Daines and the Johns

Daines Has Plan, Says Source

Walsh and Bohlinger talking smack

A well-placed source tells me that Steve Daines is on the verge of announcing a candidacy for US Senate but that he is waiting for Denny Rehberg to bow out publicly, so that Daines doesn’t appear to have leapfrogged over Rehberg, stepped on him, as it were.  Daines is telling this to numerous people, one of whom contacted this blog let me know about it.

The question I have is, why would Rehberg be holding things up?  Something is not right.  What does Denny get by waiting?  Is he negotiating a deal?  Nevertheless, we should expect some news soon.

One must wonder, too, whether Daines is watching to see what unfolds in Democratic party.   John Walsh and John Bohlinger are both making noise about moving forward with a run for Senate.   Would Walsh resign as Lt. Governor?  Would Bohlinger receive the backing of Schweitzer?  Would they truly wage a primary against one another?  Both have very strong attributes.  Bohlinger is eight years an LG and three terms a Billings Senator.  Walsh led troops on the battlefield in Iraq and commanded the Montana national guard, worked for Schweitzer, and would likely have Bullock’s blessing.

It’s excellent news that these two are expressing interest.  For when Steve Daines awoke one July morning to the headlines that Schweitzer had opted not to run for Senate, his erection likely lasted for longer than four hours–until he got word that he might have to run against one John or the other.   Walsh has an intimidating profile–a general with blood on his uniform, and a strong lieutenant governor–and Bohlinger has statewide name recognition and popularity that is close to what Daines has, not to mention support among moderate Republicans and deep roots in two cities, Billings and Helena.

Perhaps they will work it out, and prevent a divisive primary.  Primaries can sometimes be fatal.  But then again, sometimes they are necessary–Jon Tester was the underwhelming underdog in 2006, and those in DC who write the giant checks during campaign season tried hard to get Tester to move aside early in the primary, when Morrison was a 3-1 favorite.  Good thing Tester ignored them.

Assuming that only one John runs for senate, I have to believe that Daines is at least giving some consideration to remaining in his house seat, keeping the secure job rather than try to step up a notch.




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  1. You think Daines is scared of empty-suit Walsh or the politically flaccid Bohlinger?


    I didn’t realize this was a comedy blog.

  2. Really, a dick reference? How classy – you should work for Daines campaign.

  3. The 11th rule of Republicans is that no one shalt use Viagra jokes to ridicule them. They really, really hate that after Blimpbaugh, et al.

  4. I don’t think Rep. Daines fears Dems, but I will say Walsh and Bohlinger are both veterans, and Walsh’s son also served in Iraq and Bohlinger a proud Marine. Where are all the ‘chickenhawks’ when we need ’em now? Time for more veterans in the Senate, period.

  5. Aside from people who don’t think we should not write as adults here…. If we remember folks….. the republicans want US WOMEN TO PULL OUR PANTS DOWN in front of their kind of government and put things up our vaginas…. because American women dare to believe we have a right to our bodies as Americans.

    As a women who believes in our right to choose, the occasional dick line here doesn’t hurt here, It is an awful truth, especially since Daines is all for taking away the right of woman to govern their own bodies. telling doctors to lie to women who council doctors advice on Abortion, and trying like hell to pass laws, making raped women carry the rapist seed to term.

    Republicans believe in a society that allows men to have insurance pay to keep them hard, while women should be denied the right to contraception??? yeah its ugly but damn it its true, and nothing is nice about it.

    Daines also believes the less fortunate in our society, as Democrat Alan Grayson said so succinctly, should die Quickly if they get sick so they are not a burden, to their kind of society. That believe unborn children are to be protected but once you are born…. well screw off! The GOP doesn’t have the time to help you grow up. Doesn’t believe in a healthy lifestyle and some don’t even believe we should have vaccines.

    So I welcome the uncomfortable truth here about Daines, because he is the embodiment of an extreme taliban like lifestyle, he wishes to force on others.

    That being said, My opinion:

    I believe the man doesn’t want to jump in the senate race and be primaried by other bozos in his party. His votes in DC have already proven his tea party bonifides, and trust me there is a lot of Republicans moderates who have already jumped his ship, and are searching for a more moderate candidate, and I don’t think they care if it is a Democrat anymore they are sick of tea part antics.

    Rehberg is a smoke screen, cause he is done in politics here…. the republicans party is split in Montana, and Daines cant get a cobbled consensus on his side.

  6. Daines waiting on Rehberg? That doesn’t make any sense to me. I think he’s waiting until the August recess is over and Congress goes back to work, if work is the right word for the job the House is trying to do on food stamps and heath care.

  7. http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2013/08/23/2507361/raising-minimum-wage-issue-downside/



    “The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 (H.R. 1010 in the House and S. 460 in the Senate) is a bill that would increase the minimum wage from its current $7.25/hour to $10.10/hour over the next two years. After that point, the minimum wage would automatically increase to keep pace with inflation. Because the minimum wage is not currently indexed to inflation, the real value of the minimum wage continues to fall every month that the Congress fails to act, depriving hard-working Americans of another meal, taking another shirt off their backs.

    Rep. Daines has failed to cosponsor H.R. 1010. ”


  8. Intodeepinsanity | August 27, 2013 8:20 PM at 8:20 PM |

    Turns out that Morrison vs Tester was much ado about nothing, as Tester pitter-pattered is little sorry little rat’s ass feet off deck when he got there. I can only assume he got turned somehow, but more likely, he’s just a schmuck. He used people to get elected, and the turned to dark money to get reelected. What a loser!

    John Bohlinger is, in my view, a decent man. He does not stand a chance.

  9. “• MT-AL, MT-Sen: Democrat John Lewis, who just resigned earlier this month as Sen. Max Baucus’s state director, had been weighing bids for either the Senate or the House. Now, it seems, he’s decided on the latter, since he’s filed paperwork with the FEC (PDF) to create a campaign committee for the House. However, GOP Rep. Steve Daines still hasn’t announced whether he’ll seek a promotion; if he doesn’t, I’d be surprised if Lewis challenged him rather than running for the open Senate seat.”


  10. The CowGirls are either just making it up or are in desperate need of new more reliable sources if they think Daines is waiting for Rehberg to bow out. Rehberg has made it clear to many people, both Republicans and Democrats, that he has no desire to run for any office in 2014 and has also made it clear he backs Daines’ bid for the US Senate seat 100%. Daines will announce for the Senate in late September or early October once he has cleared the $1 Million fundraising mark.

    As for John Lewis and his recently announced plans to run for the US House seat, Republican’s all over Montana owe him a big thank you for meeting with Republican leaders and handing over the thick research files the Baucus team had on Schweitzer that helped force the ex-governor out of the US Senate race. This not only helped torpedo Schweitzer and opened the gate for Daines to win the Senate race, but also opened the door for Lewis to run in the soon to be open US House race. A smart maneuver by Lewis to help his own career plus some understandable payback for Schweitzer’s long running attacks on Lewis’ former boss, Max Baucus.

  11. Such classless crudity is uncalled for. From Larry K’s cellar, yes, it is expected.
    I can’t wait to see you try to bottom this —-

  12. First he was murdered. He was speaking out against Vietnam. Then the black panthers were murdered. Then the Rockefeller drug laws ensured selective means to imprison black leaders.

    Dr. King was a fine man, first to go. Covil rights now is his words, cleansed of all vietnam references and to the drug laws that keep porential leaders under lock and key.

    Ain’t nothing about this country that ain’t corrupt.

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