The Purge

by Cowgirl

The major fight that has broken out in the Republican party nationally and in the Montana legislature is now playing out in the Lewis and Clark county republican party. The local GOP group  has devolved into a modern day version of the Salem witch trials as Republicans hurl accusations at each other to purge their own ranks of alleged moderates.

The hysteria became public during the Lewis and Clark republican party’s attempt to nominate some potential replacements for Republican county commissioner Derek Brown. Brown is the former Republican county commissioner who quit in a huff after he realized his ideas were unpopular.

When a county commissioner resigns the law says the local republican party gets to nominate three people to replace her or him.  But the selection process turned nasty when some hard-right GOPers and TEA Partiers thought the recommendations didn’t measure up to wingnut standards.

The infighting is now the subject of a four-part series in the Helena IR and the conservative blog 2 Helena HandbasketsHere’s what happened.

First, Republican leaders kicked out the public so they could conduct a purge of the supposedly “moderate” replacement commissioner candidates in secret. The county committee had told the candidates seeking to replace Brown that they would have public interviews to select his replacement on the County Commission, but halfway through they abruptly switched gears instead holding closed door executive sessions  in which the public was excluded and members were prohibited from discussing.

To help ensure a hard right conservative was chosen, Republicans voted out three party members they deemed “too moderate.” They even voted out their own parliamentarian to make it easier to break the rules. The county republicans have also purged their own leadership, ousting their former chair.  According to GOP insiders, some Republicans have advocated for litmus tests for party members based on the beliefs of the John Birch Society.

Mark PereaFormer GOP legislative candidate Mark Perea has been a major player in the purity movement. Perea has launched a campaign to put himself in power as a replacement for the ousted chair.  In a fiery email to local GOP-ers, Perea says he’s the only leader that can pass the purity muster.

Perea says the Republican running against him for county GOP chair simply will not do.  The grievous sin Perea’s opponent committed? The man’s wife once attended a $25 fundraiser held by a fellow GOP-er for her own employer, the popular democratic Secretary of State Linda McCulloch.

Perea continues his impassioned screed by explaining that he and his wife are “fighting like dogs” to make sure this terrible man whose wife once attended a Dem event is defeated.

Perea wants only “real Republicans” to be part of the committee to “create an awesome powerhouse” who will  “find a way to replace Tester, Baucus, and Bullock and the other silly clowns.”

Perea is quick to criticize his opponents, but has a warning for any who would criticize him.  Perea encourages Republicans to feel free to share good things about him, but says they should think twice before they point out a fellow Republican’s flaws.  If flaws become public, the GOP will lose–just look what happened to Rick Hill:

“You can cut me down, nit-pick the tiniest little flaw in me, vote your feelings rather than your conscience, etc., but too many good Republicans did the same thing to Rick Hill, and look where we are now. If you have something good to say about me, please share it with others.

Perea says he’s the right person to lead a purge of the GOP  “maybe even a nationwide movement that will kick the liberals’ behinds relentlessly and consistently.”

Those who would oppose Perea are probably committing the sin of pride:

“I ask the most prideful among you to swallow some of that pride for a minute so that we conservatives can start winning instead of destroying ourselves. The decision is yours. I am praying for the Lord to give you wisdom and humility so you can have the victory that is yours for the taking. I promise I will continue to be your dedicated and fearless leader when you make the right decision……God bless you and yours, and God bless the United States of America. Mark Perea”


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  1. I wonder what part of dysfunctional this this clown doesn’t understand?

  2. So, how is Mr. Perea different from Chairman Mao??

  3. Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 19, 2013 11:50 AM at 11:50 AM |

    Look when you run in the Public eye. Your eventually supposed to outed for every little dirty secret if you are hiding, that is good reporting for the public.

    That is the information they need to make an informed decision.

    The Problem is…. the republican party try’s its upmost to re-educate their kids to a dying corporate religion, with Ideas so in the past, that the Mennonites of today in Montana beat them for shear truth, prosperity, and Judgement.

    At least Mennonites believe in working out differences, and not going to war!

    I have never so believed that I would see the day come where the republican party went the way of the WHIGS… But I think we are seeing it here in Montana– and would urge all Moderates of the conservative stripe to let the GOP wither and die. You have a chance to work with Independents or democrats instead.

    Dont lose your voice to tea party facism!

    • The democrats and republicans are like wings of a bird. These two parties have been skipping and holding hands as they run up massive debt and promote moral decay. Fact is you joined their corporate religion if you cheerlead one of the two teams owned by the corporate oligarchs.

      • Ian, you ever bird hunt? No? Well then let me clue you in. If you shoot one wing, the bird falls, no matter how much updraft the other wing is catching. It doesn’t fly around in circles or any other idiot analogy the folk who hate both parties equally tend to use. The bird falls, drops right the hell out of the sky. At that point, you can dispatch it with a pitchfork.

        See, that’s the problem you and Tokarski have with analogies. You think they only work the way you think they work, when often, they are far more instructive. For the longest time, the corporatists thought they could get the upper hand by out-right and brazenly purchasing one wing. They didn’t even try to hide it. But a one winged bird don’t fly. They thought they had a done deal with St. Reagan, but even he turned out all socialist on them (even though he did one helluva job of shifting wealth to the rich). Then, the Clinton disaster caused by that crazy maverick Ross Perot. So the corporatists had to buy the other wing, which they did successfully by the end of Clinton’s first term. They even got Ross Perot to play the useful idiot a second time, and Ralph Nader to do so in 2000. End game, right?

        But the “fact” remains that they need both wings to keep their oligarchy aloft. They still have their useful idiots like you, Ian, who screw up the aim by claiming that one can’t target the bird’s wings because the *real* target should be … what exactly? Destroy the Republican party, and you kill the bird. More to the point of this post, encourage the Republican party to destroy itself, and you still kill the bird.

        But no, somehow, you still think it’s wisdom to attack the two party system instead of the actual real problem which is corporatism. You think it sage to attack the party that is covertly purchased instead of the one that is blatant and obvious. And worst of all, you think it makes more sense to talk down to those who could help whatever ‘special snowflake ‘ goal you have than to actually have a plan. Don’t get me wrong, Ian. I know you have a plan. You’re going to camp out in a park, and chant slogans while holding pithy signs. Meanwhile, the corporate owned media is going to pound you over the head with that until you beg them to continue just because it will feel so good when they stop. You don’t really care about corporatism, Ian. You care about how good you look to yourself in the struggle.

        You’re not helping. You sit on the sidelines and tell the hunters that they’re doing it *WRONG* when you don’t seem to have the first clue what it is to be doing things right. There are many of us who have worked long and hard for the debasement of the Republicant brand. You want to work for a photo-op. If, and when, the Republicant party is weakened enough by their own insanity, the corporatist bird will nosedive. You call that effort beneath you. I would call it a successful hunt. Consider that in your arrogant little analogy.

        • RK- if you want to bird hunt, a head shot will dispatch them pronto. You just have to learn how to lead them.

          You sure are long winded for someone with nothing much to say.

        • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 19, 2013 11:19 PM at 11:19 PM |

          I also notice that people like Ian, and Mark are more like anarchists… wanting to set fire to all of politics, whether it is bad or good. Nothing says change like burning everything to the ground.

          People on the lowest levels of America, the poor the sick and the hungry would be the first to suffer death at the hands of Idiots like this. They wouldn’t care if a thousand people died as long as one corporate scumbag did also. They aren’t any better then the tea party trying to grasp power now. The Baggers also want to burn everything to the ground, while giving sacrament to corporations.

          Ian and Mark: Lost, confused adolescents stuck in old adult bodies, trying to relive the Youth they screwed up the first time, and asking us to trust them….. again! No thanks

  4. This Perea guy is a real wack job. He definitely has something to hide, lots of missing time in that resume of his.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 20, 2013 8:13 AM at 8:13 AM |

    STILL don’t think the Christofascists aren’t alive and well in Montana? This marky purina dude is simply one of them. He’s on a mission from god! Anybody got any background on this didlo? I see the kenny boy miller sign in the background, so mr. purina’s GOTTA be an inbred jesus jumper! Is he a local or an inbred from somewhere’s else? South maybe?

    It’s time for all good Americans to fully understand just WHO these christofacist inbreds are! They are scary, scary folks.

    Get yourself a copy of The Family by Jeff Sharlet and read it.
    Do it for your country!

  6. OFF TOPIC: Right wing websites are making a big deal about Baucus saying that the sequester was Obama’s “recommendation.” I guess he’s trying to distance himself from the president to appeal to Montana Republicans.

    His claim may be true, but I doubt it.


        Your federal government is almost certain to blow past the March 1 deadline for averting $1.2 trillion in haphazard budget cuts that could cost 700,000 jobs. Don’t worry. We know whom to blame. President Obama makes a credible case that he has reached farther toward compromise than House Republicans.

        But knowing who’s at fault doesn’t fix the problem. To loosely quote Billy Joel: You may be right, Mr. President, but this is crazy.

        Is this fiscal standoff (the fifth since Republicans took control of the House in 2011) just about scoring political points, or is it about governing?

        If it’s all about politics, bully for Obama. A majority of voters will likely side with the president over Republicans in a budget dispute because of his popularity and the GOP’s pathetic approval ratings.

        If it’s about governing, the story changes: In any enterprise, the chief executive is ultimately accountable for success and failure. Sure, blame Congress — castigate all 535 lawmakers, or the roughly half you hate. But there is only one president. Even if he’s right on the merits, Obama may be on the wrong side of history.

        Fair or not, the president owns this mess. What can he do about it? For starters, he could read this op-ed piece published two months ago in a Midwestern newspaper. With a few tweaks, Obama could make it a presidential address. The author, whose identity I will disclose later, laid out a case for the then-looming “fiscal cliff.” It is still applicable, even powerful….

        • So What are you Craig? Some backwoods Kenyan? Its your country too. Besides stealing someone else’s writing, which you do a poor part of picking, you Continue to espouse complete GOP BS.

  7. Might I add…. Mr. Perea attacked a veteran, lied, and made attempts to discredit members of our community with his outlandish lies. I do have copys of his attack on said veteran, and if he is nominated, I will make sure that it gets published in the news papers.

  8. It might be noted that Mr Perea lost the chairmanship of the central committee despite all of his diatribe to Doug Tapper. Doug won the blessing of the self appointed way right wing faction of the new make up of the central comittee and under the leadership of Robert Brown of John Birch Society fame. So, does that mean Mr. Tapper is way right of right winger, Perea? Hmmmmm!!!!

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