Republicans Attempt to Blame “Hackers” for Racist Facebook Post

by Cowgirl

The Yellowstone County Republican Party is claiming that a racist Facebook post from the Chair of the Yellowstone County Republican Party may be the work of hackers. In a statement issued to the Billings Gazette today the Republican Vice Chair John Quandt wrote:

It is widely known that hacking is used to apply fraudulent posts in social media frequently. This alleged posting has not been corroborated by any of the over 1,000 friends following the chairwoman’s personal Facebook at the time or any other witnesses. Ms. Olsen has never demonstrated this of her character to anyone on the board or in public to our knowledge. We believe that asking Ms. Olsen to step down as Chairwoman at this time would be premature, unnecessary, and unwarranted. As the matter progresses we will adjust our approach as necessary in a proper and justified manner which portrays the key values of our local Republican party.

Meanwhile the state Republican party said that “racially insensitive conversation is offensive” however, “officials will not interfere with what should be a county committee issue.”


26 Comments on "Republicans Attempt to Blame “Hackers” for Racist Facebook Post"

  1. Too funny!

    When the Oilscum hits the rotating cooling, blame hackers!

    What frickin’ Sissie’s these Nazis are! Be PROUD to be the best racist assholes you can be

  2. Olsen, from her lofty perch in Billings (and her alternative reality) is the greatest threat to the worldwide Communist conspiracy, so this was obviously the work of the cyber unit of the Peoples Liberation Army working from Beijing.

  3. Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 22, 2013 9:00 PM at 9:00 PM |

    The Problem regarding their silly lie could be proved. By showing us that Facebook and the Police are handling it as a hacking… But they haven’t shown us this proof because it doesn’t exist.

    Proving once again how the Yellowstone tea-party only supplants one lie for another.

    As for the death treats to Olsen?? what a joke! Democrats pity Olsen because she is a loon, She isn’t worth a death threat from any regular democrat.

    That makes two lies… Worthless, the GOP in this state is getting more and more ridiculous with each passing day…. they threaten the civil rights of woman, Gays, anyone with a darker skin than them. Children, Peoples retirements, Public workers wages, Struggling students, the animals on this planet… the very air we breath and the ground we walk over everyday with toxins that would cut anyone’s life short….

    Bwahahahaha Pathetic! Pathetic enought to lie their Butts off for a Racist!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Whenever I hear a politician (or anyone really) say they have been hacked or received death threats, I won’t believe it until I have confirmation from the police that a report has been filed. No police report means you’re lying.

  4. Btw, the Gazette is asking the GOP if its taking taking action over the post but its not recalling its “40 under 40” honor?

  5. Republicannibals.

  6. How is it that these so-called “Christians” get to ignore that commandment about bearing false witness?

    • Being perfect, liberals like to cast first stones. Alec Baldwin comes to mind.

      • Seriously? C’mon, use your critical thinking skills. Conforming to existing bias is easy; any closed mind can do that.

      • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 23, 2013 1:21 PM at 1:21 PM |

        The Alec Baldwin case would come to mind, for someone like you. Because it is also a lie. That meeting was actually taped. Alex said absolutely nothing racist.

        Keep trying Ian you are becoming as hopelessly chained by your fear of Jews… I see as other White christians republicans do who listen to FOX NEws!

        “Now audio has surfaced of the altercation. United Press International and TMZ are reporting that Baldwin did not use racial slurs of any kind. TMZ who has info about the tape has cleared Baldwin. They say:
        New info on the audio tape of the confrontation between Baldwin and the Post photog. Sources tell us … there is NO mention of a racial slur on the tape.

        Just another lie made up By republicans, then promoted by them.

        • Are we long time acquaintances Norma?

          Regarding Baldwin, his loose tongue has a documented history of dishing out verbal abuse on others from flight attendants to his own daughter.

          Are you calling the former NYC cop a liar? I’m not an all knowing psychic that determines beliefs, background, race, creed or religion from reading a couple posts from a stranger. Was the Post photographer the wrong shade of black? Are a stock holder in Capital One Bank and supporting your guy no matter what?

          Maybe the NYPD investigation will come up empty, but they took it serious enough to investigate, since it was one their former officers reported it.

          Time to put away the prism and shed your obsession with skin color and ethnic background, when they fit your agenda. People are people. Nobody is perfect, except maybe you in your own mind.

          • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 24, 2013 12:29 PM at 12:29 PM |

            Sorry Ian There is no Cop story either. My Guess is you have never lived in New York, nor sampled the Paparazzi that work there. Since I have Lived in New York. The Baldwin Family, including Alex has had to deal with Jackasses like that reporter, for over the last 100 years. The entire family is sick of it, and I cant blame them for a moment of outrage. these photographing bastards follow them to the toilet for gods sake.

            See because I was in the racing Industry, I had close ties and some fraternity with celebrities. in my evenings and off time. on both coast of the states. At sporting events and charity events I was one of the only people allowed in to take photos of the Famous. Which also include President fords Family. Most of my photos were used by the charities, and proper publications because I made it a no money from them, except for the price of my film and a ticket into the event. hell I actually ended up babysitting celebrities kids. and often private retreats because I treated them like people… not objects.

            Paparazzi is a different animal, they do it for the dough, and they get more money if they can goad their subject into a fight.

            Sorry Ian, but I have lived a life better then you, because it was more diverse. I know what your saying is bullshit first-hand!

            Dan Rowan( Laugh-in) his son, and Charlton Heston

            • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 24, 2013 12:41 PM at 12:41 PM |

              One of my Photographing Bosses Ross Martin( Wild WIld West), The First Tarzan: Ron Ely and Ed Ames

            • Pretty creepy that you use your powers to project into my life history. Does it make you feel superior critiquing others with your physic powers?

              I don’t feel the need to brag about my education, vocation, professional accomplishments, income, or name drop to make a point. I’ll leave the insecurities and ridiculous presumptions to you.

              Carry on.

              • Your the one who tired to project a democrat to diffuse Jennifer from her racist picture. Your the one who tried to mix an male actor with a sick women.

                Your the one that started the fantasy Ian. I am not sorry you needed a push back into reality. Get use to it from other Dems as well. We don’t cotton to crazy street anymore. :-P

      • Ian, the question here is simple: Is that joke racist? The answer is just as simple to anyone who isn’t a moron or immoral apologist: Yes, obviously.

        So it doesn’ matter who made the accusation. It doesn’t matter if they were politically motivated. It doesn’t matter if members of the opposing political party have also exhibited racism on past occasions.

        The Yellowstone County GOP Chairman posted a racist joke. That is appalling and she ought to be considered by all right-thinking Americans af any political persuasion as inappropriate for public office and inappropriate for political party office. Frankly, the party which has hte most interest in removing her promptly is her own, as she adds to the already existing taint of racism, deserved or not, which many Americans attribute to that party. And frankly, between this and Cebull, one wonders if there is such a widespread culture in Billings. The proper Republican response is to say that she doesn’t represent their policies or viewpoints and to remove her. Self-policing shows integrity and garners respect.

        And inc ase this message doesn’t sink in and you want to discount me as some lefty blah blah blah, forget it. I was Republican since my 3rd grade mock vote in the presidential election until just a couple of years ago when I could no longer stomach the incompetence in office, lack of adherence to political conservative ideology, and damaging dominionist neo-christian social conservatism which has taken over and polluted the party. Since then, I have been an independent.

  7. For those who think Jennifer may have been hacked or that the screenshot was in some way altered, I offer you the original screenshot. Notice the newsfeed at right.

    • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | February 24, 2013 12:54 PM at 12:54 PM |

      I believe you Nicole….Sorry your party is more interested in protecting a Loon such as Olsen over a good conservative person who has served the Yellowstone County GOPERs longer then the racist has lived in the state.

  8. Interesting how it took a week before she decided to announce that she was hacked.

  9. Well, now I have a pretty good guess where they got the “hackers did it” idea.,31394/

  10. You don’t see Craig Moore making his usual strawman posts to this thread, for he is a traditional Republican who wants the Tea Party arm to go down in flames.

    I am also a traditional Republican who wants the Tea Party arm to go down in flames. I unabashedly believe that hard work yields movement upwards in the income ladder. Stupidly believing in NRA lies, climate change is not man made, and restricting women’s rights is stupid and wrong.

    HOWEVER….there needs to be a voice of reason between the screaming liberal idiots and regular MONTANANS. Like Bill McChesney (D) from Miles City, who wants to end frivolous lawsuits from the MEIC for the megaloads hauling oilfield processing equipment to Canada through the PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF MISSOULA.

    Bill McChesney is a real hero of this session.

  11. Good summary that includes other Republicans who disagree with Olsen.

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