Daines Among Richest Members of Congress

Montana Representative Steve Daines is one of the richest members of Congress, according to a new report.  Daines came in at number 41 with an estimated worth of between $4.6 million and nearly $23 million. 

Prior to Daines, former MT congressman Dennis Rehberg was the 24th-wealthiest member with a net worth ranging from about $6.6 million and nearly $56.2 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan, nonprofit group in Washington, D.C.

On average however, incoming freshman like Daines are wealthier than the incumbents. 

Meanwhile, the most recent numbers available from the U.S. Census show that the median net worth of the typical American household is $66,740.

The Center for Responsive Politics also released the top corporations that members of congress invest in.  They include these among the top ten:

General Electric (former ALEC member)
Procter & Gamble (former ALEC member)
Microsoft Corp  (ALEC member)
Exxon Mobil (ALEC member)
Pfizer Inc (ALEC member)
Verizon Communications  (ALEC member)
Cisco Systems
AT&T Inc (ALEC member)
Intel Corp (former ALEC member)

[Source: Current and former ALEC member corporations]


23 Comments on "Daines Among Richest Members of Congress"

  1. Are you really saying that some of the more successful companies in America that are household names are actually ALEC members? WOW!

    I suggest that you and all progressives immediately stop using any product from a company listed above that supports ALEC, unless you want to be hypocritical and help those companies support “the enemy”.

  2. Oh, crap. Some of those companies are gonna be really hard to avoid but I will do my darndest.

    • Just turn off your Windows PC now. Get rid of your cell phone. Turn off your GE light bulbs. Stop brushing your teeth. Luckily you still have options outside of Exxon for your fuel so you can get to work with smelly breath. Hopefully your work does not rely on the above companies to continue your employment. Your bank may rely on Microsoft software and Intel chips to process your unemployment check though.

      • Given that we’re not TEA partiers, I think we’ll keep brushing our teeth…

        • Given we are not tea partiers, I can easily not buy at Walmart either. I try and buy at shops here in town that are local, and buy at Amazon which is not on the Alec list. My vehicles are American made as well as my tooth brush…. and yes Ill keep brushing as well

  3. Intodeepinsanity | August 21, 2013 7:04 AM at 7:04 AM |

    Last I read, Jared Polis tops the list. Are you real.y going to pursue this point, you amazing hypocrites?

    • I forgot how much you hate people who protect school environments and protect at risk children from becoming homeless. Want to tell me how many children Daines has saved from living in the streets Mark??? is that why you hate Jared? He also protects dreamkids is that another reason you hate rich guys who give back to their community??? just saying

      Or is it because he voted gun safety laws? and all you Republican hypocrites who hate protecting people from deranged gun toting idiots like yourself….. Just mad as hell you’re being forced to follow the law and be responsible for a change????


      • Democrats talk a good line, but bottom line: They do none of that stuff. I pay attention to deeds, and not words. You? Are you easily fooled? Appears so.

        • Hey Mark, I agree with this Lawerence. You wanna find me some proof non of this is true before opening your yapper go ahead I can wait!

          • I love the way you have co-opted all of the work of popular movements that forced the hand of people in power and now give the credit to the “Liberals.” Good grief!

            “Liberals” did not get African Americans the right to vote and end segregation. The Civil Rights movement did. The people in power were afraid of a race war, and gave in. Only Barry Goldwater voted against civil rights. Liberals did not create Medicare – seniors are organized and forced the hand of power. Liberals did not do clean water and air – environmentalists organized in the 60’s and 70’s and forced their hand. These things, left to liberals, would not exist.

            We don’t have popular movements anymore, as people are atomized by weak education, poor critical thinking skills and the debilitating effects of popular culture (TV and dumbed down news reporting) so there are no movements to force your hand. Consequentially, you are doing nothing.

            Here’s what you do: Your party puts the filibuster rule in force, and then blames its failure on the filibuster. Way to go.

            Remember EFCA, Employee Free Choice Act? It was a big election issue in 2008. Democrats controlled the house, had 60 votes in the senate and the presidency. It wasn’t even introduced. It wasn’t even introduced. </I.Way to go.

            Yaaaaay Democrats. Having your support is like sitting atop a mold of Jello. There's movement, I have to say. I do feel movement.

            You got nuthin'. Don't you ever come at me again claiming the actions of popular movements as your own. Ever.

            • Keep muddying the waters. without mentioning John Kennedy The bill was called for by President John F. Kennedy in his civil rights speech of June 11, 1963 who championed the civil rights bill, yep he was a democrat. The bill was signed into law by Lyndon Johnson, yep he was a democrat too.

              Your saint Ronald reagan tried to cut it off at the knees by vetoing the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987. You know where states and orgs that received money from the federal government had to comply with equal treatment and the civil rights act. Congress overrode the President’s Ronnies veto by 73-24 in the Senate and 292-133 in the House.

              Social security came into being in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first term, again another president who worryied about people not corporations that were failing at the time.

              Lyndon Johnson signed medicare into law (see above he did not change his party).

              Clean air act Signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson( ditto on Dems again) on December 17, 1963

              Edmund Muskie a Democrat wrote the Clean Water Act in 1972.

              So you see Mark I have proved once again that your bullshit is just that, Bullshit. Filthy non compliant,crapola worthy of ignoring as democrat who been around a little longer than you to see the civil rights laws, medicare, and clean water and air acts passed while alive, because I rooted for these bills. they were necessary to the health and welfare of this nation. and people like you don’t give a shit.

              Lastly I’ll come at your comments and tell you off, whenever I see you talk lies, muddy the waters, or act like an idiot(which is most of the time online), whenever I want too.

              to me its the same as hanging a sign over your neck that says, “Kick me, I am soooooo stupid.”

              • I don’t think you understand the issue here: Politicians, including the ones you mention, only act when there is public support (ground-level organization) to force them to act. JFK was a good man, in my opinion, FDR as well. But without public support, they cannot act. These are long-ago leaders, you don’t have any who can touch them now. But I know who signed the bills. I don’t think you understand why they signed them, or how they ended up on their desks to be signed in the first place.

                The Civil Rights movement was strong and vital in LBJ’s day, as were labor unions in FDR’s. That’s what drives social change – not politicians signing bills. Movement politics. That’s why FDR could do all that he did – he ah ground-level organization behind him, which incidentally, would have abandoned him if he did not act, unlike your current-day party.

                As evidence to back this up, you will remember that a whole host of progressive legislation was signed into law by Richard Nixon. He was neither liberal nor progressive, but recognized the lay of the land, and so gave us EPA, extension of clean air and food stamps, legal services, reductions in military spending, desegregation laws, a hand out to China, endangered species act … he even proposed a guaranteed national income. Why? Lay of the land. Movements, popular support for these things forced him to sign. He had no choice, and so is oddly remembered as a more progressive president than any to follow except perhaps Gerald Ford. He wasn’t, but it sure looked that way.

                In your black/white mind, if I am not a Democrat, I must be a Republican, ergo a Reagan supporter. I ask that you address this issue internally, as you are quite wrong.

              • Intodeepinsanity | August 21, 2013 4:20 PM at 4:20 PM |

                PS – 26 others voted against the Civil Rights ct of 1964 in addition to Goldwater. Most were Democrats at that including New Dealers and southern segregationists.

                • Again you lie 29 voted against it and yes the majority was Old south Dixiecrats. Only 6 republican senators voted against it when your party still had its wits about it.

                  The dixiecrats were sent packing from the dems in subsequent elections Dixiecrats became republicans and the religious right was born. and that was the beginning of the end for your party. We never let them lead our party because they were not quite sane enough to let walk down the halls with sharp objects, and you gave them leadership roles immediately.

                  Did you think they were our secret weapon? that everyone on the dem side would follow them? Ha!

                  We knew they were a curse, we finally got rid of. In exchange you gave us Union Members you guys didn’t want the average joe worker standing next to you in your press shirts and golf memberships… we couldn’t be happier with having the american middle class on our side.

                  Labor unions turned out to be good allies for democrats, till Republican Ronnie Reagan started attacking them. Corporations wanted more power, and Ronnie was more than happy to furnish it for the coin in his and republican pockets.

                  they have been suckling on that cash cow ever since

                  • By the by your are not a democrat. your one of those who if they did vote would be only to the one perceived to be winning.

                    If I remember correctly you have said numerous times on this blog you do not vote, which tells me two things about you.

                    1. You don’t believe in democracy
                    2. You don’t believe in America.

                    Is it because you can’t make up your mind, or do you just lie whenever your talking to a democrat one moment or a Republican the next?

                    Our history goes back far enough on this blog, to know your just a delusional man who has to move every couple of years when he wears out his welcome spouting fake snakeoil.

                    Just a shrill whistle in the middle of the night, a used burger wrapper blowing by, a piece of old gum stuck to an unsuspecting downward thrust of a shoe.

                    Please save your bullshit for the more gullible who stumble haplessly onto your site… we tire of your boring almost daily codswallop here

                  • Intodeepinsanity | August 22, 2013 6:10 AM at 6:10 AM |

                    I just pointed out how well your party serves labor – not even introducing EFCA when your party ruled the roost. Obama used the GM bailout as a lever to crush the auto unions. Against the Walker attack on public employee unions in Wisconsin, you Democrats were your usual useless selves. Walker won, hands down. I like what a former labor leader said of Bill Clinton, “He’ll pat your back while he pisses down your leg.” That sums up Democrats and labor.

                    Norma, politics is a complex web of deceit. You only see surface features, and think you understand it. Not hardly. You’re being played, like millions of others, a victim of your own lack of guile. Democrats and Republicans are pals behind the scenes, and everything you see in public is for show. The objective is to neutralize the public, to keep us from organizing, has happened I the 50’s and 60’s. We are dangerous when organized. They have succeeded. Nothing gets done anymore except things hat serve the powerful classes, corporations, Wall Street, power centers. It started many years ago when the Democratic Party was taken over by the Democratic Leadership Council, a corporate body formed to counter the populist influences within. Your party is now a place where movements go to die.

                    I know of the Dixiecrats and your party’s history. I was not being critical. The Jewish population is largely Democrat because Republicans discriminated, not allowing the in. That’s just how history plays out. It so happens that southerners were Democratic as part of a coalition in racist times. Johnson said when he signed the ’64 bill that it was very bad for his party. But the Civil Rights Movement forced his hand. Not his conscience. Blacks were a problem. Later the FBI would systematically murder their leaders, and the Rockefeller drug laws would give government a lever to start jailing them, which they are doing to this day. So blacks are disorganized and rudderless too, just like the rest of us. We are not a democracy, nor a republic. We are a plutocracy verging on totalitarianism. But you seem to think voting will change that, even without meaningful choices.

                    Voting is an important right, one of many, but without real choices, hardly important. It’s all for show.

  4. Hmmm, how does a good prog avoid funding ALEC?
    Stop washing clothes, stop brushing teeth, stop using Cowgrrrrrrl, stop driving car, stop taking drugs, stop yapping on cell phone, or land line.
    Might as well stop eating, too, as GE locomotives pull trains of food around the country.

    • Apples and oranges, Skinner. First, look at the companies that are *former* ALEC supporters. Second, ask yourself why they are *former* ALEC supporters. Third, if the problem is systemic, then “good progs” should be trying to break the system, like overturning Citizens united, right? Why aren’t you joining that effort, or are you a fan of corporations making our laws? Fourth and finally, you are an extremist, calling for behavior on the part of others you wouldn’t have the courage to take yourself. You don’t want to fund tree-huggers? Quit buying ammo. You don’t want to fund Cadillac driving welfare queens? Quit paying taxes. I could go on and on telling you how to live your life in the same manner you did to others right here. You’d probably call my observations of your self-defeating behavior ‘bullshit’. It obviously isn’t. I can rightly call you a hypocrite.

  5. Skinner, you are an ass. Most of the food I eat is trucked here from the producers. Very little comes on trains. The raw product “may” travel on trains (but lately, most trains around here are transporting coal or oil with the grain trains on the siding) but, airplanes and truckers are the ones that do the work of bringing the food to Montana.

    • Oh, Dick, so you noticed the convoys of refrigerated trucks bringing in the produce from the coastal distribution center? How come your eco-garden isn’t enough? Local, “sustainable” food ya know.
      And Rob, I already quit buying ammo except for 22 LR. The rest is all home rolled — cheaper, more accurate, and it conserves brass.
      And no, I’m not a corporatist, although corporate America does seem to be the place where you have the best hopes of a stable, pensioned, private sector job.
      Citizens United is not the best ruling ever, the real issue is disclosure of political expenditures and their sources. You know, kind of like Sheister’s two little pet PACs run by his political practices commish? Potmeetkettle.

      • Skinner, you are so funny. You’ve already paid the FAET, and continue to with each round of .22 you purchase. Yet here you are puffing out your chest talking smack about you’re better than the ‘other guy’ who pays it based on something as flimsy as that you pay less. Bully for you, buddy. (For the record, the rounds I use most often are .300 WinMag and .44 Mag. All most all of it is reload. Some of it is better ammo, especially the .44Mag; some shows no appreciable difference at all. But whatever you got to tell yourself, right?)

        Here’s the difference between us. I pay the FAET with no qualms whatsoever when I choose to. You probably do as well, with complete disregard for paying it. It’s only when some Librul points out that that tax also serves tree-huggers that you get on your high horse and pretend superiority, foolishly, thoughtlessly, ignorantly … That excise tax has a purpose, to protect sporting. I look at it and pay it with pride. You are so butthurt about anyone else benefiting from your money that you pretend you aren’t paying what you are just to make yourself feel better. And that charade is transparent. Everybody can see you do it. The only person who refuses to see your hypocritical weakness is you. A suggestion: pay it to protect wildlife, and stand up proudly for doing so. Or… keep pretending a fantasy that everyone sees through. Your choice, of course.

        As for CU, there was never a problem with non-profit organizations declaring themselves and also being easily researched as to where their funding came from. That’s why it was so obvious where the money the Mormons spent against Cali’s Prop 8 came from. It wasn’t a problem until those orgs, like CU, who wanted to hide their revenue stream couldn’t. That’s when it went before the Supreme Court. So, for you to caterwaul about “disclosure” is either incredibly stupid or willful obfuscation. Given much of what you’ve written around here, I’m going for the former just to give you the benefit of a doubt.

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