Reforming Gun Laws, Montana Republican Style

by Cowgirl

It might surprise you to hear this, but right-wing Republicans actually agree with President Obama that America needs a radical change in our gun laws.  It’s just that they have a different idea of what those changes should be.

In the Montana Legislature this month, in the wake of the Newtown tragedy and a scourge of national gun violence, Montana Republicans have moved quickly to introduce a series of bills to deal with what they believe is society’s most pressing gun problem: it’s not easy enough to shoot someone.

There are dozens of proposals, each one stupider and sillier and more childish than the next. Here are few of my favorites:

First is a bill to change our concealed weapons laws. In Montana, concealed weapons may not be carried in churches, schools, banks, bars, colleges, hospitals and a few other specified areas.  Republicans have proposed a bill to eliminate these restrictions completely.

The author of the bill, House Bill 304, is none other than the state chair of the House Judiciary Committee.  A police officer showed up to a hearing to testify against it, saying he’d “never seen a bar fight that ended well with a concealed weapon.” The Republicans were unfazed by this testimony and are moving forward with the legislation. There’s also a companion bill, House Bill 384, that specifically addresses the injustice suffered by high school students who are denied the right to bring rifles and shotguns onto school grounds. The bill would forbid school officials from punishing such students.

Keep in mind that these are the same lawmakers who proposed Senate Bill 279 which was a bill to allow legislators to carry guns–both concealed and open–in the state capitol building last session.  Apparently they think that this will make the capitol a safer place.  I’m sure the many government employees who work in the Capitol will feel secure in knowing that a few crusty old Republican men–who start drinking at 10 am and spend the rest of the day snoozing at hearings or ogling high school pages–will serve as a security force in the event the building is attacked.

And if you think Republicans do not believe in guaranteed access to healthcare, think again.  A few GOP legislators have just introduced House Bill 459, a bill to guarantee the provision of medical care–to anyone who is armed.  The bill makes it a felony to deny someone health care if the denial is based in any way on the fact that the person is in possession of a weapon, and refuses to answer the doctor’s question about said possession.  Said another way, this bill ensures that you can bring a weapon to your doctors office, and the doctor may not ask you to leave the premises if you refuse to answer the doctor when you are asked “is that bulge under you clothing a concealed weapon?” It also forbids pediatricians from asking other questions about guns that they routinely ask, about whether the parent owns weapons and, if so, whether the parent is safely storing them in the house, out of reach of the child.

These legislators should themselves seek out a pediatrician, because they are overgrown children who somehow became legislators.

There are many more such bills, including:

HB 302 by Rep. Krayton Kerns would prohibit state enforcement of any federal ban on semi-auto firearms/magazines

 HB 215 by Rep. Edward Greef declares the Winchester rifle “The gun that won the west.”

HJ 5 by Rep. Jerry O’Neil amends the U.S. Constitution to prevent President from entering into any arms treaties that infringe on gun rights.

LC1639 by Rep. Scott Reichner would prevent local governments from restricting firearms.

HB 27 by Rep. Ted Washburn would allow the use of silencers when hunting “large predators,” while

HB 205 by Krayton Kerns would eliminate the prohibition on firearm sound reduction devices in the field altogether.

HB 240 by Rep. Cary Smith seeks to allow guns on college campuses.

HB 468 by Rep. Alan Doane would encourage manufacture of ammunition in Montana to ensure availability.

HJ 3 by Rep. Jerry O’Neil calls for an amendment to the US Constitution which “gives the states the right to make whatever guns they want so long as [firearms] stay inside the[sic] own borders.”

SB 304 by Rep. Roger Webb would establish a “firearm protection act.”

HB 292 by Rep. Randy Brodehl would revise laws related to pawn shop stolen gun procedures



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  1. I think some legislators and ‘gun-nuts’ more worried about a ‘lack of bulge’ in their groin areas to act as compensation for their own shortcomings (no joke) in their own organic ‘apparatus’ and why
    too many want those high-capacity ‘magazines’ but I suppose there are those making up for shooting ‘blanks’…..

    • If you are suggesting they are a bunch of cowards, it is quite true that it takes little courage to use armed force to get your way. Especially if the other guy refuses to pick up a gun. Cowards.

  2. Whether you own a gun or not, shouldn’t be on a list of health care questions asked by a doctor or nurse.

    • Or questions about immunizations, school attendance, unusual bruising . . .y’know, none o’ yer beeswax.

      • Heh. Right. The doctor should not be allowed to ask you any questions, as it is invasion of your privacy – in fact, you shouldn’t even go to a doctor, you should just hole up in your bunker and drink colloidal silver ; )

    • It should be if you come in with a gun shot wound or the smell of burnt gunpowder in case there was a shooting nearby.

    • Why not? Tens of thousands of suicides each year make it a public health and safety issue. Haev you ever had to pick up brains and tissue and hope to get it off the ceiling and out of every nook and crany in a room?

  3. How very unfortunate that the end of the world’s greatest democratic experiment should end at gunpoint. The guy with the gun always wins. Speaking out against unrestricted gun ownership and use takes extraordinary courage. Those who do so without the benefit of anonymity deserve our highest esteem – the Patrick Henry award, if you will.

  4. Do any of these great minds stop to think that all they are doing is making it less and less likely that anyone would want to come to Montana on vacation, for fear of being shot on sight or caught in some drunken crossfire? Embarrassing the state is not an economic development plan.

    • Good point. We need a list of states that are nuts like this, so we can avoid going to them if we don’t “look right” or “act right” in the view of the locals.

  5. Concealed weapons in bars?! Sure. Alcohol and firearms – what could possibly go wrong?

  6. Back in the old “Code of the West” days, first thing a cowboy did on hitting town was turn his shootin’ iron in at the sheriff’s office and then go drinking and carousing. Saved innocent lives since those boys couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and neither can most drunks, even with more accurate weapons, today.

  7. Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 18, 2013 12:57 PM at 12:57 PM |

    Dang the GOP of today haven’t been on a par with the code of the west, since they reintroduced it then passed it on to law. They certainly are not fair to everyone, they would sell out this state in a heartbeat….

    Piss poor allegiance to riding for the brand of Montana in my book.

  8. Are all Republicans hopelessly ignorant, or just the ones they want us to vote for?

  9. I have finally realized what is going on with these people in the legislature. They have been watching too many reruns of Mat Dillon on the Western Channel. Welcome to Dodge City, Montana.

  10. Why is it that is seems most of these gun bills come ‘boiling’ out of the house anyhow, and generally from one idealogue? And there’s a bill for legislators to bring their guns into the statehouse, and maybe they’ll lay down their ‘piece’ on the hearing table to intimidate a citizen or fellow legislator, or show off their ‘manhood’? I’m a veteran, and we learned to RESPECT weapons in the service, so I ask how many of the ‘wanna-bees’ having some kind of vicarious thrill here? Instead of WASTING time on these gun fantasies, why aren’t they figuring out why Montana has the HIGHEST number of uninsured veterans in the Nation? Are these legislators ‘proud’ of that ? Finally, remember last session when the ‘baggers’ wanted to close one of the state veterans homes and privatize it? Even Sen. Zinke (R)(Cdr, USN, Ret, SEAL!) said that’s baloney!

  11. What if someone takes a gun into a doctor’s office and demands an abortion?

    • If Republicans have it their way, the doctor would be armed and there would be shootout. But if the doctor wins the shootout, that creates another conundrum.

      If the woman with the gun demanding an abortion dies in the shootout, the doctor could probably get away with a “self defense” plea. But under HB104, he would be charged with murder of the fetus since he knowingly caused the death of the unborn child.

    • The universe inverts itself into a black hole and implodes, probably.

    • guess the sheriff would clean up the mess…the newly empowered sheriff under montana law………guess that woman & doctor had no choice…gov intervention? better than these wacks who impose their narrow visions

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  13. Montana is a beautiful state run by inbred morons who are more interested in being men doing completely unconstitutional things to oppose President Blackenstein who has invaded what they see as their sacred ground. You folks are an embarrassment to thinking Americans. Obama is right. I would say, driving into Montana, what JFK said to Mrs Kennedy on the morning of November 22, 1963 : “We’re going into nut country.”

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 20, 2013 1:53 PM at 1:53 PM |

      HEY, not a very accurate characterization at all, Bill. The inbreds are in charge for the moment. But then again, they are on the ascendancy pretty much everywhere. Our inbreds actually took over with the gingrich revolution and never left.

      But Montana is not completely full of inbreds. That doesn’t do our history justice. We have a long tradition of being a union, progressive state too. Lots of good people here who don’t make it into the news as readily at the reetards do. We have a great literary and art scene, and a fantastic comitted, active environmental movement.

      So, careful in your analysis. LOTS of the inbreds are moving in from out of state looking for a great white homeland that doesn’t exist exCEPT in their teensy, tiny pea brains. Don’t count us out yet. Hell, we just lost one of the most progressive governors in the country, and we filled his spot with another good one. This fight ain’t over by any means.

  14. here’s an idea. i as well as many other montanans own guns, and can buy more if we choose. if the black hats show up to confiscate my weapons, then there will be far more stuff going on than some person showing up to first, find my guns, and second, take them away. but do i really need to carry an AR15 or whatever to protect myself as i buy groceries in columbia falls? or visit the capitol in helena? or in the bars i do not frequent? i think not. get over it, dudes. get on with some life-affirming measures and get over your paranoia about guns. i grew up with my dad’s – the biggest no no was even thinking about touching his rifles; now there were some family values… and thank you sheriff curry for discounting the end-times comments that “they” will be after us to take away our guns.

  15. Rob, when considering what’s rational, don’t forget to judge what is efficacious.

    As you know, the National Institute of Justice is part of the Justice Department. After reading the memo and short of confiscation as indicated by the memo, what measures on the table are rational, efficacious, as you conceive it?

    • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 21, 2013 2:09 AM at 2:09 AM |

      I spent the better part of an Hour looking for this letter at the National Institute of Justice Craig and guess what…. No such pdf animal exists.

      The letter is a fraud from the NRA, total bullshit, snippets from about ten or so other publications written from 2000-2008. Lil wayne and his cronies are good at that mixing bullshit . The information is there. the search results show no letter written with its title, and the closest title to a memo or PDF is 2004. None of the writing of this PDF from the NRA Mirrors anything.

      Description of Fabrication: When you don’t look for the facts before spewing them. other wise known on Cowgirls website as Right wing Commentor, Craig!

  16. Hoping to move there soon!

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