2014 Field Shaping Up

Now that Schweitzer will be on the homestead and not the hustings, what will the field of candidates look like in 2014, for either Senate or House, assuming Steve Daines runs for Senate?  Anyone looking for a ticket to DC needs to get in the the game soon, to start raising money and organizing.

There are many names being floated on the Dem side.  Many have statewide name recognition.  Denise Juneau is in the second term of her stint as the popular state schools chief in Montana.   If Juneau were the nominee, she’d be the first native American nominee for federal office since Bill Yellowtail in the 1990s (unless you count Schweitzer, who was adopted by at least one tribe, but I don’t think that counts).

John Bohlinger, Schweitzer’s Lt. Governor, is quoted today in the Billings Gazette as saying that he, too, might be interested in filling the vacancy left by his old boss.  Though he is sprightly for 77, Bohlinger could nevertheless campaign with great authority on issues such as Medicare and Social Security.   He could also, in theory, run as either an Independent, Dem or Republican, which makes for great blogging.

There is Franke Wilmer, a state legislator from Bozeman who ran for Congress in 2012.  She is a professor of political science at MSU, and very active in politics and knowledgeable on public policy.   John Lewis, Max Baucus’s senior aide, has also been mentioned.  Would his boss hand over to Lewis a piece of his giant campaign-cash nest-egg to help his right hand man?  Stephanie Schriock, who is the president of Emily’s list and a Butte native, has been mentioned.  Schriock could raise significant money, making her a very strong horse, perhaps as good as any we have–even despite the fact that she’s been gone from Montana while, and lives in the one place that you don’t want to live when you are considering running for office in Montana–Washington, DC.    Stephanie knows campaigning and fundraising, the two things usually missing when candidates make weak showings. Kim Gillan, a former state Senator from Billings, has valuable experience running against Daines in 2012.

There’s been talk of John Walsh, the current Lt. Governor and former national guard commander.  Walsh would make an interesting candidate.  Democrats with military backgrounds always present problem for Republicans, who like to warmonger but don’t like to serve, or who like to complain about deficits but also like to create wars while cutting taxes.  It’s hard to imagine why Walsh, who as LG makes a good salary and gets to work with Steve Bullock would want to do the DC thing. Walsh told Chuck Johnson that he hadn’t really thought about it at all, but did not deny interest.

Lee Newspapers is reporting that Amanda Curtis, a tough, smart young legislator from Butte, America, is taking a look at the house seat. Her name has also come up for the senate.   Curtis took transparency and making the legislature work for people to a new level –she made daily youtube videos during her first legislative session this winter, and they were phenomenal. She is a natural–a Wendy Davis type in MT– and we will hear more from her.

Kendall Van Dyk, unfortunately, has said he will not run for statewide office in 2014.  Given his record of winning tough races (he ousted Roy Brown from his senate seat in Billings), that’s a loss for us.  Monica Lindeen, the state auditor, likewise said this week that she does not want to go to DC.

On the GOP side, we have Ryan Zinke and Jon Sonju and Corey Stapleton.  Zinke’s career looked bright for a while, but it took a slight hit after he chose to run on the ticket with Neil Livingstone, whose gubernatorial campaign did not go so well (he was revealed to have authored a manual for business travelers about how to pick up hookers).   But Zinke has a powerhouse resume because he is not only a navy seal but was actually a member of Seal Team Six, in the decade before that outfit went in to get Bin Laden.  And he is rumored to have “shot many Arabs” during the Gulf War, a fact that will no doubt appeal to conservative voters in Montana.

Jon Sonju was Rick Hill’s running mate, so in theory, he has the same credential to run for Congress as Steve Daines did. Daines had been Roy Brown’s running mate in 2008.  Actually, Sonju got significantly more votes in 2012 than Daines did in ‘08.   The Sonju name is big in the Flathead Valley, where Sonju Industries, the family business, has long had a major presence.

Stapleton, who stepped up and took hard shots at Rick Hill during the gubernatorial primary but then came up short on election day, is a former naval officer and raised a decent amount of money in his race for Governor but lacked Hill’s name recognition.  This would be his third run for statewide office.  He ran for auditor once, too.

Speaking of Rick Hill, he too might run, I’m hearing his name from a few sources.  He would have to overcome the bad taste that he left in voters’ mouths when he took an illegal campaign contribution of $500,000, only to be ordered by the court to give it back.  That case is still being litigated, not a good thing for an aspiring US Senate candidate.  Court is not a good place to campaign from.  The only place worse is rehab.

Then, a trio rounding out the field of possibles, we have GOP legislators Scott Reichner of Big Fork, and Champ Edmunds of Missoula, and……drumroll please…..Krayton Kerns, the chairman of the state House Judiciary Committee and the biggest wingnut this side of the Mississippi.  Kerns has written that our society will soon collapse, because of the Obama presidency, and that we will all soon be without power, food or fuel and will have to take to the woods to survive.



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  1. There is Franke Wilmer, a state senator from Bozeman who ran for Congress in 2012.

    I hate to disappoint you, but Franke Wilmer was “only” a 4th term representative this past session – not a state senator.

  2. What will Max do with his ‘war chest’ and he needs to make right for being an indecisive corporate tool.

    • Max will “donate” much of his war chest to groups, which will turn around and pay him “consulting fees”- in other words, he’ll keep much of it

  3. Anyone who suggests John Walsh as a candidate for U.S. Senate hasn’t spent much time talking to him. The man is an empty suit.

    Also, Denise Juneau would have a very difficult go of it. She came very close to losing her last election. But I appreciate the blogger’s attempt to spin her by referring to her as “popular.” I also sympathize with Denise — what is she going to do after her final OPI term is up? She will need a job, and I don’t know what she could do in the private sector.

    Good that Lindeen had a moment of clarity and dropped out — she’s an airhead and would get trounced, just like the last time she ran for federal office.

    But the really noteworthy part here is how far this blog has fallen. I never see anything here that constitutes breaking news or insider info. It’s just vitriol, bromides, and commentary, and in that sense it’s no different than the host of other leftoid MT blogs spewing garbage.

    • Spoken like a true republican troll!

    • For someone supporting Steve Daines to accuse Monica Lindeen of being an “airhead” is hilarious. Daines’ first act as a newly elected congressman was to join real airhead Michelle Bachman’s Tea Party Caucus.

      In doing this he has accepted the leadership of the second-stupidest congressperson (the first, by an eyelash, being Louie Gohmert). If Monica decides to run (she won’t, probably), she’ll be running against a person who openly embraces stupidity and who thinks Montanans will reward him for it.

  4. Things don’t look overly promising for those hoping for a Democrat to come out the winner. Denise Juneau is, in my opinion, unelectable to higher office. She barely won this last time and as soon as her mother gets involved her popularity will plummet.
    Frankie Wilmer, despite her undeniable intelligence, is viewed as a “losing candidate” much like Stapleton and that’s hard to shake.

    Just my two cents, your mileage may vary.

  5. Whats wrong Patrick cant use your Last name so we can Measure you by the Imaginary Yardstick you measure everyone else???

    First of all John Walsh is a highly Intelligent man, Because hes not a Conversationalist to whatever shoddy bar conversation standards you would like to apply….To Nerds like me who are educated, we find it pretty fascinating to talk to a Masters degree in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle. Empty suits don’t get to apply to that college. Only some of the brightest are asked to join.

    For a republican to slap a veteran General in the face with that comment “Empty Suit”….. when as a GOP Party Member you always talk about fighting wars, terrorists, and bad guys…..I particularly find your comment repulsive. John spent over 30 Years, making sure you can freely talk and Walk about America like an Idiot you have made yourself out to be in your comment today. You think you would have more respect for someone like that…. But of course you lack the savvy to even your mouth here……

    I have had conversations with John, and he is a charming and witty guy Just what Montana and Possibly the USA needs as a senator.

    My son Michael a Marine, tells me John is well respected in the Armed forces, Hes a great team leader, His people have always enjoyed working with him, and more so with the general Public.

    Secondly since we have already proven your Yardstick of measuring people is more like a Quarter inch, with a string attached to find it……A person of your lowly standard couldn’t wipe the feet of Denise Juneau.

    The first American Indian woman elected to a statewide position. Denise received a Bachelor’s Degree in English at Montana State University in Bozeman. She earned a Master’s Degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Denise also holds a law degree from the University of Montana and an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from Carroll College.

    My Guess is when she is done making Montana one of the top tiers of education for children. she can work a multitude of positions to further the state…… Anonymous Slimeballs like you are lucky to work a managers job at walmart, because people haters like you. couldn’t work in the real world. And I certainly with your mouth, wouldn’t trust you with childrens education. I wouldn’t let you anywhere near a young girl education if the best you can say about people like Monica Lindeen is shes an “Airhead.” In fact I don’t know many women who would allow you anywhere near a child.

    Lastly Monica Lindeen, Has already save this state countless millions of dollars doing her job. She has staunchly gone after every sleazy Insurance companies, Securities Companies and protected Consumers, better than anyone else in that job in recent Memory. Republicans in this state, have always taken the industries side, tried to screw Montanans out of their hard earned dollars and have effectively been stopped numerous times by Monica and her office personal.

    The numerous scandals people like you have pushed against her office have always fallen apart, and in fact with all the dishonestly in your ranks you are beginning to cost Montana Taxpayers Lots of Money for your Hal Baked Schemes.

    So it is no wonder you have chosen not to tell us your full name, for fear we find you of only the intelligence of a community college dropout who now works for Daines or Edmunds campaign.

    Your red is showing, only because you have not one person of the stature, education and experience to ruin against the fine people you besmirch…. Hoping the shit you fling… with out any substantive proof will stick.

    Idiots like you a dime a dozen, and a waste of the good folk of Montana’s time!!!!

    • This is only my first cup of coffee, Imagine the word salad, I can bring to bear on Idiots Like Patrick here, after I know who he really is…. Come On Patrick Show your face.

      Write something coherent to prove how much better we will be with the string of Losers you have running against any of the people you disparaged.

      See, I know it can’t be done because, your side votes for the Loudest mouths not the brightest individuals. I couldn’t even get my toes wet in the pool of people you are considering running for the Job….. Just saying!

      • Whats this?…. Looks like Patrick B the Butthead of RW intelligences has left the Building?

        Unwilling to prove his bonafides, by giving us his real name… my guess is because he is a paid republican troll.

    • Denise Juneau is competitive IF folks TURN-out instead of sitting on their butts like in 2010 which opened the floodgates for the teabaggers. Elections DO have consequences, and very grim ones as we’ve seen as a result of ALEC’s parasitic practices and turning state legislatures toxic. Denise has WON in rural districts – not easy – but folks who want justice, fairness and respect BETTER turn-out and fight, and Denise will need firepower from the national party as well, to show women – and native-americans – have a shot at the American Dream, not just for the ‘GOP’ – grumpy, ‘ol pr….cks.

  6. Norma, while I certainly respect your opinion I question why it is important for anyone on a blog to expose themselves publically?

    Will knowing a particular posters name change the dynamic of the blog? In a positive manner?

    • Ever seen anyone name anonymously run a business, teach a class, be a public official? No? Neither have I

      Ever hear your kids say, Hey I want to grow up to be just like anonymous? No? Me either!

      Name is everything in this world, attached to it is, your life story, how you grew up, and what choices you made in Life. Research shows that a person’s name matters in a conversation means a lot more, gives a discussion more credibility than you might think.

      So how much biblical theory would people have taken to their hearts if Jesus wasn’t named? How hard would a kid practice to be a great football star if they didn’t have a name they admired, that encapsulated anothers life work at the game, someone to aspire one to do better???

      I reckon there are people, who are afraid of losing their jobs, by posting on the internet, their thoughts and Opinions…. but there was a time when there wasn’t an internet and you posted your name in a letter to the editor, because you knew what the hell you were talking about, or at least had a care

      You didn’t get demoted by speaking your mind like you do at some companies now, especially if it was constructive, or safety minded for your community.

      When did it get to the point that you couldn’t say something in this world without being anonymous? Was it because you gave up the freedom to talk? Or you gave up the right to protect your name and reputation to corporate interests? When did you stop being you? The law to speak you mind is still there, yet people cower now? why? These are questions I can answer cause I use my name and I am proud of it. WHat say you?

      Than there are those who use anonymous to propagate fear, sow grief, and tell lies. Making anonymous, overused, trite. Dropping the Quality of anonymity to Burglars, Thieves, and Cowards that scratch the opposition names on Toilet doors on Public Bathroom walls…. a lot like Patrick B did just today.

      Patrick Makes your protection and your use as anonymous less in the world of conversation.

      • Surelyyoujest11 | July 17, 2013 1:29 PM at 1:29 PM |

        We no longer live in that kinder, gentler time Norma. I’ve made note on this blog that I am an elected official. However, I comment on here for myself, not as a representative of my office. I see no need to conflate the two and it isn’t a requirement.

        Do you have the same concern in regards to the owner of the blog? I haven’t seen you calling out the Cowgirl for remaining anonymous. Selective outrage is not an attractive trait.

        • Why did your kid want to grow up to be cowgirl??? LOL just Kidding.

          The Blog was Originally intended to counter conversations about what was said anonymously about Democrats wasn’t it????

          The reason it irks republicans so, in all actuality, is the blog has outlasted all the Anonymous GOP stories…. hasn’t it???

          Secondly, a lot of what she has written has proven true over the years…. so why change what has worked at this point,. Cowgirls name has now over the years encapsulated its own Identity as trustworthy… so in all reality it isn’t anonymous anymore.

          Do you think there was a guy named “Rolling Stone” who started a Magazine? Or a girl named “Variety” who wrote about Hollywood stars and upcoming movies? Can you name the Orginal people who started either of those publications off the top of your head without searching Google????

          Just saying…. move along! The site now has an identity that has proven itself without the need for a person anymore. Something so far, the GOP side cannot duplicate.

          • Lastly Kinder and gentler the world use to be? what? Really?

            Outdoor plumbing, no air conditioning, things still made form start to finish by hands and not machines, calluses on the Hands of a working american were second nature to men and woman…….

            People were more educated about the true meaning of the constitution, and the laws interpretation were simpler. People had more honor in those days to do right, work harder… yet their were still civil right gaps. not all people were treated equally

            Today it is simpler, easier… to be lazy as a people, because we have made money more honorable than telling the truth. Machines build what we had to build by hand, and a certain party doesn’t believe education is the answer because dumber folk ask less questions of their political choices if office…and god forbid a person who wanted to be a politician has to work harder in the Age of Iphones and computer assisted living.

            we live in the simpler , better times, my friend. stop mucking it up with religion, and hate I say. allow Americans to learn more and help in the process, not less.

          • Norma, you have a warped sense of history. http://www.leftinthewest.com/diary/4426/about-that-cowgirl-post
            Jay Stevens wrote:

            As for Cowgirl and Left in the West: well, we aired our opinion about freeing Cowgirl from our front-page status back in July on the blog. Basically we felt featuring an anonymous blogger affected our credibility. Our readers know who we are and our professional political relationships and can easily place our posts in that context. Throwing an anonymous blogger into the mix implied — to our readers — that we approved and abetted their views, and that their opinions were being elevated under our “authority.”

            • Really? Thats History and not an Opinion of 4 and twenty Birds, Years ago??? Who has got their shit mixed up???? You Craig you keep forgetting what a fact is compared to an Opinion LOL

              Doesn’t do anything to counter what I said before, does it Craig??? She has still outlast every Anonymous gop storyline she started to rail against.

              Her information provided trustworthy insight, that Made the name “Cowgirl” an identity onto itself since July 2010.

              How many times has “Left in the West” withered to almost a non status?

              If you don’t like the style of Cowgirls blog, and you hate her being anonymous, why do so many of you Opinionated self-righteous, RW folk come back to read it time and time again? Or Comment on it?????

              Obviously you wouldn’t have followed “Silence Dogood” in his time either?

              Just saying!

              • Sorry, but I’ve got to jump in here. Norma, your backflip was just a little too dangerous. You write a few hundred words condemning Patrick for remaining anonymous and then, on the same thread, expend about the same number of words praising Cowgirl for remaining anonymous. A little logical consistency, please. Are we supposed to think of Patrick as a coward or the peer of Ben Franklin?

                • Good Morning Ed Lets talk about that Shall we. See….First of all I think I have explained my side pretty well. In fact, I have written extensively on it, where all you other folks have basically just said…. I disagree but proffered no other evidence.

                  Why do the GOP expect exactness here, when they muddy the waters to what a living breathing Person is? Dont they call Companies people now?

                  How about the right to cast a vote, only if you can afford an ID card, or suddenly making it harder for people who voted for years one way, to vote by closing Polling places, so they have to drive across town, instead of the own neighborhood? Like it had been for years?

                  Why is it only GOP men, who believe they know what is best for a womens health care needs, better than the woman herself.

                  Why is it okay to make poor children hungry by cutting food stamps, or giving big subsidies to big farms and Business, when its the little businesses that need it. Why do little business always get shafted in republican Politics?

                  Gerrymandering districts so that only one side wins continually in elections?

                  Not minding the Licensing and insuring of owning a vehicle, but wanting anonymity in owning a gun?

                  Shit I could go on and on about the Hypocrisy on the right regarding some undefined, ever changing line, their explanations, their greed over others, their definition of the Law daily….

                  The GOP don’t like cowgirl beating them to the punch, throwing sunshine on their closed door dealings….Or my opinion on the definition of “Anonymous,” I get it. But it is not Illegal. She is very good at it making a liberal brand that sticks in your throats of the right wing, with an Identity all of its own. Too bad for all of you, who didn’t think of it first or, carry it out for the last three years!

                  So this might not be the answer you want, but ut us the answer you deserve!

                  • If the GOP want a person to blame for the Cowgirl site…. Blame Me…. Use my name…. I have broad shoulders to take all the insults and stupidity of the right. I like it here just fine myself.

                    But it will not stop the Hypocrisy, Shortsightedness, Bigotry or hate of others that defines your party today.

                    It will not fix the mistakes you made GOP. Only cleaning up your own back yard and fixing all those broken windows in your glass house will bring you closer to being human for a change.

                  • Being “anonymous” leads to courageous smears, guilt by association without accountability by the writer, that even Larry Kralj found to be tooooo much. http://www.leftinthewest.com/diary/4194/republican-seeks-to-rebrand-himself-after-editing-racist-publication-and-misogynist-writings

                    • Dear Craig, there is a door out if you don’t want to answer the questions posed by ne about you Republicans over the last two days…..don’t let it hit you one the way out!

                    • Come on have the courage to answer all my Questions just once……Or of you haven’t the guts…. disappear back from that murky, corrupt propaganda lake you came from.

                      the choice is yours!

                    • Norma, you are quite boring and an idot. You open a can of worms demanding others to use their names. Those worms now drape all over you.

                      I speak only for myself. Always have. No one consults with me as to what they should say and write. Neither do I with them. Not going to start now as you desperately attempt to focus the spotlight away from your hypocrisy on full display.

                      How about coming back to the topic post?????

                      Which of the named possible Dems support Montana’s self-defense laws while supporting the right to bear arms while opposing Feinstein/Obama draconian gun grab efforts as Baucus did?

                    • Craig the “idot” calling the kettle dumb: how hypocritheological.

                    • Theres an Old Irish saying Larry, I follow when I deal with people like Craig.
                      “Don’t break your shin on a stool that is not in your way.”

                      People like him have no answer for their parties goofiness, and they will never lift a hand to help it as it sinks farther and farther into obscurity.

                      They are just hoping to drag the democrats and independents to their level as they sink. We all know how much their plans at killing themselves is gonna sway us…….. Not at all.

                      But Craig will keep voting republican because He believe he alone is above the fray.

                      Craig, if you watch others commit murder and do nothing, the law states you are an accessory to the crime…. you are that accessory no matter if you speak for yourself!

                      Just saying!

                    • By the way Craig thanks for not answering the last two days of questioning I have asked you and your GOP to answer.

                      Just goes to show there is no explanation for the continual goofiness of the GOP party….. Or those who swear allegiance to said party,since it twisted so far right.

                    • Ohhh, SNAP! (/sarcasm). Craig, You’re not making the point you think you are. Very few have taken Cowgirl to task, with argument and fact, as much as jhwygirl and I did over her defense of Brian Schweitzer telling Bozeman how to spend money. Notice, that would one of us anonymous and the other not. Further, I went after Kavulla for using guilt by association and smear, and he used his own name to do it. Isn’t that exactly what Molner accused Kavulla of? Why, yes it is, and anonymity (or the recognition of it) had nothing to do with that situation. Y’see Craig, when looking at the source of a problem, blaming the anonymity comes well after the infraction, and is simply Moore misdirection.

                      Norma is correct. An elected official hiding from his or her words and beliefs is itself a problem. Accusing Norma of hypocrisy because she doesn’t Scooby about the identity of a blogger? That’s just fricking goofy, something an ‘idot’ would do.

            • Craig, you seem to have a confusion about what is warped and what is relevant. One of those individuals is still a popular blogger in Montana and one is not. You also appear confused by the fact that Jay and Matt *knew* who the Cowgirl was/is. They did not call for her not to be anonymous. They simply (Jay speaking with one voice for Matt, V and himself) sought to protect their reputations at their website. As someone who was in the thick of that all, would you like to tell me that I have a warped sense of history? Or will you accept that once again you are misinterpreting a quote out of any context to score specious points?

          • Surelyyoujest11 | July 17, 2013 3:07 PM at 3:07 PM |

            Again, selective outrage is not an attractive trait Norma. Another word to describe that type of activity is hypocritical.

            As for your continuing assertion that name identity matters, I have no idea who Norma Duffy is, if she’s a real person, or if it’s a psuedonym. Nor do I care. I respond to the content of the posts, period.

            • Its not selective outrage dear and you have a right to your opinion but iT doesn’t make it Fact!

              What’s the Kids of today say. “Talk to the Hand” LOL

              Sorry I make too much sense for you guys, and your heads just explode in anger trying to figure things out.

              So …. If …. I …. wrote….. slower….. would….. That ….. Help?

              Just saying!

              • Cowgirl…. Has ….. Proven…. an….. identity…. without …..a Person…….needed …. to…..be……involved.

              • Surelyyoujest11 | July 17, 2013 3:32 PM at 3:32 PM |

                Fine Norma, it’s out and out hypocrisy. Clear enough?

                “talk to the hand”? Really? Are you 12 years old?

                You’ve not angered me in the least. I just have no stomach for hypocrisy. Do those goalposts ever get heavy as you continually move them Norma? LOL

            • Uhhh, Jester, if you have ‘no idea’ who Norma Duffy is, then you fail at the Internet. You can’t even use Google.

            • What.an.idiot you are, Mr. Jester. You might want to spend some time with a dictionary. There is a substantial difference between ‘selective outrage’ and hypocrisy. I’m uncertain which is worse: Your stupidity for not knowing that, or your arrogance for assuming they are the same and that others don’t know the difference.

        • Selective outrage is GOP policy: why worry now?

  7. Jeez, speaking of coffee, I just typed publically instead of publicly. Good grief.

  8. Ryan Zinke’s rank was Lcdr when he was with Seal Team Six. He was never the commanding officer of Team Six.

  9. Not a bad rundown of possible names, actually. But the biases are pretty clear indicators of how Cownonymous would like the GOP primary to break. We already know how the Dem primary was SUPPOSED to break.
    This — aside from Norma and Larry tag teaming — is gonna be inneressing.

  10. I agree with Skinner: good rundown. I’m hearing a lot of good things about General Walsh that lead me to think he might match up well against Daines. I think Zinke may file for the open House seat.

  11. Amanda Curtis is the real deal. She may not choose to run right now, but the traits that used to be thought of as characteristic of leaders (over-confidence and decisiveness) are, thankfully, absent in her. Instead, she seeks feedback and is thoughtful and witty, in a disarming and intelligent way. I love the women left available by Schweitzer’s stepping aside. Can anyone say, “breath of fresh air?”

  12. Amanda! Absolutely one of the best Natural caring people, I have seen for a long time!

  13. Drunks for Aguare | July 18, 2013 1:46 PM at 1:46 PM |

    One name missing from the Republican ranks……Denny! We need a petition to draft Denny to run for the Senate again. He came so close last time……just a few Libertarian votes from victory.

  14. Rehberg has about run the clock out on his “not-lobbying” restrictions. I doubt he’s going to jump in.

  15. A young fellow to keep an eye on, and to encourage to seek higher office, is Dan Villa from Anaconda. At a young age, he was elected to the Montana legislature – earned his stripes and earned respect in the Montana House by his intelligence and instincts. Dan is the budget director for Governor Bullock after having been the budget director for Governor Schweitzer. Having a budget guru in Congress would be a huge benefit for our state which relies heavily on federal dollars. He wouldn’t need to rely on lobbyists or staff to work through the math — he would calculate the math. Dan knows how to work with both sides of the aisle (and hey! that’s a damn good thing) having brokered budget deals with Republican legislatures in 2013 and 2011.

  16. Anyone on the left notice yet. that the GOP is spending a lot of time talking about who we are gonna run, when they haven’t anyone who has declared except Edmunds?

    I know he and corey stapleton have already said so on twitter…. so how come they haven’t jumped behind either one yet?

    Are they embarrassed about these guys or what????

    Just thought I would toss that in there…..LOL!

  17. Think of a waaaay left ideologue, Norma. While that individual and I may share some political perspectives, this is someone I might seat at a dinner table out of Christian obligation, but whose manners, dress, and smell would drive me from the room. I think a similar phenomenon happens on the other end of the spectrum. Most of us seek balance; Democrat or Republican, most Montanans are more comfortable around the middle.

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