Will Horrendous CNN Story Move the Montana GOP?

Day of Reckoning Wednesday for Creepy School

by Cowgirl

The entire Montana House of Representatives will vote today on whether to regulate private religious schools, in the wake of a story by CNN exposing allegations of violence at Pinehaven School in the Flathead Valley.

Boarding schools claiming religious affiliation are not regulated in Montana.  They don’t need to be licensed at all.   Montana Democrats, responding to the Pinehaven and other such situations, are trying to change the law.

Sadly, last week House Bill 236, the bill to regulate such schools, died in committee when the GOP killed it on a party line vote.  But there is still a ray of light.  Because it is a revenue bill (since licensure fees would be coming in to Montana if these schools were properly licensed), there is one final opportunity for it to be revived, via a “blast motion.”

Rep. Ellie Hill and Rep. Jenny Eck will be attempting to “blast” the bill onto the House floor today, Wednesday March 13, so that it can be debated.  They will need 60 votes to accomplish this. The vote will occur sometime sometime between 1pm and 3pm. You can watch online from anywhere in the U.S. here. (Click house floor session at 1pm.)

Reps. Hill and Eck need everyone who cares about the safety of children to send a message to republican legislators that they need to vote “yes” on what is called a “blast motion” so that this bill can have a full hearing on the House Floor.  This means that many people as possible are going to need to call the capitol and leave a message with the House of Representatives asking them to stop the abuse of children and  SUPPORT HB 236.

You can use this  online message form or call 406.444.4800

We know that there are serious allegations that children are being abused, forced to convert to a new religion, or living in unsafe conditions at Pinehaven and at other unlicensed schools such as the Ranch 4 Kids outside of Libby.  Not only did the republicans on House Judiciary refuse to do anything to help these children, committee chair Krayton Kerns actively worked to protect the abusers by cutting off public testimony to prevent your concerns from being heard.

Now is your chance to speak up for the people who were silenced by Kerns.

In case you missed it, here’s CNN segment about the abuse allegations and Kerns’ work to silence those who stood up for these kids.

Posted: March 12, 2013 at 7:42 am

This post was written by Cowgirl

45 thoughts on “Will Horrendous CNN Story Move the Montana GOP?

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

    Quite fascinating that Creepy Cretin Kearns, who is from Laurel, would oppose this bill. For you see, Creepy Cretin is within walking distance to the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, another school for trouble kids, but one that is licensed by the state! SO, Creepy, why are you so all fired determined to eliminate needed protections for troubled kids when you have one of the finest such facilities right next door? AND, the YBGR is ALSO a religious type facility! But they do great work! It ain’t EASY working with kids with problems. It takes a great deal of skill AND specialized training!

    I don’t get it. It doesn’t make sense. What’s wrong with Sen. Creepy? MeTHINKS that Creep is in the habit of wiping his elbow and scratching his ass on this one, for he don’t seem to know his ass from his elbow!

    How ’bout it, Creepy? Are you a moron?

    1. Norma Duffy @Ilikewoods

      I got a call last night from a friend who wrotes in California as a lobbyist for WIC and head start Orgs in California. Pinehaven apparently makes a lot of its money from a lot of families outside the state as well.

      According to my friend. Pinehaven is mentioned by a lot of christian Councilors in California, Oregon and Washington as the place to go for families of troubled teens.

      She was shocked about the Anderson Cooper segment and the news clippings I sent via the internet. My guess, as she passes this information forward, is to protect future families from being mislead about this facility. A Lot of folks didn’t realize the place was operating without state laws to protect children.

    2. Kevin Banks

      I just emailed the whole list of House Republicans. Feel free to cut and paste my list : )

      goodwind1.duane@gmail.com Emarntzen@excite.com ronarthun@gmail.com Ballance4hd89@aol.com  liz@lizb4house.com Grt3177@smtel.com jbenhd1@hotmail.com tom@tomberrymt.com  Mblasdel@bresnan.net J.blyton@aol.com brodehl@centurytel.net  Christy_clark@ymail.com pconnell1@yahoo.com Robc_hd27@itbusa.com Mike@mcuffe.com alandoane@midrivers.com champ.edmunds@yahoo.com mtmutt@montana.com  Fiscusrlty@aol.com fitzpatricks@bresnan.net hideaway@mt.net Wyliegaltforhd83@gmail.com stevedgibson52@gmail.com  Carl@glimmhomes.com Edgreef@hotmail.com Rahagan@msn.com Drhagstrom@gmail.com Taxpayer27@gmail.com  Krishansen33@gmail.com bharris@midrivers.com  Moodys@cyberport.net Hgrain@3rivers.net  Brian@hovenequipment.com  Repdavidhoward@gmail.com  Pathd13@blackfoot.net  Djjones@syntiros.com dougkary@yahoo.com Krayton@kraytonkerns.org  austinforhouse@yahoo.com Mike@montanahd35.com Sarah.laszloffy@gmail.com stevelavin4hd8@gmail.com Dlenz62@q.com  jonathanmcniven@gmail.com Mike4hd84@blackfoot.net  Mooreformontana@gmail.com elmoore@midrivers.com Jesse59404@yahoo.com oneil@centurytel.net Ryanosmundson@gmail.com  jason@priest2010.com LeeRandall_2003@hotmail.com  Redfield4hd61@hotmail.com  Kregier@centurytel.net  Sreichner@centurytel.net Dansalomon12@gmail.com Nicholas.schwaderer@gmail.com Shaw@3rivers.net Cary@bresnan.net vancehd67@gmail.com Kirk@kirkbwagoner.org  Wendywarburton@gmail.com  Ted@tedwashburn.com jwauctions@bmt.net Winwithwhite@gmail.com Daniel.zolnikov@umontana.edu

      1. dan

        i tried to copy the list as is but it wasn’t accepted. i don’t want to go back and forth cutting and pasting them separately. if you have sent a bulk mailing to these addresses could you copy them altogether from the TO window and then paste that into a post?

        1. Crystal Kingston

          You usually have to either strip out any extra punctuation between addresses (like paragraph returns) or add in commas between the names.

  2. Tim Sabens

    This is a list of the MT Republican house members: ANKNEY DUANE

    1. Troy Baker

      This program was edited to show only one side of Pinehaven, I lived there in the early years and it was the best thing that happened to me in my childhood. No one is forced to go there some of these people could have chose a state institution or better yet could have chosen to not get in trouble in the first place. The people pushing this bill should work on the state intituions already in place and not try to “adjust” the Constitution!

      1. Kevin Banks

        If this place was so great why do they oppose playing by the same rules as everyone else? Your bizarre mention of this somehow being about changing the constitution is very telling. You’d rather lie about the bill than hold these dumps accountable.

      2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

        Um, Troy, I suspect that you consider yourself to be a Constitutionalist, right? Do you even know what that means? I think not. You prefer God to the Constitution, doncha? God pretty much does it for you, doesn’t She?

        1. Troy Baker

          No I’m talking about experience, you should give that a try. So many of you are going on about things that were hurtful to kids, I ended up at the ranch because child abuse laws were wrong then. I don’t go to church and yet I don’t beleive that government belongs in the religous choice of its people. And really thats what this all goes back to wether you like it or not, is freedom and choice. do some reading and you will see there have been wars to protect that.

          1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

            No offense, dude, but I’m willing to bet that you HAVEN’T done much reading, except goofy rightwing crap. What’s your degree in again? Just WHAT was your highest grade level achieved? Oh, and please list just five of your favorite books that you think would enlighten the rest of us.

            1. Troy Baker

              First you should pat yourself on the back for being so smart, as for my democratic self I would never say such a hypocritcal thing to another person. Did you know some of those people that filed those complaiants chose to live at the ranch two or three times! Is everyplace perfect, no. But I can tell you it was the best for some of us. Have you ever been in an intitution or even visited one go see that then visit a place like Pinehaven you might just be surprised at how you feel and what you see. You are good at giving titles I’ll give you that. I’m surprised to be attacked for stating my experience as a resident at the ranch and for trying to say that there is another side to the story, oh did you bother to read that no one is forced to go to the ranch, it is by choice. I will however leave you with an idea! experience is so much more than any degree you will have. Whats next comunist regulations for home schoolers?? Why not just drop the word freedom from our country! Being so smart I would think you could see the larger picture as to where more rules and regs will lead.

              1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

                Um, not to put TOO fine a point on it, Troy, but there actually ARE a lot of smart people in the legislature and throughout the state. It’s the JOB of the state to insure that our children in ANY institution OR home are being cared for. Sorry that you don’t like that.

                I think that you should maybe move to Somalia. No rules there! It’s your kinda place, dude. No regs either!

                You can stop posting now, for you’ve made you point quite eloquently, in a nutjob sort of way!

                FREEEEEEEEEDUMB! Troy, the really great thing about America is that once you reach the age of eighteen, you can be as freeedumb as you like! But until then, the state has a responsibility to look out for your welfare. Enjoy your freedumb, William Wallace Baker! You an island, dude! A rock! A rockhead!

                1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

                  HERE IT IS, the Teatard National Anthem for all my freeedumb loving Teatard, reetard pals!, like
                  Wm. Wallace Baker, Creepy Cretin Kearns, Pregtested Man, Creep Reiger, Birther Bob (yes, I miss him), and our new pope, Pope Bennet-the-Dick!, and all the OTHER reetard Teatards in the Lege who LUVS them some freeedumb! For lest we forget, it’s all ABOUT Freeeeeeeedumb! And God. Don’t forget God.

                  This songs for YOU, my rockheaded, Teatard pals! Enjoy.


                2. Troy Baker

                  The FREEDUMB is from you, those are the very things I have tried to say along(its a choice not a forced idea) with the idea that there are in fact 2 two sides to every story? You are good at critizing people, seen in other topics in this blog. I would never do that instead I would seek the whole story, as I have suggested. Maybe I don’t have you’re fancy degree but what I do have is my experience with the ranch (you know the hands on stuff), what you have is a fired up idea of one side of the story! I strive to not be aSS smart as you! Maybe you should request the stories that were edited out about the good experiences for other children? Also while laying all this blame you should ask what experience do you even have to go like you do? I lived there and I have only spoken of my experience. Take care and try learning about some things. And while patting youself on the back consider a degree in comon sense?

                  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

                    Sorry, Troy, but child abuse in ANY form or institution is NOT condoned in Montana! That’s the bottom line, amigo. And it AIN’T about me, so forget that. It’s about the issue of child abuse. I do NOT “pat myself on the back” as you state. I write about issues! Issues are issues, people are not issues.

                    p.s. For the record, the state does INDEED intervene if children are being abused in a home, even in a so-called “Christian” home. Happens all the time. Check it out. Start YOUR education there!

                    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

                      p.s. And for the record, Troy, your vaunted “freedom” died long ago, amigo. It’s over. It died the day the corporate fascists took over. Now guys like you are simply useful idiots. (no offense intended, it’s just a term)

                      You see, with our first coup, the JFK assassination, arose the REAL criminal element in this country, the corporate fascists like the Bush Crime Family. It’s been downhill ever since, and it ain’t comin’ back any time soon.

                      Here, Troy, this is probably the most important speech you’ll ever view in your life. I mean that seriously. Please watch it and let me know what you think. Thanks.

                      NO ONE says it better than Chris Hedges. The man is the genius of our times.

                    2. Troy Baker

                      If you haven’t read anything from above I was a severly abused child, it was my experience that I got to live and the experience that brought me to Pinehaven. The other experience I have spoken about was how much better Pinehaven was than the abuse I suffered. You jumped on the head hunting wagon and are afraid to open you’re eyes that some of these programs work for SOME children, again its a PERSONAL choice to go to Pinehaven. Keep ranting I’m sure other people can see exactly what you are trying to put forward. As for me I wish to retain the ability to make those choices. Experience is not something you are going to READ it is what you go through, do some studying there are many stories about the good experiences for many children that went through the Pinehaven program. All I have said: is that the line of making a or having the ability to make a personal a choice should not be crossed. Do some reseach on how many times state institutions have been sued for abuse or how many children go from juvenile programs to adult prisons and then do the same for Pinehaven, the results might surpise you.

  3. Ben Tully

    New GOP Motto: Child abusers, we’ve got your back!

    Tomorrow’s vote will be very telling. As in, are these guys willing to go to bat for the abusers to the point that it will forever exist on their voting records? Do we know when the bill will be voted on, approximately?

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

      Right after prayer breakfast and just before morning worship! Creepy Cretin Kearns will lead the ASSembly in the Pledge, and then a solemn reading of the Ten Commandments!

  4. Ben Tully

    Sorry, but if you are a minor its not your personal choice to go there “Tony.” Its decided for you by your parents who probably dont know about the abuse, isolation, unheated buildings, and uneducated “teachers.”

    1. Troy Baker

      It is a choice! You agree to it personally, I know I was there. Where were these concerned parents when thier children were headed down the wrong road? Is the program for everyone no, but it works for the majority that go there. I was given the choice of Yellowstone or Pinehaven, my own actions took me to that point, not no one else.

    1. Norma Duffy @Ilikewoods

      The GOP also decided hungry children, should go to bed hungry and Children being bullied online…. should just shrug it off. I also found it fascinating that the GOP Feel this Blog of Montana Cowgirl bullys them which I Had to laugh at.

      1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.


        Call the WHAAAAmbulance! The christofascists are upset! Well, you know what I say about that. TUFF NOOGIES, loser!

        You see, Norma, it’s all going according to plan for the wackos in the Lege. It’s all by design. The more crackers they can attract to Montana, the more votes for the crazy!


        Seen in increase in that Southern, inbred accent? Me too!
        UnLESS the people of Montana figure it out, we’ll be Montucky in NO time!

        1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

          p.s. WE HAVE A NEW POPE!

          Now that that’s settled, everybody to the gay sauna!


          Not mine, but it was too funny to pass up!

        2. Norma Duffy @Ilikewoods

          The Southern Poverty Law Center has done such a fine job of closing down Militant, white sheeted Haters down south, that the refugee refuse of those groups are relocating here.

          I think it is about time the SPLC open an office here to save the state from such trash… Just saying!

          1. Havre Voter

            We need a list of all the unlicensed “schools” like Pinehaven and Ranch 4 Kids in Montana. Then maybe all the bloggers and others could post it. That way when parents google these homes, at least they would know it had no oversight.

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