His Heart Just Isn’t In It

Frank admissions of doubt from one Helena City Commission candidate make the Helena Vigilante’s profile on the capital city commission races an interesting read.

Here’s incumbent commissioner Dan Ellison:

Let me start by saying I didn’t have a burning desire to run for reelection.


So with some reluctance I made the decision to run for another term.

To be sure, Ellison  also says “I hope it doesn’t come across as egotistical to suggest that some people think that I have some skills that can be applied to an advantage for the community serving as a city commissioner.”

“Some people” may indeed think so, but it just doesn’t sound like Ellison’s own heart is really in it.  With three candidates running for two seats, this probably makes the choice  an easier one for many.

Ellison is most known in Helena for being the conservative City Commissioner who said he opposed Helena’s non-discrimination ordinance for LGBT citizens because it lacked protections for people who are bald or left handed.  His comments became the subject of parody and satire.  Ellison later caved to public pressure and supported the ordinance.  website: danellison.com

Also running is Andres Haladay, who’s already on the doors, and is the current chair of the Helena Citizens Commission. He’s got a website up haladayforhelena.com.  Haladay is endorsed by several popular Helena progressives including current city commissioner Katherine Haque-Hausrath, state Senator Christine Kaufman, and Rep. Jenny Eck.

The third candidate is David Nielsen who was formerly the Helena City Attorney. He also has a website nielsenforhelena.com.

Go read the whole piece at the Helena Vigilante.  One surprising revelation–not a single candidate discusses perhaps Helena’s most pressing issue–the near total lack of snow plowing in Helena throughout the winter months.



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  1. Haladay is endorsed by several popular Helena progressives including current city commissioner Katherine Haque-Hausrath, state Senator Christine Kaufman, and Rep. Jenny Eck.

    Now THERE’s a reason to vote!

  2. Dear conservative commentor using the multiple aliases “Elizabeth” MTCowboy, “Bozeman Dem” etc – you are allowed to comment anonymously, but you are not allowed to pretend to be multiple people for purposes of trolling.

    • Thanks Cowgirl now if you can say the same to the other known Conservatives who blog under numerous names, maybe they will stay on there side of the fence, at their own blog…… just saying!!!!

      • Snitched again Norma? Hall monitor? Orange vest, whistle?

        • What’s wrong Mark, I caught you….. lying desperately to persuade others you’re normal? With a split personality?

          Poor Jaded, Naive Mark.

          A man who won’t inform himself enough to vote. doesn’t have enough content of character to fill a pessimist’s, glass half full…. and probably loses more conversational debates with your split personality, than most people do in with other real people.

  3. In the future, I’ll try to be more stealthy, like for example starting a blog while I’m working in the governor’s office and pretending to be just an admirer or the governor.

  4. Bob Brigham, the gig is up, stop cross dressing and come out like a man. Everyone knows already.

    • Dont blame Bob on the Gays please. thats not the truth and it is hurtful to a great population in this state as a whole.

      I would have prefered you say something more true about Bob like: “You can paint a turd but its still a turd”…… just saying!

  5. So……who does the snow plowing….??

  6. RockyMissouri –

    Here’s how it works (is supposed to work) in Helena.


    The state is responsible for the big highways that go through town and the city is supposed to plow the roads in red:


    I guess once per winter must be considered enough…have you been here in winter? It’s crazy.

    • Problem is, pretty much only the routes assigned to the Montana Dept of transportation ever get done.

      The Montana Department of Transportation provides snow plowing and traction control on State maintained traffic routes through Helena including Euclid Avenue, Lyndale Avenue, Montana Avenue, Custer Avenue, 11th Avenue and Prospect Avenue.

      Unless a “snow emergency” is declared, in which case the city might act–to tow your car.

      Upon declaration of a snow emergency, declared by the City Manager or his designated representative, vehicles left unattended on the emergency snow route system shall be removed at the owner’s expense. (Emergency Snow Route Ordinance 7-8-6)

      Outside of the state plowed arteries, the city plows a little bit by bit as they get around to it of the red routes, in no order, and may or may not plow anything else.

      • Drunks for Aguare | September 6, 2013 9:55 AM at 9:55 AM |

        I don’t think the city does a terrible job plowing streets. After a snow, the primary route in front of my house is usually plowed before I get up, and the side street next to my house is usually plowed by mid-morning.

        What is way worse is the Helena drivers. I recall that royal idiot Jon Rush once writing a letter to the IR stating that “there is an unspoken rule in Helena that the drivers going up or down a hill have the right of way.” Wrong. The driver who is on the right has the right- of-way.

        And then there’s all the numbskulls who try to drive uphill, start sliding, and thinks the solution is to punch and listen to their tires spin. Helena does seem to have some lousy drivers.

  7. Just be thankful we have clear paved roads most of the year…. we could be like Texas and be losing a paved road a week, add that to the lack of snowplowing!

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