TEA Partiers Caught on Tape

There are a lot of bad ideas out there in the world, but seldom does one get a chance to peek behind the curtain and see how they are formed.  Today is an exception.

A pair of TEA Party elected officials have been caught on tape this week.  The officials were recorded discussing–in front of their own organization’s running audio recorder–if the room was bugged after they had a conversation about how American Indians were “not Americans.”

Below are some of the statements from the transcript of Boone Cole and Jerry Laskody of Montana’s Flathead Joint Board of Control.  The pair were elected by TEA Party dark money groups to obstruct a water rights agreement with Montana tribes.

Boone Cole: “Well, they’re not Americans, first.”

Jerry Laskody: “Well they are the first Americans, right?”

Boone Cole: [audible groan], group laughter [Wayne Blevins, Ted Hein, Jerry Laskody, Boone Cole].

Ted Hein: “They were granted citizenship in 1924. That’s interesting in itself.”

Jerry Laskody: “ Well that’s the thing, they have dual citizenship. They have all the benefits of living here…and all the….I mean they don’t pay for roads in the county, they don’t ….they’re not really a government, though.”

That’s when Boone Cole started to worry that the meeting was “bugged,” making this inquiry into the Flathead Joint Board’s own recording device:

Boone Cole: “I wonder if we ought to sweep this building for bugs. I’ve often wondered if this place is bugged. [spoken into FJBC recording device].”

Jerry Laskody: “I don’t know. You can call a security outfit up and they can tell you what it would cost…it would be an easy building to sweep.”

The pair also discussed how they could employ propaganda tactics used in North Korea as a way to make their unpopular ideas seem less shocking:

Jerry Laskody: “The other issue I think you need to bring up….the two resolutions we passed…you’re going to get some flak on that one….because it says we make policy, not them….that’ll start people to thinking about how we’re going to have to operate together.”

Boone Cole: “Just look at North Korea…make a big, bold statement and then back off then they do something else behind…but that’s the thing, you get 3 people thinking about it…so it’s not such a shock the next time you hear it.”

You can download the whole transcript here, and decide for yourselves whether these two elected officials are capable of making  unbiased, rational decisions.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 25, 2013 9:08 AM at 9:08 AM |

    There appears to be not a shred of dignity nor integrity left in the Pube Party. Assman the Hut must be so very, very proud of his little kockhsuckers. HAVE THEY NO SHAME?! Geez, how could any normal person still call themselves a Republican in this state? I dunno. I dunno.

  2. Mission impossible. This message will self destruct in 10 sec. Kind of like what the republican party has done to itself.

  3. Why is the state of Montana giving credence to these lunatics? A bunch of Birther bloggers is being allowed derail a major contract that’s been negotiated for years and is 1400 pages and almost finished, with 10s of millions of dollars at stake- we the taxpayers are going to have to pay for there ultimate goal- a Jarndyce v Jarndyce style interminible lawsuit – that’s they only way they can block this.

  4. Thats enough for an ethics probe. I say someone check that out since I got the last Pube Party with an Eye in their logo caught for doing politics in montana without filing with the political practices board…jump on in!

  5. Um, I’d sure like to know who prepared this so-called transcript, which has pretty impressive gaps. What happened between minute 12 and 18, did they discuss substantive matters or have a group hug?
    And how about defining the CME, which I guess is the Compact Management Entity, which in turn is two members selected by the tribe, two by the governor, and a fifth by the other four. I understand all have to be stakeholders with a vested interest, but 90 percent of the irrigators are non-tribal. Is that really representative? I’m not so sure. Perhaps Laskody’s idea of having 50 percent of one’s income be ag-derived is a good qualification given the real issues here — the ability to conduct a profitable agricultural operation using a very important irrigation system without which Lake County would be bunchgrass, camas and sage.
    Let’s just say this is flying a race-card false flag.
    As for the discussion of sovereignty and dual status….that’s a fact, not a racist declaration. It’s a fact that Indians were not seen as US citizens until 1924 — just another one of those adjustments kind of like that made after the Civil War — which took another century to figure out. Never mind that women weren’t “really” citizens until what….1920? Fixed that, too.
    But the duality is an issue — Shannon Augare being a case in point, an elected official in two worlds who felt himself above the law in at least one of those worlds. For a while, anyway.

    • Dave, do you remember Rodney Gervais Jr.? http://missoulian.com/news/state-and-regional/missoula-in-lengthy-extradition-argument/article_608d3531-ed09-579c-b2bf-6866afd5905f.html

      This problem of jurisdictional conflict continues to allow perpetrators to escape justice. Augare is only the latest example. It would be nice to see our governor and federal representatives address it to end this “King’s X” travesty. For a thorough analysis see http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/Delivery.cfm/SSRN_ID2238230_code1057701.pdf?abstractid=2200475&mirid=1

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 25, 2013 6:46 PM at 6:46 PM |

      See, dudes, the REAL problem is that unlike the cops who have a boner AND a badge, YOU two dufi just have a boner! You guys have a REAL hard on for Native Americans! And it shows. Sad, so sad. Sad way to go through life. Hatred will eat you UP from the inside out! You two teatards need to make an immediate pilgrimage up to Ceement JAYsus to beg forgiveness for bein’ such assholes! Geez, history is LOST on you dudes!!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 25, 2013 6:55 PM at 6:55 PM |

        I hate to break the news to you two dinks, and all your teatardian inbred pals, but bee FORE there was your Ceement JAYsus, and bee FORE there was even Jesus, there was the Creator! Something you assholes wouldn’t understand, for in your teensy, tiny, inbred minds, everthin’ STARTED two thousand years ago with Jaysus!

        Well, unfortunately for you, it didn’t! And you can’t STAND the fact that the Creator ruled THIS land looong before you doorknobs came along. It SUCKS bein’ a newbie, don’t it?!

        The Native Americans lived here for a mere TEN THOUSAND FREAKIN’ YEARS before the corporate fascists took over. And they will be here long after too! I suggest that you morons just get over it, and if you want to continue to live here, realize that you are a guest and a newbie, AND very unworthy to foist your assholic views on anyone else!

        Sorry to be so blunt………NOT!

      • Larry, do you have any idea of the heritage of Glacier County Deputy Matt Connelly who was the one who stopped Augare and tried to take his keys? Ask someone at Browning about the Connelly name.

        What’s not comical is your continuing defense of the indefensible display of Augare’s arrogance and cowardice. Where was his acceptance of accountability and responsibility for driving DUI especially since he has served on the board of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northcentral Montana and Camp Sky Child? He is also past chairman of the Glacier County Democrats. He is currently a member of the Executive Committee for the Montana State Democratic Party, and a member of the National Caucus of Native American State Legislators. No, he had to hide behind some graneries and have his mother take the driver’s seat after speeding away from the deputies. BTW, how many did you down on your way home this evening? Care to boast?

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 25, 2013 7:28 PM at 7:28 PM |

          Rode my motorcycle today. Sorry, I never drink and ride! Seen three fatalities doin’ that. It’s OK to down a couple while driving, but riding, no. Whole different set of skills.

          BTW, here’s a guy who I taught all he knows about Spanish. Fortunately, he taught HIMSELF guitar! Ever seen him play? He’s fantastic!

    • Rachel Feldstein | June 25, 2013 9:39 PM at 9:39 PM |

      Hi Dave,
      You didn’t respond to the concerns I raised in an earlier post, so perhaps I am just wasting time trying to inject a fact or two into your partisan ramblings.
      For your information, the CME is the Cooperative Management Entity. It would be interesting to see if Laskody’s 57 acres of hobby farming come even close to comprising 50 percent of his income, which I’d guess is mostly his Boeing pension. And the issue isn’t that these nice folks were just pointing out interesting facts about Native Americans’ citizenship. It’s that they were deriding essentially their American portion of this citizenship. The clandestine plottings of Tea party politicians about the CSKT have absolutely nothing to do with Shannon Augere’s being pulled over for DUI. Nice try conflating the issues–holding out some stalking horse with nothing to do with the Compact with the CSKT. Oh wait, that’s what the liars and hate-mongerers who oppose the Compact–and who have been held out as experts by the Compact opponents–have been doing for months.


      • Well said Rachel.

        • I don’t think Dave is used to getting called out for his misinformation, but this was a very polite way of setting the record straight.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 25, 2013 9:54 PM at 9:54 PM |

        OUCH! Hey, skinner, that’s my friend Rachel. She’s WICKED smart! And you and craigy are just plainassed dumbasses! So, answer the lady, Dave!

      • Rachel, I don’t lurk here waiting to pounce like Larry. I missed your question. Try asking it again, since you forgot and I’m not going to run around looking for your post.
        And thanks for clearing up the COOPERATIVE management entity, which doesn’t seem that cooperative to anyone used to the idea of representative governance.
        You might want to ask Laskody if he likes the income from his cows, didn’t look like a complete hobby to me. Don’t criticize me and state you are injecting facts when you have no clue of the man’s finances.
        Again, who prepped the transcript, what was left out, who left it out?
        And, what’s your part in this?

        • Rachel Feldstein | June 26, 2013 11:56 PM at 11:56 PM |

          Hi Dave,
          My part in this is that I care about the facts of this Compact. You deal with innuendo. And you’re rude. My original post was to take up the question of whether Vandemoer (and other prominent Compact opponents) can be taken seriously. Here’s what I wrote.
          “Hi Dave,

          I want to raise a couple of points with you. First, Vandemoer’s degree in hydrology and work in Wyoming isn’t all that relevant in Montana. Up until the lunatic fringe sprang forth in opposition to the CSKT compact, Montana has charted a far different path than WY. Wyoming is tangled up in costly and contentious litigation now. Montana has opted to negotiate compacts with its tribes–quite successfully, until the CSKT compact got tangled up with Tea Party politics. Vandemoer doesn’t understand MT water law, which might explain why she’s beating the drum for the compact to be rejected and for individuals to enter into litigation against the Tribes. She also doesn’t seem to grasp that the reason the State is negotiating off-reservation water rights with the CSKT isn’t because of some nefarious plot in which the State is really secret agents for the Feds, who want to give away our water to the UN as part of some super-secret Agenda 21 plot. It’s that the Courts have held that the Hellgate Treaty legitimately gives the CSKT those off-reservation rights.

          The opposition has put Vandemoer forward as its expert. Therefore, it’s quite right to address her credibility. Why is she no longer working for Native tribes? What of the outrageous claims she puts forth on her blog–that the government controls weather, that Obama staged the shootings in Newtown and the Boston bombing (to name just 2 of the many disturbing theories she posits)? Is someone who thinks that Obama sent a tornado to Oklahoma to punish them for being Republican really a qualified expert on natural resources? There is a big difference between the “political leanings” of people like John Tubbs and the notions Vandemoer presents. Her racism and her association with racists are also valid points to question when the negotiating partners to the Compact are Native Americans. The question of racial bias is perfectly appropriate.

          And as to your tired and false accusation of the liberal media… did you read the coverage of the Compact in state newspapers? The Helena IR printed wildly erroneous and attack editorials against the Compact twice as often as those in support.

          It’s time to bring the CSKT compact back into a fact-based reality. Part of that reality is that a vocal group of opponents are racist, fear-mongering lunatics whose word cannot be trusted.”

          As to your current questions–my understanding is that all the FJBC meetings are recorded. The people you hear simply forgot to turn off the recorder before taking up their conniving. It looks to me like the transcript starts up after the meeting has closed. Why don’t you ask the FJBC for a full transcript to settle your worries?

          As to Mr. Laskody’s farming interests–I raised the point in response to your support about some of the chatter caught on tape that new FJBC Board members must derive 50 percent of their income from agriculture. It would be interesting to see who makes that cut-off and who is currently serving on the Board.

          Oh, and Dave, you should check out the comments on “Dr.” Kate’s current blog post, in which (amid a bevy of truly astonishing anti-Jewish insults) theorized on numerous times that Obama’s “double” is making the trip to Africa. This is who you want to believe about important water policy in Montana?

          While you’ve been making the rounds talking to Vandemoer and compact opponents, have you bothered to talk to anyone on the State team–the same State agency that successfully shepherded more than a dozen similar water compacts with Indian tribes from costly litigation? You’ve alluded to there being retribution in the CSKT Compact. Have you talked to prominent compact proponents, like the Lakes or Dan Solomon? While the Tea-party opponents, like the ones caught on tape, are quick to make this a racial issue, you’ll find many non-Indian farmers and ranchers who live on the reservation in full support of this Compact.


          • Rachel,

            Can you link me the relevant caselaw that identifies treaty rights to taking of fish to be a positive and not a negative right? It’s not a challenge I’m just learning about this and want to read more. (i.e. Instead of a right where the state can’t interfere with taking of fish the state has to maintain fish populations through a water right).

            Early cases held that the water right ought to roughly equal irrigable acreage on a reservation. (i.e. how much water is needed to irrigate every acre humanly possible – maintain that level and no abandonment).

            What’s the rough level of the current form of the compact? The reservation seems to be just shy of 2,000 square miles, if every acre was irrigable (which it isn’t) and haying it would seem they’d get roughly 1,280,000 acre feet?

            As far as off-reservation I’m not really sure what’s going on or the authorities.

            • Hmmm. You say “its not a challenge” the question you pose, yet you also come on this same article and raise the matter of Shannon Augare in a disparaging light. Got it. Why don’t you do your own research? That’s your responsibility, not anyone else’s.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 27, 2013 6:59 PM at 6:59 PM |

              Hey, Water Closet, you’re a moron, right? Can YOU tell me, cupcake, just HOW many treaties were broken by YOUR gubmint regarding the Native Americans? And here’s a simple one, outta state moron, just WHY does the Rez map make a whoopee on the southern border? You’re an outta state moron and it shows! Is this Pastord Bulbdim’s kid???

          • Rachel, your level of interest here seems unusually high for you to simply be interested in the facts of this compact.
            Your criticisms of Vandermoer don’t necessarily cross over into her ability to be a hydrologist. She does have a PhD, and if she is doing proper work there, it will stand. Or it will fail. I did discuss the compact and the abstracts with her. Two points. Nothing she said seemed unduly off the wall. Second, while she certainly has political views, the same can be said of the federal government representatives, such as Dave Hayes. The difference is that you probably approve of their views.
            As a matter of fact, I did have a long talk with Dan Salomon a couple of weeks ago. I frankly am in his camp as to the implications of Winters/Lower Colorado/Adair/Boldt et cetera ad nauseam and the status of CSKT as Stevens tribes in the Ninth.
            While the chances of losing disastrously in a lawsuit are very real, there is still a matter of justice. Yes, the tribes have been wronged, but the Compact as written seems to stack another wrong on the pile rather than being the right thing to do for all concerned.
            Let’s just say I am not particularly interested in surrendering, handing over all that unallocated water in Hungry Horse to the tribes to lease, or not, for what the market will bear. It might be a losing fight against case law, but that is in my view more honorable then just bending over.
            Never mind the hidden agenda of having these water rights co-enforced by DOI/FWP as a surrogate for slowing or halting economic development in western Montana.
            I think Dan is in a much more difficult position, as an irrigator with a lot to lose as well as potential exposure to unfair water administration in the future.
            I think the CSKT know they are really pushing the line of reason here, otherwise they would have made domestic and municipal water supplies subject to call, rather than the fairly small number of irrigators — is that because they hope the farmers can’t swing an attorney? But angry cities could and would.
            Keep in mind none of the other compacts have off-rez water rights, therefore they were fairly straightforward. Winters doctrine is okay — but the Ninth has made some crazy rulings that are coming home to roost in the Klamath. The end result is not going to be better than what exists now. I doubt very much that a de-dammed Klamath will be quite the paradise its proponents expect. Instead, it’s a MAD strategy in which both sides will suffer.
            Maybe that’s where this thing is heading in Lake County — why? So Democrats secure the Indian bloc vote? So the Flathead Rez can someday be majority-Indian again? What’s the point?
            Fix FIIP, get it self-sufficient, get the water where it needs to be on the reservation….don’t weaponize it.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 27, 2013 7:16 PM at 7:16 PM |

              Lasdorky?? Lasdorky??? Hmmm. Where have I heard that name before? VIOLA! He’s famous! He’s the outta state dude with a whole FIFTY-SEVEN ACRES! His Ponderosa! bwhhahaahahahahahaa!

              Lasdorky, the land baron! bwhhwhahahahaa!

              Hey, Lasdorky, dufus much?! I seen ya on
              TV, dude! You were good!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 27, 2013 7:39 AM at 7:39 AM |

          Well, Dave, now since it’s all perfectly legal, I thought that this might be of some use to your pals up there in Sanders County! Enjoy.


    • Augure had his interim meeting in Helena yesterday (supposedly). Does anyone know if he showed up?

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 27, 2013 6:55 PM at 6:55 PM |

        Why should he? He didn’t violate any law!

        • Larry, he should have gone because he is a committee member and collects a pay check from the state. http://leg.mt.gov/css/Committees/Interim/2013-2014/InterimMembership.asp?CommitteeID=933 As to your nonsense about not violating any laws, click your heels together 3 times and maybe you will convince yourself. He has a court date in July to answer to a federal magistrate. Any bets as to how this will turn out? http://helenair.com/news/state-and-regional/summons-issued-for-state-senator-charged-with-dui/article_6fc7176f-0278-56fd-929b-27b342e49bfb.html Now read the comment from ExCop from June 21. He writes, “… the Glacier County Sheriff and many of his deputies are both members of the Blackfeet Nation and former Browning Police Officers all of whom I know personally and professionally and are all good men as I have worked with them and trained some of them when they were just first year rookies.

          Did you ever do you homework on Deputy Matt Connelly who pulled Augare over and smelled the alcohol on his breath? Care to continue your racial nonsense? Now also keep in mind that this DUI matter started off the reservation when Augare drove away from the Cut Bank bar. He entered the reservation when he crossed the river heading west.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 27, 2013 8:11 PM at 8:11 PM |

            Boner with a badge can occur in ANY race, craig! You see, give the dude a badge, and that takes ALL the blood flow from his brain and REE directs it to his boner! AND his ego! Yes, there are some dumbass Natives. They buy into the make my day bullshit. They are NOT very bright! He should have known better. Now, he simply looks like an imbecile!

            Wonder how popular he is on the Rez now???

            • So you are now asserting that Deputy Matt Connelly is some dumbass Native that is NOT very bright! and looks like an imbecile! Now, how is it that you malign him here without knowing anything about the man and the conduct of his duties? Did you know he was the arresting officer of Hussein Abdi Hassan? http://www.dailyinterlake.com/news/local_montana/article_386c980a-707a-11e0-91d2-001cc4c002e0.html?mode=jqm

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 27, 2013 8:35 PM at 8:35 PM |

                Um, did you know that the Rez cops handled the situation with OUT wetting their knickers to the press?!

                You know what the problem is, craig, and you just won’t admit it! You Pubes are SO desperate for a Dem Dopey Reeburp and Barfus that you’ll conflate ANYTHING into an equivalent crime! Come on, just admit it!

                But you see, craig, it is ONLY by the grace of God that Barfus is NOT showering with his new best buddies, Bubba, Skillet, and Leroy! “Hey, Barkus, pick up that soap, white boy”!


                You see, craig, it was a miracle that those folks on shore heard the crash and reacted with such courage! If they had not, the guy in the water would have been DEAD! And Barkus would be bonding with Bubba, Skillet, and Leroy! And you Pubes KNOW that!

                So, stop playing dumb. Jurisdiction is jurisdiction. ANY boner with a badge that doesn’t understand THAT should probably go back to cop school or get out of cop shop!

                End of story, un LESS of course you want to get your ass handed to you again in this debate.

                • Larry, your “Rez cops” failed to administer a breathalyzer when they discovered Augare and his mother hiding in their vehicle behind some graneries. Those cops drove them home because they were toooooo under the influence to drive themselves. This will all come out in the legal proceedings, unless Augare pleads out. Stay tuned.

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 27, 2013 8:58 PM at 8:58 PM |

                    Well, the Rez cops administered the appropriate level of police work! They solved the problem with OUT looking like assholes in the newspapers! Geez, get a life, dude. Get a life!

                    • Prove your claims. So far all you have done is maligned the Sheriff’s department, it’s deputies and make totally unsubstantiated assertions as to no violations of law and as to what is appropriate level of police work as to occupants of a vehicle that could not drive themselves safely home. Stop spinning in your chair or your pants will catch fire.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 27, 2013 9:32 PM at 9:32 PM |

                      Sorry, craig, but I’m at a loss here. I don’t really know how to UNlose this argument! Help me out here, for it’s over. You lose again! But you really should be USED to that by now!

                    • Jeez Craig prove you claim first, because rez cops dont have twice the corpution whites cops do, and thats a fact you can’t deny. You see Larrys right when ever you GOP get one little tasty morsel in how many years? You just try and equate it with tea party gop BS that happens hourly. Nice try at propaganda but it doesn’t work. Before you open your mouth make sure you put down some verifiable links that prove your side first… cause your opinion doesn’t count as Fact…. Just Saying!!!

                    • Never state the Craig “cannot deny” something. If he thought he could get away with it, he would argue that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east – especially if he could find a wingnut site to back him up.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 28, 2013 7:25 AM at 7:25 AM |

                      May I help? Here’s a great site for craig AND all the christofascists out there. HEY, it’s in the Holy Buybull, so it MUST be true, right?


                      craig, feel free to use this site. It’s YOU, dude!


      • No, neither he nor Frosty were there.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 27, 2013 7:04 PM at 7:04 PM |

        Hey, Water Closet, I’ve got some really, really bad news for ya, outta stater dude. The Natives were here LOOOONG before a lily white dipshit like U showed up! And that kinda sucks, don’t it?????

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 25, 2013 6:21 PM at 6:21 PM |

    “This problem of jurisdictional conflict continues to allow perpetrators to escape justice”

    Wow! Teatard “logic” at it’s finest! Very impressive, craig…….


  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 25, 2013 7:15 PM at 7:15 PM |

    What the f*ck. In another hundred years or so it won’t really matter now, will it?


  8. These people who claim the Indians are not really Americans seem to be the Ranchers who benefited directly from the Indians losing their Land. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2345252/George-W-Bush-s-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather-Was-Slave-Trader.html

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. | June 25, 2013 8:22 PM at 8:22 PM |

    Sweet Jumpin’ JAYSUS! Give me a hundred people with her courage and we WILL kick the fascist bassturds right in the nuts and OUTTA power! For you young people who read this blog, this is the real deal! Look at the worried look on the fatassed reetarted Pubes in the background. THAT alone is worth a thousand words! Courage still exists in this country! Keep the faith!


  10. Everything these baggers said is one of the most idiotic things I have every heard. Everyone who reads this transcript is now dumber for having done so.

    This my friends is why two of the three irrigators groups that formed the Flathead Joint Board of Control has bailed. Quit, jumped ship, and left these imbeciles to their own idiocy.

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