93 Years Later

Ninety-three years ago yesterday, women finally got the right to vote.  That was in 1920–only 144 years after the Declaration of Independence declared that “all men are created equal.”

Yet today Montana Republicans are still obsessed with restoring policies from 100 years ago–including erecting barriers to make it harder to vote.  During the 2013 legislature, they voted to put a measure on the ballot to eliminating same-day voter registration and making the last day to register to vote the Friday before the election to create additional and unnecessary obstacles to voting.

This means everyone in Montana will have less time to register to vote in Montana.

But there are types of people in particular who will lose out if they can’t register and vote on the same day—people with disabilities who need to make one trip instead of two; rural voters, particularly those on reservations who may live miles from the election office.   Then there are the people who thought they were properly registered, but were not, from correcting whatever the issue was and voting–such as people who registered when they renewed their driver’s license and the paperwork wasn’t transferred to the election office by mistake.

Montana Republicans know their policies are too wacky to be viable, so instead of running on the issues they’re seeking to keep good people out of office  by suppressing the vote–especially women leaders.

Same thing’s happening on the national level.  Just this week, a GOP political analyst said women leaders would be bad for the U.S. Here’s what GOP strategist Donny Deutsch said on Morning Joe to explain his view that the U.S. shouldn’t have women in power until Al Qaeda does:

“Problem: we have a woman, but our enemies are still on the opposite side of the equation. I don’t think the Al Qaedas of the world are going to be headed by women, so it falls apart a little bit. Women plus women equals a win to me. Women and still men on the other side of the table? Theoretically the world would be a better place with women running it. It doesn’t solve the problem.”

“If you have two women down to negotiate something, it’s going to get done without bullets,” Deutsch continued, undeterred by the ridiculousness of his position. “On our side of the equation, we solve it, but there’s a world that’s still a century behind in our evolutionary state or progressive state in how we feel about women.” 

The Republican voter suppression ballot measure is LR 405.


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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donny_Deutsch

    “On February 25, 2013 on Piers Morgan Tonight, Deutsch declared that he is a member of the Democratic Party.”

    Back in 2010 on the Morning Joe program Deutsch said: ” I’m a Democrat, I really hope she’s (Palin) going to do Iowa and she’s going to win South Carolina and she’s the party’s candidate because she’s unelectable. She’s unelectable in the general election.”

    Cowgirl, where did you come up with calling Deutsch a Republican????

  2. What an ASS. Deutsch has probably NEVER served in the ranks like my fellow male and FEMALE veterans. Somebody please find out, because if he did serve, I would NOT want
    to be with him in his unit. I’ve known plenty of TOUGH female leaders who first started getting commissions in the seventies, but Deutsch and his party still back in 1750, where white men with no property, blacks, females and others had NO rights to vote, just landed gentry.

    • Deutsch’s party is DEMOCRAT! So you are saying he and his fellow Dems are back in 1750?

      • This asswipe isn’t a democrat – he just says whatever people want to hear so that they’ll hire his sorry ass.

        • Even the New York Times acknowledged him as a Democrat way back in 1995. http://www.nytimes.com/1995/01/25/nyregion/for-jobless-democrats-tough-year-good-chip.html

          In both Texas and New York, rumors have circulated for weeks that the two Democrats, once considered the inspirational stars of their party, had been reduced to hawking corn chips. But Ms. Richards kept mum, and Mr. Cuomo issued what would be considered a denial from any other politician.

          “Don’t believe it,” he said when asked about the rumor on Dec. 30, his last day in Albany.

          Today, however, sources said the rumor was true. Both Mr. Cuomo and Ms. Richards were in California last weekend, presumably for filming. Lynn Markley, a Frito-Lay spokeswoman, said only that the company would hold a news conference in Miami on Thursday. Mr. Cuomo did not return a telephone call to his office.

          Although former Vice President Dan Quayle broke the ad barrier by appearing last year in a Super Bowl commercial for Wavy Lay’s potato chips, top advertising executives said today that they were stunned that Mr. Cuomo would follow suit.

          “It’s just everything he’s not,” said Donny Deutsch, a Democrat and the chief executive officer of Deutsch Inc., a large Manhattan advertising agency. “The last thing we need is two of the top faces in the party running around selling chips.”

          • It matters not what party – more like to ‘GOOF’ party – Deutsch ‘claims’…..his condescending, patronizing and downright stupid assessments are insulting.

            • Actually it does matter when Cowgirl makes a big deal to lie about Deutsch’s party affiliation to make a point about the other party. See his Dem contribution history.http://www.newsmeat.com/media_political_donations/Donny_Deutsch.php

              Using Deutsch’s word’s to attack Republicans and claim he is a Republican when Deutsch is a Dem shows extreme desperation and is a BIG LIE!

              • Does it? I mean really, does it matter? You claim it does, but you haven’t done much more than ‘claim’ anything except that your party is pure because the other is corrupt. Yeah, there’s some BS going on here alright …

                The group Citizen’s United, yeah the one that completely screwed any pretension of Democracy for the foreseeable future, attempted to make the same point in their disjointed ‘documentary’ about Hillary Clinton. While attempting to paint her as a ball-busting bitch demon, they claimed that other ‘dignitaries’ and power players wouldn’t respect a woman in command of the US. Now do tell us all, Craig, given that CU is underwritten and funded by Republicans, was that stupid claim (the same as Douches) the fault of Democrats as well? Is it all about proper assignment of party, as you seem to think? Or is the claim so ridiculously stupid that it is worth ridicule by anyone, even visitors at a website that little Craig seems to have a problem with, but just can’t quit?

                • What a pile of stinking HS you shovel to distract from Cowgirl’s lie about Donny Deutsch. Now I’m using ‘lie’ in the context of how CG anonymously labeled, using erroneous claims about Lifeline, another blogger who uses his real name. That’s 2 for 2 in 2 days after coming back from hiatus. Lifeline IS a govt program and Donny Deutsch IS a Democrat.

                  • Aren’t *YOU* impressive!?! What’s your problem, little Craig? That Cowgirl lied, or that Womens can’t run a country as important as the USA! USA! USA! You obviously think it’s more important that a blogger be marginalized than that a lie about women gains traction. You are a sad and sorry little man, Craig.

                    • Rob, I have a daughter. She is quite capable of most anything including politics. If she ran as a D or an R, I would support her completely.

                      Just so you know, I don’t take your insults personal. I am laughing as I write.

                      BTW, I’m pleased you acknowledged that Cowgirl lied about Donny Deutsch. There is hope for you.

                    • So many things you don’t understand. I do not acknowledge that Cowgirl lied. Your assumptions are your own affair. You still haven’t answered the important question: Do you agree that women can run the country or do you not? Douche doesn’t think so. Do you agree with him?

                      Good luck to your daughter, especially if she runs for political office. Given your writing here, she’s gonna need it …

                    • Rob, as you acknowledged, “That Cowgirl lied,..” Now your venom would be best served railing against the Obama Dems and what they are doing in conjunction with the Brits. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/a3e35152-08a6-11e3-ad07-00144feabdc0.html

                    • We need to vote to protect the rights of Craig’s Daughter, cause I am sure as hell he will vote to suppress her chances to vote at all.

                  • From the sourced article:

                    ” TEA PARTY AND THE RIGHT”
                    AlterNet / By Janet Allon
                    7 Idiotic and Dangerous Statements From Right-Wing Nut-Jobs Just Last Week
                    “We can’t have a woman president until every other country has a woman leader”…and much more.”

          • That was 25 years ago!!

        • “For adman Donny Deutsch, there’s really no difference between pushing a political party or a bag of potato chips: it’s all about the branding. S.E. Cupp, in contrast, is a conservative with bedrock principles.”


  3. Wow. The sheer incomprehensibility of his “logic” is overwhelming. The assumptions alone . . .

    One must have enemies. Competition and warfare are how disputes are resolved. Someone has to win, someone else has to lose. Women would “run the world” better.

    He talks about how women would “run” the world better – which reveals his belief that women are not “running” it now. Or that it has to be “run.” He also thinks it would be a better place – but pshaw, Ha ha ha, get real – it doesn’t “solve the problem,” that is, win.

    Then it gets really dumb. “We” can’t bring our women to the table because they don’t bring theirs. Huh???

  4. OH we have to have a leader just like Al Qaeda’s, that must be why we elected a muslim President! Thanks Donny! Douchebag.

  5. Donny the deceiver!
    The chauvinism of al Qaeda
    Was corrupted and conjoined

    By uber national chauvinists
    Who bullied there way
    To more and more power

  6. I suggest that all commenters ignore the Deutsch paragraph and concentrate on whether eliminating election day voter registration makes sense if our democracy values the highest possible voter turnout.

    Incidentally, if you’re interested in some stats on voter turnout not published by the MT SecState, I just posted some on Flathead Memo.

  7. Yeah I don’t know what Craig is arguing as BS now. it seems to be turning out another “I hate Cowgirl” post per his usual……

    The voter turnout in this state is pretty pathetic, and if the gop sideline even more…. well lets just say we need to get out the Vote next election, or there will be more than women hurt. No one needs to see the tealiban win such an important restriction to voter rights.

  8. Dear Craig – Thanks for your comments and for expressing your desire for more posts when I took a break – appreciate being missed. The source for Donny Deutsch being a right-wing nutjob is this article by Janet Allon entitled:

    7 Idiotic and Dangerous Statements From Right-Wing Nut-Jobs Just Last Week”
    “We can’t have a woman president until every other country has a woman leader”…and much more.” August 17, 2013


    If you dispute her characterization of Deutsch’s politics, kindly take it up with her.

    • Cowgirl, thank you for the reply. However, my dispute is with you calling Deutsch a Republican strategist. The whole right vs. left, conservative vs. liberal is a matter of perspective and opinion, and I have no problem with expressing such opinion. Mark T is a prime example of just such opinion. BUT when you call someone a “Republican strategist” that is an expression of fact, not opinion. Check out Deutsch’s political contributions that I linked. All Dems. Check out all the news links where others and Deutsch himself, calls him a Dem. To say otherwise is extremely misleading and erroneous. Either you didn’t do some basic research or you just made it up, “Republican strategist,” just to fit your meme. I use to watch his show on MSNBC. He certainly didn’t strike me as anything other than a capitalistic leftie who lived with other wealthy NY lefties in multi-million dollar Manhattan townhouses and weekend mansions in the Hamptons. He is a BIG supporter of Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. As you may recall, it was Schumer who schooled Tester on how to work Wall St. and the NY leftie fat cats like Deutsch.

      Anyway, thank you again for the reply.

      • He only shows up on GOP friendly news programming. He is a right wing nut, he only claims to be a democrat to muddy the waters.

        he claims he changed parties in february 2013. A lion can paint on spots, and call himself a cheetah but he is still a lion with painted spots. You continuing to repeat and propagandizing his lie wont make it any more true.

        • Norma, the lie is all yours again. Prove your claims. Deutsch has always claimed to be a Dem. That’s why he had a gig at MSNBC until he criticized Olberman. He guest hosts for Piers Morgan these days on CNN. Neither network is GOP friendly. Look at his contribution history. All to Democrats. He severely criticizes the likes of Rush and Glenn Beck. His program on MSNBC was not ever friendly to the GOP. Not once. He is a major supporter of Schumer and Hillary Clinton. He is no different than Soros.

          • Attention Craig. the guy has money and no sense that doesnt make him a Democrat. Just because he goes on Piers Morgan, or NBC shows as a sideshow and, and trust me he is nothing like soros.

            Most Americans despise Glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh or sure they say millions listen to them, but there is no way to prove that. we have to take their word for it. And these special heros of yours, the (Snark) truth tellers……. they aren’t even on the the most 100 trusted americans list, neither is Bill O’reilly. in fact there are dozens of NBC,CBS, and CNN folk on the readers digest poll and the only fox player, coming in at last place is Shepard Smith at 100. Secondly there might only be about 10 or so Republicans the rest are democrats….. you see where this is going?

            We don’t really give a rats bottom end about what you’re failing to argue with Cowgirl about…… and your browser has to be directed by you to be here. No one force you to be here. You don’t wake up every morning with cowgirl plastered on your eyelids buddy you choose to be here… and you’re not arguing the post most important point which is, the republicans in your party want woman out of politics and business and back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.

            We aren’t going back willingly, so yes, there is a war on women, and your pushing to be on the front line with all the other old white men of the Gripping Old People.

            So you come here to misdirect the conversation about women’s rights to one of your own. Lets trash Cowgirl!

            That makes you a pig to a lot of woman here including me, a guy so desperate for attention he makes a sideshow of an important point!

            Cry on little man, but don’t expect bigger minds to pay attention to your bullshit without calling you on it!

            • Norma, your excremation points are not nuggets of wisdom

              Wasn’t changing the subject, just demonstrated bonehead comments by other Dems like Deutsch. If you think otherwise, just look at Jamie Greer’s rebuke of what Cowgirl wrote.

              As you drone on with your lie blah blah blah that Deutsch is not a Dem explain the following:

              Why are Deutsch’s political contributions solidly to Dem candidates?

              Why does Deutsch support fellow Dems like Hillary, Schumer, and President Obama with his money and his votes?

              Why has Duetsch consistently self-identified as a Dem at least as far back as 1995?

              Why does the media refer to Deutsch as a Dem?

              Is what Deutsch said anything remotely as repulsive as fellow Dem, Anthony Weiner, has done sending pictures of his junk to women? Are you are arbiter on Weiner as well?

              • Keep changing the subject, add another name to the pot. point out some wacko who thinks today he is a Democrat….. meanwhile ignoring that 2/3 of your party needs mental health counseling.

                We already know we have a few wackos in our midst and don’t mind calling and pushing them out, meanwhile you embrace them and make them leaders, incorporate their wackiness in your Party Platform…..and then say there is nothing wrong with them

  9. My, what a fine pig-wrassle we have here.
    Deutsch IS in fact a Dem, a lib, it just shows some of the fractured “thinking” of the progressive “alternet” reality.
    FEC records show he has donated to the hard core of the Senate left, like Chris Dodd, Dick Durbin, “John” Edwards. So this entire post was based on shoddy reporting by someone on the flaming left that should know who their friends are. GOP strategist, my keister.

    • Now he isn’t he is a Republican masquerading as a Democrat. we have seen this bull shit before. he says he changed his politics, but he is still the same bigot when you had him, still spouts the same lies as before.

      He is and will always be a GOP wolf in sheeps clothing. This is your new GOP party Dave. people so clueless about new solutions to problems they are willing to change sides just to fuck with the winning strategists…. and besides that most of the leading party members of democrats already have told him to get out… because he is a fake and a con man of the GOP party.

      You know so little about your oppositions platform, you don’t even know when your ruse blew up???

  10. It’s LR 126 not LR 405. The Republicans just have a hard time getting out the vote, so why not take away the Democrats advantage. It’s the same for LR 127, the Republicans are having a hard time competing with other parties like the Libertarians, so why not just have a top two primary and eliminate the competition. Republicans don’t believe in the free market, but using the force of government to achieve its goals. let’s hope the voters make the right choices.

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