Montana’s Youngest Medical Marijuana Patient Subject of New Documentary

A Montana toddler whose battle with brain cancer captured national attention  is the subject of a new documentary  to be screened in Billings this week.

After being told that young Cash Hyde had little hope of surviving, his parents turned to an oil made from medical marijuana, and his cancer went into remission.  When the 2011 legislature changed Montana’s medical marijuana law, it was was much harder to get the medicine and that’s when the Hydes say their son’s cancer returned.  When the little boy passed away, his parents started a foundation in his name to raise awareness about how medical marijuana can help the terminally ill.

The documentary, called “AMERICAN DRUG WAR 2 – Cannabis Destiny ” examines the current state of the government’s war on marijuana in the United States.  According to the U.S. Government, marijuana is categorized as a dangerous drug on par with heroin. 

This film features the story of Cash’s parents, Mike and Kalli Hyde, and their struggle to keep their son alive through the use of medical marijuana.

As KPAX Missoula reports, Mike Hyde is running for mayor in Missoula.

The film will be shown in Billings at the NOVA Center for The Performing Arts, 2710 Montana Ave. – Thursday August 8, 7pm.  Ticket prices are $7.00.  The movie is presented by the Montana Cannabis Information Association (MTCIA), and proceeds from the movie will benefit both the MTCIA and the Cash Hyde Foundation. Tickets are on sale at Heightened Harvest 1415 S 32nd. St. West, in Billings, 656-115, and at the venue before the show.
You can down load flyers here. ADW promo1 Cannabis Destiny Flyer ADW Promo2 


10 Comments on "Montana’s Youngest Medical Marijuana Patient Subject of New Documentary"

  1. Thank you Jeff Assmann, your local Billings Volkswagen/Mercedes dealer and SCSK based in Billings, for allowing this child to die. I am sure that your kids are safe now. Aren’t you all proud of yourselves for letting a small child die because of your draconian attempt to prevent medical cannabis patients from receiving something that makes their lives bearable and possibly may even save a life?

  2. To the Christian Right who backed these GOP Idiots that eventually killed this child, by taking away is medical Marijuana I say… How do you consider yourself pro-life now Hypocrites.

    More worried about carrying guns and gun rights than allowing cancer patients a medicine that might help them….. I could go on and on but your GOP/ Religious right, Taliban like priorities sicken me.

    • They ‘moral’ GOP is pro-life only until the child is BORN, then to hell with ’em….don’t fund Headstart, medical care and SNAP…..are there no workhouses, are there no prisons the baggers and extremists might say? As note, GOP ‘elite’ gush over Les Miserables and totally ignorant of the message about social INJUSTICE.

  3. A story like this doesn’t even phase the Milburns, Essmans and Howards and of course SCsSKs. If they had their way every cannabis user would be forced to wear a pot leaf on their clothes and would be shipped east!

  4. The foundation has been around for a while. It just didn’t start up this year. Missoula saw the film last month.

  5. The address to the venue is 2317 Montana Ave. Hope everyone can come out and join us tonight. We will be raffling off some great prizes, courtesy of Headies Smoke Shop!
    Come and Join Us!!

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