Montana Republicans May Have Found Their Man

Politician from 1970s is running for Congress

Lost amid the shutdown shuffle was a big political scoop: the Montana GOP has found itself a congressional candidate, possibly US Senate but House at a minimum.

Who?  He’s Larry Williams, who ran unsuccessfully against Max Baucus and John Melcher, for the Senate in the 70s and 80s.  Williams is a perfect GOP candidate: a former Wall Street commodities trader, who was indicted for federal tax evasion and currently lives in the Virgin Islands.  Now if that isn’t a good candidate profile for Montana, I don’t know what is.

Fortunately for us, Williams has not only been making noise in the press about running (he told the Billings Gazette last week that he’s gonna run), but has also been busy shaping up his Wikipedia bio.

Aside from the tax evasion charges and the fact that he lives in the Caribbean, his bio also says that he was, at the University of Oregon, a member of the same fraternity as Brad Pitt; that he also once wrote an academic article about the archeology of Mount Sinai and Egypt as they relate to the scriptures, an article that was “reprinted in Vanity Fair, in a re-write by Howard Blum;” and, that he also wrote a book called “Confessions of a Radical Tax Protester,” presumably a memoir of his days fighting the IRS.

And for any Tea Partiers out there who might be worried that a guy like Williams could threaten the GOP by bringing to it an academic or intellectual mind frame, worry not.  One of Williams’s chief philanthropic activities, according to his bio, was to set up a  “scholarship at the University of Oregon” for “journalism and communication students who . . . have demonstrated creative talent, but may not have a high grade point average.”  So young Tea Partiers, in other words.

To be sure, Williams isn’t a complete shoo-in.  A recent study of GOP views in the news that shows when it comes to today’s Republican party:

evangelicals make up the largest sector, Tea Party comes next and moderates make up only one quarter of the Republican Party. Amongst their beliefs are that Obama is a Marxist, gay rights threaten our country and Republicans in general are afraid of people who are not white.

Also, they suffer from a high level of paranoia and they worry that responding to the study will result in being spied upon by the NSA or finding themselves in the crosshairs of the IRS.

So he should probably bone up on conspiracy lore, birtherism, and the rants of Chuck Baldwin, if he is to succeed. Williams is no dope, however, when it comes to trading stocks.  He claims to have won the 1987 World Cup of Commodities Trading, by turning ten thousand dollars into over a million.  Also, as I’m sure any meat and potatoes Montana voter will be encouraged to learn, Williams is an inventor who holds many patents, such as

“the Williams %RUltimate Oscillator, COT indices, accumulation/distribution indicators, cycle forecasts, market sentiment and value measurements for commodity prices.”

He was also “the originator of Volatility Breakouts,” and he is still very active in this industry:


Two of his more recently developed indicators include the Williams Professional Sentiment Index and Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index. These are designed to reveal when the big money traders are actively buying or selling in a market. This action often marks the beginning of extended market trends. Williams collaborated with Mendelsohn to incorporate the early alert indexes with the neural network pattern recognition indicators that Vantage Point provides.  Later in 2013, Williams will unveil a new line-up of proprietary trading indicators, which will be released exclusively in a trading software program called[5]

Which is another way of saying that if you can’t afford health insurance, at least you can count on Williams to predict for you whether healthcare stocks will rise or fall in the immediate the future.  Isn’t that just as good?

Williams’s one bright spot (for voters, that is; for bloggers, he is one giant bright spot) is that his daughter is the actress Michelle Williams, who was in BrokeBack Mountain and the beloved Dawson’s Creek.  So Williams might choose a strategy of enlisting Hollywood celebrities to campaign for him, which I’m sure will go over very well in a GOP primary.


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  1. Obviously this guy is going to have a hard time getting the evangelicals and TEAtards, but does anyone doubt he’s at least double the IQ of Steve Daines?

    I for one have seen no evidence that Daines is even literate. He’s supposedly donated his salary during the shutdown (Daines is one of the 50 wealthiest members of Congress) to fly veterans to monuments that he himself has closed!

  2. Haha! I worked for Jim Murry for many years, and one of our favorite mailings to AFL-CUO members was the “Larry Williams in beads” flier. It skewered Williams’ cultivated image of a savvy investment type and made quite the splash in state newspapers. The next senate election, Murry put out the “two faces of Larry Williams” flier. No need to lie or exaggerate, just pointed out the real Larry Williams in his own pictures and words. Ah, for the good old days.

  3. Day Eight of the Tea(t)Bag Hostage Crisis commencing…’s more like ‘Broke D….ck” Mountain that Bumbling Boehner has trapped himself on, along with Mr. Daines who FORGOT corporations can’t DRILL in MT without permits process and NOW VA regional centers CLOSED, so even veterans glued to Feux News will have to wake up when they’re not going
    to get service and free meds, while our newest veterans of BushWARS waiting forever while VA disability backlogs get larger and larger.

  4. Williams ran a great campaign, and exposed Baucus as the stammering dolt he is. Even the news media picked up on that. I remember local news commenting while showing them on a forum that Baucus did not seem to manage a coherent sentence.

    But Baucus, an empty vessel, is surrounded by smart political operatives who did their due diligence, waiting until the end to hammer Williams with the flyer courtesy of labor union soldiers. I remember Williams saying at the end that it was one of the “best closes” to a campaign he had ever seen.

    And that’s so typical of American politics. There were no real choices offered, and the best hatchet men won.

  5. Williams, just another Republican snake oil salesman without product till the Koch brothers stock him.

    Then he’ll have all the bottles of fear and loathing he can sell

  6. Loser Larry the Happy Hippie rides again? That should be good for a laugh if nothing else.

  7. FWIW, Michelle Williams’ IMDB profile says that she is the one who won the futures trading championship.

    “At age 16, she won the Robbins Trading Company World Cup Championship of Futures Trading by turning $10,000 into $100,000. It is the second highest profit in the tournament’s history.”


    This is off topic but is Rehberg in the burger business now, or we’ll he run again for the Senate seat?

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 11, 2013 10:01 AM at 10:01 AM |

    Baby Batista, Tailgunner Ted, has totally lost it! Seems that Obama is morphing into CASTRO! Jumpin’ Ceement JAYSUS! When will ANY state daily in Montana finally say enough is enough and call these crazyassed Teatard bastards out? Come ON, GF Spitoon! Just look at your boys now! You provided a platform for their nonsense. You OWN’em!

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 11, 2013 10:11 AM at 10:11 AM |

    Jesus SPEAKS…… the conservative convention. And he’s a hit!

    See Baby Batista genuflect.

  11. You guys n gals are pretty clueless about my political positons so to set the record straight; Very libertatian (so i lose the immoral majority vote)Very environmentally friendly (so i lose lots of republicans) Very fiscally conservative but have no problem with a deficits they correlate with economic growth (so I lose rest the republicans)Very much on record opposed to PAC and black hole money. I have had more ups and downs in my life than a bull rider and I like it that way. Been rich been poor both are great learning lessons.I think life is an experiment in being a free spirit. Ok., Now you can see the real target…and that I am no threat to anyone with those positions.Fire away.
    One love to all ;-)

    • Glad you answered Larry, But none of what you said is any different then the Guys stapling Tea bags to their foreheads right now…. like Daines….Just saying!

    • I have to definitely give you chops for responding on this website, Larry. You have more guts than most of the people vilified here. It would be interesting to see where you really do stand on things… Like how would you solve the current impasse in Congress right now?

  12. I have never heard a Tea Party person say– “but have no problem with a deficits they correlate with economic growth “—would sure love to see where they are saying that if you have a quote.

    and in response to trading contest quip;Michelle won it in 1997 I won it in 1987



    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 14, 2013 10:37 AM at 10:37 AM |

      Yes but, have you found JESUS, Larry?! That is what I want to know. For you see, Jesus is all the rage with the Pubbies. Glad to see you on the blogs, Larry.


      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 14, 2013 11:05 AM at 11:05 AM |

        And yes, that sounds like a silly question, but in reality it’s not. Like Moorcat, where do you stand on the social issues of the day. ie. abortion, gay marriage, etc. And also how much of the budget are you willing to spend on defense? And why? We already spend way too much. How do you feel about the influence of AIPAC? Do agree with the Bush doctrine? And what about 9-11? Why no REAL inquiry allowed into what happened on that day? Fracking?? Immigration reform? Obamacare vs. single payer? Secession?? Take your pick.

  13. here i am all guts and no brains so i reply ;-)
    Looks like there are not many libertarians on this list; we think adults shud be able to do what they want and would like to see less government. The money you earn belongs to you. Personally I would be very pissed if England had military bases in the USA so why do we have them in so many countries? No way to create brotherhood. My kids tell me fracking is bad..I have no personal contact so hard to have an opinon other than the Saudi’s are banking a PR campaign against it to save thier market share. I am not smart enough to have most the answers. Immigration? I loved Putins’ statement. As to Jesus— I have studied him, never met him personally. Religion belongs in churches and how you live your life,not the floor of Congress. I vote for people to get things done, not pray for me


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 14, 2013 1:24 PM at 1:24 PM |

      Put it out there, Larry. You got nuthin’ to lose. This is actually a good site to get your views out there. Nuthin’ wrong with that. Hell, I’m about half libertarian myself. I have a lot of friends who claim to be. They’re fed up with the only two choices out there, for they believe both parties have been coopted by the corporations.


    • Larry, I have a few questions that I hope you don’t mind answering. What exactly is being a “libertarian” to you? There are Objectivists who call themselves ‘libertarians’, though most likely aren’t. Describing it as “adults shud be able to do what they want” is more libertine than liberty, or libertarian. Everyone wants less government, absolutely everyone. That’s because “less government” has no meaning in a representative Democracy. It a nice sound bite, with no teeth at all. What it’s actually saying is that folks want others to have less control than they do. That doesn’t sound very democratic, and certainly not very libertarian. So exactly what do *you* mean by that phrase, Larry?

      I’m curious to hear you expand on why the money I earn belongs to me. After all, it says it’s a Federal Reserve Note, right? The only names on it are not mine, but rather the Secretary of the Treasury’s and God’s. Now, I don’t see much cash anymore; my paycheck goes right to the bank. That is, a bank which gets to use my money as it sees fit with only the promise that it will be there when I need to use it. But when much of my retirement savings evaporated, surely I lost faith in that promise. I’m certain you can see why I’m curious. If my money isn’t mine, exactly what am I am trading my labor for, in your view? You can say that I’m working for my house, my food, my dog’s food, my truck, clothes, etc. and I’d likely agree with you. But see, I pay taxes for roads, police, fire departments, food that won’t kill me, national parks we can all enjoy, wildlife habitat, education for the kids who would otherwise turn into feral beasts that want nothing more than to take my stuff, and a variety of other things, including regulating the banks that have lied to me and cheated me. That sounds like a bargain to me. So why would I presumably want less of a bargain when others who have my money don’t offer me very much at all? My curiosity is off the charts here, Mr. Williams.

      At my job, I am a specialist in a large number of areas. I could make wild demands. I know that my employers could replace me but it would cost them 2 to 3 times as much. Now, I could hold them hostage and refuse to do my job, as Congress is currently doing in the name of ‘smaller government’. Two things could happen. I would be replaced, regardless of the expense, or the enterprise would fail. Neither one does me any good. The only reason I would take such a self-destructive path is that I thought I could force other people to submit to my will, and get as adults ‘shud’ have the ability to do what I want. Is that your idea of “getting things done”?

      I only ask because you sound exactly like Cantor, and Boehner and Daines and the other hostage takers in the US House. They may not be ‘libertarians’, but they speak the same as you, and you them. So, we come back to the first question. What is being a libertarian to you? If you want to draw a distinction between yourself and the other two parties, you’d best get cracking. ‘Cause right now, no one is seeing it, and you’ve offered nothing we aren’t suffering for already.

      Finally, only rarely do I poke someone for spelling and grammar. Usually if I do it’s to poke them when they are being pompous. But I do so without reservation when that person thinks they can or should represent me or anyone else in political office. I dig the folksy style you have goin’ on, but it boils down to this: If you aren’t smart enough to use a fricking spellcheck (standard in every web-browser) then you aren’t smart enough to pass the laws that will govern me in your idea of limited government.

  14. You make a good point, Rob. I should spellcheck…but this being kind of a free for all forum I did not think it mattered. Btw, wth txting & all, r language is going thru mjr shft. As wrld speeds up wrds get shrtr…yet stll communicate. As 2 defntn of librtrn; read a book or 2 is bst.

    The less gummint (sorry this word does not spellcheck but I like it, a word I learned from a Doc in Alzada) to me means not spending massive dollars on military that just leads to defense contractors that encourage more wars.

    About 13 cents of every dollar we pay in taxes goes to pay interest on all debt. Much of that debt is due to overreaching federal programs.

    Like you, I have no problem with parts of government as you point out; that is the cost of a good society. But to spend $ on collecting all our emails and phone calls? Giving away cell phones and encouraging more reliance on and Uncle Sam than ourselves (personal or corporate) is what I find deeply disturbing. There are two type of business entrepreneurs; ones that create their own companies with private dollars and those that go to the Federal trough for handouts. The subsidized ones have a great record of failure and boondoggles.

    Both parties commit the same sin; collect dollars from special interest groups and pay it back in votes funding more growth.

    As to the money in your pocket… just focus on the fact we are in a fiat economy. That is the ultimate answer.

    Happy Trails

    • Language is something I’m well versed in, Larry, so let me put my point another way: If you aren’t respectful enough to use proper grammar and spelling when explaining yourself, than it certainly informs the reader of how you see them. You can be polite or you can be condescending. That choice is yours. The choice to support your candidacy with a vote belongs to the reader. The insinuation that I don’t know what ‘libertine’ or ‘libertarian’ means is not a good start for you. You were unclear with text-speak, and I’ve already read a few books. I didn’t ask what a libertarian is to me. I asked what one is to you, and you avoided answering. Considering you think yourself an authority about how many libertarians read this site, that’s not a good start at all.

      We agree on defense spending, both it’s inflated magnitude and it’s result in fomenting conflict. So, as a member of Congress, what would you cut? The black budget? Darpa? Gratuitous military installations like Malmstrom? Troops? Forgive me for wanting specifics, but this is not my first rodeo. Too many times we’ve all witnessed people with political ambition claim to want defense cuts and then the only thing they cut are veteran’s and service-person’s benefits.

      You’re right about the interest on the debt, yet strangely vague on what these ‘social programs’ are. Come on, you can say it: The number one drain on federal coffers is Social Security. Funny thing that. SS was (and could be) self-sustaining if the ‘gummint’ wasn’t leaching the collected interest on SS investment for unfunded programs like No Child Left Behind and our various unfunded adventures in Nation Building. Your response raises rather obvious questions. What are the social programs you would cut to get us back to solvency? The National Health care systems we set up for Iraq and Afghanistan after bombing the living crap out them? Food assistance for children? Or Social Security? Do be specific.

      Your view of entrepreneurs is absolutely false. The vast majority of ‘government hand-outs’ are to established industries that are already wildly profitable, like agriculture and fuel extraction. What entrepreneurs can expect from our dollars are government guaranteed loans which do have to be paid back. The record of failure among entrepreneurs is about the same whether they use ‘gummint’ funds or private investors. You can look that up; I’m certain there’s been a book or two written on it.

      See, you’re just serving up the same tropes currently coming from the TeaPeep Republicants already in Congress. ‘Obama gonna gibt me a cellphone!’ ‘Gubmint encourages laziness and leeching!’ Okay. That’s the same crap coming from Steve Daines. So, if you think you’re the maverick with a new model outside of party, let me ask you this. Would you run against Daines in a primary? Forgive me for stating the obvious, but I really really doubt that. Or are you running as a Democrat? After all, “both parties commit the same sin”, right?

      Corporations are not people. Parties are not people. Only people can commit sins, secular or otherwise. All I’ve been asking you, Larry, is the very same I’ve asked any other candidate on this forum (or any forum.) Who are you as a person? What will you do to represent me in Gubmint? You obviously don’t like government, which demands the questions I’ve asked as to why you would run to be the government. You want gummint that works. So please tell us what you would do to make it work. So far, you’ve fairly well failed at that.

      • Larry Williams I totally disagree with you. You seem to have no concept of American Government.

        While its true a part of the American tradition is to distrust power and those who wield it – whether they are in government, corporations, churches, labor unions, or any large organization, and because power can be abused and needs to be kept in check….. While we need to constantly question our leaders and keep them accountable in order to ensure that they are responsive to our needs…. giving any one group of adolescents thinkers, without a plan past downsizing the government is a pretty atrocious road to destroying Democracy and ultimately our constitution.

        Democracy has always meant more transparency not less…..

        As the Republican drama unfolds in DC over closing the government or not raising the Debt ceiling I see no difference between what you say and what the GOP is saying now… its the same goofy rhetoric “Government is bad”

        Most libertarian-leaning conservatives would reduce regulations drastically, as quickly as the tea party is wishing for – even those protecting our health and safety. Dick Armey, former Majority Leader of the U.S. House, and tea party nutcase seriously proposed that we eliminate half of all federal regulations. He didn’t specify which ones – he just seemed to know that half of them were unneeded….and he didn’t have a plan past destruction. Another Republican House Leader, Tom DeLay, went Dick Armey one better and actually told a reporter once, that he could not think of a single federal regulation he would like to leave in place. Yippee total anarchy?

        Your dialog here is pretty much the same crap we as American are hearing again and again and again. Tired, sick old coswallop, and horridly thought out propaganda just as you have written above… without a shred of evidence that you have any plan past drowning the government in a bathtub.

        I have yet to hear one Libertarian or Republican articulate a better way forward, since Obama was elected president, without harming tons of people and nature in the process. I have yet to see an one Idea of theirs step the country forward that didn’t pocket money directly into corporations above the american people, from your side of the Isle. The very people you say are different as libertarians are caucusing in concert with the tea party pubes today. You seem more than happy to sputter the same rhetoric– to go back to the days of screwing with our elders, and make them eat cat food again to survive.

        Such irresponsible hostility toward Americans, consumer protection, environmental, health, and workplace regulations is clearly out of touch with mainstream America. Less than 20 percent of the America populace wants less regulation.

        A study on government growth, by anyone with an internet connection, looking over the last 100 years shows that most of the increase in federal programs took place in only two decades – the 1930s and the 1960s. The last 40 years have seen little if any growth in our government.

        In 1970, 2.9 million civilians worked for the federal government; in 2008, that figure was 2.8 million. In 1970, federal workers made up 3.8 percent of total U.S. workers, while in 2008 they made up a mere 1.9 percent. Hardly evidence of uncontrollable growth you conservatives keep whining about.

        In the 1930s, Americans wanted the government to address widespread economic suffering, and we ended up with programs like Social Security, welfare, bank regulation, etc. The 1960s saw significant political movements demanding government action to address environmental pollution, racial discrimination, workplace and consumer safety, poverty, and lack of health care for the elderly. Are you telling 300 million plus people in the USA today that sometime soon, they are gonna have to pull themselves up by their own volition, and start small businesses without any support of banks, small business loans , or safety concerns for the workers?

        Big government is not something that has been forced on Americans by liberal elitists and power-hungry Democrats. and it certainly isn’t out of control, with the exception of the conservatives stalling it. We have it because our nation demanded a government to deal with the many big problems we have faced in our society…. and you’re asking us to hire you today to take a torch to it? Incredible!

        So today because the nation is again looking forward…. After a nasty recession caused by republican’s two wars, deregulation on wall street, and huge subsidies given to the wealthy…. The very crap that froze the economy and sent us spiraling out of control–– destruction of our country that was stopped and again tamped down by democrats…… Your kind has manufactured a new crisis to take away all the good as we move forward? Really?

        Your Libertarian vision of America in the same fundamental crappola as the republicans 60 years ago? Plus add a 200 year old civil war verbiage of racist homilies, because the man steering the country out of the GOP storm is black? Don’t you think Intelligent Americans can’t see through that dribble? Still?

        Nah, No thanks I don’t see you being any different then the seditionists trying to ruin our country now!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 16, 2013 7:26 PM at 7:26 PM |

      Hey, Lar, as a radical, liberal, pinko, commie, wacko, enviro terrorist, I take my hat off to ya for having the narlies to showing up on this site. It ain’t for sissies, but do stick around. Dave Lewis does all the time, and I respect him for that. Yes, we are a hard bunch to deal with, for you see, there’s no bullshit allowed here. Every argument must be made with facts to back it up. And you’d BETTER be damn ready to defend it. I think you’re up to it. You see, I have some very, very good friends who declare themselves to be libertarians. And on many things, we agree.


      Another Larry

  15. So I guess Ring Lardner, O’Henry and Hemingway looked down on their readers? As did Herb Cain and e.e. cummings? What you are reading is my style, certainly not great, but my10 or so books are in all major languages of the world.

    I am terrified that if I list all my positions here Steve Daines will steal them ;-). If and when I run I will have multiple position papers with specifics…just as I did last time. Perhaps you were not in the state then, I do not know. In hindsight most the positions were pretty good in that we have the same problems now as then (thus the same opportunities), some, frankly, were off the mark.

    There is a wonderful book on gummint capitalist, The Myth of the Robber Barons: A New Look at the Rise of Big Business in America”. I’d gladly buy you a copy. Solyndra is a current example. It will challenge many beliefs.

    I sense you are a good person with good intent; we probably differ on the solutions but agree on the ultimate goal of more personal freedom, prosperity and love for all.

    Happy Trails

    PS: My personal hope is that John Bohlinger enters the race. My mom worked for him as a seamstress and thought the world of how she was treated. The political halls are packed with indecent people, he stands out as just so decent of a man.

    • There’s a significant difference between stylistic authors of fiction and political aspirants, unless you mean to imply that you too are offering fictions. And face it, Hemingway did look down on just about everybody.

      It isn’t the specifics of your positions that interest me nearly as much as how you define a libertarian. That will be a much greater indicator of who you are than the more vacuous promises of ending the war on drugs and forcing poor people off welfare. A man well-known in the Montana online is a libertarian and though it took him a while to get around to explaining it, he finally exposed what he considers the moral foundations of libertarianism. Though I disagree with him concerning the moral implications of the results that would come from libertarian policy, I can at least understand the rather Kantian underpinnings of why he would hold such beliefs so dear. Through much head-butting, I have come to the conclusion that he is a moral person, and I would clearly understand what and why of the actions he would take should he ever be elected to office. You, Larry, I can’t get a track on. You came here with a better than average amount of bombast, but then you aren’t the typical commenter, are you? You won’t go into the specifics of what you do, because Daines is ever watchful… ;-) But you also won’t go into any detail concerning why you would do one thing and not another. I’m certain you can see why that comes off as pretty slippery.

      I’ve been a Montanan for 41 years. I couldn’t vote in 1978, and voted against you in ’82. That was a very long time ago. I guess the whole point behind my questioning was summed up by you, yourself. Are you a decent man, like John Bohlinger? I have no intention of holding past crimes against you. Still, since you decided to comment here, I think readers deserve to know who you are as a person now. I remain disappointed. Political ambition relies on people uniformed, ignorant or misinformed. If more people would ask the questions I ask you, and more potential political candidates would bother to answer frankly, maybe we wouldn’t be such a stupid democracy.

      Regardless, as part of my personal attitudinal-improvement-project, when Norma gets involved in discussions such as this, I check out. So, as you are fond of saying, Happy trails.

  16. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 15, 2013 8:03 PM at 8:03 PM |

    “PS: My personal hope is that John Bohlinger enters the race. My mom worked for him as a seamstress and thought the world of how she was treated. The political halls are packed with indecent people, he stands out as just so decent of a man”

    I second that.

  17. No thanks again, I will take John Walsh.

  18. “The last 40 years have seen little if any growth in our government. Tell that to Wiki Leaks. How has your form of Democratic “Vision” done for Detroit, Baltimore, Omaha, Stockton, New Haven, Memphis, Seattle, Chicago, etc?

    There are more federal workers now that when President Obama took office. In no month during his tenure has the federal workforce declined to a lower level than when he was inaugurated. (source Federal Reserve Data on Unemployment).

    Tax receipts are the best measure of employment. I learned that when Nixon started cooking to books to make the economy look strong when he was in office. The current receipts clearly show the books are being cooked again and private sector unemployment is higher now than when the Dems took control.

    There was large decrease in gummint spending during Clintons terms (thanks to a Republican Congress?) and very large increase during Bush 2’s last term in office when Pelosi and Reid had the house and senate.

    What is all the anger about in all these responses?? I have lots of friends that are ultra liberal, gay, anarchists, Birchers…even lawyers… but we are not angry with one another and we get along and enjoy each others company. We respect each other for their views and frankness. In the USVI all my political work has been helping pretty liberal Democratic candidates get elected. One is a former labor leader and Rasta. We have great differences but I know he is honest and has the best interest of people in his heart. He listens then decides. That’s why he is a great Senator for us. That means more to me than a litany stands on each and every issue.

    I must be missing something here you guys n gals seem to be practicing the same thing bitterness you rail against. Rodney King and Hank Williams said it best.

    I’m gonna hop on my horse and ride out of here for now; I have enjoyed the dialogue but have a few things to do. I have not been looking for votes here; just respect…that is much more valuable than any vote.

    Best wishes and happy trails to all.

  19. Jeez dude, Seek help!

    You point to a bunch of problems unrelated to Montana, and our state finances yet you are unwilling to explain anything happening now.

    Isn’t that what you conservatives are doing right now in DC? Isnt that the same thing that happened to those cities… Managers of those cities problems were unable and incapable of making decisions. Is that your plan Larry? Indecision?

    Lets take Detroit for example….Detroit was America’s fourth-largest city in 1950, when it had 1.8 million people. In the 2010 census, the city had fewer than 702,000 residents — an astonishing decline of 60 percent in 60 years. Yes, fewer people means a smaller tax base, but the real problem is the city’s government managers no matter what party they came from did not shrink along with the population.

    Meanwhile the amount of people in the US has grown from 150 million in 1950 to 300+million today– the government has shrunk in the number of federal workers since the 1970’s. so your argument is still Less government to save money. Really? How about corporations pay their fair share like they use to in the 1950’s? Instead of giving huge Corporations taxbreaks why not give new business with less than 50 employees better tax breaks and subsidies? Small Farmers subsidies before corporate farms?

    and Nixon cooked the Books WTF. HOw about George Bush completely leaving both wars off the ledger???

    Lastly I noticed you didn’t answer any of my Former questions you just moved to some other triades because you couldn’t answer them Larry. Nice try, but that still makes you incapable of thinking about protecting even the status quo in this state.

    Calling yourself a friendly and nice guy does not in itself make you a capable manager of the affairs of our state. I’ve run across a lot people someone said was a nice guy– who turned out to be drug addicts, slime peddlers, wife beaters, dead beat dads, chronic gamblers, and otherwise to psychotic to balance a checkbook … saying someone is a nice guy are overrated in this world, when they dont have the character to be morally right with the people. and cant even handle their own affairs with dignity.

    You Libertarians are working in concert with a small percentage of teaparty republicans to destroy the full faith and credit of the United states, are you totally involved also in not paying the Bills they made, even though the wallet in our country is healthy? Do you bring up cities like Detroit because that is where you wish to take us too?

    Sure looks like it to me!

  20. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 16, 2013 7:49 PM at 7:49 PM |

    Dem Viagra props UP a limp Speaker Jon Boner! It’s the right thing to do. I mean, what lib can sit by and watch a grown man cry for lack of stiffness?

  21. Cowgirl, is this what you want for your blog to have the Norma and Larry K. drive people away like Larry Williams with their classless pejorative nonsense?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 5:19 PM at 5:19 PM |

      WHINER ALERT! I luv the smell of whining in the morning!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 5:31 PM at 5:31 PM |

        p.s. craig, please copy and post where I was rude to Larry Wms? Hell, I gave him kudos for showing up here. Like Larry, I have friends who are wacko too! So I understand exactly where he’s coming from. But for the record, HERE are the smartest folks on your team! And really, a Cuban exile devil spawn senator???? Wasn’t it the Cuban exile crowd that MURDERED our beloved president, John Kennedy? Why yes it was! Your turn, craigy. But you lose in advance, so my apologies in advance too! And would you mind defending Batista and all his mafia buddies in Cuba for the inbreds that read this site? Thanks in advance, loser!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 5:49 PM at 5:49 PM |

          The Teat Party in review. craig, DEFEND your inbreds, dude! I will willingly defend anyone who claims to be a Dem, so, you do the same! The Revenge of the Inbreds has ’bout run its course, doncha think? I’m sorry. You DON’T think! And that’s the problem with hiring inbreds.

          But the good news is that the Kockh brothers have been outed. NEVER again will a Kockh be exposed in public without folks understanding their history. You see, when you LIE with shitbags, you SMELL like shit! Thas your party, craig, the SHITBAG bircher, racist brotherhood! Em BRACE your inner Teat Tard, craig! You’ll feel better about yourself!


          Good to be back. I HATE the penalty box!

          Tea Party congressmen can take extreme positions like that because they come from gerrymandered districts and don’t have to answer to anybody who disagrees with them. But in reality, most of the American people don’t share their beliefs. That’s why they reelected Barack Obama and cast more votes for Democratic House candidates last November than they did for Republican candidates. That’s why the Senate is still held by the Democrats. The core values of the American people are the values of the Democratic Party.

          Republicans know this. Their core values – deregulation, cutting social services, and drowning government in a bathtub – are really just the core values of the billionaire class. They’ve tried, at different points in our country’s history, to make up for this fact by joining up with groups that have a bit more populist street cred than super-rich oil tycoons. Richard Nixon, for example, allied himself with racists in the South; Newt Gingrich and George W. Bush allied themselves with Evangelicals.

          “Today’s Republicans used the Tea Party. And now it’s come back to bite them. While Tea Partiers like Louie Gohmert may be popular in their own districts, most Americans are disgusted by them. They don’t like the Tea Party’s extremism and they don’t want to sabotage the government. The majority of the country now thinks “Tea Party” when it hears the word “Republican.” This has led to historically low approval ratings for the GOP.

          The billionaires who back the Tea Party should have seen this coming. Back in the 1950s, Fred Koch, the father of the Koch Brothers, tried to force far-right extremism on the American people by funding the John Birch Society. The Society led the charge against the Civil Rights Movement and, for a while at least, just like the Tea Party, was taken seriously. But it hurt itself and the conservative brand by continuing to fight Civil Rights after the American people came to gradually accept integration and human rights for all races.

          This why the John Birch Society ran into a wall: the American people did not share its racist, anti-government values. The Tea Party has run into that wall. Its latest attempt to demand ransom from President Obama failed because, in the end, only a small handful of loonies want to sabotage Obamacare. Surveys show that even among people who oppose Obamacare, most of them oppose it because it doesn’t go far enough – they want single-payer or a public option .

          The events of the past two weeks have shown the American people once and for all that the Tea Party could care less about them. They’ve figured out the con and the Republican Party is going to pay for it.

          Tea Partiers may win a few more House seats. They certainly have the money to do so. But their moment in the sun is over; the end is near and everyone knows it.”

          Rest in peace, teabaggers. Good riddance.

          But the truth be told, I THEENK that we should keep some of craigy’s friends around for comic relief. I mean, when asked what news sources your read, and the response is, “all of them”, THAS funny as hell!

          • Larry, you are quite a liar. My friends have more class than this.

              • And Larry, you said: ” I will willingly defend anyone who claims to be a Dem…” Augare is a Dem. I am waiting.

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 6:44 PM at 6:44 PM |

                  “Larry, you are quite a liar. My friends have more class than this.”

                  You have FRIENDS?!! I’m sorry…….FOR THEM!


                  Sorry to be sorry for your friends, craigy.

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 6:46 PM at 6:46 PM |

                    UH oh. I may be headed to the penalty box again for THAT one! A few weeks for gratuitous humor!


                • Larry, I await your defense. Tick, tick, tick…..

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 7:06 PM at 7:06 PM |

                    ME TOO!


                    Here’s your little fascist buddy, Baby Batista!


                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 7:08 PM at 7:08 PM |

                      Jeebus! When even a TEXASS newspaper calls you an asshole, you just KNOW it’s true! craig’s pal, Baby Batista!


                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 7:11 PM at 7:11 PM |

                      We should have NEVER let these fascist bastards into our country! They are assholes who have done nothing but harm! Send their sorry asses back to Cuba!

                      The Cuban Theory

                      “One major theory that has surrounded the JFK assassination is the involvement of members of anti-Castro forces. To fully comprehend the dynamics of the theory, it is necessary to understand Kennedy’s policies toward Cuba. Having been taken over by communists in 1959, Cuba fell under the communist dictatorship of Fidel Castro. At the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, Cuba became a battleground 90 miles off the U.S. coast.

                      For years Kennedy supported attempts to infiltrate anti-Castro organizations within Cuba and the U.S. with the hope of inciting a revolution against Castro. These events culminated in the political embarrassment at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, where anti-Castro forces were annihilated by Castro’s communist forces. Many of these anti-Castro organizations blamed Kennedy for lack of organization and for falling through on his promises for support. The political backlash of the Bay of Pigs fiasco caused Kennedy to suspend support for these many groups. This led to many anti-Kennedy demonstrations organized by these Cuban exiles who now viewed Kennedy as a traitor, who was no longer willing to stand up to Castro and the communists. The backlash from the Bay of Pigs and his suspension of support for the Cuban exiles is the primary foundation for the Cuban assassination theory.

                      To understand the sense of betrayal felt by many of the Cuban, it is necessary to reveal Kennedy’s initial intentions before Bay of Pigs. “Operation Mongoose,” Kennedy’s plan implemented by the CIA, intended to undermine the Castro regime in Cuba. Many of these insurgents were trained by the CIA on American soil, waiting for the right time to strike Cuba. Kennedy’s true purpose, however, was to breakdown the communist government in Cuba which he believed threatened the Western world. This victory over Cuba would be a larger victory for the United States in its ideological war with the Soviet Union. It was obvious to the Kennedy Administration that military force would be necessary once the Cuban exiles incited revolution within Cuba. However, Kennedy vastly underestimated the military competence of the Castro forces, and his mission was an abject failure. To make matters worse, the Kennedy administration placed partial blame on the inability of the Cuban exiles to incite internal revolution.

                      Many police records report that associates of Oswald claimed that he was a member of the Cuban Revolutionary Council, a political wing of the Cuban insurgents. Oswald was identified in Dallas in early October while working in conjunction with to prominent members of an anti-Castro group. According to Leo Poldo, an associate of Oswald, Oswald said, “I’ll bet you Cubans could kill Kennedy for what he did to you at the Bay of Pigs.” Moreover, police records reveal extensive anti-Kennedy sentiment after Bay of Pigs, as the number of anti-Kennedy demonstrations escalated dramatically”

        • Larry, are you trying to say that Cowgirl was unfair to you by giving you an extended timeout for your antics?

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 7:04 PM at 7:04 PM |

            No. It was self-imposed exile! I banished myself. The TRVTH is a terrible burden to carry, and I was burned out. But now I’m back, shining the light on your cockroach pals, like this little fascist bastard, Baby Batista! Yes, I think that the U.S. should become like the evil dictatorship of Batista in Cuba! Now THAT would be FREEDUMB, right craig? Again, why should this country allow a little fascist inbred bastard like cruz into the senate? After all, it was exiled Cubans who MURDERED out beloved president JFK!

            Twenty-four BILLION! That’s how much little fascist Baby Batista cost this country. Now, craigy, doncha think that THAT money could have been put to better use? Helluva a party you got their, craigh. Helluva party! You morons are on the way out now, and probably for good!

            • That’s not what Cowgirl said. And I await your defense of Shannon Augare. Tick, tick, tick.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 7:15 PM at 7:15 PM |

                My defense of Augare?

                I’LL DRINK TO THAT!


                Wait, what? What was the question again? I was outta the room getting another beer!

                • Rumor has it that, like a fireman, you left the room to pull some hose. Now defend Augare as you claimed you would.

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2013 7:26 PM at 7:26 PM |

                    Um, no. It’s your call, craigy. PROSECUTE him! Evidence and all! Go for it, counselor. Let’s see what you big talkin’ ReePubes got! He did nothing wrong. That is my defense. The ONLY thing he’s guilty of is pissing off you nutters! And me, personally, I don’t think that that is a criminal offense!

                    • Larry, here AGAIN is your boast and brag. ” I will willingly defend anyone who claims to be a Dem…” Shannon Augare is a Dem. You have FAILED to provide that defense. Look to the Beacon link to see what your challenge is, that you so free accepted, and so far, are completely flacid to demonstrate.

                    • You and Mark are cut from the same cloth Craig. Trying like hell to knock off Larry again from this site. I suggest you go back to Marks Website, were you and all his conspiracy buddies can plot your next moves….. cuz it is pretty boring here. like I sad below, the sites you frequent as a red meat theorist, isn’t a smart move here… at a moderate to progressive site.

                      ………………….Just Saying!

  22. Hey I answered the guy with tough questions he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer Craig! I might have been pointed but I was far from rude as you have in the past been to me.

    Secondly, you keep forgetting this is a intelligent progressive blog. you can’t just come here and say the same old republican crap, the last 40 years of bad Ideas and pretend because he says it, its new. Where is this new red Meat, what will he replace regulations with, that doesn’t hurt the average folk or nature? wheres his proof it will work? Wher the hell is the BEEF!

    Lastly, I have been to the right wing sites you frequent and I gotta say Larry and I are nothing compared to those sites….We are quite toned down to what you are really use to from your side of the Isle. So pardon me if we just don’t cow down to your double hypocritical standards anytime soon.

    If Williams really wants to talk policy, instead if regurgitating the same Tea Party Propaganda since a black man was elected President, tell him to bring his “A” Game. Show us a plan and not platitudes.

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