Racist Flyers Making Rounds on Reservation; Tea Partiers Fighting Water Rights

Lots of right-wing activity and even some racism lately has been seen on the Flathead reservation.

Two groups of TEA Partiers have come to town, stirring up sentiments against tribal sovereignty in hopes of obstructing a water rights agreement that the tribes negotiated with the state of Montana.   One group is called the Western Montana Water Users Association and the other Concerned Citizens of Western Montana.   Their donors are anonymous and they haven’t filed anything with the Political Practices office.

The woman on the left is thought to be Terry Backs at a Western MT Water Users meeting

The woman on the left is thought to be Terry Backs at a Western MT Water Users meeting

The head of the first group is Steve Killorn, a conficted felon (“tampering with public records.”)  If you click here  you can see his picture on the MT Correctional Offender Network website.

The head of the second group–is Terry Backs, founder of the the Lake County Tea Party.  Backs is a big Chuck Baldwin acolyte and has rallied the TEA Party under the “Concerned Citizens” banner. Baldwin is the right wing of the right wing of the right wing in Montana, and preaches white supremacy dressed up as politics. But as Terry Backs told PBS,  she felt Baldwin’s bunch didn’t have enough “bite” and splintered off to form a new even more  conservative group.

Catherine "Kate" Vandermoer at a WMWUA meeting.

Catherine “Kate” Vandermoer at a WMWUA meeting.

A third Tea Party ring leader is part of the action as well. She is Catherine Vandemoer, who is pictured here at a WMWUA meeting.  Vandemoer’s blog is pretty much a repository of the most ludicrous birther arguments: Secret codes that show Obama’s birth certificate is a “definite forgery,” Hawaii was a communist outpost, etc. Vandemoer is a “consultant” to the Concerned Citizens group, to whom  presumably the wackier the birtherism the better.  Vandemoer’s writings are often skewered in the aptly named “Dispatches from Birtherstan” column on the birther mythbusters blog Bad Fiction.  The blog’s comments are filled with blatant racism, anti-semitism, and fear of “commies” (the term refers to any non-birther).

UPDATE: This morning, Vandemoer took down the post I had originally linked to, so here’s the google cached version. 

UPDATE #2:  It now appears that Vanoemoer has password protected the blog post I linked to after she took down post shown in the google cache link above, so, here’s the google cached version of the second post.

Unclear is whether any of these three people or groups is behind a series of racist flyers making the rounds and are now posted on the Char-Koosta News’s website.

But, we do know that there are racists taking part in the political activity there.  At a recent meeting, a tape recorder was accidentally left on.  Two elected officials whose campaigns were backed by WMWUA were caught on tape discussing Indian people “in very ugly tones, with one of the new leaders declaring that Indians weren’t Americans and others making similar statements.”  This certainly makes them the number one suspect in the racist flyers incident, but it doesn’t prove they did it.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 20, 2013 10:22 PM at 10:22 PM |

    craig, come defend your people!


    The Great Inbred Immigration continues In Montana!

    This is sad, so sad. But HEY, the good news is that there is NO racism in the Teatard party!…………only reetardayshun!

  2. Exactly what would a person have to do to earn a felony public records tampering conviction. Some kind of fraud? Some examples of this type of crime would be helpful.

  3. As a veteran, I pray to God these ‘baggers’ and ‘birthers’ are so ‘freakin’ stupid and their offspring that they would never meet the most rudimentary entry requirements into the military with their twisted, diseased and toxic attitudes and beliefs. Hell, they’re so twisted they wouldn’t even think of serving the United States military ever, just their ‘Fielder’ Militia Mom mobs.

  4. These TEA baggers think that if they can block the tribe from getting water rights that the oil, gas, and coal companies paying for these front groups will have more cheap water to use (and pollute) in their extraction processes. Corporate greed doesn’t give a damn about tribal sovereignty I guess.

  5. I looked at Catherine’s blog, but it seems to be under construction. I then checked several blogs on her blog roll. They’re disgusting racist sites. I do worry about ignorant white people pulling our country into full-out fascism.

    The fight against fascism was the most important event of the twentieth century. The fight against southern fascism (the Civil War) was the most important American event of the nineteenth century. The fight against white fascism might be the most important event of the twenty-first century.

  6. I am endlessly puzzled by a bunch of racists moving into the middle of a reservation in order to preach white supremacy. It seems pretty stupid to me. . . Wait. Ah, stupid. That explains it.

  7. It’s beyond pathetic and un-patriotic how these racist Tea Party terrorists act.
    There’s controversy over Native American land down here in Ravalli County as well that is being caused by the Tea Party members in office here. I’m talking about the land owned by the tribes near Darby which the commissioners are not allowing them to sale. Is this over water as well or is it a completely different battle?

  8. Yep, I am telling you look forward to the Tea Party proving, that Frakking corporations come before the sovereign rights of our Native people.

  9. I think this birther woman is originally from Wyoming and just moved to Montana to fight the tribe. This site has been monitoring “Dr. Kate” and her birther blogging and there is some funny, funny shi*# to be found there. http://www.thefogbow.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=5142&start=2050

  10. My Teac meters has been at peak all day reading this woman, Dr Kates drivel into the mic…hope it doesnt implode, they are kinda pricey!!!

  11. Ohhhhhh, Dr Kate ain’t just your run of the mill Birfoon and racist loon….no sirree, she and her band of flying monkeys are soooooo much more.

    Lets see, in addition to full blown Obama Derangement Syndrome, we also have

    Active support and all moist about the TROOF about “The protocols of the Elders of Zion”

    The gubmint, New World Order and UN are actively poisoning all good Conservative Murikans via “chemtrails”

    Don’t forget the Ebil Gubmint is also causing all the earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and twisters using the HAARP devices

    Agenda 21….Then there UN/NWO/Commies are going to kill Capitalism and 95% of all Americans for general sh*its and giggles

    Sandy Hook…..Boston Bombing….all “false flag operations” cooked up by the government and staged with actors

    One could continue but leave it as an exercise for the student in witnessing the devolution in the RWNJ mind.

  12. Just a quick clarification.

    I run the birther debunking blog “Bad Fiction”. “Dispatches from Birtherstan” is what I call my updates. It’s NOT Dr. Kate’s blog!

    • Thanks for the comment and for visiting the blog! I’ve updated the post to make it explicitly clear that this was not the name of Dr. Kate’s blog. Her blog is called “Dr. Kate’s View.” I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on such a great source of blog material for so long.

  13. Wouldn’t the name “Catherine” be “Cate” for short? Why is a woman who can’t spell her own name and who posts lampooning parodies of birther claims as evidence for her cause be making decisions about how our government works with sovereign nations?!

  14. Kind of strange how nobody is discussing the actual water compact. It really is an amazing piece of work, with FWP looking to score senior water rights in cooperation with the CSKT on millions of acre feet. Never mind the tribe gets 90,000 af of unallocated HH storage water to lease, or not lease. No discussion of Winters doctrine, Article 6 of the Hellgate treaty, etc etc etc.
    But then again, Indians have been loyal Democratic voters for some time, thanks to overtly racial pandering on the part of Democratic politicians hoping to to consolidate their hold on that vote bloc.
    None of the other water compacts have off-reservation rights like this, which originated with the Ninth in the Adair case — and let’s not forget the upheaval that Winters/Boldt/Adair doctrine is causing in the Klamath basin and in other locations in the Northwest.
    There’s lots more, but opposing this compact is not automatically racist.

    • Dave, you are pouring salt on slugs with such rhetoric. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McklXqQlwQk

    • Dave is repeating the TEA Party line. What he’s not telling you is Char-Koosta News“>this

      The Salish, Pend d’Oreille and Kootenai Tribes ceded more than 20 million acres of their aboriginal homeland in the 1855 Treaty of Hell Gate. In that treaty process the tribal confederacy retained the present 1.2 million acres that is the present Flathead Reservation for their exclusive use — that included exclusive ownership of all the water on the reservation.

      They also retained off-reservation rights in their aboriginal territory. That treaty, a Steven’s treaty, articulates those retained time immemorial rights and are the bedrock of their legal standing in pursuit of a quantified federal reserved water right for the Flathead Nation. However, through the years much of the Tribes exclusivity has through hook or crook been wrenched from them. Also lost were many individual Indian owned water rights. Ninety percent of the Tribes exclusive water rights of the Flathead Reservation is used by the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project that now provides irrigation water almost exclusively to non-Indian irrigators.

      The US Supreme Court requires states to quantify tribal water rights according to federal law. If the state and the Tribes do not work together to do so, the courts must do it for them. The CSKT compact is the last one that needs to be finalized, all the others are done or almost done.

      All of the rational parties agree that the agreement be worked out instead of taking the issue to court. A negotiated agreement, or compact, means more local control over the issues, and that a broader range of issues can be resolved. It’s also much less costly.

      The TEA party seems to be burying their heads in the sand–believing that they can block an agreement entirely and flout treaties and federal law. But that’s not going to happen. The courts will allocate the water if the state and tribes don’t come to an agreement.

      Look what happened when WY failed to negotiate the Wind River agreement? The issue went to court in 1977 and has still not been resolved today.

      The hypocrites in the TEA Party claim they are for fiscal responsibility – so why are they working to force a $30 million dollar law suit – much of which will be public dollars.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 22, 2013 9:07 AM at 9:07 AM |

        Years ago, Sen. Cornhole Burns floated the idea that sovereignty was an outdated issue and needed to go. He even held a meeting here in GF. I attended and spoke. I was even interviewed on the TV news afterward.

        So this idea that sovereignty is unfair and has outlived its usefulness is an old one. The water wars are just part of the ongoing fight against Indian Sovereignty. And dave and his teatard pals en JOY fostering this hateful attitude.

        Essentially, we are all Native Americans now. At the same time Cornhole was floating the idea to do away with sovereignty, he was ALSO fighting to sell off public lands! He even introduced a bill to do so, which was laffed off the senate floor. But these ideas never go away in Pubbie world.

        But the bottom line is that according to the ReePubes and teatards, NOTHING must be held in common for the common good, a very Native American idea. The Teatards want their Aynus Rantian world where it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves, and anyone who can’t survive be damned!

        Well, that is NOT the America that most thinking people want. We LIKE our public lands (which we all own) and do not intend to sell them off to the Big Kockh brothers. But we must always be on guard to fight the fascists who want to steal them from us.

      • Sorry, Cowgirl, but I’ve read the Stevens Treaties, they are all pretty much boilerplate, and I understand Winters and the Lower Colorado lawsuits, too.
        So let’s ignore the clauses about ardent spirits, or article six, blah, blah.
        The CSKT have done a fantastic job of re-asserting tribal control of reservation assets, the NBR, Kerr Dam, a whole long list of take-backs, all justified in my view, on the reservation. But the 12 million acres of homeland were ceded, and the rights to hunt and fish are in common with citizens of the territories off the reservation. The Adair ruling is off the chart, typical Ninth “reasoning,” this might be the time that the case goes to the Supreme Court for better or worse.
        We all know the CSKT, or at least some, deeply resent the white presence on the reservation, and especially white ownership of the best lands, the irrigated properties, those most likely to provide the desired self-sufficiency that is a mission of tribal government.
        But under tribal administration, the FIIP is not being maintained and monies from Kerr Dam revenues are not being plowed back into the infrastructure. Again, I can see CSKT not doing that because 90 percent of the benefit would go to white land. But is that a non-racial, color blind policy? Two sides to that coin, sorry.
        Never mind that an FTA is arbitrary and capricious. Never mind the political conflicts of interest with makeup of the MRWRCC. This is a blunt force political struggle that has a racial overlay making it an extra-ugly fight.

  15. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 21, 2013 7:25 PM at 7:25 PM |

    “It really is an amazing piece of work, with FWP looking to score senior water rights in cooperation with the CSKT on millions of acre feet.”

    SCORE “senior water rights”????


    Spoken like a true eastern asshole that you are, Dave! You know absolutely NOTHING about water rights, dude. And it shows! Ever had senior waters on ANYTHING??? No, you obviously haven’t.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 21, 2013 7:30 PM at 7:30 PM |

      p.s. Whiskey’s for drinkin’ and waters for figthin’! The inbred racists will lose their fat asses on this one, AND make a whole lot of enemies. They are even f*cking dumber then I thought. Welcome to Montana, inbreds!

  16. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 21, 2013 7:56 PM at 7:56 PM |

    YIKES! Dipshit Daines drinks LARGE from the Big Kockh largesse!

    Seems that little titmouse Dipshit Daines is workin’ the Big Kochs for all their worth! What a sad pathetic little asshole of a man.


  17. Your quote …..”But as Terry Backs told PBS, she felt Baldwin’s bunch didn’t have enough “bite” and splintered off to form a new even more conservative group.”…. IS ERRONEOUS. Just read the story you link to…….. It said……
    “According to Backs, some felt that the Calling All Conservatives group didn’t have enough political bite.” She didn’t say Baldwin’s bunch didn’t have enough bite, see said some felt the Calling All Conservatices Group (which had NO connection to any Baldwin Group) didn’t have enough POLITICAL BITE. It’s amazing how you try to twist what is really said into something you make up to fit whatever your agenda is. This is just one of the blatant lies you tell. I was hoping this was a blog that was truthful, and not full of mistruth and hatred. It seems to be only trying to stir up racism and hatred by any means necessary. Shameful. RezKid

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 21, 2013 9:06 PM at 9:06 PM |

      Rez Kid????


      SURE you are!

      Rez kid, you’re obviously some kinda dave skinner dink clone. SOO, please list all the ReePube legislators in Montana that you can think of. OOOPS! My bad. Did I ask you to think??


    • Dear “Rez Kid” – You omitted to cut and paste the earlier part of the article that explains how the the Calling All Conservatives group changed its name several times, from Calling All Conservatives, to Citizens Acting for Liberty to Brushfires for Freedom. As you can see from the full quote, below, the group gathered together to celebrate their electoral victories with Baldwin. Just because it had changed its name during its Baldwin phase doesn’t mean it had nothing to do with Baldwin.

      The result was Calling All Conservatives, a group designed to target “the erosion of traditional American values and principles.”

      The response was impressive. More than 300 people packed the small Ronan Community Center last year in only the group’s second meeting.

      The Danger of Success

      But even as they were helping conservative candidates win local races, divisions were emerging. At the post-election meeting on Nov. 9, the political tone had changed. The group, now called Citizens Acting for Liberty, had a new website and leadership, and far fewer members. Only about half the number showed up to celebrate their electoral gains and discuss what was next.

      That evening, Tim Baldwin, a former Florida state prosecutor, spoke about how the states could restore their liberty. Baldwin moved to Montana last year and he and his father, Chuck Baldwin — best known for running in 2008 as president on the Constitutional ticket — have embarked on a speaking circuit in northwest Montana.

  18. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 23, 2013 10:34 PM at 10:34 PM |

    STILL don’t understand? Well, it’s as simple as craig and skinner!


  19. Aware and Not stupid | June 23, 2013 10:36 PM at 10:36 PM |

    Cowpie,This is a bit off topic but I am curious. Are you going to comment on the fiasco with Sen. Augare? You were happy to jump all over Brad Johnson and Jim Shockley so just wondering if the good Senator from up north gets the same treatment? Will be watching got your fair approach.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 23, 2013 10:45 PM at 10:45 PM |

      Fiasco????? Not hardly, dumbass. THIS is a fiasco!


      Just WHAT did Sen. Augare DO, dipshit?? Some boner with a badge who has a hard on for Native people tried to take his keys!!! Even though he was OUT of his jurisdiction! Sounds like you should be talking to the boner with a badge, NOT to Sen. Aurare!

      Bottom line, Dipshit, Augare is NOT the Native American Dopey Reeburp no matter how HARD you try! Nice try, little fella. Come back when you’re not a moron!!!

      • Larry, just read the news to find out what Augare did. As to what this is about, well, drinking and driving. Why you so passionately defend such antics with red herring rhetoric escapes rational people, especially those in a wheel chair. Heed the words of Blackfeet Tribal member Cheryl Little Dog. http://www.kpax.com/news/blackfeet-woman-speaks-out-against-drinking-and-driving/#!prettyPhoto/0/

        “I broke my neck in five places, I broke my back in two, I had a ruptured spleen and a ruptured liver,” Little Dog said.

        Along with other complications, Little Dog was paralyzed. Sadly, she said, the problem of drinking and driving is almost a ‘norm’ on the reservation and several others.

        “The culture with the alcohol is high, just like the pills, the meth, the drugs,” she said.

        Little Dog has traveled around to schools on and off the reservations for the past 19 years, speaking to kids about the importance of staying “Sober Behind The Wheel.” In 2007, she teamed up with the Montana Department of Transportation for the Safe Nn All Roads Program.

        “I think that’s the greatest impact is me being in a wheelchair and saying ‘hey you know what? This can easily happen to you. You think you’re made of steel or you can’t hit that wall and be broken up? You can be, it happened to me, it can happen to any of you,'” Little Dog said.

        If there is going to be a state senator from Browning, perhaps it should be Little Dog. BTW, which example, Augare or Little Dog, do you want young Blackfeet to follow?

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 10:18 AM at 10:18 AM |

          Did he kill anyone? Not that I’m aware of. Did the cop violate the law? Yes he did. Did the Indian cops handle the situation appropriately? Yes they did. Was a crime committed? No. NO ONE, not even you, has proof that a crime was committed. Is Augare the Native Dopey Reeburp? No, he is not. Do people in Montana drink? Even white people? Yes, all the time. Is the system designed MORE to punish people too harshly than to prevent drunk driving? Yes. Are groups like MAD, moms against drunk driving, mad? Yes, they are quite insane. Their emotion FAR outweighs their ability to think logically. They argue for senseless punishments that do FAR more to destroy lives than drunk driving ever does! Did the Indian authorities use the exact right amount of punishment? Yes they did! End of story.

          You see, craig, in the old days, cops DID make arrangements to get an impaired driver home. It worked quite well. The ONLY thing that’s changed is that now, at the behest of crazy people out for revenge, the system has simply become punitive AND a business! LOTS of people making money now of drunk drivers. All sense of proportion is gone.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 10:25 AM at 10:25 AM |

            p.s. And craig, would you PUHHHHHLEEZE explain for me just WHY the GF Keystone cops don’t wait outside the grounds of the Civic Center AFTER the Blues and Brews fundraiser is over looking for impaired drivers? For I guaran-frickin’-TEE you that probably ninety-five PERCENT of the people leaving that event are drunk! I KNOW they are, for I have attended and WATCHED them drink!

            Nope. Cops wait outside the working man bars to nail the hod carrier gettin’ off work after havin’ a few beers. Hell, .08 is TWO beers! Happens all the time. Rich folks walk, workin’ man gets popped! Rich dudes get a ride home, workin’ man gets roughed up and a night in jail! WHOM do you think loses their license?

            All true, craig. All true. The drunk driver business has become BIG businesses! The state gets rich off it, and crazy women get to feel SO good about doin’ sumthin’, even if it’s wrong!

  20. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 7:18 AM at 7:18 AM |

    Finally! Revenge of the Inbreds! The Teatard Patridiots make an heroic last stand in our nation’s capital! As if to counter all those naysayers who said the Teatards were simply ignernt, useful idiots to the Kockh brothers, they rallied their forces for a tree MEND us show of force that left the “takers” shakin’ in their boots! There is simply NOTHING that fatassed, reetarted, gubmint suckin’, patridiotic, inbred racists can NOT do when they get their Depends in a know! Check it out. They showed up by the TENS of thousands, or more like tens, to support the Big Kockhs!


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