Michelle Bachmann moving to Montana?

bachmannsausageMontanans got a scare when an article written a few weeks ago went viral quoting Michelle Bachmann as saying that she is moving to Montana.

During the debate leading up to the Marriage Equality Act that recently passed in the Minnesota Legislature, reportedly had Bachmann pronounced that if the measure passed and gays could marry legally in her state, she and her husband would leave Minnesota so as to “escape the new Sodom and Gomorah,” meaning Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Sadly for Montana bloggers (but luckily for Montana residents), this “article” turned out to be satire.

It’s easy to see why so many took it for the truth.

One can easily imagine Bachmann settling down in the Flathead Valley, to join her soulmates like Chuck Baldwin, Derek Skees, Tim Baldwin, Rollan Roberts II, John Trochmann and company; and to be near places like the Pinehaven Ranch, a boarding school which uses corporal punishment.  Perhaps she would send her kids there.  She might also enjoy hanging with the occasional skinhead.  And in the legislature, she could pal around with Krayton Kerns, who once wrote that an Obama-induced Armageddon is imminent, along with a mass extinction of most humans but a repopulating of Montana by people who can shoot their own meat.

If she were to relocate here, certainly a run for office would not be far off, perhaps even US Senate in 2014.

At any rate,  Bachmann bemoaning the sodomites descending upon her in Minnesota is a little too realistic to immediately strike one as satirical.

Bachmann and her husband remind me of the people who packed up their cars in a panic and fled to the countryside on the night of October 30, 1938, when they heard Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast and mistook it for an actual invasion by Martians.  Montana needs fewer of these people, not more.


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  1. Oh please oh please oh please oh please…

  2. Bring it on Michelle and GIVE up your seat in Congress for saner citizens who CARE about human beings. We’ll find
    you a nice cabin here where you can organize your ‘cult’….

  3. Holy cow! What’s Daines going to do now that his intellectual leader is leaving office? Will he decide not to run too?

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | May 29, 2013 7:14 AM at 7:14 AM |

    The Great Inbred Migration of the Twenty-first Century has begun! Oh COURSE Ms. Barfman will move to Montana, for it it’s the last best place for a viable free state project and white homeland for inbreds and Christians! (same difference)! And ‘sides, Jaysus TOL’ michelle to move to the promised land, where inbreds will some day create the new jeroozilym of inbreds! It’s all in the Holy Bibble!

    And she’s right! It really IS possible for the inbreds to swing a majority in this state! It just ain’t that hard! Four thousand more votes otter do it!

    And that’s why I recommend NEVER hiring an applicant with a southern accent, tons of tattoos, a skinhead, or very few teeth! Just send’em on their way over to Idaho! Or maybe Utah! THOSE two states would make great white homelands!

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | May 29, 2013 7:14 AM at 7:14 AM |

    The most interesting thing you’ll read all day.


  6. Drill Baby Drill | May 29, 2013 8:04 AM at 8:04 AM |

    What?! No post on how Montana Media Trackers found out that Max Baucus is paying bloggers to try to make himself look less pathetic? Chief pimp of Obummercare author Max Baucus is MTstreetfighter.com and it is run by a PR firm called Hilltop Public Solutions, according to the watchdog group Montana Media Trackers. Here is the article http://montana.mediatrackers.org/2013/05/17/montana-street-fighter-likely-a-hilltop-blog-run-by-former-tester-staffer/

    After screenshots appeared showing Funk’s Facebook and the PR firm’s blog Streetfighter posted the exact same posts (with Funk’s friends clipped or blacked out) Funk took down his Facebook page, damning himself in his attempt to hide.

    • Who cares?

      • Drunks for Denny | May 29, 2013 5:25 PM at 5:25 PM |

        Evidently no one cares, as evidenced by the number of comments to that lame Montana Media Trackers piece.

        Real Republicans don’t blog and spew out useless crap like the a-holes….real Republicans complain about the government at the cattle sales.

    • Media Tracker Observer | May 29, 2013 7:47 PM at 7:47 PM |

      Shame on Funk and shame on Hilltop. That’s not a good deal. Democratic firms should not be funding attack blogs which target a fellow Democrat, especially the state’s most popular Democrat. But clearly that blog was set up to help Max in 2014, so its reason for existence has been seriously diminished. I guess you have to feel for them.

  7. Shame on you! It is obvious CowGirl and those that write under this pseudonym is/are male. Some time back it was blatant homophobic attacks on political opponents. Now it is using an intentionally sexist picture of a woman to make your attack. There are plenty of reasons to criticize Michelle Bachmann but it is unacceptable and sexist of you to use this type of photo. Grow up boys!

    • Drunks for Denny | May 29, 2013 1:31 PM at 1:31 PM |

      Well, at least she eats corn dogs. Of the foot long variety, even better.

      I don’t think she will be moving to the Feathered Pipe Ranch.

    • How is it homophobic to show Michelle Bachmann giving a sausage a blowjob?

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | May 30, 2013 10:10 PM at 10:10 PM |



        I only saw an attractive woman inserting a long, dark colored, wiggly thingy INto her mouth in a provocative fashion while mightily enjoying such a stimulating, smile provoking, pleasure inducing throat reaming! BTW, what did you see? Did we really see the same pic? MAN you’re a pervy dude! You been there, done that maybe?????

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | May 30, 2013 10:31 PM at 10:31 PM |

          Yummy, YUMMY, dumbo?! Yummy yummy yummy you got luv in your tummy perhaps??


          Dumbo, a good Miz Zoo liberal! He’s a fave of sally mockery and the lost dog report! Hard hitting news on the latest on the lost dog and cat front! None finer!

          Like my granddaddy tol’ me, “Son, never waste an erection”.

          Dumbo’s granddaddy tol’ him, “son, never waste a good PICTURE of an erection”!


          What a dumbass!

    • I was wondering if anyone else noticed such a revealing photo. It says a lot not of Bachman, but of your own attitudes.

  8. Drill Baby Drill | May 29, 2013 7:06 PM at 7:06 PM |

    Nothing to see here folks, move along please, move along. Don’t look too closely into Hilltop’s coordination with Steve Bullock and third-party groups. It’s a none issue no one cares about.

  9. God, don’t scare me like that.

  10. Well since she’s leaving the Congress, maybe we might be graced with ‘headmistress Michelle’ coming to bond with our tea party groups? Maybe she’ll organize a real ‘teabag Woodstock’ event.

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