The End of the Gold Paved Road

By Lash

Survivalist, doomsday prepper and gold standard advocate Jerry O’Neil has made the society pages.   He very graciously gave up his reserved legislative parking space to an employee of a Democrat, as was reported in today’s IR.

Let’s all enjoy the moment of shared humanity that this brings us. These are the small slivers of political life where it all goes out the window and people interact with one another on real, human levels. It’s a beautiful thing and it deserves to be lauded and app-lauded.

But what of the other thousands of pregnant women in Montana toward whom he apparently  feels no obligation?

In 2011, Rep. O’Neill voted for  HB 167, HB 283, HB456, and SB 176, all of which had one thing in common – they made it more difficult for women to access, utilize, or understand the myriad of healthcare and reproductive services available to them. These bills attempted to limit abortion services by criminalizing the death of a fetus, allowed insurance companies to consider discriminate against women when setting insurance premiums, and kept comprehensive sex education out of the hands of young women and men who need it most.

In the current year he is again making such policy decisions. He has voted for HB 239 (which seeks to limit access to sex ed) and HB 104 (which opens pregnant women to prosecution for harm to a fetus).

You would be hard-pressed to find proponents of any of these pieces legislation who have any interest in protecting of the rights of Montana’s women.  These proposed policies don’t support, help, or further women’s rights or health. They seek to control, constrain, and change the face of women’s rights into something that the Right believes they should have been all along: virtually non-existent.

So Mr. O’Neil’s penny of chivalry does not outweigh his pound of offense to Montana’s greater female population.  When, Representative, are you going to start showing the same respect and compassion for the rest of Montana’s women?


7 Comments on "The End of the Gold Paved Road"

  1. Classic republican – this is like Rehberg wearing a pink tie on breast cancer awareness day and then voting to cut mammography coverage…

  2. thanks for exposing the ever present hypocrisy of the Republicans, ya know the party of less government and no gov’t intrusion but wanna intrude into women’s Vaginas. I sure wish they would start regulatin’ assualt weapons like they regulate our V-J’s!

  3. His chivalry is commendable, but this one singular act does not atone for his actions against hundreds, if not thousands of
    our fellow Montana sisters, mothers, daughters, nieces, aunts and grandmothers. The ‘charmy’ news story on the radio is incomplete without telling the WHOLE story, for what if this
    woman or fellow ladies had – heaven forbid – violated the statutes Mr. O’Neill proposed in his preposterous bills?

  4. Ms. Hill is one of the few who will tell the truth. Looks like whoever is teaching the next-generation of young Montana journalists, is teaching gold digging not facts.

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