Montana Lawmaker Makes National News for Bizarre Sex, Ballpoint Pen Comments

Then Tries to Lie to Media about What He Said

by Cowgirl

They’ve done it again.  Rep. Dave Hagstrom, of Billings was featured on MSNBC as the latest Montana legislator to become a national laughingstock.

In a segment called “The Sideshow, this week in GOP Jaw Droppers,” Chris Matthews shines a light the most ridiculous things actually said by Republicans across the nation.  Here’s the video:

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 Joining Rep. Hagstrom in embarrassing their respective states are a Texas Republican who says the Noah’s ark flood proves that global warming is a hoax (because we know it wasn’t caused by oil refineries).  Also featured was a gun advocate who called his own legislation “as good as a three-dollar bill.”

Embarrassingly, Rep. Hagstrom is now trying to claim that he never said what he’s caught on video saying:

“I haven’t seen the tape [of my remarks], but it should show I said sex is for procreation and sex is for pleasure,” Montana state Rep. Dave Hagstrom (R) said. “That’s what I said. I don’t know if that’s what the video says I said… Of course sex has two purposes.”

In reality, the entirety of every house floor session is posted online. It shows Rep. Hagstrom exactly what Hagstrom said–and didn’t say.  Perhaps if he had known this he wouldn’t have tried to claim otherwise. Anyone who wishes to verify can do so by watching the entire discussion of the bill on the links below.  KXLH’s clip of Rep. Hagstrom’s remarks is online here.

House Floor Session – Tuesday Video 04/09/13 01h 48m Video
Item: SB 107 – Generally revise deviate sexual conduct laws – Tom Facey



17 Comments on "Montana Lawmaker Makes National News for Bizarre Sex, Ballpoint Pen Comments"

  1. Giant sigh….Seriously? How can you be such a doorknob? I’m sorry, Rep. Hagstrom, regardless of what you do to support affordable housing opportunities, you’re an ignorant ass. You misspoke, you made a mistake. Don’t make it worse, fool.

  2. Come one, Come all see rep Hagstorm try and disprove a video made of him being an aaaaaasssk the man with the camera outside.

    Watch out Esseman you might step in in that pile of…. Shame on you for putting your fingers into the donut hooooold on to your hats Montana, the chicanery is about to begin!

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 12, 2013 7:30 AM at 7:30 AM |

    Again, we must be careful when commenting on Dave Hagstrom’s unfortunate remarks. Look, it’s damn HARD to stand up in the Lege and make perfect sense all the time. I think Dave misspoke. I believe that Dave really IS one of the good guys who simply didn’t fully think through what he was going to say before he spoke. Hence, a good laugh was had by all.

    But we must be clear on one point. Dave is NOT Birther Bob. Birther Bob is a mean, nasty bigot. Dave is not. Dave goofed a bit, but he’ll be back. Birther Bob thought long and hard before he expressed his racist comments on O’Bama on national TV. Dave spoke off the cuff. BIG difference. Hell, if I had my ass chewed for every goofy remark I made in public, I wouldn’t have much of an ass left! (Although some still think I’m a HUGE ass!)

    I suggest that we NOT be overly harsh on Dave. In spite of his goofy comments, I really don’t think he was trying to be a bigot. He simply suffers from a mental illness called goofy religion! HEY, I think maybe an intervention might be the best thing for Dave and ALL folks who suffer from rightwingreligeeofundiwackMENTALism! It’s nearly as bad as Moronism and the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddy Diddlers!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 12, 2013 10:34 AM at 10:34 AM |

      p.s. How does Dave’s view of sex differ in the slightest from that of Pope Franco the First’s? It doesn’t. The guys in dresses KNOW that sex is for precreation only too! (and pervert padres!)

      You see, the problem is that many Dems are Catholics. We’re USED to crazyassed sexual pronouncements anuncios! We just ignore’em and do what’s right anyway! We recovering catholics learned loooong ago that the Pope don’t know SHT*T about sex! We gave up on looking to the Pope for pointers on the peter! Hence, we’re much more evolved on issues like gay marriage than are the Fundis, who are stuck in the Dark Ages on this one.

      And the truth be told, we are ALL wrestling with the gay issue. It’s new, it’s different, and it DOES deviate from the norm. (The point Dave was attempting to make, albeit humorously.) And we all wrestle with the gay in a different way, but wrestle we must. Wrestling with gays takes some getting used to, so I sympathize with Dave on this one.

    • How can anyone not denigrate this moron for his extraordinarily stupid, bigoted and ignorant comments. I don’t care if its “difficult” to be coherent on the floor of the House. If an elected official is incapable of making a coherent statement he/she shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. This was a disgrace and is more evidence that Montana has a real problem electing intelligent people to represent them. We can do better than that, and I hope we will, as the old bigots die off and the electorate becomes better educated.

    • I really don’t care if Dave is a nice guy or not. I will not tolerate homophobia in an elected official. Period. The law that he wants to keep on the books has already been declared unconstitutional by the Montana Supreme Court. He should have voted to remove it simply because it has already been found to be unenforcable. It doesn’t matter whether he thinks gays should be jailed. He should at least have enough intellegence to recognise the correct answer when TOLD by the Montana Supreme Court.

  4. Noah’s story arc?

  5. Rep Hagstrom may be a wonderful human being and a swell guy but he’s trying to partake in some revisionist history with his latest comments (I didn’t really say what I said). His comments on the House floor are what they are, for all the world to hear, and he owns them now.

  6. Can Mr. Hagstrom ‘click his bic’…..?

  7. But Hagstrom was arguing against decriminalizing homosexual conduct. His “I like gay people so this isn’t about homophobia” statement is belied by his vote. Even if he had intended to say that sex is for procreation AND pleasure, his vote was for criminalizing nonprocreative sex.

    I am sorry Representative Hagstrom, but you don’t get to have it both ways.

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