The Shoe Falls

A complaint was filed by a government watchdog organization against James Bopp, the architect of Citizens United  yesterday.  Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington filed a whistleblowers complaint against Bopp and his organization, the “James Madison Center for Free Speech.” The complaint alleges he diverted nearly all of the funds from the non-profit to his own law firm in violation of prohibitions against using charitable organizations for private inurement and private benefit.  

As the Wall Street Journal reports,

 As a result, JMCFS and the Bopp Law Firm now owe the IRS more than $6.2 million in back taxes. Further, by repeatedly signing and submitting to the IRS inaccurate tax forms, Mr. Bopp may have made false statements in violation of federal criminal law.

James Bopp was one of the original lawyers for Citizens United, the legal challenge led to the landmark 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said corporations are people and can spend money to influence elections.

Besides deregulating the nation’s campaign finances, Bopp has been up to no good in Montana too.

In 2010, the Helena IR reported that the Bopp’s firm filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jennifer Olsen and the Billings “Montana Shrugged” TEA Party faction is suing the state to invalidate Montana transparency laws and political reporting requirements. Olson was the Chair the Billings GOP Republican Party who was caught posting a photo of a device designed to trap president Obama by luring him with a watermelon in February. She did not seek re-election after the post became public.

And in 2012, the Billings Gazette reported, Bopp and his firm were listed as lead counsel for the failed recount effort of Republican Office of Public Instruction candidate Sandy Welch.



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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 11, 2013 6:21 AM at 6:21 AM |

    Just an interesting read on the TeaKockhs! Seems that Daddy Kockh was a truly nasty little man, and the turd didn’t roll TOO far from the orifice!

  2. I see that Senate Republicans have filibustered and killed a bill that would’ve prevented student loan rates from doubling. Since these senators are all very wealthy, and their grandchildren don’t need to take out loans, they don’t mind shafting students from the middle and lower classes. In fact, they like shafting them.
    They think that children of the unwealthy shouldn’t be going to college anyway. They need to join the military to help fight our endless war against non-Christian non-white people in other countries.

  3. Nice work BOPP, Citizens United another DISASTROUS ‘Supreme’s decision that ranks with the other vile assaults on We the People like Bush v. Gore, Rolling back the Voting Rights Act and the Dred Scott decision.

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