Leaked Memo: National GOP Tells Daines How to Scare Voters, Act Like He Cares

Well this is embarrassing. Here is a leaked document from the National Republican Party in Washington.  I suggest you read it.  It is hilarious.   It instructs Steve Daines and his House GOP colleagues on how to tour their districts during the August recess.  Namely, it is chock full of advice on how to seem popular, how to blame “Washington” for all of our nation’s ills, how to frighten people about Obamacare and “red tape,” and how to use all of these techniques, and many others, to increase the chances of getting re-elected.

If you thought Republican politicians were stupid, then you apparently were right because this memo speaks to them like they are imbeciles.

The instructions include many important tips on how to appear to be listening and caring about  the desires and expressions of all constituents, and how to blame Washington for everything.  Much of the advice is about how to restrict the Congressman’s public audiences so that they only include those who agree with what he has to say.

Among other things, the memo advises members to:

  • find a hospital that is negatively affected by Obamacare, and tour the facility, but ensure in advance that healthcare workers agree with Republican “messaging theme(s)”
  • write an op-ed entitled “Fighting Washington for You”
  • tour a senior center, to discuss with seniors their “concerns they have about the current health care system and an out-out-control government.”
  • invite attendees to events who will “take [the conversation] in a direction beneficial to the member’s goal.”
  • host a “Millennial health care forum” with a doctor to discuss young people’s health care concerns—but make sure to “select a health care provider with the same stance on the issue.”
  • host a “jobs fair” for your constituents, and make sure to “include the opportunity to opt-in to your email list” for the unemployed job-seekers, as well as the opportunity to address them “3-4 times throughout the day” (rather than letting Montanans speak, presumably).
  • take photos outside all of the schools you visits wearing the different schools’ “team gear”.
  • speak at senior centers, but only with “built-in crowds.”
  • Make sure to “utilize the new ‘Vine’ app” as much as possible, taking care to “post a creative Vine video” whenever you visit sites like energy production facilities.
  • host a forum for young professionals interested in careers in energy and technology, and use their information to “provide lists for future targeted mailings.”
  • conduct a “Cut Waste Drive Time Radio Tour,” an “Obamacare media tour,” and an “Emergency Healthcare Town Hall.”
  • help constituents pump gas or bag groceries—but make sure to “wear clothes in which you feel comfortable doing ‘hands-on’ work.”
  • not forget, for each event, to “use a consistent hashtag”!
  • and most important of all: never, ever remind your constituents that it’s your fault Washington is “out of control.”

It will be no surprise to readers of this blog that the latest Washington Post/ABC poll shows only 21 percent of Americans identified themselves as Republicans, the lowest number since November 2009. A majority (52 percent) of Republicans think that the Republican Party is going in the wrong direction.  Sixty-eight percent of voters (and 72 percent of independents) think it’s more important for a politician to cooperate across party lines than to stick to his or her party’s positions and be an obstructionist.

It will be interesting to monitor the extent to which Daines uses these marching orders from the folks back home in Washington DC.



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  1. From the memo: “Choose media outlets that target the specific demographic with which the Member is meeting.”
    Well, now I know what ads I’ll be hearing on KSEN/KZIN (Shelby, MT) next month!
    As if it wasn’t bad enough already, with Mark Daniels conspiracy theories!

  2. Welcome to fricking politics, fer chrissakes. Why are you only aware of the pond, and not your reflection?

  3. Daines is a sham empty suit and an imbecile of the lower order. He doesn’t have a single new idea or anything newbie interesting to say- this memo reads like damage control for morons let loose from the asylum to me. I doubt he does anything but photo ops.

  4. Please excuse the typo – I meant “new or” not newbie.

  5. I hope this memo came with pictures, I’m pretty sure many of the teabaggers will need pictures to understand these instructions.

  6. This is what we allowed voted into office…. and now here comes the Nationalist propaganda of fascism.

    Everyday the gop party is getting closer

  7. Are you kidding me? Like the Democratic CCC doesn’t have nearly-identical PR-pap sheets circulating to all those eager young staffers hoping to keep their “Member” — capitalized, for gosh sakes — employed thereby self-perpetuating their own relationship to power?
    I wouldn’t say this is a document worth leaking at all. It’s simply PR as it has always been played to the lowest common denominator. And I love the new photo op — now it’s “photo spray?”
    But it is pretty lame, isn’t it. Politics for Politicking Dummies.

  8. DAVE were is the proof? Well? Show me these so called Democratic papers. Just once prove you aren’t just talking jack… so far all I see from you is jack?

  9. Face it Dave your party is becoming the very heart and soul of American style taliban. You got the gun toting jhadists all ready to war on their communities….String up those who want gay marriage…prevent women from seeking abortions…teaching children only certain religions are worth her and science is bad.

    Embrace your party dude

  10. Norma, this kind of stuff is not partisan. Ever noticed how when Newtown happened, everyone on the left was on the same message within two days? Oh, right, the Democrats don’t have ANY PR infrastructure. Just like the Democrats don’t use dark money conduits, just Republicans.

    • This will be the last stance before their kind of Mccarthyism gets booted from American Politics by the voting middle ground public.

      Watch also for militant groups who will plan attacks on democrats, that go farther then the town halls did in 2009. where democratic congressmen were spit on, jostle and had to be escorted to safety bt Law enforcement.

      Some of these RW Idiots, are actually itching for gun fights with police and Military….

      • Do they TRULY BELIVE that they can outgun the US military……?? Seriously…??

        • Rocky, I think they are convinced that the military is stocked mostly with “like minded” individuals who, when it becomes obvious that the apocalypse is starting, will stand with them in solidarity and bring their gear and supplies with them.

          • Climate change is the only apocalypse coming.

            If you think for 1 moment that these teeny tiny little Militas are gonna do more than murder their own neighbors, and turn whole communities against them… and laugh of all laugh the military is gonna join them. your an Idiot!

      • Norma, you have gone full Larry Kralj in a skirt. Makes me wince thinking of you with his beard and foaming at the mouth.

        • LOL. Does anyone know where Larry is? Did he finally get arrested for DUI, or has MTCowgirl finally banned him for being, as a reader of the blogger Althouse put it (after she suspended comments) “but it became apparent that your blog had been held hostage by repetitive, inane, banal and ad hominem comments” which is a perfect description of Larry. Maybe Norma is trying out for Larry’s spot?

          • Unlike pseudonymous earth haters LK has a life: you should get one, too.

          • Larrys on a vacation from you Extremists for a while…. generally because your Opinions are getting dumber and dumber with each passing day… I am sure he thought Better of idiots like you, and it pains him to realize you are dumber a lot than he thought.

            But you representatives seem to be telling the real red meat stories most of you seem more than happy to embrace as ….What does larry call you Christofacists?

            Dave seems to think we shouldn’t be outraged when children die in their classrooms when a man comes into school with a gun, or a teenager gets gunned down while clutching only a pop and some candy… he calls that democratic Propaganda. we call it saving lives

            Craig seems hell bent on misdirection as your party lowers their standards to intimidation and outright fear in town hall meetings, corporate buyoff and grift…. refusing to answer for their creation of Dark Money in Law, he would rather want to know why the democrats will use that republican tool to keep idiots like him at bay….

            Then there is you, who probably doesn’t care if people die of treatable disease and illness.

            Cuz thats the new GOP Plan isn’t it, besides killing clean air water and land, to poison the atmosphere then try and live without medicaid, social Security, or even post offices.

            By the way it is already working for the little folk in states, Obamacare that is. That most states who care to implement their tenth amendment duties and personalize the healthcare system given to them for the care of people of their state. And even Gov Brian was talking about implementing it before he left office… he finally realized it could be turned into a single payer plan for the state.

            But being the true RW conservative your only worry is about a commenter on the left?

            Why waste the time to even write about him when you have so much to destroy about America????

        • psst, maybe if you didn’t spend so much time fantasizing about what she looks like …

          Craig, that’s about the most sexist thing written on this site in a while, though I must admit it goes hand in hand with you referring to her as ‘Norma Sweety’. You’re a smart guy. I’m xertain that you can disagree with her vehemently without throwing out gender tropes.

    • I always knew that. and it proves the point doesn’t it when Rehberg began campaigning to far to the right. Montanans dropped him. They are centralists who are more to the left than right. Thats why if daines plays to the base of his party the RW Nut jobs he will lose also.

      By the way anyone notice Cory Stapleton is still running for Baracus’s seat anyone????? after months his campaign hasn’t gotten off the ground. We only need a good centralist Democrat to beat any off them and we have at least four…. told you deep bench!

  11. http://www.ajc.com/weblogs/jay-bookman/2013/jul/25/cruz-explains-why-gop-willing-play-chicken-over-ob/

    and this:
    “If they really believe that the Affordable Care Act will collapse on its own — that premiums will skyrocket, that people will lose what they have now, or whatever other horrors they’ve been asserting — then there’s no reason at all for any campaign to spread misinformation about the law or to encourage anyone to “skip the exchange.” Consumers would do that on their own.”

    • I loved that story, because it is so true, and Daines is right in the middle of destroying our clean water… like I have shown before. they are trying to give as much of our water rights to industry as they can. Republicans like Daines are becoming Sick extreme Christofascists.

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