MT TEA Party Bloggers Uncover Satanist Martial Law Plots (Obama to Blame)

Columbia Falls Blogger Says Satanists Working with Obama to Implement Martial Law

A Columbia Falls religious right blogger says that she has discovered that “Satanists” have infiltrated the White House and the local police and sheriff’s offices to institute martial law across the United States.

Christian prophet and Columbia Falls resident Pamela Rae Schuffert is most known for prophesying that nuclear weapons attacks that were scheduled to take place across America on May 5, 2013 with the goal of implementing martial law on the survivors.

Shuffert also writes that large numbers of UN troops and tanks are already being moved into the U.S. to help Satan and President Obama implement martial law.

Russian Invasion has Already Occurred, Probably

The TEA Party blog PolyMontana took a short break from United Nations conspiracy theories earlier this month to claim that President Obama has planned a Russian invasion of the United states, which has probably already been launched.

Marshalling world-class TEA Party reasoning, the blogger presents the following evidence of the Russian invasion: “FEMA is storing food as much food as they can get their hands on.” Curiously, the blogger doesn’t consider  that this food might be gathered to help tornado or flood victims in times of emergency.

The Russian invasion is an Obama plot–it will be easier you see for the President to implement martial law while patriot militias are distracted with fighting the Russians.

This same author, a guest poster on the PolyMontana blog, explains that Montana features prominently in the conspiracy.   After all, President Obama’s secret stock of 30,000 guillotines, half of which, the author explains, are stored right here in the Big Sky state, will be used by Obama by any who rebel against the martial law order:

Has anyone bothered to do the math? A single guillotine reportedly can chop off the heads of about 100 people per hour. In one hour, the federal government has the capacity to execute as many as three million people. In one ten hour day, 30 million people could be executed by way of the guillotine.

Montana congressional candidate Corey Stapleton is a commenter on these blogs.  And numerous other Republican candidates and legislators all cater to these groups’ beliefs.  As Cowgirl readers know, Jennifer Fielder, who is vice-Chair of the Montana GOP and also a state legislator, and John Trochman, founder of the Militia of Montana, are co-leaders of the Sanders County Resource Council which is notoriously obsessed with conspiracy theories.    Fielder is on the group’s board of directors, according to her website. Here’s the screenshot in case this gets taken down.

There are always deluded people babbling on about conspiracy theories. But the fact that many Montana Republican elected officials and party leaders are inclined to actually engage in such discussions concerns me.



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  1. Us real Republicans just want to keep our money for ourselves. Sure, we will pay taxes to fix roads and bridges, but not for convicts to have sex change operations. Is that so hard to understand?

    We disavow the crazy lunatics in the Tea Party. Those who pander to them (e.g., Stapleton) are not real Republicans.

  2. Every Republican panders to the TEA Party – name me one that doesn’t.

    Hell even Dave Lewis sponsored a UN conspiracy bill in the Montana legislature a couple of years back. Rick Hill held an in-person closed door meeting with the Sanders Militia SNaRC bunch. And Steve Daines is a creationist loon of the first order.

  3. Bwahahahaha!

    Where do they pull some of this crap out of???? Pretty much insanity at this point isn’t it?? WHere exactly are all these guillotines at in Montana? Can Someone give me an address and phone number where these instruments are held??? I will personally lead a group of liberals to prove that bullcrap pointless…. and the biggest lie since the moon landing was faked

    Are you really that dumb?? DO you believe in monsters under your bed as well?

    Has any of you Patriotic lunatics even tried to photoshop a picture of Guillotines for the gullible yet???

    Or is it just that some right wing sphincter spin collapsing… cuz i don’t see a pair of Depends big enough to hold back that spillage?

    Seriously Republicans get some medical help please. This is worse than the tin foil hat challenge to keep the government out of your brain.

    You guys have gotten so crazy I have former Tea party patrons here in Dillon pledging to become democrats…even giving the black president a chance….


    • This has always been my contention. It’s not that the government isn’t a huge problem. It’s that the Tea-Nuts blow their wad on crazy stuff instead of actual problems!

  4. The apparent purpose of the Cowgirl blog is to provide a never-ending source of consolation, giving rank-and-file Democrats assurance that they occupy moral high ground. Indeed, some creeps are out there in Montana intellectual back waters, and you’re quick to trot them out here.

    Meanwhile, your Obama and Kerry are engaged in sophisticated high-stake terrorism in Syria and elsewhere, and you party’s support for Wall Street criminals and domestic austerity while engaging in militarism abroad is the exact behavior that you so roundly criticized when the other party did it.

    Your support of identical behaviors when done by different actors is a sign of party blindness, or deep indoctrination in a belief that there really are differences between two parties that have the same financiers.

    • Poor Mark, how many name changes this year alone????? Or is this one of your lackeys Parroting your Bullshit…. once again?????

      • “Sigh!” After reading it again….. its Mark!

      • While I agree that it is probably Mark under yet another identity, the issue with both Democrat and Republican support of the Wall Street crooks is something that should be addressed. This is a blatant issue of Corporatism and both parties are at fault in that arena.

        As far as the mentally challenged blogger the post was about, yes, she needs a serious and immediate mental health screening.

        • So just asking, Kenneth while Mark attempts to post here under another name……. does that mean you don’t mind poor attempts to troll a post under a different name? To change the subject, without proving his point, and trying desperately to lump democrats into the same space as the lunatic fringe on your side of the isle written about in this post? Really???

          So wheres your proof?

          Oh yea there is NOne! See dems aren’t out there shopping, when they accidentally shoot themselves reaching for a debit card.

          Nor do they rent a gun to shoot themselves:

          They dont talk about kicking millions of people off of food stamps as christian compassion:

          Republicans know nothing of the constitution: According to Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution, “Every bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a law, be presented to the President of the United States; if he approve he shall sign it. . . .” This is how Obamacare became the law of the land. The House passed the Senate’s version of the health care bill on March 21, 2010 by a vote of 219 to 212. The Affordable Care Act was signed into law by the president two days later. HOw much constitutionally clear do we all have to make it, just because republicans fear it will work???

          Thats right you constitutional midgets also reading this post, Obamacare is constitutionally protected as the law of the land…. I could go on and on…..

          Then there is even stupider crap like the nutcase written about above. This isn’t a democratic problem Kenneth. it is solely a republican problem.

          The only people those crazy republicans are gonna listen to is other moderate republicans who have had enough of them, what you telling me is it isn’t you problem?? Guess again it is!

          You and your have a backyard to clean of Idiots, I suggest you roll up your sleeves and start with Mark!

          • Nice rant, Norma, but it had nothing to do with my comment at all. I take no responsibility for Mark. He is his own person and I have no more control over him than you do.

            More to the point, the rampant corporatism on both sides of the aisle is obvious to anyone that looks. Don’t think there are corporatist Democrats? Are you really that naïve? Look at your hero, Max Baucus. He started off idealistic and he did do a lot for the state – a long time ago. Now he is reduced to taking credit for other people’s work (like Senator Tester’s work for Veterans) and stumping for the Corporate Dollars. He single handedly sold out the American People when he pulled the public option off the table in committee when the ACA was being debated. Max is an obvious corporatist even if he isn’t as honest about as Daines is. Daines doesn’t care if people know he is a corporatist. He feels he is safe enough, and has enough corporate backing to admit it. Both are just as bad for the American Political system. Corporatism is the single largest threat to the American Experiment there is.

            Instead of attempting to insult me by association (something you continue to fail at spectacularly), how about we work together to stop what we have both stated clearly we need to get fixed – the corporate buyout of our political system.

    • Yes it is me. After I pointed out to the Cowgirl that the UN charter was a treaty and that the UN was not just a “discussion group” I was shut down once again.

    • I agree that bad crap is going on, being done by the government, and as a result of our actions. However, the tendency to create facts and spout crazy stuff really detracts from the actual work of watchdogging the government and holding them accountable. This utter nonsense is so stupid, and detracts from tracking actual problems and dealing with them.

  5. Both of you guys, like to rant about anything but what your party has become… ignoring the very fact you have no assets to help the USA or more importantly Montana Locally. You are the problem fellas not the cure.

    MArk I say it again get help or leave. we are sick of you!

    • Norma, in case you didn’t get the memo… I am NOT a Republican (not that it means anything in Montana since you don’t have to register a party here). I am a moderate conservative, which in Montana means I tend to vote either Democrat or Independent. Like other conservatives that have been left behind by the hard right turn the Republicans have made, I have done what I could to pull back to away from these nutjobs, but just like you, there is nothing I can realistically do about the Republican meltdown except not be a part of it.

      Jim Wright explains the meltdown pretty well in his last post –

      I don’t know whether it make you feel superior to claim that these nutballs are someone else’s problem, but the fact is, they are the ones passing legislation in Montana. That makes them everyone’s problem, not just mine.

      • Wow!

        I bet that by tonight I can find at least 5 or more times you have have argued you’re a republican on this site alone…..and so could anyone else who’s been here as a commentor for a while…. but hey, you go ahead and tell another lie. I will be more than happy to again point out and find those Links on this site…. just saying

        lets not forget also that tea party wackos members, and “I don’t know how to read the constitution,” party members call themselves conservatives also whenever it suits them.

        But their is no conservative party Kenneth, no such animal exists.

        People who call themselves conservative are pretty much republican, just as most people who call themselves progressive are generally called Democrats.

        NIce try at trying to stir up muddy water though!

        And real conservatives conserve. They don’t let nuts destroy the state they don’t vote for nuts in primaries… they would hustle to get real information in a timely manner to the base… your party allows goofy propaganda over the facts….and they have the chance at every state convention to hire the right guy, yet they don’t…. so still your problem!

        • Labels are so very important to you, aren’t they? Strangely, you are continuing to prove Mark correct about you with almost every comment, Norma.

        • I will take that bet, Norma. You might be able to find a number of instances where I said “I used to be/vote Republican” because I have actually said that. You will NOT find any instance where I have stated that I AM a Republican anymore. Period. It didn’t happen. As Rob has already pointed out, you are fixated on labels and as such, you miss most of what people say. Mark is right about you.

  6. Why is it every republican wants Max to shoulder the ACA alone… oh yeah… that’s because he was left alone to write a bill when all the republicans left during the bill being put together, they quit that is…. hoping that by the GOP leaving the Obamacare deliberations it would never be finished enough to vote on. You wankers were trying to kill the bill before it ever became law. Face it the man finished as best he could something republicans never wanted in the first place…. a chance for 15 million more poor Americans to have health care.

    The ACA plan takes nothing away from people who already have their own plans in place, their own doctors… it has already helped the deficit be reduced to half of what you republicans and Bush charged on our countries good credit

    Please tell me why all the republicans that quit writing the ACA bill aren’t guiltier for not doing their jobs for the American People. why aren’t they blamed for not getting single payer?? Oh Yeah I forgot THEY QUIT.

    They quit the American people when that bill was being written and they started taking the american people hostage….. so the rich could continue their lifestyle, they quit taking care of woman’s needs to stay healthy, they quit trying the to make education affordable for our young adults, they stopped giving a shit to people who worked their whole life to get a little help from Social security when they retired, the GOP tried numerous times to send our soldiers into wars they created, ill equipped. The GOP stop giving a shit to protect and use our laws to promote justice… they just up and started saying no the minute a black man became president.

    Your side is actually trying to shut down the government again…. happily poised to destroy the full faith and credit of the United States, and your blaming us?? REally???

    Oh yea the problem is definitely on your side of the isle, when you have accomplish little else in congress than that of naming post offices( your trying to close down also by the way). When the country needs jobs and stability…. your side is as cheap as the time and talk you have given to Americans which is absolutely nothing.

    The one thing you Republicans never had was a man who didn’t stop trying! Max did the best he could, and your side quit…. then became terrorists to the American people. Who do you think I am gonna pick? A guy who climbed one of the largest hurtles of our time politically and possibly saved millions of lives in the process, or the side with the quitters????

    • Once again, you seem to think that by clumping everyone in “the other party”, you absolve yourself of any responsibility for what is going on. Fact is, the ACA is a shit sandwich that is barely palatable – mainly because it is better than what existed before it. Baucus didn’t write the ACA and I certainly didn’t say that he did. The ACA was written by the Heritage Group – an insurance company lobbying firm. Baucus had a lot of control in the debate that occurred after it was written, though, and it was his choice to take the public option off the table as the Chair of the committee. Yes, I can directly blame him for doing so. The Democrats had a majority in both houses and instead of using that majority to pass what the public wanted – a health care reform that INCLUDED a public option, they caved to the minority and gave us the train wreck that was passed. Are you actually saying that the ACA is “wonderful” or that it doesn’t need SERIOUS reworking?

      For a while, I bought Rob’s argument that the ACA was simply a starting point and that, once it was passed, it would be fixed. Sadly, that hasn’t happened and it appears far more likely that it will be destroyed before it gets the needed fixes to actually address the real cost of actual health care. I don’t buy that it will be “fixed” anytime in the near future and the fact remains that, since the nutbags in the Montana Legislature killed the medicare buyin, there will still be tens of thousands of Montanans without insurance come January first.

  7. This woman should give up her blog immediately and start writing a movie script! Can you imagine the scene where 30,000 guillotines are hauled out of storage while millions of people just mill around waiting to lose their heads? Right out of good old Mel Brooks movie, eh?

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