New Website on the Montana Jungle Primary Bill Up

by Cowgirl

Here it is:

This is place to go for information on HB-436, the nefarious Republican attempt to inflict a top two primary on Montana.  Rep. Scott Reichner, R-Bigfork, has introduced this bill to change our election laws so that libertarians can no longer gum up the works for the GOP.

This is an effort that we all presumed would be made this session, given the humiliation suffered by Denny Rehberg when a full seven percent of right wing voters walked way from him and voted Libertarian.


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  1. How do we know they were right wing voters? There are Democrats who probably didn’t vote for Tester, that could have voted for Cox.

  2. Mr. Cox, the Libertarian, testified against this transparently devious bill to compromise our election integrity. I thought
    the GOP was all ABOUT free enterprise and competition to
    offer value to consumers and voters? I applaud Rep. Cook’s (R)
    bills that passed in the house and I hope they survive the senate and caution the governor not to be seduced from GOP’s ‘honey in his ear’ about relaxing contributions and having the ‘sky is the limit’ for PAC contributions, no matter how transparent. IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT.

  3. Research has shown that voters don’t cross over in primaries to vote against the candidates they want to lose the general. The theory that they would is a GOP pipe dream. You can’t just cross over for one race, you lose the ability to vote for all of the other candidates you want to support.

    • In the Bitterroot, Democrts do crossover and vote for Republicans, since there are not many Democrats who run in the primary. Democrats want to effect the outcome of mny of those races.

  4. HB-436 was tabled in committee today, 21 February.

  5. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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