A Real Gem

Interesting development in Idaho this week. A Republican state Representative was busted for lying about his criminal record and had his concealed weapons permit revoked. But he says he’s the victim – of a sheriff out for revenge after the legislator inquired about the sheriff’s office expenditures.

Idaho state Representative Mark Patterson (R-Boise) did jail time and pleaded guilty to a rape-related charge in Florida when he was 21.  A few years later he was acquitted of rape at trial in another city.

Patterson was charged with forcible rape in May 1974.  As the Idaho Statesman reports:

The victim, then a 46-year-old mother of five, told police that Patterson forced her to have sex twice and threatened to have his Doberman pinscher attack her if she refused, according to police reports.

He pleaded guilty in exchange for a lesser charge (assault with intent to rape).

But now, the Republican is trying to say not only that he didn’t commit the crime but that he didn’t lie about it either.  He claims his memory has been wiped clean of any recollection of this whole affair by a chemotherapy treatment he received to treat a case of Hepatitis C he says he got at the dentist.

Patterson says he’s the victim of a local sheriff who by revoking his permit is really:

staging a political hit against him, trying to “shut me down and silence me and get me the hell out of the way,” because he has scrutinized the way Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney spends his department’s money, according to a detailed report in the Idaho Statesman.

Here’s the kicker – thanks to an Idaho law that automatically grants concealed weapons permits to legislators, legislators were able to make sure their own criminals were above the law.

Montana lawmakers tried to pass a similar law here.  TEA Party Republican Verdell Jackson tried to pass Senate Bill 279 in 2011– a bill to allow legislators to carry guns–both concealed and open–in the state capitol building.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 18, 2013 9:48 AM at 9:48 AM |

    Idaho?? What the hell is the dude doin’ in Ideeeho? Din’t have enuff gas money to join up with Pastord Bulbdim’s troops up in the Flathead?!

    This guy is perfect Teat Party material! Southern loser, felon, criminal, not real bright, kicked OUT of Florida, (told to leave the state the day of his releasd) luvs guns and Jaysus, AND, he’s a patriot! Geez, come ON, skinner, moore! Dee FEND the new improved Pube Party! They’re you boys! (Dem equivalent please) He’s prolly good buddies with Gen. Robert E. Skees too! Yippers! THIS is the type of family values guy you WANT makin’ your laws! un-freakin’-believable! Don’t the Pubes even vet these morons up there in Ideeeho?

    But I must say, for all them folks that want to see what a good newspaper still looks like, the Idaho Statesman is top notch! Wow! Now that’s a great story! Take note, GF Spitoon. The Statesman is everything you’re not!

    • Larry, what is there to defend here? Seriously?

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 18, 2013 2:32 PM at 2:32 PM |

        He’s one of yours, right? A family values gun loving patriotic Pubbie. And a pervy felon who was KICKED out of Florida. How did this dude end UP in your party? That’s all. The guy is NOT an aberration, but indicative of the kind of folks your party attracts. Criminals, racists, and nazzis find a home in the Pube party. WHERE are the Dem equivalents? I don’t see any.

  2. Considering how nuts many of our legislators are, they are the last people I would want sneaking guns into meetings. Shudder.

  3. It is just getting worse for Idahoans isn’t it. Shameful!

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 18, 2013 12:36 PM at 12:36 PM |

    JESUS GETS A MAKE OVER! Seems that he was really NAZI Jesus after all! Who’d’a thunk it? Thank GOD we got the inbred reetard Teatard Fundiwackmentalists to ‘SPLAIN how Jesus weren’t no pussy! In fact, if he was alive today, he’d prolly drive a monster truck and work for Erica princess at Blackwater! Rambo Lord! Makes perfect sense to me and Gen. Jerky Boinkin!


    Sad, so sad. NOT Jesus too!

  5. Being new to this website I’m wondering if negative stories about Democrats are posted also or just Republicans? I’m not defending this guy, he’s an creep and should pay for what he’s done. I’m just wondering if there is any fair posting on this site?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 18, 2013 10:39 PM at 10:39 PM |

      Fair posting? Geez, Sam the sham and the inbreds, can you NAME any inbred, racist, nazzi Dems? We’ll be glad to post them!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 19, 2013 7:23 AM at 7:23 AM |

        The two parties, Dems and Pubes, are NOT in any way the same! The Pubbies attract and welcome the most vile, racist, bigoted, ignernt, uneducated dolts out there! But the Dems consist of true civic minded folks who are bent on actually improving conditions for everyone! That’s just the way it is, because that is what the ReePube party has evolved into!

        Our own Lege is a perfect example. The Pubes here in Montana bring in the nastiest bigots around to present as expert witnesses. Pastor Hairass Slimes comes to mind. Pastor Slimes, self-appointed arbiter of morals, actually called for gays to be put to death as per the Holy Buybull!
        And he is no exception! The entire Pubbie Party in Montana is on the same page! They’re ALL equally nuts! And they’re all crazy! Look at Birther Bob, walkin’ around town askin’ folks to buy him a condom!

        Now, my point is this, Sam. THERE IS NO DEM EQUIVALENT to the vile, racist, inbred, ignernt morons in the Pubbie Party! Or if there is, LIST them!

        This Idaho dude would fit perfectly into the Montana Pube party too! Hell, look at Pastor Hairass Slimes, who got caught bilking his flock of flockers! He is NOW criminal Hairass Slimes! Bein’ a slimeball is all in a day’s work for Pubes.

        But I have YET to see a racist, criminal DEM in our Lege! Just ain’t there. And most Dems are well educated, thoughtful, and intelligent! Un LIKE the racist rabble of the Pubbies!

        That’s all. There IS a huge difference between the two parties. And the Pubes let themselves be taken over by the nutcases. The only exception I can see was in the last Lege when the responsible Republicans finally said enuff was enuff and fought back!

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