Sanders County: GOP Vice-Chair’s Group Hosts Speaker on UN Conspiracy to Turn Americans into Indentured Slaves

The conspiracy theorist fan club operating under the name Sanders County Resource Council, lead by GOP vice-chair Jennifer Fielder is at it again this week.

Their September 18th meeting will feature right-wing conspiracy theorist Rene Holaday, a horse breeder turned amateur “UN researcher” out to expose the United Nations’ conspiracies and “senseless human-hating programs” that will turn Americans into “indentured slaves.”

Ms. Holaday has posted her views on several conspiracy theory blogs, and is pushing a book she’s written on the insidious UN.

The UN plan is to basically turn Americans into feudal society, where we have no rights other than what the “evil ruling lords” allow us peasants, and I’m not exaggerating here one bit. They have already built Sustainable Cities- google “Dong Tan”, “Gallions Park”, “The Ziggurat Project”, etc. This is where they want people to live- in these locked/enclosed cities and away from the environment altogether. These cities are planned to hold as many as 2 million people each, and the corporations are to be within walking distance of these captive, “indentured slaves”.

Ms. Holaday seems unaware that the U.S. is not bound by any decision the UN makes.  It is simply a meeting place for nations. Maybe she was home schooled and thus cannot be held entirely at fault for this misunderstanding.

If you don’t act now, says Holaday, you’re “going to lose everything you have ever grown to know and love in this country, like private property rights, individual rights, rights of man over earth and animal, rights to live where you choose, rights to eat the foods you want to eat, rights to own livestock and pets, etc, etc.”

There currently is no more noble cause, than to take up the fight against the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda 21. Get started today and have heart Americans, because other cities, counties and one state have already accomplished this.

Holaday quotes the movie Braveheart.  Quotations from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart are considered de rigueur by the TEA Party to translate “complicated” ideas into TEA Party digestible pablum.

“Your heart is free- have the courage to follow it”- Braveheart

This is only the latest in a spree of conspiracy-themed gatherings organized by the militia-affiliated Sanders County Resource Council and the Sanders County Republican Party. The two groups once featured a series of town hall meetings on the ominous threat of bear-activated satellite surveillance systems. GOP vice-Chair Jennifer Fielder led the meetings.

Then they hosted a birther , Catherine Vandemoer, who once tried to organize a national “Usurpathon” to unseat President Obama.  She tried to recruit 10,000 TEA Partiers and birthers to march on Washington and unseat “the Usurper,” President Obama. Unfortunately for Vandemoer, only two people showed up for the Usurpathon. (She claimed after the fact that she intended only two people to show up because more than three people would have required her to get a government permit.)

Also recently, a school superintendent is Sanders County caused a stir after he proposed to install armed volunteers in the local school – an idea so ludicrous even the NRA has abandoned it.


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  1. Blame the UN? C’mon, the wall street boys have done a much better job at stripping away the financial well being of the middle class, followed by the our incessant demand for cheaper goods from overseas. We have exported our jobs and our industries with such tricky sounding things like NAFTA, Cafta, Crapta, etc., and lined the pockets of crazies like the Koch brothers. Time for the bat crap crazy repuglicans to step up and admit it was their party that got us here and not the UN. I am no real fan of the UN and if it were so god almighty powerful, we would not be having conversations about Syria, Africa, Yemen, etc. I suggest that the repuglican leaders began looking under the rocks in Sanders County for sneaky slimy slithering things.

  2. Her self-published book, The Perils of Sustainable Development, currently number 1,318,895 on Amazon’s best seller list, allegedly explains how “…Sustainable Development plans to completely abolish things like private property rights, individual rights, air conditioning, driving of vehicles, rural living, meat consumption, livestock ownership, farming, logging, and much much more.” She spent six years researching her book, which was published in 2012. In paperback. No Kindle.

    The relationships of the Sanders County conspiracy would make a wonderful subject for a doctoral dissertation in anthropology.

  3. Another reason the corporations help fund these wackos and their crazy U.N, stories… the teabaggers to dumb to know they are voting against their own interests.

    They are against immunization because they don’t want to follow all the human safety laws the UN has put into place. Dignity laws the UN has pushed to make sure people all over the world have rights similar to the United States. Right to privacy, right to peacefully protest, rights to a representative government….. Russia and china have been against anything also that hurts their pocketbooks because communism owns the companies in their respective countries.

    Teabaggers are now in love with Putin, to the point that they should just move to Russia as some of their leaders have already declared… Russia according to them loves families more so than gays?

    Our American started Companies are still killing people in third world countries, as they further strip them of dignity, all over the world, by poisoning them. strip mining for gold, diamonds, uranium.

    Examples for Montana include Denny Rehbreg’s KId destroying people lives in Mongolia for yellow cake uranium, the Koch brothers one of the worlds worst offenders of human suffering through pollution also. Exxon, toxic messes destroying entire rivers that have been the only fresh water in areas for thousands of years….

    All these big companies want, plus countries like Russia and China as well, is not to follow UN guidelines. It is because it would cut into the insane profits they make because of death somewhere else. The republican are accepting this because it fills their campaign coffers….. companies so international in scope now that the GOP is actually accepting foreign money from foreign boards through the international chamber of commerce.

    Killing the world day by day, earth and people haters each and everyone.

  4. Help! We’re buried in a flood of “immigrants” here in western Montana, and it’s not the nice, respectful, hardworking Nicaraguans and Mexicans who are helping us get our trees thinned and our harvests in. It’s the anti-American jihadists known as the Tea Party and they have successfully infiltrated our previously decent populace with a flood of thick-brained, gun-waving, paranoid, angry nuts just itching for any excuse to start a new civil war. UN Agenda 21 is a compilation of ideas that can help us work toward a sustainable future if we implement them. Perhaps these lunatics prefer “unsustainable?” That’s the alternative, idiots.

    Agenda 21 is apparently a catchphrase now that is the most recent rallying point for this mindset, since the whole Aryan thing has been relegated to the criminal element and the McCarthy inquisition is no longer popular. Now it’s “Are you, or have you ever been, for sustainable living on this earth?” Now THERE’S a horrifying boogeyman!

    Please, someone out there help figure out a way to move these people off into the cells and wards they need, and get on with civilized society.

    • Call the UN, they should be happy to help you move undesirables into a camp.

      • No need to call in the UN, these Tea Partiers should just voluntarily relocate to Leith, North Dakota.

      • Yep, that’s what I hear – from the nuts! 10,000 UN soldiers amassing in Yellowstone, and more in Glacier. Train cars seen in 1995 with shackles welded inside, just waiting in Columbia Falls (probably rusted through by now). Maybe these nuts are right. If so, maybe it’s time we all just bent over and kissed our behinds goodbye, cuz I probably can’t keep 10,000 soldiers off my place no matter how many of my neighbors come to my aid with AK47s. But you know what, they’ve been making up this crap for decades now, while they actually fight AGAINST those of us trying to fight REAL dragons like the Keystone pipeline and corporate influence on elections. I’m sick of ’em, I tell ya. If the UN comes and packs us all off, fine, at least we can rest easy knowing the population of western Montana has a chance to reset to decent people some day instead of what’s infiltrating it now.

    • Why don’t you really research Agenda 21, instead of putting your nose in the air to it?

      It’s everywhere and it needs to be fought. I have spoken to people in many states about this. Open your eyes and get rid of the snark.
      Investigate, please, ‘Democrats Against Agenda 21’

  5. Well I didn’t see them at either park this summer…the UN soldiers that is… maybe they were in camouflage as a tree or woodchuck? LOL

    It is totally amazing what teabaggers say nowdays.

    • I did see them in Yellowstone this summer….they were driving motor homes of gargantuan size with texas plates……( used a small “t” for texas as we all know that they have minds so narrow that their ears rub together)

  6. Ms. Holaday seems unaware that the U.S. is not bound by any decision the UN makes. It is simply a meeting place for nations.

    Good heavens, did I just read that? “Cowgirl,” a little home-schooling is in order. The UN Charter is a treaty, and as such is the law of the land. That’s why Bush had to go through the motions of putting Colin Powell through his disgraceful, career-ending performance. He needed perfunctory approval of the Security Council to move forward.

    Even in Libya, though the war was subcontracted to NATO, there had to be UN approval, which came in the form of a no-fly zone. NATO thereafter abused that resolution, converting a simple no-fly operating into a full-scale attack. But the point is that they needed a cloak to move forward, and the UN had to give them that cover.

    The US would like to chuck the UN when inconvenient, but uses it when it is useful to US imperial objectives, and works around it when it must (as in Libya and Iraq). But we are legally and morally bound to the treaty.

    Your observation that it is just a discussion group is, I hope, just your own lack of knowledge, and not the general attitude of the Democratic Party now that you’ve become the party of war.

  7. Attention Mark, your Lying again: The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) backed a resolution authorising a no-fly zone over Libya and “all necessary measures” – code for military action – to protect civilians from the beginning.

    When a despot says he is gonna bomb his civilians like cockroaches, thats what happens to idiots leader who give no thought to innocent civilians.

    Read for a change you dumbass and stop making things up!

  8. Ummm, you’re not too closed-minded much, are you?
    Agenda 21 is alive and well- google what they’re trying to do in Florida, Maine, California.
    I live in California, and they’re trying that crap here. But we’re fighting it.
    You know, I haven’t been home schooled either, but I respect home schoolers.
    It was very unprofessional of you to bring that up about the person.
    Would you bring up their race, or how much they make? Why bring up such a thing? What bias.
    I will be moving to Montana soon; I didn’t know I had to fight Libtards like you up there too. Thought I would be leaving them behind in Kalifornia.

    • Tina, You’ll find plenty of theocratic, neo-Nazi, Klan, and white supremacist groups here in Montana. You’ll fit right in. With them, that is.

      • Dumb people like Tina dont read the real Agenda 21, they let dummies who never read it themselves tell them about it.

        Sustainable farming, and urban greening…. When did this become such a nazi plot?

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