Family Foundation Says “God Governs the Affairs of Men”…but had trouble passing bills

by Cowgirl

The leader of the religious right group called the Montana Family Foundation proclaimed in a recent podcast that “God still today actively governs in the affairs of men.”

If it was the will of God that Jeff Laszloffy introduced such right-wing bills this session— as opposed to the will of the people the legislature is elected to represent — how does Laszloffy explain the fact that so many of his bills failed?  Especially when the session was overwhelmingly dominated by members of the Republican Party.

Here’s a sampling of bills Laszloffy was backing which failed to pass.

Clayton Fiscus’s bill to require the teaching of creationism alongside evolution in all Montana schools failed.

Kris Hansen’s private sectarian school voucher bill HB 357

Mary Caferro’s bill to legalize religious ponzi insurance schemes, which was vetoed by both Schweitzer and Bullock. SB 181

Cary Smith’s anti-science sex-education bill. HB 239

 Krayton Kerns bill to take away the right to death with dignity. HB 505

But it wasn’t just that his pro-active bills failed, bills that he had hoped to defeat were passed and became law.

Tom Facey’s bill to remove from the books Montana’s law that made being gay an imprisonable felony.  SB 107

And Laszloffy had tried to defeat Llew Jones’s SB 175, which made major investments in public schools.

To be sure, Laszloffy did get his way on one very prominent national issue.  He allowed religious boarding schools in Montana like Pinehaven Ranch to remain unregulated. These religious schools, which have no licenses, no accreditation and employ teachers who are not certified,  are now dealing with allegations that staff used violence to discipline students. And yet the Montana GOP has voted, on a party line, to allow such schools to continue to go unregulated. CNN ran a big story about it  on the Anderson Cooper 360 show.  Ellie Hill’s HB 236 would have addressed the problem. Laszloffy lobbied hard against Hill’s bill.

Before you start questioning God and his plan in light of this new information, make quick review of Laszloffy’s failed agenda–and how out-of-touch these bills make their sponsors appear. Sure enough, Laszloffy will prove to be the answer to the prayers of local Democrats next fall.



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  1. Perhaps the Great Legislator in the Sky was jes saving ol’ Jeff from himself.

  2. Someone needs to tell Jeff his God is not mine.

  3. Richard Miller | May 4, 2013 2:23 PM at 2:23 PM |

    There is no god. References to one either with a small g or a capital G, denotes a fanatic reader of the science fiction book more commonly known as “The Bible”. Jeffy baby hates women and women’s issue progress and carries a club to subdue them….just like his predecessor, the caveman.

    • Totally agree with you there. Having grown up in a Jewish/ Catholic household, I found it very interesting that both Books have such huge holes in them, and whenever the sceptic in me asked why, the supposed Adult in the room said “Have Faith.” Really?

      I can see why Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and the rest of our founding fathers wanted to get away from the religious trappings of the crown.

  4. Cowgirl- not impressed…Its interesting that you mention that you give SB 101 the same label as “failed agenda” and how they make their constituents seem “out-of-touch.” It clarifies in my mind how out of touch you are with SB 101, which was a bill that would help distinguish Faith Based Sharing Networks from Insurance.

    There are thousands of families across America practicing particular faith and moral convictions while choosing to share their medical costs with one another through health sharing ministries. Are you aware members are exempted from the individual mandate in President Obama’s health care law?

    Are you aware that Montana is behind other states precedent in passing legislation that can distinguish faith based medical sharing ministries from health insurance. In 2011 the Washington State Legislature added a provision to a bill, clarifying health sharing ministries are not insurance and cannot be regulated as such.

    An example of a health sharing ministry: each month, my wife and I share funds to members of a faith based organization, Samaritan Ministries International. We do not give funds to the organization to cover the health needs, but rather to individuals who have needs. The same way I might send a check to my mother who might have medical needs. When my wife and I have a need, we can submit this to the administration of the ministry, and they connect us with members who will share our needs. The sharing network covered 100% of my wife’s maternity costs.

    Far from being “out-of-touch,” SB 101 was very relevant, being evident from the hundreds of individuals who wrote to Governor Bullock asking him not to veto. Shame on him for not listening and instead choosing partisan politics over the meeting the desire of health sharing ministries. Its too bad when people are trying to be responsible and with sharing health costs, it can’t be seen as credible because it doesn’t swallow what is considered mainstream.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | May 7, 2013 9:59 PM at 9:59 PM |

      Caleb, you really ARE a Sapp, dude! You make sapps everywhere PROUD of you! In fact, you just might be the BIGGEST freakin’ sapp I have ever seen! Good job, amigo! Always glad to meet a sapp!

      • Is Laszloffy’s daughter, a legislator now, following in his masculine footsteps, or progressing women’s issues and rights? She’s probably the youngest representative in the legislature, and I’d hope she’d be more perceptive but I’m not hopeful.

    • Do you Realize how many Quack Ministries would spring up, plus bring back the days of snakeoil salesmen??? SB101 was one of the most offending pieces of Legislature to promote voodoo clinics in this state I have seen in a long time. Killing people with Quack science and Laying on of the hands? Completely against everything our founding fathers did to protect the american people from crazy, in their most vulnerable hour… when they or a loved one is sick.

      Glad that SB101 was flushed by a smart Governor!!!!

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