The Usurpathoner Road Show

A birther who once tried to organize a national “Usurpathon” to unseat President Obama  is taking to the road to obstruct a water rights agreement between Montana and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

The militia-affiliated Sanders County Resource Council (SNaRC) is bringing the Concerned Citizens of Western Montana to Thompson Falls for a Town Hall meeting. The Concerned Citizens of Western Montana is lead by Terry Backs and Catherine “Kate” Vandemoer.  Vandemoer serves as a consultant to this group and its likely that she’s the “specialist” the ad refers too.

Besides campaigning against tribal sovereignty, Vandemoer is also known for her campaign to unseat President Obama, with a national event she called “The Usurpathon.”  Vandemoer attempted to organize 10,000 TEA Partiers and birthers from across the U.S. to descend on Washington and unseat “the Usurper,” President Obama.

“Out from the depths, out of every seam on the sidewalk, from every neglected corner, from the ether we come–filled with the mission of thousands, and the intention of millions to begin the usurpathon–the  siege and removal of the Obama administration.”

Unfortunately for Vandemoer, only two people showed up for the Usurpathon. (She claimed after the fact that she intended only two people to show up because more than three people would have required her to get a government permit.)

Now, the Usurpathoner’s group will keynote the second round of Town Hall meetings organized by Sanders County Resource Council. Their first town hall meeting spree exposed the ominous threat of bear-activated satellite surveillance systems. GOP vice-Chair Jennifer Fielder led the meetings.

An ad in this week’s Sanders County Ledger reads:

Town Hall
Information about the ongoing debate over water use and control in Western Montana

Presented by
Concerned Citizens of Western Montana [link is mine]

Monday, June 24, 2013
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Rex Theater, 1033 Main St.
Downtown Thompson Falls

Sponsored by
Sanders Natural Resource Council
Contact: Carolyn Pierson, Secretary, SNRC  827-****


As Cowgirl readers know, Fielder, who is also a Montana legislator, and John Trochman, founder of the Militia of Montana, are co-leaders of the Sanders County Resource Council.  Fielder is on the group’s board of directors, according to her website. Here’s the screenshot in case this gets taken down.

Trochmann founded the Militia of Montana in the 1990s after the wife and son of white supremacist Randy Weaver were killed in a standoff with federal agents in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The Alliance Defense League reports that “nearly all of its leaders and chief supporters were white supremacists, including Louis Beam, former ambassador at large for Aryan Nations.”  He’s a big figure in the national militia movement.  And the Sanders County Resource Council was formed by Trochmann specifically to serve as a front group for militia activity.  We know this because Trochmann admitted it, in a radio interview, in which he explains that for legal reasons, he now conducts much of his militia-oriented activity under the guise of several new groups, SNRC among them.

As the Human Rights Network reports, the Militia of Montana was started by a bunch of low-lifes with ties to white supremacists.

John Trochmann and members of his family started the Militia of Montana (MOM) in 1994. Prior to founding MOM, Trochmann spoke at and attended meetings at Idaho’s Aryan Nations. In the mid-1990s as MOM attempted to portray itself as mainstream, Trochmann tried desperately to distance himself and MOM from racist beliefs and Aryan Nations. Richard Butler, leader of Aryan Nations, responded with a letter asking why Trochmann lied about the number of times he had visited the hate group. The letter also stated Trochmann attended several of the group’s Bible studies and helped draft a code of conduct for the Aryan Nations compound. Over the years, MOM distributed material by well-known white supremacists, racist websites, and activists who deny the Holocaust. Its newsletter also published articles claiming Jewish people are the “synagogue of Satan” and control the government.

MOM grew out of another group Trochmann helped organize, United Citizens for Justice (UCJ), the MHRN reports. Some well-known white supremacists were leaders of the UCJ. They included a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi, an editor of a “Christian Identity” magazine (that’s the religion of the Aryan Nations), and a former leader of the Texas Ku Klux Klan. This group eventually folded due to infighting, and reformed as the Militia of Montana.

And Trochmann isn’t the only Sanders County Resource Council activist with a history of involvement with white supremacist militia types.   Again from the MHRN report: “Ed Dosh is a [Sanders County Resource Council] activist. A longtime MOM member, Dosh worked the gun-show and preparedness expo circuit with the group during the 1990s. He’s been a close associate of John Trochmann ever since. Dosh was also a founding member of the Church of True Israel, a white supremacist group that splintered off from Aryan Nations in the mid-1990s.”

Anyway, the last time the Sanders Natural Resource Council (pronounced “SNaRC” by locals) held a town hall, they shared their beliefs that conservationists who support wildlife management of local bear populations are part of a conspiracy to conduct surveillance on the militia movement. Here’s how the bear surveillance conspiracy works, as Trochmann explained in the same radio interview linked to above:

“If you try to do anything with these bears–they have collars on them. If you try to plug a bear and the heart stops there will be a satellite over the top you instantly to take your picture of you and call out the game wardens instantly.”

“What if you plug one of the game wardens?” the host asks. To be sure, the host goes on to clarify his remark :”I was being somewhat facetious–but only somewhat, with that.”



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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 7:32 AM at 7:32 AM |

    Ah, isn’t that special?! The racists have finally found a home…..

    IN THE ReePube Party!


    craig, skinner, come celebrate the diversity of the Pube party, dudes! You’ve got it all! You’ve got racists, supremnits, mlisha, reetarts, inbreds, and haters of ALL stripes! You guys really ARE a big tent! Come one, come all, to Montana!, the new White Homeland, where no one will ask for ID, NOR your IQ! The dumber the better! Sad, so sad. Oh, and BTW, skinner, just WHERE are the Dem haters?? You know, you dudes can ALWAYS find an equivalent! That’s what you morons do! Where are the Dem racists, haters, reetarts, and inbreds??? Why are Dems just SO much smarter than your flock??? Good question!

  2. Democrats have plenty of weaknesses (e.g., their willingness to accept the surveilance state, their unwillingness to go after coal and oil polluters), but Republicans have cornered the market on stupidity. I say “market” because it has become, for them, a commodity. Stupidity is lucrative. It’s great for fund-raising, especially when it’s underwritten by Big Money.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 9:21 AM at 9:21 AM |

    Well, you’re sorta right. For you see, I don’t think that MOST Dems out there have signed on to the surveillance state. But the one’s in D.C. definitely have. And that’s real sad.

    But my point was that the ReePubes are ENDLESSLY pointing out the Dem equivalents to all things Pubbie. So, I challenge them to point out the racist assholes in the Dem party. I just don’t see it. I’m sure that there are some, but come on down to the union hall. You will see ALL colors of folks. Union people don’t see color, just union brothers and sisters. And that’s the way it should be! And the Pubes just HATE the unions for that!

    The Pubbies are the party that WELCOMES the racists with open arms! PUBLICLY! I have yet to see any Dem politico do that. Now, if craigy or skinner can find one, obscure Dem who’s done that, I’m sure that we’ll hear about it! Maybe they exhume that old southern senator that died a while back! The Pubies can get MORE mileage outta a single corpse than any group I’VE ever seen!!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 9:49 AM at 9:49 AM |

      Oh wait! I forgot. There actually IS an example of Dem hatred. The ReePubes have cogently pointed out that Michelle O’Bama HATES white people! How could I have forgotten THAT one! The fist bump, remember? The fist bump heard ROUND the world! That was black code for get whitey! The Pubies saw it clearly, EVEN though the rest of us simply wondered what the f*ck are they talking about?

      Yes, the Teatards see things. Sure, they have to dig deep into their roots, utilizing tools like Bitherism, or as we say in Spanish, Birtherismo, but find an example they will! For you see, in Bitherism, if you can’t FIND a fact, you INVENT one! It makes things much easier to debate that way!


      BTW, if you get a chance, and want to waste some perfectly valuable time, AND kill a few brain cells in the process, listen to the talk radio program featuring Dr. Hate, Kate, and convicted felon Manning! Dr. Hate ACTUALLY admits she likes people who don’t think! It’s HEEEElarious! These folks rally ARE some dumb bassturds! For ONCE some honesty from one of these retards! No thinking necessary! And that makes you a good Teatard!! How insulting can they get?!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 11:47 AM at 11:47 AM |

        If I can make it, I’ll be at the Burpathon selling Jesus T shirts! Cain’t have too much Jesus at a racist meeting!

        • Larry, I have one of these Jesus riding a dinasour T-Shirts and it has been non stop comedy whenever I go out in Kalispell with it on.

          The looks and questions that I get are hilarious. No kidding, you can see the teatards and religious folks cogs a turning in their heads.

          Inevitably I will be asked “what does that shirt mean?” And every time I act 100% serious and say that the earth is 6,000 years old and that Jesus rode around on dinosaurs. I get a lot of “yups” and “I heard he did that”.

          Best $6 I ever spent.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 11:54 AM at 11:54 AM |

    Teatards on the Titanic! They’ve decided to go down with the shit! How noble.

  5. Geeze, I bought a set of dental picks from John Trochmann at a GUN SHOW. They were only five bucks and come in handy for cleaning GUNS. Should I take them to Pacific for recycling?
    The fact remains that the CSKT water compact is an enormous overreach with broad opposition not only on the reservation, but off. There is adequate water and money for on-reservation needs with or without a compact, and since everything goes to adjudication regardless of whether there’s a compact or not…..maybe this is the one set of federal reserved water rights in Montana that won’t be settled out of court. It’s a shame, really.

    And, by the way, what ABOUT Augare in the context of Shockley and his bag-o-beer. The Feds are pressing charges, ya know.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 12:45 PM at 12:45 PM |

      What charges, dave? A couple of meaningless misdemeanors? Why? And for you Teatards, just HOW much Fed money is gonna be spent on this victimless crime just to nail a Native? I don’t get it. Maybe you can justify this expenditure of MY money! WHAT would you charge him with, and WHAT would be your evidence? The ONLY crime he committed is making that cop look like an asshole! Me, personally, I don’t consider that to be a hangin’ offense!

      Sorry. You lose again.

      And as far as the compact goes, you teatard fellas will flog ANY dead horse simply to spread your hate! That’s all. Maybe you can tell us just HOW many of them so called “experts” are simply outta state haters trying to get a rise outta racism?! Seems to me that they ALL are! Where is Dr. Hate (kate) and her traveling hate show from anyways?

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 12:49 PM at 12:49 PM |

        Every small town dink cop with a badge and a boner wants to be THIS guy!

        No country for old men, amigo. No country at all!

        • Look, Larry, I know your political correctness blinds you to certain colors, and I also know you like to imbibe plenty — so you probably miss the non-open-container days. I miss them too, almost as much as the days of reasonable prudence, ruined by a high powered lawyer with a Corvette.
          But the Feds wouldn’t bring charges against Augare unless they had something to hang their case upon. Then there is the matter of the ride home from the grain elevators…both parties too drive to drunk, miles from an establishment serving spirits, apparently with no open containers, is prima facie evidence of DUI anyway.
          As for the compact, clearly you have not read it. I did, it is pure punishment. I actually had a talk with Vandermoer and she didn’t black-helicopter me, but she did point out that none of the other compacts in Montana have off reservation rights. She is in fact a PhD hydrologist, her first job was implementing the Wind River compact for the tribes — that she’s rather right wing in her politics is no different from the left wing views of other bureaucrats, John Tubbs coming to mind.
          But regardless of political leanings, the facts of the compact should give anyone pause, as it is a profoundly political creature. There are rivers of political self-interest coursing through the entire affair (including a certain past Governor), amazing rent-seeking, and, deep down, an undertow of pure revenge.
          That Cowgirl has now fired off two race-card items in a row on this affair rather than discuss the particulars of the compact makes it pretty clear that the Compact has problems on the merits which would kill it in a normal world. So the only thing to do is pull a chapter from the Celinda Lake playbook and associate bad things with your political opposition.
          I’m just waiting for the “mainstream media” stories to hit from Kemmick and Adams.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 1:26 PM at 1:26 PM |

            Well, thanks for responding anyway. There is grist there some someone’s mill. I don’t have time. But if you don’t post, we won’t know what you really think about it. Kinda hard to draw you guys out some times. Craig simply responds with talking point bullshit most of the time. I prefer originality. I am ALWAYS original. No one would dare use my talking points.

  6. Rachel Feldstein | June 24, 2013 1:48 PM at 1:48 PM |

    You can see why Dr. Hate (I love it, Larry!) is such a great fit for the Montana Militia lunatics by looking at some of Vandemoer’s earlier posts. A particularly choice one is ‘Witness to the Protocols” (yes, the Protocols of Zion) In this twisted anti-Semitic tirade, Vandemoer blames Jews for Agenda 21. Subsequent posts beat the tired horse of Jewish banking interests running the world. But the real treats on Dr. Hate’s blog can be found in the comments (and some of those writing comments are the same folks at the Western Montana Water Users) and Vandemoers’s response to them. “Heather1983,” a virulent anti-Semite who rails against Jews–who are to blamed for everything wrong in the world. Also in these comments, you’ll get a sense of Vandemoer’s total lunacy. For instance, there’s a nonsensical thread that Obama has a double.

    It’s hard to believe this crap is still out there, in 2013 America. But it is. These people hate the idea of Native Americans having sovereignty. Since Vandemoer and Backs and their acolytes are fond of attacking Compact proponents (check out the screeds against Compact Commissioner Tweeten and Compact Staff Attorney Weiner at, I think it’s fair to look at the background of the opponents.

    Great reporting, Cowgirl!

  7. Why don’t the ‘baggers’ just admit they would love to finally EXTERMINATE the native ‘first peoples ‘and save the gummint’ some expenses?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 2:37 PM at 2:37 PM |

      That is why all them whiners HATE the bison reintroduction, Pubbly! It’s nothing but racism. Hell, the Meissners (sp) had bison all OVER their ranches in the Sweet Grass Hill, and none of them, as in NOT ONE, ever caused a problem! The haters are gonna hate anything that benefits the Native Americans. For the haters, the concept of things held in common for the common good has NO place in their Aynus Rantian world. Everything must be commodified and sold off to the Big Kockhs of the world!

      And Rachel, thank you for your wonderful post. I get SO sick and tired of these outta state racists coming to Montana. We’ve got enough of our own here already without their help. I believe that it’s important to out these folks for what they are. Hell, if they’re gonna be racists, be PROUD racists! Don’t try to hide it behind code words and non-related issues. That’s for wimps. Racists should be made of sterner stuff.

      And their relationship with and acceptance by the ReePube party is very, very disconcerting.

  8. Rachel Feldstein | June 24, 2013 3:22 PM at 3:22 PM |

    Hi Dave,

    I want to raise a couple of points with you. First, Vandemoer’s degree in hydrology and work in Wyoming isn’t all that relevant in Montana. Up until the lunatic fringe sprang forth in opposition to the CSKT compact, Montana has charted a far different path than WY. Wyoming is tangled up in costly and contentious litigation now. Montana has opted to negotiate compacts with its tribes–quite successfully, until the CSKT compact got tangled up with Tea Party politics. Vandemoer doesn’t understand MT water law, which might explain why she’s beating the drum for the compact to be rejected and for individuals to enter into litigation against the Tribes. She also doesn’t seem to grasp that the reason the State is negotiating off-reservation water rights with the CSKT isn’t because of some nefarious plot in which the State is really secret agents for the Feds, who want to give away our water to the UN as part of some super-secret Agenda 21 plot. It’s that the Courts have held that the Hellgate Treaty legitimately gives the CSKT those off-reservation rights.

    The opposition has put Vandemoer forward as its expert. Therefore, it’s quite right to address her credibility. Why is she no longer working for Native tribes? What of the outrageous claims she puts forth on her blog–that the government controls weather, that Obama staged the shootings in Newtown and the Boston bombing (to name just 2 of the many disturbing theories she posits)? Is someone who thinks that Obama sent a tornado to Oklahoma to punish them for being Republican really a qualified expert on natural resources? There is a big difference between the political leanings of John Tubbs and the notions Vandemoer presents. Her racism and her association with racists are also valid points to question when the negotiating partners to the Compact are Native Americans. The question of racial bias is perfectly appropriate.

    And as to your tired and false accusation of the liberal media… did you read the coverage of the Compact in state newspapers? The Helena IR printed wildly erroneous and attack editorials against the Compact twice as often as those in support.

    It’s time to bring the CSKT compact back into a fact-based reality. Part of that reality is that a vocal group of opponents are racist, fear-mongering lunatics whose word cannot be trusted.

      • Here’s a good place to find the lowdown on that particular brand of crazy racism.

        First, check out the background on Vandemoer:

        Dr. Catherine Vandemoer PhD, aka “Dr. Kate” – Used to hang around TexasDarlin’s blog as a guest poster, now has a blog of her own. Birther. Known for citing a long-since disproven myth about visions George Washington was claimed to have had, and citing research she never released proving Obama was born in Canada. Ph.D. is in hydrology, which might explain why her arguments are all wet. Of late has become a LaRouche junkie. Did an anti-Obama rally in Washington DC with a grand total of 3 people attending. Became increasingly insane with ever more stident calls for coups and revolution. De Vattelist. Has become increasingly conspiracy-prone and openly racist, recently was promoting and recommending the anti-Semitic “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” on her blog.

        Vandemoer quotes a lot from this terrible “Lame Cherry” site, which is described on Bad Fiction as:

        Lame Cherry – Batguano insane racist, has identified themselves as female, (though Dr. Kate claims they’re male). Has more issues than National Geographic, fond of making racist and sexist comments about Obama’s mother, wife, and children. Or anyone else for that matter. Has become increasingly vulgar and racist as time goes on.

        Strong ties to Dr. Kate, Dr. Kate and Lame Cherry cross reference each other regularly, including Lame Cherry talking about details of Dr. Kate’s life that Dr. Kate hasn’t posted on her blog.

        The Fogbow has a whole thread on Dr. Kate as well:

        Dr. Kate is also a believer in the theories of Dr. Masaru Emoto that water has a memory and can respond to emotion. This theory is called “Hado.”!search/profile/person?personId=1131085521&targetid=profile

        It’s only been in the last couple of years that she’s really gotten blatantly racist–since working on the compact??

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 10:19 PM at 10:19 PM |

        “I have become aware that a fine American Patriot in patriotic Catherine Vandemoer has had some smoke signals sent up on her movements from the Obama regime in B. Hussein before he flew the greenhouse temperatures of the White House for the feces smelling temperatures of Hawiian beaches and golf games with homosexual sounding named childhood ball mates, sent out orders to Indians that they needed to make war on the person known to the world as Dr. Kate.”

        From the blog above.

        Well, Lynn, near as I can tell, Dr. Hate is a VICTIM!…..of being a total dumbass AND a racist dolt, AND, of being a friend of the idiot above! No WONDER Assman, Fart Fetish, Pervert Priest and Ms. Fiddler luv this woman. She’s perfect, a perfect racist asshole! JUST what the ReePubes need to promote their agenda! These are some sick, racist mofos were dealin’ with here, paradin’ around in their Pubbie legitimacy!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 24, 2013 10:27 PM at 10:27 PM |

          p.s. Can we stop calling such people “conservative” now, and simply call them what they are, racist assholes?? For you see, SOME of us actually know what the word conservative means, for we were RAISED in very strict conservative homes! But we weren’t raised to be racist, ignernt ASSHOLES! Dr. Hate and her minions are simply racist assholes. They, along with Assman, Fart Fetish, Pervert Priest, and Ms. Fiddler give true conservatives a bad name!

          Hence, from now on, I suggest that Assman as head of the Pube party STOP saying that so and so is more conservative than another dude. Assman, just be truthful. Say that so and so is MORE OF A RACIST ASSHOLE than the other guy! It’s truth in advertising. No more of this moderate Pubes vs. pure conservative crap. You assholes are racists. Be PROUD of that fact! Flaunt it.

      • Thanks, Every time I started reading lame cherry, I got dizzy!!!!

  9. Don’t forget to submit your hiaku! Here’s mine:

    Gimme what I want
    Government of many,
    as long as they’re white …

  10. My Haiku:
    Hate is underrated.
    but must be overstated
    For GOP talk to be Jaded
    good Ideas must be Blockaided.

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 25, 2013 9:05 AM at 9:05 AM |

    “Out from the depths, out of every seam on the sidewalk, from every neglected corner, from the ether we come–filled with the mission of thousands, and the intention of millions to begin the usurpathon–the siege and removal of the Obama administration.”

    Thus spaketh the furious Vandersnatch, Dr. Hate!

  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 3, 2013 6:48 AM at 6:48 AM |

    Maybe you’ve heard of Jesus Christ? Well, meet Jesus CRUZ!

    Come ON, you ReeePubes assholes, lay OFF women’s reproductive rights! What the hell is WRONG with you assholes?!

    Look, we USED to vote for you morons to watch our wallets, NOT to watch out for our vaginas! Get your damn faux religeeo wacko pandering heads OUT of womens’ vaginas and back INTO economics!

    I can’t wait until you finally do your party in! And BTW, look, Jesus doesn’t NEED/WANT your help on women’s health issues! Get your heads OUT of the America’s vaginas and BACK up your asses where they belong! You’re getting damn embarrassing!

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 3, 2013 7:00 AM at 7:00 AM |

    Wow! I never knew that perverts could MULTI-task!

    Look, after a long day of playin’ Hide the Holy Pickle, a perv needs to get down to the business of making money! So, what BETTER way to make money than to open a laundry business! They’re gonna clean UP this dirty ol’ world for JAYsus!……..just like all the christofascists preachers in this country fleecing their flock of stupid flockers! Hell, I may have to resort to preachin’ and stealin’ the life savings of little old ladies if I get any broker! I’ve always been a big bullshitter, and I can promise a bigger, newer improved view of heaven to all the sheep out there!

    COME TO JAYSUS, FRIENDS! (and bring lots of money!)

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