Get your Powder, Get your gun, and Bolt the Door!

A guy by the name of Matt Rosendale has released a video in which he announces his candidacy for Congress, not by giving a speech but by growling and snarling and yelling, like some sort of caged animal.  It makes me very uncomfortable just to watch it.

This is a frightening individual who comes across as something like a deranged drill sergeant or convicted murderer, who could be armed and dangerous.

In fact, to listen to his 60 second speech in the video, he is likely armed.  Rather than introduce himself, his family, his beliefs, by talking to the camera and telling us who he is, he gets right down to Tea Party business, telling us in a guttural, angry tone that we are amid an invasion by a foreign enemy–the federal government.   “Our nation is under threat,” he shouts, and “we” (meaning he) are coming to the rescue.  “It’s our time,” he growls.

Unfortunately for Rosendale, his video has already made national news.  The Daily Beast observed today that he has a very thick Maryland accent which comes across in the video, and might tip voters off that he, himself, is a foreign presence.

Although nobody’s ever heard of him, Rosendale is apparently a legislator in his first term from Glendive.   He is reported to have arrived in Montana a few years ago, and he is self-financing his campaign with a loan.  He believes, they say, that Ryan Zinke (former Senator of Whitefish) is too moderate to be nominated as a GOP contender.  Thus will Rosendale’s campaign be waged strictly among the natives.

You can watch the video here featured in the Daily Beast article, “Best Maryland Accent Ever in a Montana Political Ad.”


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  1. This guy is the very poster child for the pretty much defunct Tea Party. Spouting hard to understand (his accent is so thick, it is actually pretty hard to understand what he is saying sometimes) “patriot” memes, he actually says very little. The simple fact that he is pretty much an unknown in the Montana political landscape will not help him either. This is a non-campaign and the money he is loaning himself for this campaign is as wasted and his overused rhetoric.

      • There are some very serious concerns raised by his voting record (thanks, Lynn).

        Some highlights –
        1) He voted multiple times to end same day registration
        2) He voted to both a State Employee pay raise (after years of frozen wages) and voted against funding Montana Teachers retirement
        3) He voted to shutdown the State government by denying the state budget (sounds familiar?)
        4) He voted to exempt religious organizations from reporting political donations
        5) Has one of the worst ratings in State legislature for any kind of social issue but is endorsed by every nutbag organization in Montana such as the “God Squad” and the “Montana Shooting Sports Association”.

        As I said above, this guy is the very poster child for the nutcase right.

    • he’s one of those right wing nut jobs, but i’d rather be a RW nut job than a LW liberal with no nuts and no job.

      • What are your thoughts on being an idiot?

      • Aw, come ON, now, my aptly-named little buddy. EITHER we are Chardonnay-swilling elitists snootily sneering at the hard lives of real ‘Muricans OR we are work shy welfare rats sucking up your hrd earned tax dollars to keep us in gummint cheese. Surely even YOU, challenged as you are, can see we cannot possibly be BOTH

  2. Man, dig that crazy music in the background. Matt’s a-goin’ to war.

  3. Looks like a Marylander, and talks like some guy off a crabpot boat.

    The most colorful of the Tea Partiers, the ones in Maryland call themselves Patriots according to their website “MSOP works to promote tea party fiscal conservatism while proclaiming and protecting America’s Christian Heritage.”

    Forgetting completely that our founding fathers were not only fighting against england because they weren’t being represented something no one has done to them in the USA today, or the fact that our country was fighting against the kings christian religion, for a freedom of worshipping any religion an American might wish to follow, including the freedom from religion.

    Matt is a sad representation of the America he swears he is trying to uphold.

  4. Trying really hard… BE a part of that very government he claims to despise ……!! Ironic, eh….?

  5. Aside from appearing military ‘macho’ with the sidewall haircut – which I can tell you wouldn’t impress our courageous bearded SEALS and Army special forces in the Middle East (did Rosendale ever serve, or just ‘onward christian soldiers going as to war’ – for Cheney – and my flag/cross lapel pin is bigger and shinier than yours responsible republicans) – check out the penetrating and distant EYES….yep.

  6. R. Lee Ermey for rep.

  7. “There have been several scientific studies in recent years chalking up differences between liberals and conservatives to, at least in part, differences in brain chemistry: In short, conservatives tend to have more fear-driven personalities and more binary responses to perceived threats. ”

    • All the so called patriots here in bevaverhead County, are exactly this afraid of the fear Republicans have put out there, but I have found some cracks in that propaganda defense

      Lynn I have plied two baggers from the teabagger cliff of insanity in the last couple of months. and they are now watching Rachel and Lawerence for decompression.

      Since the shutdown a lot of those that are only hypnotized because they haven’t turned the channel off at fox, have woken up and are asking for alternatives.

      I am sure this is a lot of what Mccarthyism looked like, when it started falling apart. Hell I even got a guy whose business has the name “Patriot” in it to leave the tea party and sign up as a Democrat.

      The Shutdown actually had an unintended consequence in Identifying the real baggers and the people who where for a time swayed by their propaganda.A number of folks are becoming independents now, not libertarian either.

      Interesting tidbits:

      An interesting facet of the republican party in our state, the notorious lawyer of ATP Jim Brown ( calling himself the rep from beaverhead County) is now the legal council for the state Republicans and part of their executive council. So dont expect them to change in dirty money tactics anytime soon

      the new list is here to peek at:

      Will Deschamps, Chair of the Montana Republican Party

      Missoula County

      Senator Jennifer Fielder, Vice Chair of the Montana Republican Party

      Sanders County

      Debra Brown, Treasurer

      Broadwater County

      Gilda Clancy, Assistant Treasurer

      Lewis & Clark County.

      Cynthia Johnson, Secretary

      Pondera County

      Errol Galt, National Committeeman

      Meagher County

      Betti Hill, National Committeewoman

      Lewis & Clark County

      The Honorable Steve Daines, Congressman

      Gallatin County

      The Honorable Tim Fox, Attorney General

      Jefferson County

      Sen. Jeff Essmann, Senate President

      Yellowstone County

      Rep. Mark Blasdel, Speaker of the House

      Flathead County

      Commissioner Bill Gallagher, Chairman, Public Service Commission

      Lewis & Clark County

      Commissioner Kirk Bushman, Public Service Commission

      Yellowstone County

      Commissioner Travis Kavulla, Public Service Commission

      Cascade CountyÂÂ

      Commissioner Bob Lake, Public Service Commission

      Ravalli County

      Commissioner Roger Koopman, Public Service Commission

      Gallatin County

      Glen Swope, President of the Montana Pachyderms

      Gallatin County

      Jessica Sena, Chair of the Montana Young Republicans

      Lewis & Clark County

      Mike Hopkins, Chair of the Montana College Republicans

      Missoula County

      Jim Brown, MTGOP Legal Counsel

      Beaverhead County

      Terry Nelson, Southwestern Region Elected Representative

      Charlie Olinger, Southwestern Region Appointed Representative

      Ted Kronebusch, Northwestern Region Elected Representative

      VACANT, Northwestern Region Appointed Representative

      Terry Gill, Northeastern Region Elected Representative

      Andrew Brekke, Northeastern Region Appointed Representative

      Scott Boggio, Southeastern Region Elected Representative

      VACANT, Southeastern Region Appointed Representative

      Debra Lamm, At Large Elected Representative

      VACANT, At Large Appointed Representative

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 31, 2013 6:22 AM at 6:22 AM |

    I’m gonna show up at Rosendale’s door as this! Hope he likes it!

  9. R. Lee Rosendale: private Stapleton how tall are you??

    Stapleton: five foot five……sir!!!

    R. Lee Rosendale: five foot five!? I didn’t know they stacked shit that high!

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 31, 2013 7:57 AM at 7:57 AM |

    QUICK! Circle the inbred wagons, Matt! Theys’a CLOSIN’ in! Hide the women folk and chillin! If’n you want your country back and your freedumb, now is the time to make your stand in East Overshoe, Montana!, where a man can live with liberty! Right, Rosenfail?

  11. Further proof that Glendive sucks.

  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 31, 2013 6:40 PM at 6:40 PM |

    Can we send this turd and his turdlette BACK to Cuba?? Jus’ wonderin’. Seems the ol’ mierda DON’T roll to far from the ano! Hard to believe that this familia de mierda is now influencing Murca! Batista would be so orgulloso de su mierda! F*CK them fascist Cubans who fled their country! Like the south, they LOST! And well they should have ! But they remained losers, like this piece of shit and his shitlette!

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 1, 2013 6:35 AM at 6:35 AM |
  14. He’s “against the intrusion of government” unless you’re a women, and then he’s all for getting all up in your business. He has a 0% lifetime voting record with NARAL Pro-Choice Montana – ZERO. At every opportunity, this turd voted to involve himself in women’s personal decisions. What a fraud!

  15. I hate when these types just start spouting nonsense tea party buzz words – The socialists want to kill our freedom. “They” want the government to be a marxist cancer on our backs. “They” are attacking our churches. What the fuck does any of that even mean!?! Ugh.

  16. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 1, 2013 3:19 PM at 3:19 PM |

    DAMN! Uncle Fester is runnin’ for mayor down in Billings! Bout time is all I got to say about that! You see, when the power goes out, as is SOME times does, Mayor Fester can save the day and pop that ol’ light bulb in his mouth and let his little light shine!

    Where DO the ReePubes FIND these guys? I like’em!

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