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 The news this week is that Corey Stapleton is jumping ship to the US House race after receiving word from Steve Daines, or a Daines team member, that Daines will be running for Senate.  Stapleton had declared his status as a Senate candidate earlier in the year.

Stapleton has raised an impressive amount of money so far, $230,000, but has squandered most of it.  The newspaper today reports that he only has $80,000 left, which he will transfer to his new campaign.  What he’s spent $150,000 on is anybody’s guess.

The better news is that there might be as many as a dozen GOP candidates in the primary for House, clawing at each other, accusing each other of of not being “conservative enough,” and generally tearing each other down to the point that none will have any money or credibility by the time one of them is nominated in June of 2014.  Such a scenario will reflect what happened to Rick Hill in 2012, who was left limp and broke after emerging from a bruising primary in which, ironically enough, Stapleton opened fire at him with negative campaign ads.

Stapleton his now citing his work with the Martz administration, in canceling a computer project, as an event in his professional life that qualifies him to be congressman.  Not exactly a big-picture type of theme for a candidacy.  His Wikipedia pages have also been interesting. 

But Stapleton will be strong in Billings, having run many campaigns there.  Sonju and Zinke and Scott Reichner will fight for the Flathead Valley vote, Champ Edmunds will fight for wherever he is from (near Area 51, perhaps), if anybody there even knows who he is or that he even exists.  Brad Johnson, who ran his last race for statewide office while housed in an alcohol rehab facility, says he, too, might be running for the house.

Jon Lewis, Max Baucus’s chief aide, is now the only candidate on the Dem side, and we will see whether his Max Baucus pedigree brings him money.

Stapleton, by the way, said  that he wants to be in Congress to stop Obamacare, prevent the raising of the debt ceiling, and effectuate other such obstructionism.  And, he said that he would like to be a congressman, especially on the Syria issue, because he would have access to the intelligence briefings from the Pentagon.  God help us all.

No word yet about John Walsh or John Bohlinger, and their plans to run for the U.S. Senate against the presumptive candidate Daines.



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  1. Yep, big GOP ‘foodfight’….. Walsh and Bohlinger are at least veterans, and it would be great to have a combat leader in the Senate like we had and very few there. Bob Dole, Jim Webb were fine senators across party lines, and Tea(t)baggers couldn’t even support Bob Dole when he was wheeled onto the Senate floor to encourage ’em to vote for the handicapped access bill, but failed to pass because Tea(t)baggers in the Senate thought it was a vast, new world order, UN, ‘Agenda 21’ plot!

  2. I find the attention to campaign cash astonishing. People increasingly can’t afford houses, cars, or PE shoes for kids. If you are an average voter and you’re not contributing $50 to a campaign, who is? Is cash more important than votes?

  3. Ah here we go again the GOP Clown car is filling up. Hoping to see just one moderate run to keep it sane…. but with Jennifer at the helm….. ah NO!

  4. The little twerp is from my town and I haven’t seen him do squat for the city, county, state or the country other than spew his little guy attitude. I hope that the clown car as referred to elsewhere here crashes and burns with all the clowns in it.

  5. “• MT-Sen, MT-AL: Former state Sen. Corey Stapleton has confirmed that he’ll run for the House instead of the Senate, a move you can read in two ways. One is that Rep. Steve Daines is about to enter the Senate race himself, hence other hopefuls would prefer to make way for him (and take a higher-percentage shot at his House seat) rather then get smushed in a primary. The other is that Daines is still unsure about a Senate bid (or is just trying to maximize his leverage) and so Republicans are trying to induce him to run by clearing the field.

    It’s certainly hard to say. But if Daines were such a sure thing for Senate, then why not announce already? Indeed, Stapleton claimed on Tuesday that Daines’s staff “indicated” to him that Daines was going to run for Senate, which prompted the Daines camp to reiterate that their guy is “taking his time to think about it.” That says to me there’s a non-zero chance Daines might just stay put.”

    • Given the inability of Democrats to field a strong candidate for the senate, Daines probably feels no pressure to announce his decision now. I think he may be waiting for the current FEC reporting period to end before announcing. I would be very surprised if he opted to stay in the house.

      • No he is gonna either not running for senat or wait until the last possible minute to run. Apparently he is either got a closet of skeletons he is trying to bury, or he already found his nitch…. could be hes hoping he won’t have to say much… it won’t help him. his votes already tell the general public, he has nothing but tea-party credentals. there isn’t a moderate vote in him.

        • Believe what you want, Norma. Daines is going to run for the Senate and it will be an uphill battle for the Dems to defeat him. I may not like that simple fact, but I certainly don’t shy away from it either. He has the money, the backing and – at this point – no solid Democratic Candidates to challenge him.

          • Aren’t you the same guy who keep telling me You liked Tester but he was gonna lose? Yeah , I’ll stay with my pick and its coming, but not before we all get to watch the gop teaparty meltdown!

            • I don’t know what delusion you are talking about, Norma. I supported Tester both against Conman Burns and Richy Rich Rehberg. I was also the one that pointed out that the early polls showing Rehberg in the lead against Tester were likely incorrect. While I wasn’t sure Tester would win his race (it was fairly close up to the actual vote), I was always pulling for Tester.

              As far as Daines, unless he makes a monumental political gaff (like Burns taking on firefighters or his famous “taxicab drivers by day, terrorists by night” line), he is the presumptive leader in the Senate race. Walsh may give him a run for his money if he runs. Bollinger might also give him a race, though Bollinger’s age will be a factor. Not so sure about the other possible candidates. As I have said before, while Daines has a presumptive advantage in both money and recognition right now, the race won’t truly shape up for some time. This is even more true of the House race. We don’t even have enough information to even begin calling the House race.

              As far as “your pick”, I haven’t seen you make one. You have only said that Daines won’t enter then race and if he does, he will lose.

              What seems to escape you is that we actually agree that Daines is a horrible choice for any political office (though we are widely diverse on our reasons). You claim he is an idiot with only “tea party credentials”. I claim he is a well financed corporatist and as such, he has significantly deep pockets and a wealth of options with support. Moreover, I claim he is a fairly smart political operator and I really don’t see him making the mistakes that either Rehberg or Burns made. You claim he has “skeletons in his closet” but if he did, why didn’t the Democrats reveal those skeletons when he ran for the House? I think you do a lot of wishful talking without a lot to back it up. Even Cowgirl has failed to reveal any significant skeletons. The best she can do is show where Daines is a corporatist – something he freely admits himself.

              • He certainly is ‘Corporate’ all the way, and does the customary Tea(T)tard salutations to keep letting them think they’re NOT be controlled by the Oligarchs.

      • Attaboy James. Good call …. but I don’t appreciate the pussyfooting. Daines does that a bit much.

        • It’s an easy call. There’s no good reason for Daines not to run for the senate. Nor, to my mind, is there a good reason for delaying his announcement.

          There’s also no good reason for any potential candidate to wait to see what Daines will do. It’s time to announce, file with FEC, and trust the voters to sort things out in June.

  6. Just another Flip Flopper. Maybe he could run for dog catcher.

  7. And now “Loser” Larry Williams, who lost races in MT back in the 1980s and who now lives in the Virgin Islands, is contemplating running again. Can you say Carpetbagger?

  8. Running a campaign these days is an expensive, ignoble, and wasteful pursuit and yet many are signing up. The rewards must be outta this world!

    • Actually, according to the PEW research center, many people are walking away from local elections altogether. Now I grant you, many local offices are not paid political positions, but you have to wonder why towns that usually have multiple people run for a position are now having a hard time just filling a position.

      Take Dillon for example. Four city council positions are up for election this year as is the Mayor’s position. Given that the Mayor is paid in excess of $35K a year, it comes as no surprise that there are candidates running for that position. The City Council positions, though, are unpaid. Only one of the four incumbents are running (and she is running unopposed). The other three have made it clear that they are DONE. They do not want the positions (and given that Dillon has been put $14 million dollars in debt over the last two years, it isn’t surprising…). Further, so far no one has come forward to run for the positions. Even though the filing date for getting on the ballot has passed, someone can file to run as a write in candidate until Oct 10th. So far, no one has even done that. We may end up with three vacant City Council positions come November.

      • Why doesn’t Norma run? I thought she was from Dillon.

        • If I understand her correctly, she actually lives out of town. That would disqualify her from running for a city position. This came up with Mayor Malesich first ran for the position of Mayor. He has a home out of town as well. He ended up renting a house in town though there were some very pointed questions about whether he actually met the residency requirements. Malesich has always been about making others follow his rules but he is isn’t all that good at following the rules himself.

          • I cannot run in city elections because I am not in the city limits Hungrymoose.

            Marty Malesich, our Mayor, Is doing actually a pretty good job of getting Dillon on its feet. the town has gone, from being in the hole bigtime to being on track to black in the next 5 years.

            He is a little gruff to the few Dillonites who are too naive, or think they’re too slick ( He doesn’t cotton to any bullshit), but he has actually done a fairly damn good job of pulling the town out of a lot of budgetary issues, and sink holes of money…. a democratic Mayor put us in. ( yeah there are some democrats out there that don’t have a clue what they are “friggin doing” in office).

            After we sat down and hammered out our working differences, personal differences, Party differences…. Which is actually proof that two stubborn people can work together( yeah neither of us are shy of using elbow grease)…… I actually found him to be a very reasonable and intelligent guy to work with. He will sit down with you. if you have the humility to work on behalf of others so does he (Something one of our local commenters here, has no clue about, because he mistakes his own shortcomings and blame, on our mayor and town).

          • Many have no problem with systems of subordination. They just don’t want to be subordinated.

            • Exactly. While Norma seems to be singing the praises of Mayor Malesich (we will see if she continues to sing his praises if the current rumors floating around Dillon are true about his political ambitions), the fact remains that the City of Dillon has been put 14 million dollars in debt in the last two years by his administration. It is no sweat off Malesich’s back because (if he loses the coming election – which he is likely to do), he will simply move back into his big house in the country. Sadly, for the tax payers in Dillon, it is a big deal. Last year, he more than doubled the “street maintenance tax” to attempt to pay for one of his big projects and he tried to do again this year but the City Council blocked him from doing it. It should be interesting to see what the new Mayor will do when he gets into office.

            • I like how you pull those funk smelling numbers out of the back of your pants with no Links or proof to back it up Moorcat….

              Unless you talking about the new sewer plant, replacement lines, manhole covers and such mandated by the federal government. paid by bonding state and federal funding. Our town does not have higher taxes than any other towns it size in the state of Montana, our town has been behind the eight ball on a new sewer system for years. and without it we will not continue to get federal funding for street maintenance either. The other past mayors ignored the need to stay in compliance, and you crying because the city now wishes to stay in compliance. We are still a cheaper place to live. then just about anyplace in Montana.

              And this isn’t just our city, the state and the federal government, have been to all of the rural districts in need of compliance and helping them get back into compliance with funding, help in funding etc.

              Welcome to the 21 century Moorcat, this is being pushed, and funded on a level of fronts to complicated for wee little brains like your to comprehend past your hatred of Marty.

              Mike hasn’t got a shot to win…. marty routed him last time, and Mike has done nothing but get goofier with age.

              I’d tell you to Live in the real world for a change, but you lost your way long time ago.

              • I’ll let Mike know you send your regards. Marty hardly “routed” Mike, but believe what you want. I really don’t care. I also remember you predicting your own win against Wellborn. We all see how that turned out too…

                • I never predicted a win, I gave folks a choice. again putting words in my mouth doesn’t gain you any points in truthfulness…. per your usual though!

                  I notice you still haven’t found all those 14, million bullshit dollars you said marty lost????

                  • By the way that hate is gonna eat you up Moorcat….
                    Karma, How you lied about your past, is what tripped you up not Marty, not the police department, not the town, not even me…. this is all on you man!

                    • By the way I don’t use Mike, I have built my own Computers for the last 20 years. water cooled for the last 5.

                      If I need parts I usually go online, or I go to the computer guy! I have tried to do business with Mike a couple of times in the past and he never has the parts or cables.

                      And out of all the functions we have as Democrats he never seems to have time to come or even volunteer for others in the state and local races. … Just saying!

                    • Talked to our Mayor at length this morning, heres what he said about mr Kaileys rumors:

                      1,He isn’t running for any other office except Mayor. He wants to finish the projects he already started.

                      2. Our town is now pretty much even on the books, for the first time in twenty years, and is only expected to get better.

                      3. Kailey needs to find a job, and pay that back child support!

      • Interesting. I wonder how many local governments are running into that same issue. Being in an unpaid or little-paid local commission is either a stepping stone to a lucrative office or a citizen duty (like jury duty, for instance). And while you don’t necessarily want to chase off all the stepping-stone people – except a lot of them tend to be first-class jerks – you wonder; who’s showing up to vote in elections??

        • I personally don’t know either but the numbers of candidates for smaller, local offices has declined according to at least three political survey groups I have seen so far. I find it… interesting. In my opinion, I think it reflects the current view many have of political offices and politics. Citizen approval of all politicians is at an all time low (yes, there are exceptions, but they exactly that… exceptions). I am not sure what can be done about it either. Sadly, most of the people who are currently seeking office are the people that you really don’t want in office.

  9. So it’s a choice between a Republican, and Max Baucus’s chief aide. But I repeat myself.

    Best way to control the opposition: Be their leaders. That way, when the election rolls around, no matter the outcome, the oligarchs win.

    Of course, it’s important to vote in these contests, as voting is all that is left of our shredded civil liberties. I mean, if you fail to vote for either of the appointed candidates, you’re a bad citizen. I’ve been told that repeatedly, I should shut up, stop thinking, fall in line and vote.

  10. You only have two choices????? Thats the problem with you Mark, you short yourselves of any avenues and you short others….

    You can promote a candidate of your own, find someone who will do the job, get behind them, Vote! Have others vote for him or her till they are successful. Make sure as he/she moves up the ladder, they stay on the side of the people….. But I repeat myself when I say armchair politicos like you do nothing but whine,, and they certainly as you have proven over the years, Don’t vote!!

    • It does not really work that way. Democrats and Republicans monopolize ballot access, so that the best a second or third party can do is to be a spoiler, hoping to leverage something out of that role. It’s not as bad in Montana as other places, but bad enough. Here’s an example, though: In New York City, a guy named Credico is running as a Tax Wall Street candidate, and had to spend months just gathering enough signatures to get on the ballot, which he has done. He won’t be included in the debates, however, as he would have to have polled enough support at a certain time to qualify, and when they ran that poll they did not include his name. So by slight of hand, he’s out.

      Then he has to get on TV and get mentioned on news programs, and the news programs only concern themselves with “viable” candidates, a Catch22, as a candidate cannot be viable without news coverage. Then there are private bribes, i.e., contributions, and there must be enough of them to be able to hire ad agencies to produce 30-second TV ads, itself a scandal, and then run them at least a dozen times each, as that is how long it takes to get a person’s attention. Only big money candidates who have accepted immense private bribes can afford that.

      It’s not a democratic system and a waste of time for reformers, as it’s rigged. If reformers work through the parties, they are marginalized, and if effective, primaried or scandalized out of office, witness Weiner and Spitzer. The Democratic Party is where progressive causes go to die.

      Thus endeth the political primer. The American system is extremely corrupt, two parties backed by the same money, an echo of one another, and not a choice with all others frozen out.

      By the way, we did just as you say, with Nader in 2000, worked our asses off. You Democrats have still not forgiven us, as if Al Gore was anything to shout about. You screamed bloody murder for exercising our right to back a candidate of our choice. Look in a fricking mirror sometime before you preach to us aout politics. Or you could actually learn politics for yourself.

      • Geez Mark, all that just to try and prove there are no other choices for you and others… which by the what you wrote is pretty much, complete and utter bullspit, because there is other choices.

        You and your ilk just don’t want to work at it, if it means getting your ass out and about. Whine Whine Whine!

        Arm chair politicos like you usually are the ones that spew rumor garbage in the first place.

        Tons of choices people are doing them every day.

        • Your inability to comprehend basic politics is one thing, but your presumption quite another. It’s all infuriating, reminding me once again that it is pointless to debate with people who cannot reason. I should know better. The fact that you cannot reason also means that you are unable to comprehend the fact that you cannot reason, and never will be able to do so.

          Again, this is my fault for even dealing with you. Mea culpa.

          • The only naive person is you Mark.

            Do you really believe all that crap you write, phazes people with an education who can see how translucent and full of holes those word salads you put together are?

            I realize you can keep regurgitating the crap, because certain laws protect free speech…. but I on the other hand and countless others just don’t have to believe your excrement either. Freedom of Speech also means freedom from shoddy speech and facts, Insolent talk or behavior, dweeb prattle and rumor mongering!

            That be you’re area of expertise Mark! Go for it!

  11. “MT-Sen: In case Rep. Steve Daines doesn’t make a Senate run, here’s another Republican considering the race. Commodity trader Larry Williams, who waged two unsuccessful bids for Senate back in 1978 and 1982, says he’s thinking about a possible bid. However, Williams is 71 years old, lives in the Virgin Islands, and hasn’t been active in Montana politics since his second loss, 30 years ago, so he doesn’t sound like the most likely of options. (Incidentally, he also happens to be the father of Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams.)”

    DCCC: The DCCC has added nine new names to its “Jumpstart” program, which is designed to give Democratic candidates an early boost. Here’s the newest contingent:

    IA-03: ex-state Sen. Staci Appel

    MI-01: Ret. Army Nat’l Guard Gen. Jerry Cannon

    MI-07: ex-state Rep. Pam Byrnes

    MT-AL: ex-Max Baucus state director John Lewis

  12. “Plus, and this is a big bonus in my book, Walsh was an enlisted guy and became an officer. Those of us who served in the military know that enlisted people make better officers. We need more veterans serving in elected office instead of the wannabes who never served a day.

    There are over 102,000 veterans living in Montana. We vote. Walsh is one of us; Daines is not. That, my faithful readers, would be a big advantage for the Democrats if Walsh decides to run.”

    • If the likes of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz can get into the Senate – and they are CHICKENHAWKS – then an enlisted man and then general deserves a shot, as Lord knows, we need more veterans and leaders who’ve been in combat serving the People, not ranting about a black man in the White House.

  13. There will be more choices on the ballot besides the Dems and Repubs. Don’t forget those Libertarians who will have statewide candidates as well. And who knows maybe we’ll see the Greens as well if they get their act together.

  14. Yes, there is word about John Walsh. Could become boobygate.

    WASHINGTON — The Democratic party’s top recruit for the U.S. Senate race in Montana has a Facebook problem. Either he’s dangerously clumsy with the site’s iPhone app — or he recently let the world know how much he appreciates breasts.

    A screengrab captured by a Republican operative with interest in the 2014 Senate race shows Democratic Lt. Gov. John Walsh — whom national Democrats are hoping will jump into the Senate race soon — “liked” a Facebook profile featuring pictures of women’s breasts on Facebook around 9:45 p.m. on Aug. 19. The name of the account is “Breasts.Proof men can multitask2.”

    Walsh’s Facebook profile disappeared sometime later before reappearing later with the “like” deleted. Walsh’s likes now include the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the National Guard, various Montana Democrats, and “The 2nd Amendment Keeps Us Free.” There’s no mention of “Breasts.Proof men can multitask2.”

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