Wrong Side of History

by Cowgirl

Montana lawmakers who have spent the entirety of their paltry careers voting against equality now find themselves on the wrong side of history.  In the wake of the upcoming supreme court decision on equal marriage, no one who reads a newspaper can come to any other conclusion.  Even Rush Limbaugh says marriage equality is inevitable.

The nutjob wing of Montana’s Republican Party  aren’t just wrong, they’re way out in right field, and soon to be there alone.   Montana is one of only four states that has a law on the books that makes being gay an imprisonable offense.  This fact alone is despicable, but when you consider what else the Montana Legislature has done you start to wonder if the Montana legislature isn’t among the most bigoted in America.

Consider this: During the past 21 legislative sessions least 32 bills have been introduced to make all Montanans equal under the law.  Some, like Sen. Facey’s SB 107 attempted to repeal the “deviate sexual conduct” law, others would have prevent discrimination in housing, or stopped the bullying of young people in schools. Many have been introduced by Sen. Christine Kaufmann, of Helena.

Not a single one of these bills has ever passed in the history of this state.

But it’s worse than that.  The Montana legislature isn’t content with blocking equality bills.  They’ve tried year after year to make things worse.
Montana LegislatureLook what they did in 1995, when Republican Senator Rick Holden added an amendment to a bill to require gay men and lesbians to register as felony sex offenders. Democrats tried to remove the amendment, but 32 of 50 Senators voted to keep it in.

It was only after twenty-four hours of scathing national press coverage from CNN that the Republicans were finally forced to take the sex offender amendment out. But not before Billings GOP Sen. Al Bishop decided to share his beliefs with the world.  He said consensual activity between people of the same sex was “a worse offense than rape.” (The bill was HB 214 and predates the online legislative search.)

Anyway, the Chick-Fil-A munching bunch was not happy to be denied a “felony sex offender registry” of gay citizens. A couple of days later anti-gay slurs and graffiti were “scrawled across the doors of the capitol, and a famous statue was defaced. With no sense of irony, and no mention of the anti-gay nature of the spray-painted slogans, Senators introduced a bill to make defacing the capitol a felony.”

And who could forget what happened ten years later in 2005, when the all-day kindergarten was opposed by religious right Repubs, who claimed bill was part of the “gay agenda.” “The purported evidence given by these groups was that gay activists were NOT at the hearing, proving it was part of the activists’ secret agenda.”

Public sentiment is now so firmly behind equality that the reaction to democratic politicians who announce their support at this late date ranges from “who isn’t” to “where were you earlier.”  The Montana Senate even voted, finally, to erase our “anti-sodomy law” which makes it an imprisonable crime to be gay.  Although invalidated by our state supreme court in 1997, the law has remained on our books because Republicans have always refused to go along with efforts to scrap it.

Now, SB 107, a measure to strike the offensive language from our statutes finally passed the senate.  That said, the vote was far from unanimous.  Ten Republicans voted no.

Any day now the bill will be voted on in committee, and then on the Floor of the House.  No assumptions can be made about body which includes Verdell Jackson, Krayton Kerns, David Howard and Jerry O’Neil, so start contacting  the lawmakers in the House of Representatives, which you can do via this online form. FYI, you can always use the back button after submitting your message, which allows you to skip retyping all your info when you contact multiple legislators. Or you can cut and paste this list of House GOP legislators.

Conservatives were on the wrong side of history with women’s suffrage, they were on the wrong side of segregation.  Let’s see whose side they’re on now.



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  1. Rush Limbaugh said that conservatives “lost” the marriage equality battle because they lost the language war–but isn’t he the biggest, loudest, and perhaps most foul purveyor of GOP speech they have? If he believes “language” was the problem he should look in the mirror and realize he should be blaming himself. The GOP “lost” because they are populated heavily with bigots, not because of language.

    • Norma Duffy @ilikewoods | March 29, 2013 11:28 AM at 11:28 AM |

      I just dont understand the problem, let alone the hypocrisy of the GOP today. its not just out of touch… it seems they have no experience with seeing poor, or woman, children, or gays.

      How can you close your eyes to the world and govern? The answer is you cant. This is why they are losing elections every year and will continue to do so as long as they live in their minds.

  2. When Gov Rasicot removed discrimination in hiring in the executive branch, Sen Dan Mcgee tried to remove it. We won that one too.

    • Linda, was that a bill that McGee tried to pass to allow hiring discrimination? I don’t remember this- or was it a policy of Racicot. Why was McGee objecting to a republican attorney and governor?

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | March 29, 2013 5:55 PM at 5:55 PM |

    Jumpin’ ceement JAYSUS! Hey, GF Spitoon, HERE are the great Teatards that you assholes gave all the front page PRESS to every time they farted! Do you THINK that we could FINALLY call them what they are, a bunch of ignernt inbred assholes??

    I think I seen Creepy Cretin Kerns in there somewhere’s too!



    • I’ve been meaning to tag you, LK. Your style is your own, so I don’t interact with you much, but I did finally run down James Douglas and Unspeakable. I did not realize that he was taking a high road, rather than just rehashing Dealey. I think he has deified the man to a large degree, but between him and Judyth Vary Baker, there is some new energy going on there. If you have a chance, read Me and Lee, and please accept my apologies for originally not taking you seriously on Douglas. I had been blind-alleyed, and was long over caring about JFK.

      There’s a new effort to sidetrack everyone, “Legacy of Secrecy,” and Thom Hartmann has either bought in or was wowed. Either way, it’s nothing more than an attempt to divert attention from the murderers.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | March 31, 2013 9:15 PM at 9:15 PM |

        Mark, no need to apologize at all, for most people don’t take me seriously. But you see, I am serious in spite of my writing style. You see, I read…….a lot. I’m not a dilettante. So, when someone close to me gave me a copy of JFK and the Unspeakable, I said that I would read it. And I did, or at least I started it and got about a third of the way through it, and I had to put it down. I was shaken and overwhelmed, for the TRVTH really is unspeakable! I couldn’t continue without an appropriate interval to digest and ponder what I had read. It changed everything for me, and confirmed what I had always suspected. Our country and our future was STOLEN from us by a rightwing coup, and the exact same players (or their descendents) were still calling the shots!

        And when one realizes this, the ONLY compelling question left is just how does one react to this TRVTH? How does one look at all the horrendous and horrific death and suffering in the world, and realize that it is the result of a coup carried out by the CIA and nazis within our OWN government???

        It was too much for me, too overwhelming, but eventually I did carefully finish the book. It’s scary, very scary, to come to the full realization of what has happened. We are more third world than most people are willing to admit.

        And you wanna know something? Hell, I wouldn’t even GIVE two shits about the nazis winning in this country if they had done it all legally, but they didn’t! It was a coup as sure as any coup in Guatemala, Argentina, El Salvador, Iran, Iraq, Paraguay, or Nicaragua!

        Now, I would call for a truth and reconciliation committee, just as they had in South Africa. If we are ever to progress as a country, we need to confront our evil from the past. Get ALL of the Bushes on the lie detectors, along with the eldest Kockh brothers, and any OTHER shitbags still alive from that era. We need them to finally speak the truth about the role of the nazis in our first coup.

        Again, Mark, although we have had our differences, I admire your scholarship. And again, I think that the three most important books of our time are:

        JFK and the Unspeakable
        The Family
        The Beast Reawakens

        On cannot begin to understand our present circumstances without fully understanding just how we got here!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | March 31, 2013 9:25 PM at 9:25 PM |

          p.s. And thanks, Mark for the tip. I will read Me and Lee. And for the folks who’ve never heard of Douglas, please watch the following, and then get yourself a copy of his book, JFK and the Unspeakable. Do it for YOUR country.


          Mark, I took the JFK murder very personally. My folks met John Kennedy three times, and although I was only in junior high at the time, I felt the devastation of his death. I hate the bastards that killed him and my hatred and resent only grows for the forces that killed him with each passing day! They must be brought to justice by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE!

          • Thanks for the tips. Oswald, according to Judyth Baker in Lee and Me and who was his lover in New Orleans in 1963 and who planned to flee the country with him marry and do Peace Corp type work, had tipped the FBI and prevented the assassination in Chicago, buying JFK another three weeks of life. He was low-level CIA and in the circle of men in Dallas and realized he had no way out, but did not fire a shot. He tipped the FBI again, this time to no avail. He could have run and hidden out, but these men would have killed his loved ones, so he knew he was toast, and was stoic to the end. After Ruby shot him they tried to force him to confess, cutting him open without benefit of anesthesia, LBJ calling the hospital (“Did he confess? Did he confess?”) He died like a man.

            L&M and Unspeakable answer many questions I’ve had for many decades. You are right, our country is nothing like we are taught as kids. We are governed by either criminals or people too weak to fight them.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 1, 2013 7:17 AM at 7:17 AM |

              “We are governed by either criminals or people too weak to fight them,”

              Both. Nixon, with the help and guidance of Prescott, the Dulles brothers, the CIA, etc., brought the REAL criminals into the government! Think Watergate burglars. THIS was nothing unusual for these criminal bastards. And it’s been downhill ever since. Governance by criminality was their credo.

              But I think that initially after the coup, most Americans simply couldn’t bring themselves to understand the depth of the evil in our government. As Merton said, it was so evil that there were no words to describe it, or unspeakable in other words.
              And because of our highly sophisticated propaganda press, it’s STILL unspeakable, or incomprehensible, and always will be. We would rather murder innocent Muslims in the name of patriotism than face our own evil in this country. And that is real sad.

              But SOME people did understand the evil. Truman had great misgivings when he formed the CIA. And Kennedy KNEW first hand the evil, and confronted it. That is why he was murdered. Check out his American University speech. He signed his own death warrant with that one. The courage the man had was unbelievable.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 1, 2013 7:26 AM at 7:26 AM |

                Listen to what Kennedy had to say, especially in regards to the press. It is what many of us have been saying for a long time SINCE that time. And what do we get instead of real news? FUX news and the GF Spitoon!

          • Larry, have you seen this? It’s Dr Judy Wood giving a presentation last year.

            I enjoyed the video you posted of the talk by Douglas. I see our local library has it so I will read it soon. I hope you watch Dr Wood’s presentation and I would certainly nominate her book for most important of our time.

  4. Sorry I spent the day doing some art for a client and… kinda got the bug to do more… Since I have been working on a new wacom tablet, thought I’d throw this out there as well… One of my thoughts on the GOP here!

    • I kinda lose interest anytime the 5th comment starts with ‘It’s Obama’s fault’. No offense, but we don’t have a king. We have a Congress which enables state congresses to be complete assholes.

      • Your undestanding of politics is second only to your philosophical moorings, which are overshadowed by your grasp of Newtonian Physics. At this point I’m totally behind that Nobel nomination for you. My only problem is that you cannot nominate yourself.

  5. It seems to me that the clowns on the right spend an inordinant
    amount of time thinking about sex. Not only that, but they seem to dwell on other people having sex! Sick-sick-sick! Shame on them!

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 2, 2013 8:15 AM at 8:15 AM |

    It’s a veritable Homogeddon! Yes, it’s over for society now that we have gay marriage! The great question of the last century was just how ya gonna keep them on the farm once they’ve seen the city? And the question for our age? How ya gonna keep your boys interested in hoo ha once gay marriage is legal? I dunno. I dunno. Yes, gay marriage will be the END of our country! A veritable Homogeddon!


    PuhhhhhhRAZE Vitory!

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