The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to…

…the chair of the judiciary committee in the Montana house of representatives, Krayton Kerns.

Let’s hear it for Kerns, who wrote a column this week excoriating a local business owner who refused to publicly disclose his support for the TEA party lawmaker (saying that would be “political suicide”). Kerns then used the same column to lash out against members of his own party who would require businesses to disclose their financial support for political candidates.

Our winner is so upset that he uses his column to out the owner, using the hardware store owner’s first name in a one-hardware-store town, saying, in essence, that anonymity is the security blanket of the insane.

“when I became a candidate, I traded my security blanket of anonymity for the sword and shield of truth, because to remain quiet and watch the country collapse would be insane.”

When it comes to insanity one could argue that Kerns quite audaciously straddles that line.   Hypocrisy, however, is clearly an essential attribute for the Kerns, Wittich, Priest bunch.  It’s also clear that supporting even the smallest ethical reform in Republican circles is a major faux pas.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 20, 2013 7:26 AM at 7:26 AM |

    Creepy Cretin Kearns, a REAL man! A MAN’S man! A Big KOCKH man! You see, in the REAL Teatard party, real men are PROUD to bend over backwards for a Big Kockh! Un LIKE the motto for Semen Sales, “we stand behind our work”, Creepy Cretin’s motto is “we stand in FRONT of the Big Kockhs”! Creepy Cretin is willing to take one for the team, the Big Kockh team! And he LUVS it!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 20, 2013 7:46 AM at 7:46 AM |

      Here is Creepy Cretin defending the Big Kockhs with his sword and shield! What a man! What a man! He has sworn a SOLEMN oath upon his sacred honor to defend the Big Kockhs, and he will! HE is no wimpy hardware store owner. OH no! Not Creepy! He is Sir Creepy Cretin, dee FENDER of the Holy Big Kockh! And anyone who messes with the Big Kockhs will FEEL the wrath of his cold steel! For never was a knight so LOYAL to his masters, the Big Kockhs! The Legend of Creepy grows daily. It will soon be Arthurian! Children will read about Sir Creepy Kearns and how he did battle with the forces of evil that were about to destroy this great country! Hence, I proclaim his legacy to be Kearnian, after the great knight himself!

      Here is Sir Creepy doing battle with the Dem forces who are out to destroy the country! Nope, nuthin’ insane about Sir Creepy Kearns, knight of the round table!


      What a douche!

  2. Bill Freese, uh, I mean, Anonymous | June 20, 2013 8:35 AM at 8:35 AM |

    “If SB375 becomes law, the Democrats joined by the RINOs will steer Montana down a liberal pathway for decades to come.” That is enough of an endorsement for me.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 20, 2013 9:31 AM at 9:31 AM |

    What is the best definition of a Teatard that I can come up with you ask? Well, ever seen a little kid getting his leg humped by a dog, and the kid is too young to understand what is happening, so he says to his mom, “hey, I think he likes me”? Well, THAT is a Teatard! The Big Kockhs and their underlings like Sir Creepy Cretin Kearns are HUMPING THE SHIT outta these poor, pathetic bastards, and they keep thinking, “hey, the Big Kockhs LIKE me! They promise me freedumb”! They’re just too f*cking stoopid to understand! Sad, so sad. Pathetic really.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 20, 2013 9:53 AM at 9:53 AM |

    Me THINKS that Sir Creepy Cretin just may have been a’talkin’ to G-O-D again! For you see, in STEAD of maybe taking some classes in logic, writing, literature, sociology, etc., that MIGHT give a moron like Sir Creepy some insight into how the world actually works, and actually improve his writing style, Sir Creepy simply listens to his gut, and G-O-D. And THAT is precisely why guys like him and Chump Edmunds come off sounding like the complete assholes that they are! I mean, Chump is gonna “reignite the flame of liberty”, and Sir Creepy is gonna take up his sword and shield of truth! Well fellas, just WHAT THE F*CK is THAT supposed to mean in terms of real world policy???

    Nuthin’ I’d say! It’s pathetic really. It’s PAINFULLY obvious that neither one of these dildonic morons has ever taken a class in logic or debate! And unfortunately, G-O-D is no substitute for a good debate teacher!

    So, they promise “freedumb”, and “flames”, to folks who are wondering just WTF they’re gonna eat if they lose any more teeth because they can’t afford dental care! Nor their rent! Nor their car insurance! Hoping all the while that they don’t get sick! Nor their kids! Freedumb and flames is simply jack SHIT compared to reality!!!! But it’s all these turds got! Sad, so sad. Pathetic really.

    More godsmack, or more precisely, godspank! Guess that’s why I’m a lousy kristyeean. I’m not into misogyny nor S&M!

  5. Looks like Bob Brown is runner-up for hypocritheocrite of the week:

  6. Kerns hasn’t straddled the line of insanity, Cowgirl… the mans dived, head first, into crazy!!!

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