Meet the ATP Board of Directors

by Cowgirl

A court has demanded that the dark money group American Tradition Partnership must reveal its board members, the Associated Press reported today.  Let’s meet them.

Doug Lair

ATP Director Doug Lair

ATP Director Doug Lair

Doug Lair (pictured right), resides in Sweet Grass County.

For some reason, ATP is operating in the county under a different name: Sweetgrass Citizens for Constitutional Integrity.  The group hosts an innocuously named website–and it’s really something to see.  On it, Mr. Lair warns his ATP followers that “Progressive programs and indoctrination have found their way into our local government and schools at an alarming rate.”

There is one insidious new influence in Big Timber that Mr. Lair is especially worried about.  He fears that a local economic development project of the Northwest Area Foundation may really be a secret “progressive indoctrination boot camp.”  Actually, the program gives grants to local communities for projects like sprucing up their business and industrial parks to help get the local economy moving.

When the FRONTLINE documentary exposing ATP’s activities was aired on PBS, Lair posted a tirade against PBS on the Sweetgrass Council/ATP website.  He accused the station of everything from “belittling Jesus” [screenshots here and here] to spreading anti-American views, to being part of a government conspiracy to vaccinate kids against diseases [screenshots here and here].

The site indicates that Sweetgrass County Commissioner Bob Faw is heavily invoved in the group.  It also helpfully lists the emails of all the legislators they say have done right by ATP in the legislature, so that you may thank them.


Geoff Goble

Not really a picture of Mr. Goble, probably

Mr. Goble 
is a  commercial property developer who also lives in the Big Timber area.  He’s also your garden variety secessionist.   He’s been linked with the website  According to this campaign finance complaint filed by former state legislator John Esp,  some ATP documents uncovered in a meth house  appear to show that Goble helped finance the pro-secession website.

Geoff Goble

The website proclaims such views as:

“The Project was inspired by Rep. Joel Boniek’s recent legislation in Montana and the clamor for states’ rights that is sweeping the U.S. We are part of a grassroots movement of ordinary citizens who are FED UP with the Federal Government.”


“States should seize back the power over their own borders and BOOT the Feds. Let them control ONLY the international borders, and stay out of our Sovereign States.”

The complaint also describes how Oathkeeper-affiliated Joel Boniek, Geoff Goble, and ATP worked together to defeat Esp and support Boniek’s campaign for state legislature.  Boniek was the former state legislator who made headlines after a bizarre incident which led to his arrest.  Goble has also signed his name to statements declaring that Earth Day is “straightforward paganism,” and a “tool used by those who seek to control individuals and engineer society.”


Peter MacKenzie 

Peter MacKenzie, ATP Bankroller

Man thought to be Peter MacKenzie, ATP Board member

Peter Mackenzie is a large land owner and Livingston real estate developer and a major bank-roller of ATP.  Here’s how he’s described in ATP’s donor prospecting notes, which were uncovered among the infamous meth house documents:

Peter Mackenzie

A Peter G. Mackenzie of Mackenzie Associates LTD from the Livingston zip code has given money to Burns, Daines, Fox, and Brown. His profile appears to match this Peter MacKenzie (pictured) who is described thusly:

“Over the past 25 years, Peter MacKenzie has developed and operated 200 plus nationally-known franchises. In addition to spending a number of years on Wall Street, he continued to raise and manage monies for clients. Peter has developed properties in Big Sky as well as currently owns and operates several retail businesses there.”

Peter Mackenzie check



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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 16, 2013 5:58 AM at 5:58 AM |

    It’s a veritable political PORN store! NEVER have I seen so many dildos on one site! No really, you gotta go read their site to get a feel for these guys! Big dildos, little dildos, dildos in all shapes and sizes! It’s truly amazing!

    Montanans need to wake up and realize just who these wackos are! Folks like this USED to be confined to a just few small regions of the state, but now, they’re branching out! And moving here from other states! There appears to be an active recruitment program to attract NEW dildos to Montana! If they have their way, we’ll soon be a Dildocracy!!

  2. What’s Goble’s problem with BMX bikes? Listen to this reason he moved.

    “If I go to the park, I see kids playing. They aren’t wearing helmets and knee pads.

    Where I used to live, the parks are hangouts for drug dealers, drug users, thugs, and punks. Kids on bikes wear body armor.”

    And then there is this:

    Where I used to live, hard work is only for illegal immigrants (and capitalist pigs).

    If I want to talk with someone, we speak English.

    Where I used to live, English-speakers are a minority. All government documents are in multiple languages.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 16, 2013 7:45 AM at 7:45 AM |

      Near as I can tell from a careful reading of their site, Kevin, knee pads and helmets belittle JAYsus


      HEY, Montana has traditionally been used as a hideout for criminals. Well, these dufi aren’t exactly the Dalton Gang, but the DILDO gang!


      OOOPS! My apologies to the Dildo Gang if I in any way belittled JAYsus!!

  3. It was far from an ideal solution, but SB 375 would have required disclosure of dark money contributors. The House, strangely, killed it.

  4. Although this board of directors is a scurrilous bunch, don’t you really think they’re just frontmen for big money, anonymous donors?

  5. If these ‘three stooges’ want secession, I’ll be glad to direct my friends at the Department of Defense to send them individual bills to each one of them for my services and that of my fellow veterans. What a bunch of fakes and windbags!

  6. If these ‘three stooges’ want secession, I’ll be glad to direct my friends at the Department of Defense to send them individual bills to each one of them for my services and that of my fellow veterans. What a bunch of fakes and windbags!

  7. Sent them back!!! | April 16, 2013 6:58 PM at 6:58 PM |

    As my native friends say: “If they don’t like it here…how about they get back to Ellis Island, and they can wait for the next ship to take them home!!!!!”

  8. So proud of California shirking off the dark Money bullshit that started with all of Ronnie Reagan’s cronies. “By the end of his term, 138 administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations.”

    The Tea dome scandal of Harding? Only three top officials of the Harding administration were in indicted.

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