TEA Partier tries to Ruin Constitution Day, but Gets Smacked Down

Tuesday was a nationally recognized anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution.

To honor the day, the Daughters of the American Revolution (many of whom have ancestors who came to America on the Mayflower) held a celebratory service in the Capitol Rotunda.  There was music, and there were readings and many speakers including politicians of all political parties, teachers and ministers.  And there were about a hundred elementary school children in attendance too.  They were there to learn about the importance of the Constitution.

According to someone who was in attendance and related to story to me, all was going well until a man named Jim Buterbaugh, from Whitehall, got up to speak.  Somehow, he had been put on the speaking program, under a section called “Comments from a Citizen.”  He was the citizen.

Except he didn’t last long.  He got up and started complaining about the teaching of civics in public schools.  He seemed to believe it was a liberal plot.  This was his way of commemorating the signing of the Constitution on Constitution Day.

But he didn’t get a chance to go on for long.  After speaking for about 20 seconds, he was yanked.   The master of ceremonies, Jane Lee Hamman of DAR, walked up to the podium, pushed the blathering imbecile aside, apologized to the audience, and noted that many of the children in attendance had been getting civics education in school, and seemed to be doing just fine as young citizens.   She thanked him, told him to leave, and moved on to the next speaker, to applause.

Who was this man? He is apparently the TEA Party Leader in Whitehall, Montana who has called for the president to be impeached.  A website of his has entries such as “Shamefully Saluting the Flag of ObamaNation” and other such literary content.

Good for Ms. Hamman for kicking this ass’s ass.



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  1. Thank you, Ms. Hamman! Way to step up.

  2. OMG! The nuts are everywhere. Totally ditto MtNativeEyes comment, way to go Ms. Hamman!

    • Bravo!! In GF, aka ‘Good Falls’, the local tea(t)baggers had a rally on civic center steps to what end we don’t know, and they didn’t go in on commission night to exercise their right
      to speak and question their own LOCAL gov’t, but probably ranting about the ‘colored’ guy still in the White House and why hasn’t he been impeached yet. REAL citizenship means
      speaking up at local gov’t meetings and being engaged, and
      not just Rush Limbaugh puppets.

      • Bwahahahahaha! Is his Cyndi Baker’s bunch? Wasn’t she going to start a TEAbagger blog? I wonder what happened with that or how to find – bet that stuff is hilarious. Sorry this clown show has infested mediocre falls

  3. Makes me want to renew my DAR membership! I’m descended from Roger Williams, of Rhode Island fame, not the singer. Mr. Williams was a famous LIBERAL.

  4. Wait, you mean the founders werent all right-wingers? Nobody tell them, the might stop wearing the tricorns.

    • No they were all considered radical liberals, and traitors of the british crown.

      The Republicans have been trying to rewrite our history since the 60’s. Thats why Americans should only read history books approved by the American historical association…. Otherwise you are just reading someones opinions like goofy glenn Beck or Bill O’reilly’s crap.

      You won’t find those idiots books sold at any real American history museum. the AHA has already called those books fiction.

      • The founders were not religious christians either. You see in the Kings America if you did not go to church and tithe, if you did not pay the clergy and make sure he had food, rum, and tea. you were considered a non believer and jailed, on your second offense you were whipped, and on your third offense your family was taken away from you, and you were no longer American.

        YOu could not settle in America if you didn’t follow the kings church. and the kings church had religious sheriffs and spies who made sure you followed the churches way.

        Our founding fathers were basically forced to go to one church like every other citizen in America. Baptists, puritans, and other religions were not allowed to even live in towns. if they were not drug onto a boat and forced to sail away from there home, they were forced to live in the forests with the native indians. Half of the white workforce in new america were slaves, and the irish and wales personnel were treated worse than the black slaves that they had because they up and stole them from the streets in london and Ireland, they had to buy and pay for the black slaves.

        YOu should all read the letters of jefferson and Hamilton some time…. pretty crazy shit happened to the first Americans, who were under such rule for over a hundred years before they started complaining about their treatment at the hands of england. Thats right I said over a hundred years before we revolted.

  5. How refreshing! A woman with cojones! This is what is needed more and more when these bat crazy people get mike time. Free speech is one thing but being an asshole on this occasion is not an example of it.

  6. The Right wing money machine loves people like the Whitehall Teaparty.
    “If there were no money involved, I’d call this a misguided bid for relevance. As it stands, the effort to defund Obamacare is a lucrative business. Which is why it continues to go forward, even as the odds for success dip to the quantum level. For the lawmakers and groups spearheading this movement, Tea Party voters aren’t dedicated citizens as much as they are gullible customers; ripe targets for their brand’s commercialized outrage.”


  7. I don’t think all qualified political parties did speak at this event.

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