confederate families, KKK members, and gutter lying snakeoil saleman began poisoning the well of the republicans almost immediately….

          The spawn of those wicked people is the teaparty of today!

          Conservative Crazy street has been a theme park for the the republicans ever sense! Your right on that point Mr. P they were the conservatives that the Liberals drove out!

    • Who says this is a tea party animal trap for a black person? It’s in the eye of the beholder, so all those who are beholding this cartoon (from 9 years ago) to be racist must have some pretty skewered radar. I’d say someone up in Montana needs to get a life or get a sense of humor. Are you desperate or what? I happen to love watermelon and am “president” of my flower club. Read about the illustrious KKK those were some true racist DEMOCRATS!

    • Wow..what a stupid cracker-azz bitch..

      • That’s it. They have to stop claiming they aren’t racists. Who else posts racist crap on their OWN FACEBOOK PAGE under their own name! Someone who agrees with this shit, that’s who. (Apologies for the profanity.)

    • so somehow if you respond with hate, it makes you right? Your hate only reflects back on you…

  2. Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 16, 2013 12:59 PM at 12:59 PM |

    “My idea of feminism is self-determination, and it’s very open-ended: every woman has the right to become a raging homophobe and racist, like Jennifer here is doing. just remember Jennifer,….

    Modern women have no patience or time to help people who wear their insecurities, and hate on their sleeves like badges of honor. So get ready to live in that gutter you moved into for a measurable length of time.

  3. I hope that Republicans in Yellowstone County will force her to step down. This must be incredibly embarrassing.

  4. I don’t get it. What’s with the watermelon?

  5. Richard in Billings | February 16, 2013 3:16 PM at 3:16 PM |

    What a friggin bitch she is.

  6. And here is the reaction to placing the link on the Republican Central Committee’s Facebook page. Brian Kenat is a tea person member of the executive board.

  7. I don’t know where most of you have been hiding, but if a politician, especially a conservative politician, would have posted that joke, he or she would be lucky if they were allowed to finish their term!. It is clearly without a doubt a very racial joke. i don’t know if the intent of the person who posted it was racially motivated, but i do know, it will be viewed as extremely racial by a vast majority of the people who view it!

  8. Shocking. Amazing that the some alternative party doesn’t emerge that retains the fiscal conservatism and jettisons the kooky Jennifer/KKK meme. Dear God; who won the civil war, anyway??

  9. This is the CHAIR of the Billings Republican Party- the leader of the GOP in Montana’s largest town. Notice no other REpublicans have distances themselves from te remark either. Telling.

    • It is hard to distance themselves from the remark when they aren’t aware of it. The Yellowstone County Central Committee removed the offending post from their wall. Perhaps someone needs to ask the legislators from Billings how they feel about it. The central committee e-board is stacked with Jennifer’s tea people. I’ve heard that the party ostracizes the Yellowstone County board. No idea if that is true though. I considered becoming a dem today. This was a terrible experience.

  10. I’m waiting for the watermelon trap to go on tour with the Obama outhouse.

  11. Jennifer and Pat Williams should hang out. They can kidnap some ‘thugs’ together in their white hoods and robes.

  12. Not Your Grandpa's Republican Party | February 16, 2013 11:56 PM at 11:56 PM |

    Wow. This is incredible. My question is: does this lady truly not understand why this would be construed as racist, in which case she’s painful stupid, or does she know it’s racist and just not care? And for the leader of the Yellowstone County Republican Party, which would be worse?

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 17, 2013 6:18 AM at 6:18 AM |

    What the faaaa? Hold on here a minute! I think that we may be being a bit to harsh on jennifer oilscum. So, in the interest of compromise to form a more perfect union, I say that we should say that she is three-FIFTHS of a racist and inbred moron! It’s pragmatic. I think jen could live with that, just as our Founders did. Works for me. Do it for the union!

  14. Democrats never fail to jump on the moral superiority bandwagon as it drives by. I’ve been around enough Democrats to know that the vast majority are not our moral superiors, but rather a mere subset of followers easily soothed by a few words from their leaders while ignorant of the state of their own party, and eager to project their own defects onto the other party.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 17, 2013 8:02 AM at 8:02 AM |

      Don’t get OUT much, do ya, marky? You see, when you sit in a cubicle all day playing with yourself and your little numbers, hard to see what actually happens in the real world.

      • I have no problem with self-awareness, facing my own faults, which are numerous. All of the comments here regarding the “other” party speak of insular attitudes, as you accuse me of. As anyone who crosses your leadership knows, the bastards are ruthless. As anyone who works DC knows, once elected officials step behind the curtain, there is only one party, the money party, and all of its officials are unelected. Outside the curtain is only the illusion of choice.

        And as anyone who is around Democrats such as you knows, you’re completely buffaloed by it all, not the slightest bit aware that all of politics is a game that is designed merely to keep you occupied while the real business of state is carried on elsewhere.

        You are not morally superior to the other party. You are them, they are you. You and they project your worst traits on the other because it makes you feel good.

    • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 17, 2013 8:02 AM at 8:02 AM |

      It would be a good Idea, to step off the 2 story Podium, you keep hoisting your ass up too. before speaking Mark.
      Remember we can still smell your loser jealousy downwind, when the wind blows south from Colorado.

      • Do you ever make a substantive comment? You can rail at me all you want, but you should try addressing the matters I address head on. I look at your comments and quickly move on thinking that this Camelot is a silly place.

        • Mark, the only things that matter to you are food and reproduction…and bullying the women whom you can’t penetrate.

          • Btw, Toke: if you believe assassinations, legal or otherwise, have not taken place under executives after Jefferson, you’re an abysmal political scientist.

            • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 17, 2013 2:58 PM at 2:58 PM |


            • I have long seen, Larry, that you Democrats will pretzel yourself into any desired shape when one of yours is in power, no matter what s/he does. You are not politically adept and become mere tools to whatever hack courts and wins your vote.

              Obama has legalized assassination by the executive. That is new – the “legalized” part, and you and I both know that if Bush had done it you’d be squealing at a high pitch about it. In fact, Obama has made the Democrats into a war party, and you don’t miss a chance to support him. You’re a disgrace, an anathema to thinking citizens.

              • Your point is lost on this interested party, Mark. After the GOP is destroyed we will examine our collective conscience and rewrite herstory.

                In the meantime, take Norma’s advice and get off the bath salts.

                • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 18, 2013 3:56 PM at 3:56 PM |

                  Thank goodness Mark lives in Colorado, that’s one face eater Montanans don’t have to worry about!

                • I get, Larry, that my “point is lost” on you. That’s pretty much the entirety of being a Democrat, to be easily manipulated and unreachable at once. It’s a mental state and not an intellectual one. It’s also an interesting psychological phenomenon, how you become part of the machine engaged in constant pointless battle against the other part of the machine, each convinced you are morally superior to the other, each a mirror of the other. Meanwhile, the business of politics goes on without any regard to what you and your comrades are thinking or doing. You’ve written yourselves out of the real conflict which goes on between citizens and oligarchs and their tools. You are pointless and useless.

          • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 17, 2013 3:35 PM at 3:35 PM |

            Hes just flipping out because the our First lady and her Daughters are in Colorado skiing. It’s a holiday weekend, with Monday being Presidents Day.

            He and others baggers are just irked because they don’t ski well.

            I am sure we will hear new conspiracies about Obama Golfing with Tiger while his ladies vacation …even though the Obama’s has taken less vacation days then George W, or Reagan did.

    • It’s not hard to be morally superior to a party that tries to suppress voters, wants to destroy the environment, pushes legislation that would give the government control over women’s bodies ( but doesn’t care if men are violent to women), wants to keep discrimination against homosexuals legal, rejects science, and tirelessly works to gin up white resentment against non-whites (like Barack Obama).

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 17, 2013 8:25 AM at 8:25 AM |

        Bill Maher pretty much nails it too.

        You see, the REALLY disturbing thing to me about jennifer oilscum’s “joke” is that it pretty much CHARACTERizes the entire teatard party. The “joke”, like the teatard party itself, is sorely lacking in intelligence, sophisticiation, and nuance! The “joke” is simply a groaner! It is too stupid to even respond to! I mean, how DOES one respond to a person that is SO abjectly ingornant and racist, that they find this funny?!

        Jennifer Oilscum, who I assume is an adult, is beyond hope. And that’s real sad. In fact, the teatard PARTY is real sad. America has moved on, and they are left stuck in the fifties. I really don’t see any way of reaching folks that are that imbecilic. When they die off, their legacy of hatred, ignorance, and intolerance dies WITH them. And that’s a very good thing!

      • I reject Barack Obama because he is a speechifier and mesmerizer who does not for a second follow through on anything. While he’s got your eyes in a dazed spiral, he is busy working against everything you believe, tearing apart teh Bill of Rights, out-Bushing Bush. You are clueless.

    • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 17, 2013 3:49 PM at 3:49 PM |

      By the way I did add Dialogue to that billings post. Asking why the Gazette, would put such a racist up to the Community, and how come the Yellowstone Republican party hasn’t fired her yet….. I haven’t seen my comment appear and it probably wont anytime soon.

      I have to totally believe the editors of the Gazette are racist as well.

  15. It will be interesting to see whether the Gazette sticks with holding up this woman as a shining example of Billings’ future. If they do, we can only assume its editors agree that’s its okay to promote such racism.

  16. I guess I’m a drug dealer and a racist. These people make me sick.

  17. When Bush II was president, where were the GOP legislators
    SCREAMING for unlicensed concealed weapons carry, ‘hands off’ and nullification guidance to sheriffs,etc? It’s TREASONOUS for the Teabaggers to disrupted federal and state coordination
    for law enforcement and compromise national and local security when Krayton Kerns says our federal government
    law officers must play ‘mother may I’ with idealogically retarded sheriffs??

  18. Apparently Ms. Olsen has ‘three fifths’ of brain material…..when
    will these ‘baggers’ get over this?

  19. I guess her only thing she likes that’s black is oil and coal, both
    of which helped drive industry, but at what price now when we’re
    beholdin’ to foreign oil, imports, pollution of our air, land and water and there’s NO real penalities for spoiling the commons we
    depend on, when multi-national corporations (NOT PEOPLE) operate with impunity when they pay fines of a few million while
    reaping in PROFITS of billions. I would also submit to the ‘engineer’ if the ‘baggers’ scream energy independence, why are their corporate heroes sending it the the PORTS, duh, it goes on ships from refineries to the HIGHEST overseas bidders, NOT for here in America to help the middle-class, it’s the most
    bald-faced, disgusting and almost treasonable like when ‘baggers’ and GOP wear their flag lapel pins and say
    the OIL is for us, BALONEY”!

  20. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 17, 2013 5:26 PM at 5:26 PM |

    THIS teatard lost his job. Wonder if little jennifer oilscum will?! If there are ANY ReePubes in billings that aren’t brain dead, I would encourage them to DUMP oilscum.

    BTW, if you’ve never seen Reetard Shrugged, or whatever oilscum calls his TV show, you should. You’d then understand just how messed up these dudes really are. They are as stoopid as anybody in Montana that I’ve ever met, inCLUDING Dopey Reeburp and Cornhole Burns!

  21. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 17, 2013 6:03 PM at 6:03 PM |

    Maybe we should reinstitute the draft……….



    Hey, the Teatards like jennifer oilscum are true “patriots”, but they ain’t ABOUT to cut defense spending! So, why not kill two birds with one stone! DRAFT the old farts of this country and send’em off to war! Why not?! It’s a win/win! We’ll be savin’ the young dudes for the future, and empolying the old farts, thereby SAVING big time on social security payouts!

    And really, when a 67 year old fart gets wasted in combat, is it REALLY a big woof? NOT TO ME! It’s called euthanasia!


    We could use the fatassed bastards like jumbo jimmy knoxious for cover inSTEAD of sandbags! He’s perfect!

  22. Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 18, 2013 4:01 PM at 4:01 PM |

    Just a reminder that the Billings Gazette still has not posted anymore comments on Jennifer Olsen. Shameful a racist is held up as representative of this state by the Media.

    • I just attempted to post a comment on the Gazette myself. There’s a new post from ~1/2 hour ago from “danielsgb” asking if anyone else was going to post. I’m also surprised that no other comments have been posted.

      Norma – care to share the gist of your attempted post at the Gazette?

      FWIW, my comment on the Gazette will hopefully point out that it’s not so much a picture of a “trap” that Jennifer posted, it’s more that the picture itself is a trap for racists.

      • I too would be interested to see if the Gazette is censoring comments.

        • The Gazette does not censor comments, it is the IR that does not put up certain comments, in fact most comments. Or, if they do, they put them up many days later, defeating the purpose. If a paper is going to have the comment function, they need to commit the resources to make the comments public or moderate them or whatever. I’m giving the IR the benefit of the doubt by speculating that it’s a resource issue, my husband things they just don’t want certain comments made public.

          • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 18, 2013 9:18 PM at 9:18 PM |

            Sorry I agree with your husband!

          • All the Lee Newspapers “moderate” (read: censor) the comments they receive. I can’t fault them for not wanting to incur the liability, disk storage, bandwidth, etc. of posting content not of their own making (potentially profane, racist, sexist or otherwise objectionable – I can only imagine what RWNJs would try to post).

            But the IR the past several months definitely has been the worst about getting comments moderated in an even close to timely manner. I’m sure this is indeed a resource issue at the IR – they couldn’t even get legislative election results on the web in the days following the election. I’ve pretty much given up on commenting on the IR because I rarely comment on the web anymore and mostly only have time to waste commenting on the weekends. IR comments submitted on the weekend seem to be moderated sporadically if at all.

            Anyway, the Gazoo seems to have posted my comment along with a couple of others tonight. But since it’s an old article, not many people are going to see it. My guess is that they’re just placating…they’re not going to do an actual article on Ms. Olsen’s post.

        • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 18, 2013 9:16 PM at 9:16 PM |

          My Post attempt was right after Dans and I got a pop up stating that the comment needed to be authorized first. That tells me the site is monitored heavily for comments.

          Yes I do have a Login for this newspaper!

          My comments, were pointed, but not derogatory in anyway. Seems to me, by my experience the Billings Gazette is not a version of a democratic free this time.

          I laugh because I have said far worse on some conservative sites and at least… I was given the right to post. Pretty shameful, when you get down to it because the billings area does have democratic party winners there, and this in not the first time. I have posted on that news site, and never seen my comments appear, it is now the 6th time. All story’s were republican in nature, all stories that a large amount of Hubris in them, and I felt it was my duty as a citizen of this state to ask for the facts the Reports seemed lacking in.

  23. I thinks its more of small staff to get to it. I blame them for shitty reporting, but I could see it being too much for one intern to deal with. After my second post, then you guys’ showed up.

  24. Public Policy Polling just released some Montana results. At my request Nancy Keenan was included:

    • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 21, 2013 12:08 PM at 12:08 PM |

      So Bacus still beats the Generic GOP and Nate Silver give Max a ten Point lead going into the 2014 election with any GOP candidate.

  25. Symposium for implications of United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights in US Indian policy scheduled:

  26. Disgusted american | February 25, 2013 8:38 AM at 8:38 AM |

    ..and the GOP wonders why thier party is USELESS???? exucse me lady but america is A DIVERSE country – yep DIVERSE…..there’s blacks, whites, Asians, Indians….spanish – people from ALL walks of life and social strata in the USA…..if you dont like that – MOVE! You Racist are a dying breed.

  27. Not all republicans are racist, but all racists are republican.

  28. Racist cunt. That is all.

  29. When will she be fired? If not already fired then yes, they are all racist! Actions speak louder than pathetic half assed denials and “it was just a joke” responses.

  30. Can’t we all just get along? At least on the message boards? There is no need for hatred and animosity, it doesn’t help our civilized society progress. Only when we accept the flaws and differences of our fellow man can we truly have contentment.

  31. Seriously what the f___ is wrong with these people. Why hasn’t the committee voted in a new chair immediately? Is this how Montana deals with racism? By hiding and protecting it? Glad I’m far, far away.

    • Montana is solidly in the RED and has not voted for a Dem for president since Clinton, and only then because Perot stole GOP votes. They went for McCain and for Romney, and they’re 98% white as snow. So, there’s that.

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