Group Behind MT Ballot Measure Also Pushed Laws to Justify Homicide of Abortion Doctors

The group behind Montana’s anti-choice ballot measure is also behind several bills to expand justifiable homicide laws, so that they cover murder committed in the defense of a fetus.

Law enforcement officials say the bills “could be used to incite violence against abortion providers.”

ALEC’s anti-choice step-sister, a group, called “Americans United for Life”  is the out-of-state group pushing this bill in multiple states.  Missouri and Oklahoma passed the bill, and South Dakota and Nebraska have considered it multiple times.  Like ALEC, Americans United for Life is behind a whole slew of boilerplate bills to roll back science, public health, medical standards, and privacy rights by a hundred years or so.

We know Montana lawmakers are using the group’s bill templates.   The language of HB 391, the parental consent for abortion bill that passed the MT legislature this session,  is practically a verbatim replica of the AUL’s model legislation.   And what do you know, the bill which put the parental notification referendum on the Montana ballot in 2012 is also identical to the AUL boilerplate.

You can see a whole list of AUL’s current boilerplate legislation here.  While American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the best known boilerplate bill factory, AUL has operated more under the radar, proliferating hundreds of right-wing bills for non-thinking legislators who get their ideas about policy from out-of-state think tanks instead of listening to their own constituents.  It’s disturbing to thing that there are other such groups, and that there are so many Montana lawmakers who would rather pander to TEA party carpet-baggers than come up with some thing that actually is important to the Montanans they are supposed to represent.

AUL is led by a woman named Charmaine Yoest, a former adviser to Mike Huckabee’s failed presidential campaign.


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    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 7, 2013 7:13 PM at 7:13 PM |

      Religious psychopaths! Fight back, people. It’s time. Let your pedophile priest and pastor know that you ain’t gonna take their shit any more! It’s time. Go ahead and be religious all you want to, but by GOD fight back against the insanity and the pervert pastors and priests! Jesus wants you to! God gave you a freakin’ brain. USE IT!

  1. Great source douchebag Larry. On the other, if someone wants birth control they can pay for it. Otherwise, they are pushing their values and lifestyle on me and making me pay for it. I won’t make you pay for my “religion”, don’t make me pay for yours.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 7, 2013 8:50 PM at 8:50 PM |

      You wanna cite the Biblical prohibition a GAINST birth control, dipshit? Chapter and verse?! You lose again. DAMN you’re a simpleton. You see, Oh Really Stoopid, problem is, I know your Bible better than YOU do!

      Might I recommend Issac Asimov’s two volume set on Biblical bullshit!

      • The bible has nothing to do with my comment. I’m saying that I don’t expect anyone to pay for my lifestyle or even support what I believe. I just don’t want to pay for theirs. Your narrow mind goes to the same spot in every argument; bash GOP, bash organized religion, bash the bible. Open your mind a little douchebag Larry and understand that a choice you or ab norma make doesn’t mean working people like me have to pay for it.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 8, 2013 5:13 AM at 5:13 AM |

          DAMN you’re a moron, Oh I’m Really Stoopid! Just what IS your opposition to birth control based upon if NOT religious grounds, dufus? And WHAT is your “lifestyle” that doesn’t include sex?! Seems that THAT is the lifestyle of just about EVERYONE except you! Are you a pervert priest????

          And yes, bash GOP. They’re idiots, and there IS no Republican Party left, only christofascists and Teatards!

        • Wow. The man-child afraid of committing to anything doesn’t want to pay for anyone else’s “life style”, and expects no one else to pay for his. Hmmm. He comments this on a government created and subsidized Internet, well regulated. Surely that’s not a lifestyle choice he would favor, unless it favors him. He pays taxes to build and maintain roads that vastly more support business (a lifestyle choice), because he gets to use them as well. He appears ignorant of the fact that his education, even if home-schooled, was supported by others through public schools and libraries. Education is, of course, a life style choice that Oh Not Really supports while railing against such things. Does Oh Not Really enjoy the Great Outdoors, parks, forests, trails, rivers, or is he a shut-in? If the former,then he most certainly expects the rest of us to fund his lifestyle choices. And what is his great terror? That others might have sex and even a penny of his money might go to those others remaining healthy while doing so.

          That’s your problem, Oh Not Really. It’s not that you’re a prude,or fiscally responsible in your ignorance or that you are stupidly pious. You are a hypocrite. It’s that simple, simple enough to write in capital letters. You are a HYPOCRITE, knowing and stupid, and still thinking no one else can smell that stink coming from you.

          • your rant would be insightful if it had a shred of truth. You are one of the merry band of idiots that follow douchebag larry. Glad you came out of the shadows to show your angry little bitter self.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 8, 2013 7:43 PM at 7:43 PM |

              Um, Really Stoopid, it SEEMS that you’re the one in the shadows, bugnuts! Got a name? Guess not. You’d better stay in the shadows…….


              Cockroaches generally don’t like bright lights!

  2. Jesus never spoke about Infanticide, but it happened very commonly in his time. Infact it happen for another 300 years after Christ died. People didn’t want a kid they just left it in a clay pot next to the street where it would die of exposure if the slave trader didn’t pick it up.

    Until recently, (infanticide) was a practice that was widely tolerated in human societies around the world. Prior to modern methods of contraception, it was one of the few ways of limiting family size that was both safe for the mother and effective.

    Based on archaeological finds, the practice appears to have been particularly widespread in the Roman Empire.

    Yeah even the first christian emperor, allowed infanticide.

    Really, is just one of those idiots that don’t realize that adoption is the new slave trade. countless studies have already proven that some countries are willing to sell their children to someone who will pay for it even if they have One healthy parent still alive. Madonna is an example of that. Once she found out her kids still had family she had to do the right thing and go back and tell those parents she had their children. ask them if they wanted them back.

    The church is also getting very rich selling those orphans, this is why they are allowing these pro lifers to murder doctors.

    Dont pay no mind to this Idiot Larry, They have no Idea how the real world works, since they were bought and sold as a christian long time ago!

    • And I am only talking evangelical corporate christians like really. there are still plenty of good ones left, they just have been silenced from telling the truth.

    • Once again, great argument Norma. Instead of going after the problem of the alleged slave trade your solution is “kill the baby”. You and douchebag Larry sing the same tune over and over.

      • I am only pointing out history and fact OhReally, sorry if it is so scary for ya and all you can do is curse me now … because you know the facts.

        Do you call every one armed with Facts, figures, and links to back up their story douchebags?

        Im wondering how many clay pots jesus walked by? How many slaves? There is not one story of him taking a newborn child and raising it as his own is there? not one of him buying a slave and setting him free?

        It was a fact of life in his day….. Still waiting for a fact of life from you and you kind that makes sense.

        See I know bad history when I see it, and act against it… your willing to allow BS to continue.

      • It’s been my experience in life that if a tune keeps getting sung, then there are some truths in the lyrics. Since your level of commitment and consistency has been proven to be about nil, I have to ask: Why do you fear repetition so much that you’ve ridiculously convinced yourself others should as well? Stating the obvious, you don’t seem to have problem with repetition. You have no stomach for disagreement. That looks for all the world like a personal problem you have.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 8, 2013 5:42 PM at 5:42 PM |

          I get so disappointed that the wingdings can produce not ONE formidable debater! Geez, I’m thinkin’ I might have to cross over and HELP them out just to flush out the arguments presented here! I’ll take their side FOR’em! Hell, I can be as retarded as anyone if I want to be!

          But in all seriousness, their intellectualism is pathetically lacking. And they have absolutely NO sense of humor, nor can they hurl one decent insult. I find them to be terribly boring.

        • huh? I only listen and grant credibility to those that seem credible. You are not one of those. In fact…All you and your little band of idiots provide is entertainment. You, Larry and Ab Norma are a comedy act that keep the laughs coming…so say something else, my comments are just nickels dropping in the slot to get another brilliant rant.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 8, 2013 7:51 PM at 7:51 PM |

            That’s OK, dude. Not everyone can play here. And it’s obvious that your can’t. You just don’t have the where-with-all! It’s good that you realize your limitations, as limited as they are!

          • More than happy to take money from a dipshit, the problem is I have only been giving your Nickels worth of intellect because you’re too cheap and too stupid to pay for more of it.

            Happy to give Lessons though, but you actually need medical help, more than intellect… you’re gonna need more brain put in to understand us.

          • By the way, You aren’t credible enough to know what credible means.

  3. Oh Really,
    Contraception is a bargain, without it you will be paying a lot more for someone else’s “lifestyle.” As it is now less then a penny of your yearly taxes goes to contraception. Also keep in mind there are other medical reasons that a person might need birth control, yet like a typical teabagger, the value of punishing poor people outweighs any facts or reason.

  4. This type of stuff happens on both sides with Democrats and Republicans. Republicans just seem to do it more often.

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