Ten Montana Senators Vote to Keep Prison Time for Gay People

by Cowgirl

On Tuesday, the Montana Senate voted, finally, to erase our “anti-sodomy law” which makes it an imprisonable crime to be gay.  Although invalidated by our state supreme court in 1997, the law has remained on our books because Republicans have always refused to go along with efforts to scrap it.

But yesterday, SB 107, a measure to strike the offensive language from our statutes finally passed the senate.  That said, the vote was far from unanimous.  Ten Republicans voted no.  They are:

Nutwatch is keeping an eye on Dave Lewis.

Sen. Dave Lewis, R-Helena (sponsor of bill to withdraw U.S. from the UN)

Scott Sales R-Bozeman

Sen. Scott Sales R-Bozeman

Yep, this is the Obama bullet ridden outhouse guy.

Sen. Scott Boulanger R-Darby (with infamous bullet-ridden Obama outhouse.)

Sen. Dee Brown R-Hungry Horse

Sen. Dee Brown R-Hungry Horse (Pictured rallying to ‘save’ a plastic statue of Jesus.)

Verdell Jackson is from Kalispell

Sen. Verdell Jackson R-Kalispell (Says keeping this law on the books “protects him from getting propositioned on the street.”




Sen. Rick Ripley R-Wolf Creek

Senator John Brenden's got federal cash, poor people should F*** off.

Sen. John Brenden R-Scobey (yep, he’s the legislature’s largest recipient of federal farm subsidies, but opposes Medicaid expansion for poor.)


Matthew Rosendale wants gay people imprisoned.

Sen. Matthew Rosendale R-Glendive

Bigotry doesn't become him.

Sen. Fred Thomas R-Stevensville, Bitterrooter

He's the dog killer.

Sen. Roger Webb, R-Billings (This guy was convicted of beating and shooting his neighbors’s pets Katie and Alli, both black labs.)







25 Comments on "Ten Montana Senators Vote to Keep Prison Time for Gay People"

  1. That’s my senator Brenden, making us proud. He’s in great company. What is wrong with these people?

  2. Dear Sen. Brown: HELLO! It’s 2013. Get with the 21st century – It’s only been going on for 13 years! Wake up.

  3. Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 19, 2013 10:58 PM at 10:58 PM |

    Reality has finally cracked the shells off these nuts, and we see them for who they are…. Despicable jerks. Thank goodness these laws are finally gone!

    • The law isn’t gone yet. It still has to officially pass the Senate and will be likely heading to the House Judiciary committee where it died in the last session. I hope this committee is more reasonable.

  4. Montana, meet your Republican party.

  5. Frank Heine, Avery TX | February 20, 2013 7:25 AM at 7:25 AM |

    I thought we Texans had cornered the market on stupid. Any time a bagger says they’re for the constitution, I remind them of this:


    Best wishes on replacing these deadbeats with less dim bulbs.

  6. The Lone Star Stopgap | February 20, 2013 8:22 AM at 8:22 AM |

    This is America’s Taliban. No way around it. Putting people in prison based on your distorted and hateful religious beliefs.

  7. Jackson should be concerned. . . he’s one hot bastard. Rrrrrrrr.

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 20, 2013 10:17 AM at 10:17 AM |

    Are the Big Kockhs going limp?? David Kockh is tired of being “pilloried by the liberals”………


    Now that’s funny! But not to worry, they have replaced many of their limp employees who failed to win the the white house, and they have also replaced the head of their young voters group, “generation opportunity”……….. generation what???


    Sorry, boys, but you Big Kockhs have been OUTED for what you are! Ain’t no puttin’ the Big Kockh back in your pants, dudes. It’s out there! For all to see! Get used to it!


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 20, 2013 10:25 AM at 10:25 AM |

      And on a personal note to my pals, the Big Kockh brothers.


      Wasn’t your daddy one of the first john birchers? Why yes he was! He would be just SO proud of you little pissants and all your little suckophants here in Montana like little marky purina, reetard teetard extraordinaire! Where DO you find these inbreds?

      You dudes are an endless supply of humor material! Thanks!

  9. You laugh, but the tin foil hat protects me from random asteroid hits.

  10. Would you deny a place in your Canyon campground to a gay person? And who cares who is gay or straight? And why does it matter? Less government, right, Repubs? Clean up the paperwork on overloaded, outdated laws.

  11. Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 20, 2013 1:27 PM at 1:27 PM |

    Baggers dont know the difference of right and wrong… This is why Mark Sanford, can make a run for senate, even after his extra martial affair… just as Newt Gingrich had a chance to run for president.

    They like being led by the nose into desolation by Snakeoil salesman with an elephant pin on there Lapel, and a teabag hanging from their hat.

  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 20, 2013 2:02 PM at 2:02 PM |



    Time for Sen. Mini Barfus to spend some quality time with his sheep! We put ol’ Sen. Cornhole Burns out to pasture, now Mini can follow! ‘Sides, “when the age is in the wit is out”! Although Mini never had much to BEGIN with! Buh BYE, Mini!


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 20, 2013 2:15 PM at 2:15 PM |

      Here’s the details.


      See, here’s the problem as I see it for Sen. Mini Barfus. Schweitzer is charismatic, and Barfus is spasmatic! (ever seen the dude try to speak?)

      And when charismatic goes head to head with spasmatic, who do you THINK is gonna win?!

      If Brian decides to run, Mini better leave the field of battle before the fight with his ass intact, for if not, Schweitzer will surely KICK it! Scwheitzer nearly did the impossible in his first time around. He damn near unhorsed the feedlot cowboy and bankrupt auctioneer, sen. cornhole burns! This was an unprecedented feat. How does Mini think he would have a chance against the most popular governor we’ve ever had, esPECIALLY since most Dems and progressives can’t STAND his sorry, corporate ass?!

      Nope. It’s over for Mini. The writin’s on the outhouse wall. Need a good sheepherder? Well then, call Mini Barfus at 1-800-I’m screwed!


      Mini will look good in a sheepherder’s wagon! Maybe instead of running across the state for the next election, he can take his wagon!!


      Yes, I’m luvin’ this! Wonder who the ReePubes would run? Creepy Cretin Kearns?? bhwhahahaahahahhahaa!

  13. I am not a person prone to thinking that every homophobe is really a closeted homosexual. Usually I think that claim is pretty ridiculous. But having known Fred Thomas growing up, in his (closet) case it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Not.One.Bit.

  14. One more *rather important* thing for the record: Scott Sales does not represent Bozeman. His district is the Three Forks area of Gallatin County crossing to Broadwater county up to Toston. Bozeman doesn’t claim him. Bozeman doesn’t want him.

  15. How truly dysfunctional. These people think they are normal. The scariest thing is PEOPLE ACTUALLY ELECTED THEM! Are we just plain, straight-up doomed?

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