Schweitzer Takes a Pass on Senate

Brian Schweitzer surprised the state of Montana today when he announced that he would not be running for Senate.  It’s surprising because he was such a heavy favorite.  But it’s unsurprising too, because he has long maligned the US Senate as a do-nothing institution that he wants no part of. Others, too, have observed that the Senate is not a good fit for him.

And so thus concludes, for now, a tremendous political career in Montana, in which Schweitzer moved mounds of earth, changing the political landscape.  He showed conclusively that a Democrat, and not a Republican, can be trusted to get things done.  The record is well known–record budget surpluses, renewable energy development, economic development, protection of public lands, and all the things that the GOP whined about for two decades but never solved.   And, we will miss Schweitzer’s no-bullshit gamesmanship in which he engaged with his opponents and reduced them, usually, to rubble.  I’ve never witnessed a politician who so relishes mixing it up with his opponents. It made for some of the best political theater the state has ever seen. I would imagine that the members of the Montana press, with maybe a few exceptions, are not very happy about the news.  

Also, Schweitzer helped turn the state Republicans into a joke. The Democrats have never been stronger. That’s saying something, especially when you consider that in 2004 the GOP was amid a 23 year imperial rule, and that Montana is very red.

Steve Daines will now run for the Senate. Expect an announcement soon. Whether he will attract serious opposition is an important question.  But he will vacate a House seat, and so we should expect many candidates from both parties to run for that seat, rather than against Daines for Senate.   The GOP House primary should be entertaining.  Look for the usual suspects, like Stapleton, Sonju, Hill, Zinke, Livingstone, Edmunds, Reichner, and probably many more.   On the Democratic side, it could be Juneau, Stephanie Schriock of Emily’s List, Lindeen, McCulloch, Wilmer, and so on.

And on it goes.



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  1. “No-bullshit gamesmanship?” That’s quite the oxymoron.
    Interesting that you point at 2004. I think if Shane Hedges had been able to stay the heck on the road, things would look much different today.

  2. Schweitzer has not only maligned the Senate but the House too. According to NPR he said “I am not goofy enough to be in the House, and I’m not senile enough to be in the Senate.”

    I wonder which of Montana’s Dems that Schweitzer recommends that are goofy enough for the House, or senile enough for the Senate.

    • Anyone notice Dave and Craig are not celebrating here but Whining??

      Thats because, they haven’t a credible Candidate for the seat. Daines has now fouled against women, students, Labor, Public service, and lastly Farmers in Montana. I smell burnt wafting of Stevo like a cheap piece of bread… the rest of the Party going so far right they lost themselves and the meaning of Christianity between the pages of a 4000 year book of Fairy tales.

      They know they gotta pulled the impossible. Yep, have a nice day with that one?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 13, 2013 5:57 PM at 5:57 PM |

      NAILED IT! Craigy has inadvertently MADE my next point for me! Thanks, craigy!

      Yes, it’s time to say goodbye, but NOT to Scwheitzer! He just might be back some day in another capacity.

      But it’s REALLY time to say goodbye the country as we know it! The House IS goofier than shit! Just THINK of all the goofyassed bills that they’ve come up with over the last years. CRAZY stuff! And now, with the senate about to change hands, it really IS goodbye to everything we hold dear!

      Goodbye to voting rights!
      Adios to women’s rights!
      So long to CIVIL rights!
      No more workers rights!
      Buh bye to the minimum wage!
      Hello to states rights!
      See ya later separation of church and state!
      And good morning in America to fascism!

      Yes, we will finally have come full circle. We threw OFF the crown about two hundred years ago, ONLY to crown the Big Kockhs as king! And it was all done “legally”, just like in Germany! Except of course that our coup occurred in November of ’63, and that the Bushes and Kockhs were RIGHT in there in Dallas, with Daddy Kockh distributing wanted posters all over Dallas for JFK!

      Nope, there has been NOTHING legal about the fascist takeover of America. So, if you’re not outraged, you don’t know your own history! And craig asks me why I drink!

      The ONLY thing that could have prevented that would have been if Schweitzer would have run. And with the record that the Dems in Montana have of running losers, I think it’s game over! Hence, think of the House RUNNING the f*cking country! If THAT don’t scare the shit out of your, you’re brain dead, operating on stem alone!

      But the ONLY hopeful sign is that the Fern Bar Dems from places like MizZOOla will run a greeny, weeny, fruity, ferny candidate to make such a powerful point and call it a great victory for democracy! bwahahahahahahahaaaa!

      Anyone wanna share a beer?????

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 13, 2013 6:05 PM at 6:05 PM |

        And right on cue, the greeny, weeny, whiny, ferny, fruity, drum thumpin’ lumpen from Zoola rejoice that Schweitzer is out so that they can find the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate that they can FIND to run a heroic losing race to make another statement! It’s what they do! Think of it as hanging off that bridge politically! You see, SURE it is pointless and means nothing, and you still lose, but by GOD they made a statement!

        Sorry, fellas, but stick to what you do best. Losing and pontificating!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 13, 2013 6:09 PM at 6:09 PM |

          Maybe lizzard the whizz king can dust off one of the old mayors in Zoola! They’ve had some real dandies over there! I’m SURE that they would terrorize the Big Kockhs by running the Mayor of Fernville!


        • The candidate I saw Lizard name was Denise Juneau. So you are saying she is “the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate…” So I take it you will not support her if she runs.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 13, 2013 6:43 PM at 6:43 PM |

            Lizzard’s an idiot. They want a virgin, someone who passes their imaginary purity test! Well, it ain’t happenin’! Oh sure, I like Denise, but I don’t think that she can pull it off. But I DO get a leetle concerned that every candidate that is mentioned as passing the purity test is a woman. Are there REALLY no REAL men in this state other than Schweitzer and Bullock?? The one that ran against Daines was a joke. Depressing, isn’t it? Charisma STILL counts when you’re outgunned in the money department a million to one!

            • If you like Juneau, then why on earth do you refer to her as “the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate…”? Your words, OWN THEM!!!!! You linked to Lizard post where he said he would be willing to knock on doors for Denise Juneau.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 13, 2013 8:29 PM at 8:29 PM |

                Here, craigy, since I am not allowed to post at four and whimpy, I’ll repost evdebs. Very intelligent poster.

                “The Democratic carpers have certainly guaranteed a Republican win. I don’t expect they understand what this will do to the national scene.

                I do know that Brian took many principled positions. Thank goodness he was there with his veto pen to curb some of the worst excesses of the Republican legislature.

                I’ve only met him once but our brief talk helped to resolve an anticipated major issue that came up a couple of years later.

                Juneau doesn’t have a chance, though I like her. She didn’t raise dough for her reelection.

                She ran a weak campaign against what should have been a very vulnerable candidate, based on the woman’s largely unexplored past in California and Montana.

                I found all sorts of questions to be raised and think there were many skeletons in her closet.

                Denise allowed herself to be trashed with no response. Politics is not for the faint hearted, these days.

                Anyone else of the stature needed to run? I’m certainly not aware of any”

                I am VERY tired of the anonymous slanderous assholes out there who CLAIM to be Dems! Jesus, the asshole from Wisconsin, jonny adams, has POISONED the well here in Montana! Time for Wisconsin to reclaim their village idiot! This is pura CACA to attack a man anonymously! That is why I have ALWAYS used my name! I want no truck with cowards!

  3. Schweitzer is aiming for the White House, and a race for that suits his personality and ego no matter what the outcome.

  4. janis aimee, Olympia WA | July 14, 2013 1:57 AM at 1:57 AM |

    As an outsider, I am sad to hear Gov. Schweitzer will not be in public office. It, of course is always a gamble to make judgements about other people’s elected officials – but, I must tell you there was never a day for Democrats, Populists, Progressives, Liberals as when we got to watch ‘Veto Branding Day’ ! I was smiling for a week! It was everything we imagine a great politician would do. ‘Take that you mean greedy villians!’ haha The details were not so important (its difficult enuf to understand my own state’s bills) but the symbolism was the best! I will never forget it!

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 14, 2013 6:04 AM at 6:04 AM |

    Hop aboard the S.S. KOCKHsucker! You AIN’T gonna see this one on Flathead Lake! And remember, like they say from the article, “Freedom and democracy are incompatible”! Well SURE they are if you’re a fascist Kockhsucker!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 14, 2013 6:19 AM at 6:19 AM |

      Um, craigy, YOUR people believe that “freedom and democracy are incompatible”. How do you justify that?! WHY do you belong to a party that hates freedom? You got some ‘splainin’ to do! And really, your billionaire buddies aren’t even tryin’ to HIDE their fascism any longer. Is that a good thing? I think it is.

      • Larry, you have gone so far off topic that there is no way for you to explain why you insulted Denise Juneau as “the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate…” The topic was about Schweitzer and you responded with your verbal diarrhea to attack Juneau since she was the only candidate that Lizard mentioned that he would knock on doors to help.

        Sad. Very sad.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 14, 2013 11:36 AM at 11:36 AM |

          Well, actually criagy, go back a read carefully what I said. Again, I like Denise Juneau. She is a strong, intelligent, gracious woman. I would love to see her as our senator.

          I was ACTUALLY making fun of the four and whimpy black turd site. They are virgins. They are saving themselves for the pure candidate. I think they all wear purity rings!, you know, the kind that change color when the come into contact with a pure candidate! They’re goofy over there. And poor lizard. He’s another jon adams. A recent transplant who doesn’t know SHIT about Montana politics. Hell, I REMEMBER the pre-Schweitzer days in Montana. Brian came along and gave the Dem party the spine transplant they needed! I appreciate all he’s done, but I’m terribly sad to see him go. He’s earned some down time, and just between you and me, I don’t think I could leave Montana either. Hell, I’ve never been east of Sidney anyway! I don’t know what’s out there, and I don’t wanna know!

          And on a personal note to Brian: Ya done good! I liked you the minute you showed up at the grain elevator to declare here in GF against Cornhole Burns. You TOOK the fight to Cornhole when all the other Dems in the state were begging and pleading with the Pudes to not get beat up! You said to HELL with that! Let’s fight back! And you did. Thanks for all you did for the state!


          LK, the Ranger!

          • But yet you own your words where you insulted Denise Juneau as “the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate…” I’m sure she is very pleased with your endorsement of support. Are you going to put your words on a yard sign?

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 14, 2013 4:57 PM at 4:57 PM |

              Sorry, dude. Trolls are like goldfish. Feed’em and they SHIT all over the fish tank! Done feedin’ ya for now.

              • Been looking in the mirror? You trolled this post with your rant and insults that had nothing to do with the topic. Now, there is no eraser that blurs your words attacking Denise Juneau Denise Juneau as “the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate…” A simple apology would have gone far. But yet you don’t have the courage. Quite pathetic you are.

  6. To bad what your saying about Larry isn’t true Craig. The Body POlitics of Both Parties have odor. But the GOP have that dead and stinking for days smell, while democrats are only at the fart that clears the room occasionally . we are working on that, but what about you????

    Thats your Backyard Craig, Larrys taking about. Covered in festering, rotting, Corrupt politics, you and yours need to address with either a bandage or scalpel, possibly a decapitation or shovel?

    Larry’s continually asking you to police your own first. You know, find medical help or jail your wackos, disarm them were needed, and chase all snakeoil man with a GOP button out of town with pitchforks…. otherwise known as acknowledging your own parties shortfalls, addressing the wackos, clearing up the conspiracies, amongst your Paranoid.

    Everytime Cowgirl takes a written stick and pokes at one of a thousand different bulging pustules on the body politic of a republican today, you guys point out ancient history in Lincolns or Reagan’s (Really Reagan???? I Still don’t understand how he became a GOP saint. Over two hundred of his GOP government officials kicked out for ethics or sent to prison) time instead of cleaning the wound….blind to the fact you are bleeding today profusely.Or just ignoring it all together?

    See Craig Larry right on, he is giving you a laundry list of crap you can do and clean up to make your party better. Pick one problem and jump in. Help your party regain its status. Larry gladly calls out our side when it needs be for him, I and others ask our people to step down if we see prudish behavior on our side, We at least acknowledge our faults,and seek an end result…. our people in office politic know when they wore out their welcome, and know when a job doesn’t suit them….. when are you gonna acknowledge the corruption in your party Craig.

    When are you gonna replace all the broken Panes in your Glass house, and stop looking in your neighbor’s yard?

  7. Norma and Larry,
    Please let us know when you’re over the shock of losing your last, best hope. Right now it seems impossible to have a rational discussion based on the issue at hand — why Schweitzer decided to bail.
    That said, I’m not that concerned about why, but nonetheless amused and lifted by the esteemed gentleman’s decision. Good news is good news no matter the reason.

    • What shock Dave? Monica Lindeen, John Walsh, Denise Juneau…

      Attention Dave, we don’t have second class stringers like the GOP
      Daines? Hah,the public now knows he can’t keep his word. Edmunds the Right Wing Joke nah…. you ain’t got crap! Daines wont win another election he is too right wing.

      The fun has wore off regarding fracking in the east….. Now they want Government grants and Democrats to run things, because the scent of crazy is one the entire party dude. You kind just stepped past reality to pure and simple crazy this last legislature at the House and in the federal Government…… You know the twilight zone?

      You ain’t coming back from that…. You just have no clue do ya???

      • As Far as Brian, he is rich enough not to run always has been, secondly I never known the man to play second fiddle. he will run for either President, or if Hillary runs Vice.

        And you can keep throwing the crap hoping it will stick, but that not gonna happen…. assumptions just cant be manufactured from facts.

        As I told you before, The reason I didn’t jump on the” Draft Schweitzer” Bandwagon is he never did. Just so happens I listen a little better than you do to what he says…. Maybe better then some of my colleagues do too!

      • American’s are waking up to the GOP

        Not to mention the Women are awake and pissed off

        I signed Draft Schweitzer petitions but I held off donating any money since I didn’t think he was going to run

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 14, 2013 8:59 PM at 8:59 PM |

          From Lynn’s article:

          “Permit me an impertinent question (or three).

          Suppose a small group of extremely wealthy people sought to systematically destroy the U.S. government by (1) finding and bankrolling new candidates pledged to shrinking and dismembering it; (2) intimidating or bribing many current senators and representatives to block all proposed legislation, prevent the appointment of presidential nominees, eliminate funds to implement and enforce laws, and threaten to default on the nation’s debt; (3) taking over state governments in order to redistrict, gerrymander, require voter IDs, purge voter rolls, and otherwise suppress the votes of the majority in federal elections; (4) running a vast PR campaign designed to convince the American public of certain big lies, such as climate change is a hoax, and (5) buying up the media so the public cannot know the truth.

          Would you call this treason?

          If not, what would you call it?”

          Read the entire article. But realize that the TREASON started Nov. 22, 1963, when the Bushes and the Kockhs murdered our beloved president! And now, they’re reaping the treason they sewed! And understand that everything that they’ve accomplished has been done by crime. They are criminals. And they simply can’t WAIT until we’re full blown third world!

          Now, what are you going to do about it?

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 14, 2013 10:47 PM at 10:47 PM |

    Oops! I made a friend. BAD doggy! You done SHIT on the Pubbies again!


    Lizzard, here’s a hint, dude. Check out the number of readers on THIS site as compared to yours. You see, dude, free speech should NOT be scary to lefties. It’s called America for a reason, dude! Guys DIED so that we could express our differences of opinion. THINK about that before attacking others. Folks like this site be CAUSE there is a free exchange of ideas. Sorry to say it, but your site is BORING! You expect your commenters to be as pure as your candidates, and that EXUDES boring! Live a little. Lighten up. Allow contrary opinion. On HELL no! In VITE contrary opinion!

    Ya see, dude, it’s ONLY in America where we are such political prudes! The entire REST of the freakin’ world debates politics with vigor! Take some political Viagra, dude, but if your hard on for cowgirls site lasts more than for hours, you best see a DOCTOR!

    And for the record, EVERY one in Eastern Montana teases Zoola! We love Missoula, and we love to tease her too! Nuthin’ finer than takin’ summer classes in Missoula when the coeds are in bloom!….if ya know what I mean! And the beer is flowin’! Been there, done that! And would DAMN sure do it again!!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 14, 2013 10:53 PM at 10:53 PM |

      p.s. Lizzard, this post just went over 1400. Now, how many reads do YOU guys get on a good day?? 14?? as compared to 1400?

      Jump on IN, dude! The water here’s fine over here! Give it your best shot! The Pubbies HATE this site! And that’s a good thing, no?!

      And for the record, dude, I represent NO ONE but myself! Dems, Pubbies, they’re ALL fair game when they’re screwing up! And that’s the way it should be!

      Peace, bro. Get about thirty some years on you here in Montana, and you just might be a real Montanan yet! You’ve still got your learners permit!

    • I try to read 4 n 20 but every time I go to the site it is a lame poetry update. Finally gave up.

  9. This blackbirds post says Larry called Denise Juneau lame – I see Craig saying he called her lame,but not a comment from Larry saying it- am I missing something ? Did it get taken down?

    • it was all in the Mind of Craig (Complete lie on his part), and Lizard who feels he has been verbally ruffed up. See the GOP Right wingers and sometimes even EMOleft look for the words in between the meaning of the Original words?? Otherwise known as they are afraid very afraid of something that wasn’t really said.

      Anyway it is all to deep a paranoia for me to follow.

      • Norma, the lie is all yours. Larry wrote about who 4&20 would support. He said: “And right on cue, the greeny, weeny, whiny, ferny, fruity, drum thumpin’ lumpen from Zoola rejoice that Schweitzer is out so that they can find the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate that they can FIND to run a heroic losing race to make another statement! It’s what they do! ” Now the only candidate mentioned by Lizard was Denise Juneau who Lizard said he would knock on doors to solicit support. What’s really telling is that Larry linked to Lizard’s 4 & 20 post where Lizard expressed his explicit support for Juneau when Larry vomited his egregious insult here at Cowgirl about “… the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate that they can FIND to run…”

        Larry own’s his words. Shame on you for supporting such antics.

        • Craig: advance some policy or STFU.

          • LK has evolved: that you would drag the past into this discussion is reprehensible.

            • Cheney, Rehberg, Edmunds: they’re patriots now.

              • Think Racicot will run and force Daines to face the estrogen tsunami?

                • I betting Champ but Racicot will do! it is gonna be a visual ride of epic proportions. I even believe there might be an Independant in the Mix as well….. got a load of popcorn stored for this GOP implosion event…. cant wait to watch it unfold!

              • Okay looks like I have to throw in an insult here at Craig cuz he doesn’t even read his handwriting:

                Dear Craig, estúpido idiota this is exactly what you said “Now the only candidate mentioned by Lizard was Denise Juneau……” Your inferring Larry but he didn’t say that.

                Give it a rest in the Codswallop department, because your absolutely horrible at Bullshit and lies…. just horrible.

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2013 7:11 PM at 7:11 PM |

                  Well, they say that you can judge a man by his enemies, so I kinda LIKE craigy, even though he’s pathetic! At least I get a rise outta the nnazis! He’s still smarting because I made fun of CEEment Jaysus! He can’t believe that I haven’t been smoted by lighting yet! You see, in Jesus Land, the depraved reprobates like me should be smitten on key! And it sucks when they continue to make fun of the christofascists! HEY, I’m tryin’! I been standin’ OUT in each thunderstorm that comes along! Hell, if God hasn’t naile Bob GANNON and the Dick, cheney yet, I think I’m pretty safe!!

            • The past?, just the other day. Larry evolved? BS. He has not apologized for his terrible insults towards Juneau. Did youeven read the question from Jan followed by Norma’s lie? I was just setting the facts straight. Perhaps you should actually read what’s happening before you go off the rails as well.

  10. Aware and Not stupid | July 16, 2013 12:07 AM at 12:07 AM |

    Just finished reading the piece in the Gt.Falls Tribune from Sunday. Ouch, Big Bully Bri got busted Big Time! Oops, in politics timing is everything and this bombshell was timed to drop precisely right! Montana will be served well by Senator Daines! I hear the fishing is good at Georgetown Lake is pretty good, hope you catch some big ones Brian!

  11. Bomb Shell? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. The hypocrisy is hilarious, you talk about dark money bomb shells while at the same time praising a man that took a large chunk of money from citizens united.

    • Aware and not Stupid is actually pretty stupid…. and actually one of our more Infamous GOP folk who’s commenting here today using a False pseudonym.


      Because he really doesn’t want people to know….What a really big dumbshit he is, if he gave his real Name.

      Ignore him. Because I will

  12. I, too, am somewhat surprised that Craig and Skinflute haven’t expressed satisfaction with Brian bowing out of the race. This is – quite likely – a HUGE win for the Republicans. With Brian in the race, the race was over and the Seat would have remained Democrat. With Brian out of the race, there really isn’t a candidate that can beat Daines for the seat. Unlike Richy Rehberg, Daines is the consummate Corporatist. He has kept his nose pretty clean, his mouth shut and played the game. Yes, his politics are ugly, regressive and corporatist but unlike Denny, there isn’t a scandal you pin him with. To defeat him, you will have to have a candidate able to spend large sums of money, able to engage Daines in the public eye and able to garner the same voter knowledge that Daines has. This will be difficult to do by any of the candidates mentioned so far. Unless someone pulls a dark horse candidacy (like Tester did), it is unlikely to happen. Juneau stands a chance, Wilmer might have a slight chance, and Monica Lindeen has decided not to run. I just do not see the Dems holding this seat, regardless of what the commenters on this site might want.
    So yes, Craig and Skinflute do have a reason to celebrate at this point. I have no idea why Craig is acting like an idiot with his stuck record accusations at Larry (Craig, your logic in your attack is fatally flawed and you are, in fact, sounding like an idiot the more times you repeat your BS. I have read the comments you are referring to and you are way off base. Larry was poking fun at the idiots at 4 & 20, not Juneau. A sixth grader should have seen that and it doesn’t bode well for you that you obviously haven’t).

    • Oh, Murk, you really need a clue. I’m somewhat happy that Former gov BS is not running, for the obvious reasons. But I would have been happier had he announced and raised a bunch of money, only to be caught up in a mess of his own creation — thereby losing the election and wasting a bunch of political money that might have “helped” elsewhere.
      Never mind the longer term discussion over campaign finance realities that would have ensued — the adult discussion, not that on these esteemed electronic emanations.
      Um, was it you who needed to sight in the 7 Rem? I forgot.

      • It is you, Skinflute, that needs a clue. Had Schweitzer run, he would have won, hands down, over anyone running against him. If you are stupid enough to believe that he would have lost, you are even dumber than I think you are (and if you didn’t clue in on it, I think you are pretty dumb).

        And no, it wasn’t me who was trying to sight in a 7mm. I don’t own one in that caliber.

  13. Dave thinks that the complaint itself against Brian, which is sketchy at best, is gonna sprout facts all by itself!

    Interesting in its self is all the connections that went into the making of the complaint, which when it fizzles is gonna be a story of intrigue, all by itself.

    I wonder how close to Daines this is gonna get, or edmunds the two likely candidates???

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