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After a potentially tragic day on Friday in the Montana legislature, Montanans are not happy with GOP house speaker Mark Blasdel, who took advantage of an error to block private health insurance for 70,000 Montanans.

HB 623, which would provide coverage for 70,0000 working poor Montanans, was on the verge of becoming law on Friday.   House Democrats and moderate Republicans had, together, fifty-one votes (out of 100 house members total) lined up to approve it.  It would have then headed to Bullock’s desk for signature. Alas, one Democrat pushed the wrong button by mistake and voted the wrong way.  The GOP immediately seized upon the error and are clinging to it to excuse their votes against the bill.

As result of the mis-vote, the GOP hardliners succeeded in sending the bill back to a House committee, where it stands a good chance of dying at the hands of the conservatives who control the committee.

Needless to say people weren’t happy, and this poster is making the internet rounds with a note that it can be shared freely.
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  1. Didn’t the representative from East Helena also vote incorrectly, effectively cancelling out the other incorrect vote?

    I believe there is also some question if the bill as amended is constitutional.

    • Jeez Elizabeth, the first fundamental problem with you conservatives is that you just don’t want to help 70,000 in the community of Montana, or help 4000 new jobs be created.

      Your Kind keep telling yourselves that anything a black man purposes…. Even though it was almost completely written by a conservative think tank, and put into practice by a conservative Governor like Romney. is wrong for you.

      What a friggin Heartless, selfish Party of denial you have become…. Even to your own forward thinking Ideas!

      HOw do you sleep at night denying health coverage to children, and peoples parents?

      Why would you people continue to subvert the constitution, for your own game?

      • Geez, Norma, it appears your reading skills need improving. Did I say anything about the merits of the bill or the ideas behind it? I don’t believe I did. All I said was that there was more than one wrong vote and that there could be constitutional issues with the bill. Yet you go off on how can I sleep at night. Do try to address the things I said and stop making assumptions.

        • Your past remarks elizabeth have been very vocal and against Obama Caring dear. I believe I am inferring correctly!

          • You still fail to address the two points in my original comment. “Obama Caring”?

            Do you review your posts before you hit send?

            • Dear Elizabeth – Just because Art Wittich tells a lie doesn’t make it true.
              1-Art Wittich claims the bill has problems because it’s title said the health care must be provided without expanding Medicaid.

              2-The bill does NOT expand medicaid, it provides private health insurance.

              3-Art Wittich lied on the Senate floor when he claimed the bill was designed to expand Medicaid. Please point out to us in the bill where Medicaid is expanded, and then we will believe you.


              • I believe there is a memo circulating from legislative legal counsel that questions the constitutionality. Didn’t Obama say recently that using Medicaid dollars to buy private insurance was an expansion of Medicaid?

              • Here is HB-623’s title formatted for easy reading. I’ve omitted stricken material and converted from all CAPs:

                A bill for an act entitled: “an act generally revising laws related to health care and health insurance to improve access without expanding the medicaid program as allowed under public law 111-148 and public law 111-152;

                Allowing use of medicaid funds to purchase insurance for certain nondisabled, nonelderly, and nonpregnant individuals;

                Establishing eligibility criteria for individuals purchasing health insurance with medicaid funds;

                Requiring a review of the montana medicaid program and the health care delivery system;

                Establishing a medicaid wellness pilot project;

                Establishing workforce reporting requirements for certain health care professionals;

                Providing for use of unexpended medicaid funds;

                Creating a fee on medicaid providers and insurers;

                Creating a special revenue account;

                Providing definitions;

                Providing rulemaking authority;

                Amending sections 33-2-708, 33-31-111, 37-8-202, and 37-8-204, mca;

                And providing effective dates termination dates.”

  2. Thanks Elizabeth for informing us of what the GOP party line is on this bullshit. The answers are No. and No. Art Wittich claimed that the bill which is for private health insurance is actually for Medicaid. The title of HB 623 said the bill cannot be about Medicaid expansion. It isn’t, its for private insurance. Wittich has demonstrated and incredible lack of knowledge on health care. Or he could just be lying.

  3. Actually, a few Republicans had also been confused about the vote. If you look at the final re-vote it was 48-52 while the original vote was 50-50 with Blasdel breaking the tie. Anyway…you’re right about one thing. Blasdel is a chump.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 21, 2013 10:14 AM at 10:14 AM |

    Couple’a points. First, we must ask ourselves a question. Do we REALLY want all them sick sumbitches movin’ to Montana? And grabbin’ UP all the federal gubmint dollars? Or will that ONLY encourage even MORE sick sumbitches to move up here?! You see, the ReePubes and Teabirchers are looking out for OUR interstests! They have SQUARELY placed us in the lead, the lead in the race to the bottom! And the ironic thing is that when we win the race to the bottom, ALL of Montana wins! No more sickos suckin’ up all our state REEsources! State health overall is better ’cause the sickos moved somewheres else! And we don’t have to worry ’bout all them non-producers! For really, when you think about it, just WHAT do a bunch-o-sickies do for our economy?! Not much!

    Sorry, but the ReePubes and Teabirchers are doing what they think is best. Sick and handicapped people are an annoyance to RICH assholes! I mean, do you REALLY think that little jimmy kennutty cocks WANTS to see sick and handicapped people floatin’ by on HIS river?!! No, he doesn’t! And neither do any OTHER rich assholes who can AFFORD health care for themselves want to worry their “beautiful minds” with sick sorry sumbitches! Can you blame’em?

    And the other point that needs to be made is that the ReePubes and Teabirchers like Sen. Jerkff Assman and his poodle, Sen. Kockleburr Lickspittle, aka Sen. Fart Fetish, have a different political philosophy than MOST other Montanans!

    You see, MOST Montanans do NOT mind paying their fair share of taxes if they get something in return! That’s the way the tax system is SUPPOSED to work! We willingly pay our taxes to promote the common good! That’s called good government!

    But the Assman and Fart Fetish truly think that the BEST way to promote the common good is the more circuitous route, by giving ALL our money to the Big Kockh brothers first, and THEN allowing them to dribble, or trickle, on the REST of us! It’s called dribble on or trickle down economics! See, it works like this. ANY dude with any age on them will understand that when you hit your seventies, like the Big Kockh brothers, you can’t HELP but dribble! Happens to us all! You young dudes wouldn’t understand. But dribble we must!

    So Assman and Fetish automatically believe that these two old farts, like it or not, will DRIBBLE on the rest of us! Got to! It’s nature! It’s natural law! Hence Assman and Fetish want to give even MORE of YOUR money to their Big Kockh benefactors, KNOWING all the while that ONCE it goes through the Big Kidneys, it will come OUT the Big Kockhs for all of us to enjoy! Think of your tax money going to the Big Kockh brothers as TONS of liquid refreshment that you will soon be getting back in the form of liquidity! DRIBBLE on liquidity! Makes perfect sense to a venal shitbag moron!

    Now, this theory seems pretty bizarre to most of us, but it’s important to understand the principle upon which Assman and Fetish are basing their votes! They’re willing to grab the Big Kockh head on, or on the head, and do whatever is necessary to get that Kockh to dribble!

    And that’s all I got to say about that!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 21, 2013 10:20 AM at 10:20 AM |

      Oh my. I just re-read my post, and I must say that it didn’t come out the way I intended. I must apologize to Sen. Assman and Sen. Bald Weasel if I in ANY way cast asspersions on your economic philosophy! For I KNOW that Sen. Bald Weasel is a “word guy”!

      Too funny. A word guy. He told us that himself!!

  5. For those disputing was is or isn’t in the bill – take a read for yourself: http://data.opi.mt.gov/bills/2013/billpdf/HB0623.pdf

  6. Liberal but thicker | April 21, 2013 2:44 PM at 2:44 PM |

    A demorat f’s up and you blame the GOP. Just like whiney liberals. Gota always blame someone else

  7. Liberal buttlickers | April 21, 2013 2:47 PM at 2:47 PM |

    So a dumb fucking demorat screws up. Blame the GOP. Demorats are worthless in every way.

  8. Liberal buttlickers | April 21, 2013 2:52 PM at 2:52 PM |

    There isn’t a demorat today that knows about Kennedy. Demorats don’t ask what they can do for their country. They Ask what our country can do for them! I can not pity such worthless fools. Ask any liberal college student. It’s always “the govt owes me!”

  9. Liberal buttlickers | April 21, 2013 2:56 PM at 2:56 PM |

    Larry k crackhead of the enviro pussies deems himself horribly ignorant on every post. If that’s the kind of people democrats are…glad I’m not on that side. What a loser.

    • Buttlicker, what do you actually think you are accomplishing here? All you are proving is what a good liberal noticed some long time ago: The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 21, 2013 5:44 PM at 5:44 PM |

        See, the problem with anonymity is that LB is probably SUCKING the silver off every hated gubmint dime he can get his LIPS on! And if he/she/it put a name there, he’d be found out! And that is REALLY embarrassing to a Teatard! Hell, ALL them Teabirchers are the first in line at the gubmint hog trough! They just think that they’re the ONLY ones entitled to gubmint hog milk! I’d lay you a months wages that LB get’s pretty much his ENTIRE income from suckin’ OUR tax dollars outta Unca Sugartit! Prolly welfare farmer, retired military, or retired Post Office!! He REEKS of easy street!

    • Bwahahaha Did somebody forget his Straight Jacket and meds today???

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 21, 2013 5:31 PM at 5:31 PM |

      I’m not sure, but I THINK ol’ LB belongs to a group of dudes who call themselves the Liberal Buttlickers! See, we call ourselves the Environmental Rangers, and THEY call themselves the Liberal Buttlickers! It’s their group! And for that, I THANK’EM! You see, they’re WAY ahead of recycling. No NEED for paper products when the LB’s are around, for the LB’s REPLACE toilet paper with a more natural method that uses NO paper products! Thus, no need to even recycle! You guys do good work, LB. Glad to know you’re out there, caring for the environment! You’re ’bout as green as it gets, dude! BTW, LUV that handle and the group you belong to! Do you have a site????? And buddy let me tell ya that it TAKES some courage to admit membership in your group! I take my hat off to you, AND my drawers!

      But seriously, LB, where did I err? I thought my analysis was pretty spot on!


    • Just like Koch Brothers who DEMAND the ‘gummint’ owe them, and give ’em a pass on pollution, corporate tax cheating and promoting the ALEC parasite that’s corrupted many of our legislators.

  10. BLASDEL…also a known ALEC PARASITE!!

  11. Bravo to Senator Ed Butttrey (R-GF) who had the brains and courage
    to argue exactly what it was, despite assault from the ‘High Priest’. It is despicable that GOP keeps saying ‘NO, NO, NO’ while saying ‘YES, YES, YES’ to their own generous legislative healthcare!!!!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | April 21, 2013 5:46 PM at 5:46 PM |

      HEY, it’s all for naught! Any dudes who would PUBLICLY lick the spittle offn’ the Big Kockhs has no shame to begin with! Spanish has a wonderful term for these type of folks. They’re called sin verguenzas!

  12. Note the bill’s sponsor, Rep.Liz Bangerter, voted TWICE against her own bill, so what’s that all about? Is she so cynical and uncompassionate – while she HAS a most generous legislator’s healthcare plan for her family – while she idly sits by and let’s Blasdel earn more ‘creds’ with his ALEC masters. The ‘kill’ committee – ironically named – is STACKED with hard-right GOP and ‘baggers’ and I hold Blasdel accountable also on how the vote went, when he should note the GRAVITY of such a vote, because LITERALLY there will be DEATHS because of the immoral actions of the GOP and Speaker to purposely DENY healthcare access, so I submit BLASDEL truly does have his own DEATH PANEL titled ironically the anything but ‘Human Services’…..

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