Local Voters ask Brian Schweitzer to Reconsider Senate run

Today, a group of citizens drafted an open letter to former Governor Brian Schweitzer asking him to reconsider a Senate run.   It’s at MontanaWantsBrian.com, and they’re asking other Montanans to sign.

Here is the letter in full:


News reports are saying that you won’t run because Washington elites and political insiders don’t want you to.

Washington elites and political insiders don’t know what’s best for Montana. We know what’s best for Montana.

Montanans need you to run for Senate and fight for everyday people against powerful interests. That’s why many of us volunteered our time to draft you to run these past few months. Please, for our state and for your potential impact on our nation, we are asking you to reconsider and run for Senate.

Darla Slather, Stevensville, MT
Mick Harsell, Missoula, MT
Brad Dusenbery, Missoula, MT
Tom Goyette, Butte, MT
Pat Simmons, Bozeman, MT
Jackie Pepin, Billings, MT
Joan Vetter Ehrenberg, Whitefish, MT
Carol Mick, Billings, MT
Jeff Langan, Missoula, MT

That such a petition exists is a testament to how much Montanans appreciated having someone who was willing to stand up against the right-wing crazies–who was willing to do things differently to help people and make Montana a better place to live.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2013 6:35 AM at 6:35 AM |


    Bottom line? There was one, only one, just ONE Dem politician of import in this ENTIRE frickin’ COUNTRY who had the courage to risk it ALL by selecting a Republican candidate as lt. governor! Brian Schweitzer!

    Again, only ONE politico, who when all OTHERS were going the Max Fawkus route on health care, said to HELL with the consequences and advocated strongly for single payer! Brian Schweitzer!

    There was only ONE man to take on Big Pharma in a Big way! Brian Scwheitzer!

    Only ONE man bravely BRANDED the crazies in the manner that they deserved! Brian Scwheitzer!

    And there is only ONE man who the crazies fear the most! Brian Schweitzer!

    I could go on, but you get the picture. Brian is our champion in single combat. He has proven himself to be a man of integrity and inordinate courage who will fight for US and not the Big Kockh brothers! And that is what we sorely need in D.C. Hell, damn near EVERYBODY in Montana agrees on that point. Brian is his own man, beholden to NO one! He can’t be bought, and he won’t seel us out! And he WON’T pimp us out to the highest bidder and call it good like Max Fawkus did!

    SO, if you’re tired of being Fawked by guys like Fawkus, pray to GOD that Brian changes his mind. He really IS uniquely qualified for the job. We need him that’s for sure, but we also must honor his wishes. Davey Crockett went the Alamo KNOWING that it was suicide to do so, and Brian KNOWS that going to D.C. is probably a total waste of valuable time, but just like at the Alamo, it will buy us some time!

    Remember the Alamo!……and the branded asses in Helena!

  2. Larry is dead-on right. Schweitzer really needs to run. I hope he reconsiders even if he’s accused of being indecisive.

    He, and maybe only he, can keep the seat Democratic!

  3. I wiould love to see Brian Run, but I respect his opinion, after all who would want to work with those loonies in Washington D.C.

    • The US senate and congress are broken institutions incapable of anything but bickering and gridlock. What anyone think could be accomplished in such a place is beyond me- case in point– immigration reform

      • Also, I would think that Franke Wilmer or Stephanie Schrick or Denise Juneau would all be great!

        • …And they aren’t second Class stringers like the GOP has. Time for another Jeannette Rankin kind of gal. and of course it would have to be a Democratic Woman because Jeannette would have been purged from the GOP Party if she was alive today…. she was way to progressive and ahead of her time….

  4. Cowgirl, if you were to revise your last paragraph to substitute “left-wing crazies (jackasses)” You would have been right on the mark. Remember this Schweitzer remark as he was standing up to make Montana a better place:

    “Ninety per cent of these jackasses that are complaining about the Keystone pipeline in Washington, D.C., one year ago wouldn’t have even known where the Keystone was. While we were doing the heavy lifting here in Montana and in South Dakota and in Kansas and Oklahoma … in Washington, D.C. … all these great defenders had never heard of Keystone before.”

    Not only did he offend fellow Dems with such comments, but did it ever occur to anyone that Baucus may be getting some payback after his own re-election effort was knocked off the rails? All these guys have their files on each other.

    Schweitzer will not run. He is decompressing from public life and going in another direction.

  5. So your all for losing any future farming rights to water, Craig-O? Cuz even Brian made a mistake here. The eastern side of montana will run out of the water needed for farming and Farm animals.

    The best thing Brian did for eastern Montana was tell the other states our water was ours for our way of life and now Steve Daines and the Mineral/ Fracking companies will do what ever it takes to steal it from us.

    The Pipeline is a mistake in Brians History for this state, and an Ecological disaster for all along the Headwaters of the Missouri river???

    You will live long enough to see industrial waste water kill you half of the state buddy boy, and destroy the aquifers of middle America. that will be the final blow for Middle America why the GOP rapes the land for the last time.

    That will be the legacy of Brian he will not be able to overcome. the one time he succumbed to GOP wishes. will kill the health of hundreds of Thousands…. I am hoping that Obama doesn’t allow it if he is really serious about Greenhouse gases himself.

    Sorry but I have grandkids who should be able to own a part of Montana untainted by corporate malfeasance and downright greed.

    • Norma, are you dense or just playing around?

      Schweitzer didn’t offend fellow Dems by his positions, but by his salty descriptions such as calling those Dems jackasses. As to wishful thinking about the Senate, again Schweitzer said he was not senile enough. As to the legislative body itself he in on record as saying “…the U.S. Senate is a place where things die.” Party elders don’t like that.

      As to Baucus and Schweitzer, use your head. What goes around comes around.

      • Any word whether RINO Racicot will run, Craig and can earth hater Daines afford a primary then a general? Daines could take a hint from fellow earth hater Kristi Noem in South Dakota and decline to defend a seat against strong Dems.

        • Yep Daines will get primaried! Edmunds will jump in and say God told him too.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2013 6:05 PM at 6:05 PM |

            Norma, God must LUV cheese dicks!, ’cause He SEEMS to be talking to so many of them! But I musta MISSED that Beatitude. Blessed are the cheese dicks for they shall exalt the Big Kockhs!


            Hell, the whole PARTY is nuthin’ but cheesed dicks any more!

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2013 6:33 PM at 6:33 PM |

              Jesus. Even their frickin’ WOMEN have cheese dicks!


              I’m sure that her HUSBAND likes a leetle spanky with his MAN friends!

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2013 6:33 PM at 6:33 PM |

              Jesus. Even their frickin’ WOMEN have cheese dicks!


              I’m sure that her HUSBAND likes a leetle spanky with his MAN friends!

          • Edmunds has already repeatedly said he will switch to the house if Daines runs for the Senate. Do try to keep up, Norma.

      • Ahh Craig we do have jackasses in our party! Just saying! we know it we acknowledge it, and we keep them from office on a far more spectacular rate than your kind does. Maybe you should learn a lesson or two.

        Attention Craig, we do not have Bat Shit Crazy though thats your GOP Problem.

        As far as Baucus and Schweitzer is concerned I have great respect for both of them… and you will never have anyone of their stature in your party…. ever. Not one Republican. even Jeannette Rankin died in California a Democrat changing parties because she couldn’t stand the stench anymore. let alone the hatred against women and the poor.

        Chew on that Factiod. The only good Republican you had in Montana, saw the writing on the wall….. and changed parties, she really was, one smart woman.

  6. So, nobody dares read the big John Adams expose in the GF Tribunal?
    Governor “I Hate Dark Money and Post Office Boxes” turns out to have his paws on precisely that?
    Psht. There’s no way such hypocrisy and patronage could be explained away. BS is done on the state stage, maybe one last fling courting Veep.

    • I read it Dave. It told the same story we already knew, offered no new evidence and seems to back up exactly what Hall and Sweitzer said. So whats your point?

      • Ditto, took the words right out of my mouth, Mr anderson. Still waiting for that Mountain of evidence that hasn’t shown up yet???? Wheres all this supposed evidence Dave????

    • Thanks for your input, Dave: always good to hear from the Lunatic League.

      • btw: which species have you tortured then butchered today?

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2013 6:12 PM at 6:12 PM |

          BIG yawn! The idiot from Wisconsin is STILL trying to get revenge for being shown to be the biggest horse’s ass of a reporter the state has ever seen! He came to Montana to make a name for himself, and he did! DILDO boy!

          And really, just what HAPPENED to that recent “editor” over there at the Mizoola Foxdependent? Seems that they RAN THE ASSHOLE OUTTA TOWN! Well, WHO tol’ you that that was a shit newspaper to begin with? Moi, THAT’S who!

          Hey, adams, did your Walt Schweitzer story ever get legs yet, or does is STILL consist of nothing but assholes? LIKE YOU!


          This latest by adams is from the same mold. It’s simply yawner shit, Dave. Nuthin’ there ex CEPT the hopes of an idiot from Wisconsin trying to make a name for himself OTHER than dildo boy!

          And really, the GF Spitoon has finally HIT the bottom of the outhouse floor!

  7. I heard from a pretty decent source John Bohlinger is making an assessment of whether he will run for Senate. That would be interesting. Though I don’t know whether he would run on the D, I or R label. Independent would be the best in my opinion.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2013 6:15 PM at 6:15 PM |

      Although I have NEVER voted for a Republican in my life, I would vote for John Bohlinger in a heartbeat! The man is NOT a politician. He’s a statesman! And there’s damn few of those left! And I don’t care WHAT he runs as, Dem, Pubbie, or Independent. I would prefer that he run as an Independent, for he very much is!

      Go John!

  8. Backs up what was “already known?” Not by the general public, just by one or two reporters, some party insiders, a handful of wonks, and everyone at Trister Ross.
    Sure, you can minimize it here, but other sources are on this like stink on skunk.
    Schweitzer was a master of “perception is everything” politics. The perception of Schweitzer has shifted somewhat, I guess — and not for the better if one happens to be an aspiring politician named Brian.
    Happy you’re happy, Larry the other K. No, didn’t kill anything today, I’ll be having pre-killed for supper tonight.
    As for the last — Bohlinger? That’s comical. Bolo, or bow tie? Psht.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 15, 2013 6:20 PM at 6:20 PM |

      One of my favorite writers, James Connor’s, take on the subject. It’s worth a read and rumination!

      “Schweitzer has a knack for getting the guns-in-pickups crowd to recognize that their enlightened economic self-interest is not served by Republican policies. He gives the Bubbas and Betty Lous cultural reassurances that no other Democrat can provide.

      We’ll need at least a few more days to learn why Schweitzer decided not to run; to learn whether that strange clicking in his closet was the rattle of dirty skeletons; to learn whether Democrats more intent on settling scores than on winning the election slid in the shiv; to learn whether Schweitzer just decided he’d rather stay in Montana; to learn whether that strange smell is a skunk or rotten egg.

      Meanwhile, Democrats make a mistake if they think Steve Daines is a pushover. He easily dispatched Kim Gillan, making her seem shrill and small in the process. He appears calm and reasonable. And in 2014, he’ll be running in a midterm election in which Democratic turnout will be low. I think he’ll run for the Senate, and I think the odds that he’ll be elected are overwhelming.”

    • Dave,
      Please continue to criticize for minimizing while you blatantly and awkwardly maximize.

  9. The only push Daines had was GPS crossroads. and I dont think the New fangled Roves group will be there to help him. wont happen! that means Steve the man will be primaried by the right, and he will end up moving to far right to move back for the General.

    Sorry If you cant see the fireworks goin on in the GOP right now from your angle. but I happen to have a good seat here. Daines party is a train wreak looking for a place to crash and burn. I like anyone picked on the left side to beat him.

    • A state rep and I were talking over coffee about this months ago though…. And we both came to the same conclusion long before the crapola hit the fan.

      Brian wasn’t gonna run. Saying he would consider it, never meant he was going to.

      Brian needed the rest badly, towards the end as he rushed to ensure He left things as neat as possible for Bullock…. He looked it, Tired. Sounded like it Cranky, after 8 years of fighting Bat shit Crazy… I can blame him, but he did piss some folks off in the end….. and it probably was for the best even on our side.

      Secondly, I don’t see us losing yet. We might not have named a candidate yet, but neither has the other side…. and there chances? Very shallow.

      The biggest problem I see from our side is we got way too comfortable, with Brian kicking butt for us…. he never wanted to be our spine…. we are suppose to grow our Own.

      Complacency, Is not the Liberal way, or that of The General Population of Montana. Get your asses in the groove ladies and gentleman on the left, roll up your sleeves and get to Work!

    • James, I read your column and just today I read Dave’s column, see http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/lighting_up_the_dark/34507/ In addition to the “dark money” connections, perhaps the skeletons go by different names but are just a single specter. Melanie Hall=Melanie S. Griggs=Melanie G. LaGarde. Charles Johnson wrote about this smelly cronyism back in January 2011. http://helenair.com/news/state-s-banking-hire-raises-questions/article_dfcdbdb2-2918-11e0-a03e-001cc4c002e0.html

  10. What are you thoughts on the Tribune article of 7/14/13? The article sums up the reason why Brian withdrew from consideration for Max’s seat. It also sheds more light on the scheme that Brian and Frank Hall cooked up to circumvent federal campaign financing law. Do you know that, before the truth came out, Brian had arranged for a major announcement of his plans to run? Did you know that Frank Hall learned of Brian’s declination at the same time as the public found out?

    What do you think of the appointment of Frank’s wife as banking Commissioner? Every MT citizen should be outraged. Ms. Hall has never represented a bank. She has never represented a client in connection with banking law (I spoke with an associate at her former employer). Ms. Hall had no experience in banking whatsoever, and she has not even applied for admission to the MT Bar. $100,000 a year to someone who is absolutely unqualified. What this tells us is that our kids should not expect to get ahead if they want to work for state government. Talent and merit mean nothing. At least the Legislature is going to do something about this abusive appointment.

    For the record, I am a lifelong Democrat who gives generously to our candidates. Still, I believe that ethics trump politics, and we should be ashamed of Brian Schweitzer. I think that an investigation by Political Practices is in order, as is a federal grand jury investigation. Oh, and when is the “draft Brian” group going to return its contributions?

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