A Senate Candidate Speaks

Republicans bristle when its pointed out they’ve declared war on women and minorities. But what other conclusion can be drawn when they are shamed by GOP candidates for having constitutional privacy rights?

When you see Republicans like Edmunds talking about limiting women’s freedom, you know he’s running for election. The GOP base is very strict about pushing women back to the 1850’s.  

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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 11, 2013 8:22 PM at 8:22 PM |

    At this point I must ask my friend on the other side of the aisle, Mr. Chump (dumbass) Edmunds, just HOW MANY illegitimate black/hispanic babies he’s adopted or PLANS to adopt in the future???? Le gustan los bebes Hispanicos, Chumpo? How ’bout it, Chump? How many unwanted babies have YOU adopted lately, dipshit???? I’ll wait. Me THINKS that Chump’s ass is talkin’ with OUT first consultin’ his BRAIN again! Hey, Chump, on a personal note, dude, asstalkin’ is NOT the best way to win an election, dumbass!

    • I wonder if Wells Fargo corporate headquarters cares that its employees are representing themselves this way. Hmmm. interesting.

  2. Champ Lambchop your not all there…..Lets talk about texas for a moment shall we.

    According to the Guttmacher Institute
    • In Texas in 2006, the federal and state governments spent $1.3 billion on births resulting from unintended pregnancies; of this, $782 million (61%) was paid by the federal government other wise known as we the people which includes us Montanans and $507 million (39%) was paid by the state.

    In 2010, the reported public expenditures for family planning client services in Texas totaled $148.4 million; this includes $92.1 million through Medicaid and $13.9 million through Title X. Most states also use some of their own money (in addition to funds required to match federal grants) for family planning services; in 2010, Texas contributed $19.6 million.

    So it goes to show dip shit , that for far less money, you could not only save the state of Texas money, but the nations….. And you dumbshit GOP, decided to close all the clinics in the state except for four. I thought you were all for saving money?

    • The services provided by family planning centers in Texas helped avert 98,700 unintended pregnancies in 2008, which would likely have resulted in 43,900 births and 41,200 abortions.
    • Averting these unintended pregnancies in Texas helped save the federal and state governments an additional $348.2 million in Medicaid costs for pregnancy-related and newborn care in 2008.

    You have to be some of the dumbest white folk in Texas to not see that the savings from this alone would help that state with their financial shortcomings. This is why Champ Edwards isn’t worthy of another run at his seat or any other for that matter. the man and his GOP compadres can’t even count. Their not fiscal conservatives at all just religious bullshitters…. just saying.

    And then…. why worry about black and hispanics? Why are you exploiting and distorting the facts to serve your antiabortion agenda. You ignore the fundamental reason women have abortions and the underlying problem of racial and ethnic disparities across an array of health indicators. The truth is that behind virtually every abortion is an unintended pregnancy. This applies to all women—black, white, Hispanic, Asian and Native American alike. Not surprisingly, the variation in abortion rates across racial and ethnic groups relates directly to the variation in the unintended pregnancy rates across those same groups.

    If you don’t intend to protect these people right to vote at the polling places, why try to gin out a white supremacy story of unintended pregnancy along lines of color? We already see you for the racist you are, economically disadvantaged women are disproportionately affected by unintended pregnancy and its consequences:

    In Montana in, 44% of all births (5,500) result from unintended pregnancies, compared with 38% nationally. the state is virtually all white Lambchop. Chew on that statistic.

  3. Nope, But I wish it was!

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2013 2:35 PM at 2:35 PM |

    I’m not positive on this one, but it SEEMS like Chump Edmunds MAY have been moonlighting in New Jersey! From the article, it SEEMS like sumthin’ that Chump would be good at!


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