Mike Miller Latest Republican Under Investigation

State Rep. Mike Miller (R-Helmville) is the latest Republican legislator under investigation for illegal campaign activity, the AP reported.

His name was found in a box of documents in a meth house which later became the subject of a brilliant work of national investigative journalism. In a full-hour exposé of Montana politics and the secretive right-wing group, PBS’s show Frontline revealed that a secret stash of incriminating documents has been found in a meth house, showing extensive communications between these and perhaps other legislative candidates and the American Traditions Partnership, and showing that the ATP was even preparing campaign material for them.

The list of others who could be investigated because documents and campaign materials with their names were found in the meth house includes–but is not limited to–current and former legislators Ed Butcher, Bob Wagner, Wendy Warburton, Jerry O’Neil, and Derek Skees. Rep. Dan Kennedy (R-Laurel) is already under investigation.

Miller announced the investigation on his own Facebook page, saying. “Well, before the press breaks the news, (or MT-Cowgirl), former MT Rep. John Ward has filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Political Practices over the 2010 primary, alleging coordination with Assembly Action Fund and ATP (WTP).” Screenshot.

He said he is “not commenting further at this time on the merits of my case.” Screenshot. However he added,

“One could wonder in the Kennedy case if a candidate buys something (paper) on sale at say WalMart and Staples has the same item at a higher price, just what is the fair market value of that item. Or if a candidate buys stamps at Costco at a 25 cent discount if Costco is making a corporate contribution to the candidate as it is less than the US Post Office charges which one could assume the CoPP would think was the “fair market value.”

Former Rep. Scott Mendenhall (R-Clancy) blamed the investigation on “More divisiveness out of the self-proclaimed ‘Business Republicans.'” Those alleged to have illegally coordinated with ATP are in the TEA Party camp.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 15, 2013 8:05 AM at 8:05 AM |

    Wow! Would you like some extra cheese with your slime?! Geez these slimeballs really are a cheesey bunch! They are just SO Christian and righteeous! Seems like bein’ a slimeball is OK ifn’ you’re a slimeball for JAYSUS! For the ends justify the means!

    But seriously, lettin’ a Big Kockh do your thinkin’ for you?? That’s just real sad. Wearin’ the Kockh collar proudly, your Pube Party!

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 15, 2013 9:59 AM at 9:59 AM |

    COMMIE BASTARD! I call him Pope Commie the First! I should’a known when he picked a name like Francis. That has enviro-fag written all OVER it! All this nature luvin’ crap and NUTHIN’, nary a word about dominion over all this shit! I’m sure that Jaysus and Pope Really Windy Wendy Wharpedburpin’ the First ain’t a’gonna be reel happy with THIS commie enviro-fag pretender to the thrown! Pontiff my ass! He’s the bridge to nowhere! I think that the Big KOCKH brothers should select the Pope! It would make things much easier! Pope Kockhsucker the First! Why not, right?! Get that white smoke ready, Kockh boys!!


    but it the church un-excommunicates me, I just might go back!, for I’ve been vindicated! I knew this stuff all along. I knew it would take a Jesuit to make things right in the world again, for i’m not sure that they’re even catholic! help me out here. is the Pope catholic????????


    I luv this guy. Sapere aude! Geez, and I even flunked outta altar boy training!

  3. I can hardly wait for Ed Butcher to weigh in on this. He’s always good for a “holy crap, you’re crazy!” chuckle.

    Signed, A Reasonable Republican.

  4. Yeah he twittered it, as well calling it old news…. he got my response on this, and let me tell you crickets from the GOP regarding this and the other 10 Complaints

    • You would be well served by not confusing terms. There is a huge difference between “dark money” and “illegal” money. Most Democrats, even the good ones, have benefited from dark money (undisclosed PAC contributions supposedly for ’causes’).

      • Really Rob, want to name those dark money groups on the Democratic side. who didn’t file properly like ATP did here in Montana? That call themselves a 504c3 instead of a 527….. waiting ?

        • Obviously, my comment was wasted on an idiot like you. I pointed out that there is a difference between dark money groups and illegal money groups. You see no difference at all when it’s convenient for you. And then you squeal like a stuck pig when folks both right and left point out that, by your stupid definition, both Democrats and Republicans use dark money. Nice talking to you, Norma …

          • Figures you didn’t have an answer to the Question, I always know when your blowing smoke…. YOU START SCREAMING Cussing and acting like a little child!

            • I don’t owe you answers, loser. And the one who started screaming with all caps was you. Typical of an idiot. Good luck in the future, politically myopic as you are. You’re going to need it.

              • Thats my imitation of you Rob Whine, whine, whine!

                So what your saying again is you have a right to question me, but I don’t have a right to question you.



                You’ve really have taken on Marks persona of changing the conversation when the truth gets too uncomfortable!

  5. Well we know Mike reads and comments on this blog, Mr. Miller please come out and explain your actions. Your silence on the issue is damning.

  6. So, nobody’s interested in how the papers came out of a stolen car, into a meth house, into the hands of a convicted druggie who turned them over to a Democrat politician (targeted by ATP/WTP) who then hied the papers to COPP where they sat for over a year open to public inspection while the owners of the papers were never notified?
    I mean, aren’t there rules about stolen goods?
    Not that I approve of ATP, but I can only imagine the Fifth Amendment screaming if a leftie outfit lost its treasure trove and Rick Hill’s appointee was picking them over.

    • Dave, that’s a nice try at changing the subject but they got their chance to make their case that the ‘stolen’ documents should be returned remember….and they lost! Big time. Now they owe the state thousands in legal fees because it was a frivolous argument they set forth in the first place. So Dave…we know you applied for the job, so if you had been appointed commissioner of political practices what would your ruling be?

      • I’m waiting for a ruling in GOP versus Wright, then I might tell you, Abe.
        I suppose it would have been much more difficult to make a case without scads of guilty paper — that otherwise would have been subject to subpoena and warrants.
        Again, if the shoe was on the other foot, I just have to wonder where the press would be in all this. Or how enthusiastic the prosecution.
        Never mind this is going to Judge Jeff Shurleft.
        So, we’ll see what Jon Motl does with a couple other cases. It’s a test for him.

        • If you are trying to say that the media in Montana is part of the “liberal conspiracy”, Skinner, you are making a fool of yourself. Lee Enterprizes have shown time after time that they are definitely right leaning (sometimes to the point of lunacy). You fail on this one.

  7. I guess frequent MTCowgirl commenter Representative Miller doesn’t feel like he has to explain himself to the voters and citizens of Montana. Kind of cowardly. Republican primary voters were the biggest victims of his shenanigans.

    • He’s got a right to speak only with his attorneys, Abe. Sorry.

      • For once, Skinner has it at least half right. If Miller is under investigation for documents found, he is better off NOT discussing it in a public venue. While he may owe a moral obligation to his constituents, he also has a legal right to remain silent and not further implicate himself.

  8. Old Line, Democrat | November 15, 2013 6:01 PM at 6:01 PM |

    I have heard Kelly Flynn might also be involved. Anybody have any concrete information?

    • all I could find is this old piece on mailers, looks like Kelly was on the other side from Miller

      “Bannan said he’s “more of a Tea Party guy,” while he considers Flynn an “old guard Republican,” who has a considerable advantage in campaign funding. Bannan said he knows nothing about the Assembly Action Fund piece, but doesn’t see any reason to assist his primary opponent.

      Joe Dooling of Helena, a Republican challenging Rep. Mike Miller, R-Helmville, in the primary in HD84, said he’s been targeted by mailers from the National League of Taxpayers and National Gun Owners Alliance.”


      • Looks can be deceiving, Lynn. I helped Kelly with his campaign in 2010 and he was my vice-chair on House Tax last session. We were certainly not on “opposite sides”.

        • Whoa Mr Miller, this has nothing to do with Kelly, the complaint is written on you. Your the only guy left in the legislature with sticky fingers in the ATP pie, the question is how many others did you have your fingers in?

          Montana is getting served a big portion of justice going after the likes of you! Seems you aren’t forthcoming enough about all these illegal tea party groups who filtered money into your campaign and sent horrific mailers that helped you to step up against opponents. Here’s hoping that Motl well help push you out of office soon.

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 15, 2013 6:48 PM at 6:48 PM |

    Sumbeeyatch! Even some of the freaking DIMs are starting to figure it out! Kick Max Fawkuscare right in the BALLS, and do the right thing! And BTW, do NOT let pissant Max anywhere NEAR tax reform! That dipshit would OBAMACARE our tax system too! Dumb sumbitch needs to be put out to pasture with his stable of brood mares! It’s for the best!


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 15, 2013 9:07 PM at 9:07 PM |

      Thanks Max Fawkus! You done fawked us REAL good this time, you sorry piece of shit!


      Time to put Mini out to pasture with his brood mares!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 15, 2013 9:22 PM at 9:22 PM |

        SCHWEITZER! SCHWEITZER! SCHWEITZER! He’s our only hope now. He’s gotta run for prez. He’s the only one capable of shoving Fawkuscare right BACK up ol’ Mini Fawkus’s ass! Schweitzer has the unique set of skills to convince people to do what’s in their own best interest in this case. AND he’s not afraid to get in some faces to do it! He will confront the bad guys with all the facts. There’s nothing they can do! They won’t be able to hide. I hope like hell he runs, for the single best thing that could happen to our economy is to COVER everyone in the country with single payer or medicaire for all! Take the profit OUTTA the goddamned insurance vultures and PUT it back into the economy! Now THAT makes economic sense! Just THINK what that would do to all the small businesses in this country! They would no longer have to worry about health care for their empolyees!

        Please read that article above. It is one of the best I’ve seen. It lays out in great detail just HOW this scam/crime was committed! Ya gotta know who the criminals are if ya wanna beat’em! This article explains it all!

  10. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the ultimate source of ATP’s cash flow isn’t Beijing. These TEA party types are certainly working for the Communist Chinese in their efforts to develop Montana oil and coal for export across the Pacific.
    Just because they claim to be loyal, all-American patriots doesn’t mean they really are. They’re just dupes.

    • Well said Gabby, after all the biggest contributor to the Republican Party for Mitt Romney was Shelden Adelson, and that guy was almost broke 5 years before he started giving money out to GOP like it flowed from rivers. The money came from his casinos in Macau China 53.1 million we are aware of and there is more investigative reporters are still looking into because he ran afoul in Federal Law for Racketeering.

      The Majority of Mitt Romney’s donors were into investing, Gambling, hedge funds, and Banking like Pay Pal.

      Pay Pal, now theres an interesting twist, Peter Thiel, the guy who tried to bring down Wikileaks money. Yeah all you libertarians who vote for freedom, lets see who this guy gives money to on the GOP side this time. are you going to vote for a guy who hates freedom of speech……

      Really think of all the convoluted strings attached to Romneys campaign. Vulture capitalism, control of American money and where it would go, accepting money from dubious sources like the National Chamber of Commerce. who has an increasing amount of foreign money in their coffers Daily…..

      Now mind you I realize Democrats are not perfect. but the Biggest guy giving money on the Dem side was in Media. Fred Eychaner. he gave a paultry 12 million to Democratic campaigns and Pacs. 6 times more than George Soros did( and who was the only investir in the top ten for democrats).

      • Damn straight, Norma.
        And just to get a handle on the magnitude, Macau’s casinos churn 10 times the cash that Vegas does.

        • and none of the Pesky regulations the Nevada state board of Gambling has, let alone the federal side as well. Macau is run by the chinese version of the Mafia, with all the corrupt officials to pay off as well.

          I believe if Romney got into the Office of the presidency one of his first jobs would have been, to cut Sheldon Adelson clemency and get the FBI off his back.

          Now thats in my opinion are the real crooks calling themselves tea party, flag flying, patriotic Americans today.

      • Where did Tester get his dark (but legal) money – that $500K+ that saved his sorry ass? I know who the conduit was, but not the source. Just askin’.

        Oh, wait. Sorry. Did not see the “D” behind his name. It’
        s good money, well-intended. My mistake.

        • What no links no proof other than a forthed mouth explanation from the loon in Colorado who posts here. Attention Mark, we get it. Your Insane!!!!

          The 500k was given by a legal group who file correctly with the FCC and PPC, but it is illegal if a democrat you can stand gets it.

          The only Politico who was spanked during the election was Rehberg who tried to hide money,,,, not Tester.

          Again you best try couldn’t win against a falling turd!

          • Norma, that money was blacker than a Cajun chicken. It’s still not known who held those mailing permits in Las Vegas.
            But it was your guy, so all is forgiven.

      • 1. The Republicans from Nixon on are responsible for selling Texas Craig they opened the regulations to sell all the refineries to the chinese years ago. 85% of them are now owned by the chinese. Thats right Craig your Party and expecially the rules increased by Bush. started this.

        2;. your second link is just your poor attempt to blow smoke up everyones ass as the news article says the money never changed hands “Quoting officials familiar with the inquiry, the paper said in a news article that sensitive intelligence information showed that the Chinese Embassy here was used for planning contributions to the Democrats.” Planning is not in itself an end result, and the case was dropped.because no money ever changed hands. Ergo Craiggy boy no crime. read the whole article you linked Craig it points this out!

        3.Chung is one of those right wing conspiracy stories. where the DNC found out early he was a fraud. and had him arrested. When all was said and done he was an imposter and Liar who served time for for his crimes Again, no one took his money Craig.

        Do you ever have anything to say that isn’t seeped in Lore and propaganda of the extreme right???? Really?

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 16, 2013 6:10 AM at 6:10 AM |

    HeeeeeeeLARious Holeeee SHIT! THIS is your Teat Party! Oh my GOD make them stop! Hey, Eddy Wanker, here is your hero, dude, you sister pope, Pope Sista Sarah!……..and lest we forget, Pope Really Windy Wendy Wharpedburpin’ too! You dudes are some screwed up morons! This is the funniest thing you’ll see all day, I guaran TEE it! I give you the intellectuals of the Teat Party! We have Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Howard Zinn, and Chris Hedges! They have sarah palin and eddy wanker! HEY, great name for a group though! Eddy Wanker and the Wankers! Or maybe the Wankerettes!…….”and the colored girls go doo, da, doo, doo, da, doo”! bwhahhahahaahahahahahahahaaa!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 16, 2013 8:05 AM at 8:05 AM |

      Luv my cheese heads! Must be sumthin’ in that dairy air! They don’t take fascism lying down! AND, they make some damn fine beer! (I can do without the polka though)

      Great article, Lynn. Thanks

    • Thats where they’re gonna find more Koch money I betcha. those two guys are so rich they are trying to buy as many state folk as possible.

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