Political Quick Hits

by Cowgirl

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

As John Adams reports at the MT Lowdown, Judge Richard Cebull, who sent a racist email to his buddies about President Obama’s mother having sex with a dog, will finally retire May 3.

When the scandal first hit the papers, the man picked by Republican leadership in the House of Representatives to chair of the judiciary committee, David Howard, R-Park City, wrote of Judge Richard Cebull:

“Thank you for exercising your unalienable right of Free Speech. May God Bless you in everything you do.”


“Winning the Future”

The Lewis & Clark County GOP have apparently named their Lincoln-Reagan Dinner after Obama’s budget.  The dinner, themed “Winning the Future,” is less than ten days away–but sources say only 25 tickets have been sold so far.

Technically, the entire theme is “HISTORICAL VALUES, WINNING THE FUTURE!”  The historical values part is presumably because too much “future” makes conservatives nervous.  They like to incorporate values from ancient history like using leeches for health care and forcing women to carry a rapist’s pregnancy to term.

Fittingly, the dinner is expected to feature a preview of the 2014 elections.


8 Comments on "Political Quick Hits"

  1. Seeing no more bull from this judge ought to sweeten the state.

  2. Using leaches for health care? You get it! You actually get it! The Obama Administration worked with the leaches of the health insurance companies to drive out the public option and make us all indentured servants. You get it! You finally get it!

    I did not see this coming. I’m at a loss for words. Let’s work now for real health care reform, which starts by putting the insurance companies (who are as you say leaches) out of business.

    Goddam! I’m just pleased as punch.

  3. Maybe the dinner attendants can celebrate the SCUMMY and devious referendum schemes they jammed through with virtually no public scrutiny and Senator Olson has the nerve to say there’s a problem in rural districts with long lines?? He’s carrying ALEC’s water here again, as SB405 the backdoor alternative since the ‘baggers’ know HB30 that attacks same day registration – which I like, even if just one homeless veteran is encouraged to register and vote in the Nation and state he or she has defended loyally – will be vetoed by the governor. SB405 was heard for about five minutes Wednesday afternoon after a long floor session, then slammed over – after party line committee vote – to a TEN AM senate floor session that certainly was a mad rush, kind of like the fictional ‘voter zombie hordes’ desecending on our rural election boards, a veritable state crisis as Senator Olson was painting it, and besides painting, he waxed poetic on the ‘ozzie and harriet’ good ‘ol days of voting, like when in the good ‘ol days we had poll taxes, water cannons and dogs to attack voters? Good ‘ol dayZZ indeed?

    • There’s a long brigade of bucket carriers in your party, and you managed to find one person who is, in your words, “carrying ALEC’s water.” You must be some kind of fricking genius! You are able to distinguish the one deviant water carrier from all the others at a glimpse!

      • Mark the Pundet,

        The GOP of Montana ought to have you as speaker. By the time you get done talking to them they should start losing at such a phenomenal rate…. that the dems will take over the state house by 2016…. And with only 25 tickets sold… about the size of the brain trust that might heed your words!

        • I should say, in all fairness, that the closer one gets to grassroots, the more likely one is to encounter good people in politics. While Montana has worthless people in DC, in Helena there are a few good people, and many of them are Democrats.

  4. Cowgirl, Warburton attacking your blog regarding we should REGULATE blogs……..watching Kern’s judiciary committee and they’re discussing blogs disclosure, etc.

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