Political Quick Hits

by Cowgirl

Thanks but no thanks

The Lewis & Clark County GOP meeting scheduled for Monday night to select three more candidates for the county commission seat has apparently been cancelled.  Three of the five people who were interested in the position have withdrawn from consideration, perhaps due to the ineptness of the leadership of the group.

The kerfuffle became public during the Lewis and Clark republican party’s attempt to nominate some potential replacements for Republican county commissioner Derek Brown. Brown is the former Republican county commissioner who quit in a huff after he realized his ideas were unpopular.

When a county commissioner resigns the law says the local republican party gets to nominate three people to replace her or him.  But the selection process turned nasty when some hard-right GOPers and TEA Partiers thought the recommendations didn’t measure up to wingnut standards.

The infighting eventually became the subject of a four-part series in the Helena IR and the conservative blog 2 Helena Handbaskets

Stone-Manning Confirmed

Tracy Stone-Manning confirmed by the Montana Senate today as Bullock’s director of the Montana Department Environmental Quality.  For the all the women still largely frozen out of the C-suite, this is good news.   She endured one of the most brutal confirmation processes, spending hours being grilled by black helicopter-minded folks who believe wildlife management is part of a conspiracy to conduct surveillance on the militia movement–and emerged triumphant.  Congratulations Tracy!



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  1. Dead Link Reporter | April 23, 2013 11:51 AM at 11:51 AM |

    The third link in the story is 404.

  2. Not only is Tracy Stone-Manning’s confirmation good news for women in office, it is encouraging for anyone who chooses to bring people together on an issue instead of seeking to divide them.

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