Board Members of ATP Front Group Also Uncovered

by Cowgirl

The board of directors of an American Tradition Partnership (ATP) dark money front group operating in Big Timber have now come to light.

The good people of Sweetgrass County discovered that ATP has been operating a front group in their community under the name Citizens for Constitutional Integrity.  Board members of the front group include: 

Doug Lair, who has already noted in the AP’s report

Robyn Roberts, a woman who like Geoff Goble made her money in California real estate and lives in the McLeod area.

Terry Baird

Bob Faw, Sweetgrass County Commissioner

Geoff Goble, who also resides in McLeod and was also in the AP’s report

It takes only a visit the website to show that Citizens for Constitutional Integrity is a front-group for ATP.  Look at the “Contribute” page, which reads:

“Help maintain the integrity of Big Timber by making a generous contribution to SGCCI here. Note- contribution receipts will appear from American Tradition Partnership.”

Here’s a screenshot:

ATP/Sweetgrass Citizens donor page

Screenshot from ATP/Sweetgrass Citizens contribution page

The donation page also explains how ATP (formerly Western Tradition Partnership) formed the Sweetgrass front group:

“WTP provided the training and toolkit that enabled SGCCI to grow into an effective grass-roots organization. We continue to share resources and strategies to further advance SGCCI and other local groups promoting and defending common principles and tenets.

Please join us in the fight to defend our local communities, Montana and our great nation itself from Gang Green’s eco-socialist agenda by donating to SCGGI through Western Tradition Partnership today!”

A group of citizens in Big Timber smartly decided to bring the Big Sky, Big Money  documentary to the local theatre last December.  The national expose, which uncovered potentially illegal collusion between secretive right-wing group ATP and Republican candidates, was shown free to anyone who wished to attend.



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  1. Some people in that county seem to be smokin’ some mighty sweet grass.

    • They can afford it after fleecing the ignorant in this country…. but it it isn’t the good stuff cuz it makes them wackier than the rest of the country. I say we lock them up for their own good… then sell the key for the same amount of money and pain they have caused the country and this state.

      Treat them like we got treated by them.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 17, 2013 6:07 PM at 6:07 PM |

    The Californication of Montana! What the FAW?!! Who ARE theses Fawkers??? Like Mr. Faw?? aka, Mr. What the Fawk???

    Sorry, Kaleefornicator dudes, but I THEEENK that we can do better than a bunch-o SHITbag carpet bagger outta staters making state policy for us! We don’t NEED/WANTyou sorry sumbitch outtastate assholes! HEAD your sorry asses back to KaleeFORNyeeha, for you have NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, shit for us! Nor do we have anything in common. So don’t even fucking TRY to pass your sorry, nazi
    fat, bald, pinkish, piggish, fat ASSES off as REAL Montanans! For you’re not. You’re fucking FURRINERS who haven’t earned the RIGHT to call your sorry asses Montanans! You’re NOT Montanans! PERIOD! You’re losers, more cormfortable on in FAIRIE land that Prairie land of the Big Sky You losers are the most abJECT kinda outta staters! The loser nazi kind! You people make me PUKE! You can’t BUY Montana citizenship with your “reeeel estate” dollars! But for the record, dipshit outta staters. how many REEEL estate fairies you know who are missing digits???


    What a bunch-o pretenders!!! And what a sad way to go through life, KNOWING that you’re a sorry sack of SHIT!

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 17, 2013 6:22 PM at 6:22 PM |

    But I digress. Ya gotta LUV that one asshole’s name. Liar! NEVER was there a more HONEST name than that of this cheese dick!

    What? Wait? You mean? Really? It can’t be! THIS cheese dick’s name ISN’T Lair but Lair? Sorry. My bad.


    Too funny! A Liar from the Fairie Prairie! I’m quite SURE that he has something of value for us!


  4. Good Evening: Here is a link with additional information on Doug Liar and his connection with ATP, ATI and The Koch Brothers in case anyone missed this. ATI’s biggest funder is Montana businessman Doug Lair and the Lair Family Foundation; together they contributed over 75 percent of its total income. Lair’s fortune comes from Lair Petroleum, a family business that was sold in 1989 to William Koch, brother of Charles and David Koch. Lair still works for Lair Petroleum according to 2010 state campaign finance reports. Sweet Grass County sure has its hands full dealing with all these corrupt, greedy, self-serving individuals.

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